Part 163- Season Finale (Part 2)

As narrated by Zoheb:

I looked at her looking at me…looking into her eyes meant looking into her soul. ..her pure and selfless soul. She was the one that I loved. She was my every heartbeat, my every breath.

my everything

I didn’t mean to react in the way that I did…but the heart is such and sometimes we speak without thinking.

Everyone was now together, sharing their version of today’s events while indulging in a hearty breakfast. Aara had outdone herself yet again.

Arshad: by the way missy, you still haven’t told us what our damages are for this trip

But she was in her own world. .

Arshad: hello earth to Aara! (Now poking her hand with a fork)

Aara: ouch!why are you poking me!!

Arshad: because you’re dreaming! Our damages madame. ..

Aara : oh…There are no damages Arshoo

Laeeka: what do you mean no damages? ?

Nemo : no damages as in you guys don’t owe us anything Laeeks

Riza: (shaking his head) no uhuh it doesn’t work like that!

Aara : oh come on Reez…it’s our way of saying thank you for everything

And she looked at Riza and Arshad emotionally before looking down again

Aara : not that it would ever be enough…

Arshad: holy moley! So there’s a substantial knock off the A.K Moola trust fund huh

Aara : sorry to burst your bubble Arshoo but Naeem paid his part of it from his hard earned money and Reez and Zoheb refused to take fuel money from us too

Nemo : why are you calling me Naeem?

Aara : errr because it’s your name?

Nemo : I know that but you only call me by my name when you’re angry with me. .have I done something?

Aara : no man

Nemo : then what’s wrong? ?

I sat back and watched this entire interaction. Nemo and Aara. Nemo and Aara. I didn’t think that their friendship would bring me to the crossroads that I am at today. Aara hasn’t done anything and neither has Nemo but I have to do something. ..or the future of our relationship will always have that one big question mark hanging over it.

I saw her look at me when I excused myself..I didn’t want her to worry so I winked at her and she smiled back. That’s the way it should be. ..the smile on her face should never leave her. ..

I sat down on the sidewalk and took a deep breath in when a pair of shoes in front of me made me look up..

Uzair: So you going to tell me what’s wrong Mr. Soppy or do I have to get it out of you the hard way? (Sitting down next to me)

Me: (small side smile) the hard way being?

Uzair: Err, well I’ll behave like a child and beg and plead and whine till you get annoyed.

Me: (laughing) errr I wouldn’t put it past you bro after what you and Aara pulled off that stunt at your flat…(Sighing) remember we once spoke about Mr Right?

Uzair: Lets just say ‘craziness’ runs in our blood. And yes, I remember…

Me: (looking down) being Mr. Right isn’t always easy…

Uzair: Easy? You mean being Mr. right isn’t always painless. It hurts right, to see them

Me: (keeping silent for a few seconds) a lot…I know that they have a past I know that they are best friends but….agh

Uzair: I know you two are together and not married, but I want you to know marriage is just two people. Best friends take a backseat. And if you’re hesitant to pop the question to Aara because of Nemo, don’t be. Okay?

Me: (hesitating for a second) I feel as though I came in between…I love her, I love her with all my heart but…so does he

Uzair: Its a sticky situation. In the end there will be pain and heartache. But it comes down to Aara’s feelings. So stop being so distant and just let things be. You’re the man in this relationship and you acting like a damsel (nudging my shoulder) man up bro

Me: (shaking my head) Aara asked me to read her diary but I didn’t..I didn’t need to read it to know that she was once in love with Nemo. Maybe back then he didn’t feel the same way but now he does..if I weren’t in the picture who knows, maybe she would have given him a second chance. Maybe she’s holding back because of me…maybe maybe maybe…I don’t want her to have any regrets bro

Uzair: So communicate with her! You need to tell her this, you need to tell her what going on in your mind. She isn’t psychic. Don’t screw up Zoo by jumping to conclusions. Talk to her

Me: Uzair did you not see the way in which Nemo hugged her? This entire amazing race thing was all about their memories dude THEIR memories…somewhere down the line somewhere inside it’s still there, it’s still there! Don’t get me wrong I’m not jealous…and maybe I am being a royal jerk but dude…she’s your cousin you know her better than me, you too can see that there is something bothering her, there is something there that’s for sure

Uzair: Zoo, Aara is a complicated person. She and Nemo are a complicated topic. And yes maybe once she did love Nemo. But time changes people. At this very moment I don’t know what’s bothering her. She hasn’t told me. But don’t make all these assumptions. Yeah the Amazing race was flooded with their memories, but maybe Aara didn’t do it on purpose. I’d like to believe she didn’t do it on purpose cause that would hurt you

Me: she’s trying hard to balance our relationship and…her friendship..I don’t think that she did it on purpose and I knew about them before and I know what he means to her but I’m only human…and it hurts because I love her, it hurts because I can see his pain whenever we’re hurts because it feels as though I’m the root cause of it. And I cannot speak to her about it, atleast not now…dude even her mother wants them to get married!

