Part 164- Season Finale (Part 3)

As narrated by Aara

I looked around my room as I lay in my hammock. I was really going to miss home

Our bags were packed and we would be gone early tomorrow morning. Laeeka, Zainab and Mari were downstairs with the others. I swayed in my hammock. eyes closing. .wanting to embrace the warm feeling of sleep. I drifted off and I could see his face almost immediately. ..

Those eyes…those dimples. ..and he touched my face gently. I held his hand against my cheek not wanting this moment to end.

“Do you trust me Aara?”…I could hear him say. He repeated his question and all I did was smile as he leaned forward and kissed me

And that’s when I realised that I wasn’t completely asleep. ..Zoheb was right there in my room, leaning over me with his hand under my cheek.

The way in which he smiled at me made me remember the night that he sang for me..and unlike earlier, his eyes had nothing else in them except me…

Zoheb : do you trust me Aara?

Me : with my life. .

Zoheb : ( kissing my hand) I would never do anything to hurt you. .whatever I do is always and only because I love you. .Remember that ok..

I looked at him worriedly..

Me: ( sitting up ) Zoheb. ..

Zoheb : (putting his finger on my lips)shhhhh

My heart started pounding and a strange feeling exploded inside me…like the feeling that rushes through your body when you’re in a swimming pool and you realise that you can’t feel the ground anymore, like the feeling when you’re holding onto a rope and you can feel it slipping through your fingers. the feeling that you get when you’re loosing something that you have no control over. A wave of panic swept through me and I jumped forward and threw my arms around him and held him tightly against me.

No words were spoken during those moments…as I held onto him and as I felt the gentle thud of his heart..and our every moment flashed before my eyes. As if my brain was trying to tell my heart something but my heart wouldn’t listen.

Me: I’m sorry. ..I didn’t think that today would hurt you

Zoheb : (his face buried in my hair) I know. ..

Me: why do I feel as though you’re going away from me. ..

Zoheb : ( cupping my face) that’s impossible (kissing my forehead) you’re my life, my love and Insha Allah my destiny. .Aara sometimes the right thing and the hardest thing are the same and we just need to have faith in the choices that we make

Me:(holding onto his hand) something doesn’t feel right you are hiding something from me

Zoheb : ( smiling) everything is as it should be (holding the pendent that hung on the chain around my neck) today I was just thinking about the first few times that we met…and in particular the day that I made you walk on my shoes. .do you know that it was on that day that my descent began..I started falling slowly but surely in love with you and I didn’t realise it then…(Laughing softly ) you couldn’t stand me!

Those memories brought a huge smile on my face. ..

Me: you couldn’t stand me either! You used to be so rude to me remember!

Zoheb : did you fall in love with me?

Me : ( rubbing my nose against his nose) because of the small little things that you never knew you were doing. .and those little things came straight from your heart

Zoheb : ( whispering)I love you…

Me: (whispering back) and I love you. ..

I don’t know for how long he had stayed with me. ..but he stayed until I had drifted off into a deep sleep. ..

why i love u


As narrated by Nemo :

”Just because I have larger than life ideas and just because I push my friends into doing larger than life things and well Arshoo I’ll help you plan a larger than life proposal…doesn’t mean I want mines to be that way. .no..mines must be simple… I love the sea..I love the feeling of sea sand under my feet..I love curling my toes in it…there’s just something else about being on the beach, it makes me feel free, it takes me to another what better place than that? Add a few candles and maybe a few roses and I will be on cloud nine…if whoever I’m with had to go and decorate it in such a way that it looks like a mini wedding I would totally run away!”

Those were her words. ..the words that she spoke while talking to Arshad on our way back up after bungee jumping at Bloukrans. I know that Aara would probably be shocked and surprised, but I couldn’t keep it in any longer. Many may feel that what I was doing was wrong because she was now with someone else..but life waits for no one. I had to tell her and I hoped upon hope that she wouldn’t say no….that she would atleast consider it. We have a lifetime of memories behind us, a lifetime of mistakes and regrets, a lifetime of happiness and laughter…surely I deserved a second chance.

And if she said no…well then, I don’t know. I never thought that I would be so madly in love with someone that imagining my future with anyone but her was impossible.

I just hoped that she had gotten my note… asking her to meet me here. I tried to keep it as simple as possible, and I chose a spot that we used to frequent often when we were younger.

beach heart

I looked at my watch nervously…she would be coming any time now. I neatened my collar and checked everything again. My heart pounded so violently in my chest…the moment of truth would finally be here. I exhaled as I remembered Aara at my sisters engagement. Her hand linked in mine. The expression on her face when I had asked her to wear the same colour as me. The sound of her laughter as we walked hand in hand on this very shore. I had regretted enough…it ate at me constantly…and Zoheb…Zoheb was a reminder of it.

I looked at my watch again…she was half an hour late. I purposely didn’t take my phone so that no one could contact me and Aara would have no choice but to come.

I stared off into the distance, watching the waves come crashing onto the shore…each time a little harder, each time a little rougher. As if the thing that she loved so much, was mocking me by her absence.

And then a sound that filled my heart with joy…the gentle creaking of the wooden boards on the little wooden staircase. She was here! I took in a deep breath before I turned around…

Me: (turning around) Aara I thought you weren’t going to show up sweeth…

I froze. I had nothing to feel guilty about so I didn’t look down…instead I looked him in the eye and didn’t say anything.