Uzair: Zoo, I don’t know what to say. Except for that, you aren’t the reason they aren’t together. Stuff that happened in the past changed the course of their friendship. The past should stay in the past but there’s no denying it affects your future. As for her mother, all mothers like to think they know what’s best for their children. A lot of the time they’re right, but they’re only human. They’re bound to get it wrong sometimes

Me: (laughing softly) always positive Uzair…(Taking out a little box from my pocket and handing it to Uzair) I was supposed to give this to her on this trip

Uzair: Oh my word. And all this time Aara is wondering why you wont propose. You wanted to do it in Durban.

Me: (raising my eyebrow at Uzair) all this time Aara is wondering huh…(Laughing) so she did talk to you!

Uzair: Yes and now that I think about it, that might be what you think is bothering her (running his fingers through his hair) You were being distant so she was being, less like her self I guess

Me: (nodding) I hear you…but (closing the little ring box) the time for this isn’t now…trust me there’s nothing more in this world that I would want than for Aara to be my wife…but all in good time. If we are meant to be…we will be

Uzair: (exhaling) Its your life. Its your relationship. Just one word of advice, talk to her. Okay? Just talk. You’d be surprised how helpful talking can be.

Me: (nodding again) I’ll remember that…thanks for listening it felt good getting everything off my chest

Uzair: (placing a hand on my shoulder) Anytime. The matters of the heart are fragile ones. I like playing psychologist.

Me: (smiling to himself) you’re a good man Uzair…Aara and I are lucky to have you in our lives

Uzair: (snorting) Err if you say so. Come on lets go back by everyone.

By the early afternoon, we headed back to Aara’s house. We bid Uzair a heartfelt goodbye…I really appreciated him talking to me and being completely unbiased about what I had said to him. I could see the worry in his eyes as he hugged Aara and whispered something into her ear. I swallowed hard…this was going to be the hardest thing that I ever had to do…


Author’s Note:

Thank You Tasmiyah for writing this with me…your time and dedication means a lot and will forever be remembered and cherished:)

Season Three ends this weekend…


Doad Girl


9 thoughts on “Part 163- Season Finale (Part 2)

  1. Z can see exactly wats happening in Nemo heart…& he is feeling his pain💔
    Z is a true friend, a gentleman & …a man who is sooo in love wid Aara dat he doesn’t want her 2live her life in regret….
    Thank u Uzair 4listening 2our Zoo
    The hardest and right thng!!!
    O no Z wat are u going 2do…mt heart is already aching💔
    Thank u doad 4uzair.Z really needed that chat.🌹


  2. Zoheb you are 1 in a million. A gentleman in every sense of the way. You feel pain when you see how naeem looks at aara. Worried that you going to come between them. But remember you not. If aara didn’t want a relationship ship with she wouldn’t have started anything.
    Wish most men were so sensible loving and caring like you.
    Remember aara is waiting patiently for you to pop the question. But you are right if you are meant to be you will be nothing and no 1 will stop you. Aara and zoheb 💕


  3. when lld is deep read it in the early hours of the morning to understand it =D *breaths in and out*! Oopzz Zoo you’re building up a lot of emotion instead of speaking to Aara and then feeling lighter with it off your shoulder! build up of emotion makes you act on impulse bro! but we’re human after all and yeah everything in life hurts! *sigh* someone gonna be hurt and well you’re on the plus side so feel happy unless miracles happen then my nemo scores *wink*! Eish I feel you for when you feel hurt when they’re together and that … but I feel you more when you see nemos pain and feel as though you’re the cause… in all honesty I feel like whyy did you have to come between them? why? but that’s to teach me that u can’t get everything my way! Ooh if you’re gonna give Aara that ring make sure you make for her a dream proposal just as she likes it :p Welll I still have hope for Nemo and Aara…. awesome post♡


  4. Miss Shazia! I am going to cry!😢 And it’s because I never enjoy this post! (okay I did😊) but it was supposed to be Nemo’s pov! 😥 Cause like literally! It’s supposed to be Nemo who wants to propose! And now I’m going to come to zoo! And rip out his gray hair! If he proposes! Nemo needa steel his chance! … A thousand of thank youz, for the post


    • Lol errr it was Nemo’s pov…within minutes of posting last night my phone started going nuts from bb to watsapp n even a phone call:-D I realised then that I created some what of an uproar…it made me a little nervous but no regrets im loving all of the reactions;-) btw zoo doesnt have grey hair:-D

      Liked by 1 person

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