Zoheb: (putting his hands in his pocket and walking towards me) She isn’t coming

He knew???

I still didn’t say anything.

Zoheb: (as if he were reading my thoughts) she isn’t coming because she doesn’t know (and he took out the note from his pocket)

Me: that wasn’t for you

Zoheb: yes I know, it was for the woman I want to marry, for the woman who loves me

A slight pang of guilt swept over me…

Me: look, Zoheb it’s..

Zoheb: complicated?

Me: yes, it’s complicated

Zoheb: well then, let’s uncomplicate it shall we?

And before I could say anything and within seconds, the wind was knocked out of me as Zoheb’s fist met my jaw with such vicious might, as he stared at me with a strange mixture of anger and confusion…


Author’s Note:

Last post for this season is tomorrow…what happened between Nemo and Zoheb will come as a bonus post during the course of this month πŸ˜‰

Much Love,



60 thoughts on “Part 164- Season Finale (Part 3)

  1. Ok it took me a while to digest this! Firstly I was a bit irritated with zoheb for keeping the letter away frm Aara! But I can understand frm his side what he is trying to do! I think he’s testing Aara to see now who’s side is she gonna take! Poor nemo had everything planned so nicely! And zoheb I’m sure that’s was something u always wanted to do to memo but I don’t think that’s playing fair! Theres always a nice way of settling things without being violent! Team nemo forever


  2. I’m speechless!!!! Zoheb bro….you could use other methods like sit down and talk….lol the bright side.. u would get free food :p but no need to get so violent x_x Dude how can you hit Nemo? you right at your side and so is he…lol I. doubt hitting Aara’s best friend is coz you love her! Thanks for the post Shazia πŸ˜€


  3. Selfish Nemo as the sayin goes: if u love something set it free ,if its urs,it will come to u or it never was.
    Nemo u know Aara is in in love wid Zoheb n u r still willing to snatch that happiness from her.that’s really cruel bro.which means ur happiness is more important than aaras.after all she’s done 4 u is this the thanks she gets.wake up n smell d coffee.


  4. Finallllyyyy Zoheib broke the silence!!

    I think by Neemo making this romantic gesture he has indirectly betrayed his friendship with Zoheib…
    If he and Aara were so close he could’ve just asked her directly…. not made a big hoohaaa about it…
    everyone deserves a second chance, I agree, but that could’ve happened if Zoheib wasn’t In the picture
    This ain’t the end. ZOHEIB. probably just a beginning …

    Team Zoheib….. amazing.. remarkable….
    Fight for what is ursβ™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯


  5. I think zoheb did this to see aara’s reaction. He wants to see whether she loves him or is she still in love with nemo . Still team zoheb all the way


  6. Waita go zoheb. U the man , nemo needs 2 accpet that Aara has finelly moved on n found happiness. Ur loss is sum1 esles gain. U had a chance n u messed up big tym . Ooh I love u zoheb 4 doing what u did nemo desrved it 4 being stupid n selfish



    Liked by 2 people

  8. OH.MY.FREAKEN.GOD !!!!! Zoheb …. you just lost your cool dude , not that you were my favourite anyway !!! How could you do that you little selfish monkey cow ?!?! My poor Nemo 😦 I love you Nemo … you’ll be fine bro πŸ™‚ I’m so hating on Zoheb right now ! Ugh.


    • I never liked zoheb! From he came in! His just to self centered! His behavior is like stinking tomatoes! So zoheb! That’s totally not cool! I’m going to find you! And settle things like a girl! I’m going to make you pee in your bed tonight! Cause you just started a fight with the wrong moola! 3 last words To you zoo “BACK OFF BRO”


  9. Omg how can Zoheb do that to such a sweetheart like Nemo? πŸ˜₯ Nemo darling you’ll be alright my love β™₯ Zoheb I really don’t hate you but there are various other methods of solving problems other than violence :/


  10. Woohoo!!gooo zoheb! Finally zoheb is taking charge..was soo hoping he aint gonna be one of those bichaaras who give up without a fight. U know what they say..beware the fury of a patient man:) if he didnt intervene i wouldve been disapointed..hoping this blog doesnt end up cliche like the old bollywood girl -marries-best friend *yawn* thats why looove zoheb=breath of fresh air….cant wait fr the full story of what went down..stunning post as always ms author


  11. I like how some make it zohebs fault. But for nemo he didn’t need to do all tht roses and csndles and stuff! He could have just did it simply,I mean they, for gods sake have a friendship like no other ryt! Aaaah nemoooo
    Zoheb and aara for destiny.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. WHAT THE TOTILAS MILO POPS? Zoheb gone all hulk on nemo? bruh take it easy! I understand you’re hurt, angry and everything esp cos Aara is in a relationship with you and you’ll be all protective over her but take it a easy mahn! -_- maybe if you didn’t come it wouldn’t have been so bad bt you were being biss you kebaab =P punching nemo was like punching my heart bro! thanks for making me cry, you’re really welcomed :p hahaha so when guyz say let’s uncomplicated matters they speak fighting not words =D Eishhh I think Zoheb really loves nemo so he wanted to have this date kinda thing and nemo asked about Aara so he felt it =P I mean he loves Nemo and wants to be with nemo for the rest of his life ;;) =D EWW jk =D !! hahaha whoever says good zoheb punched nemo I wish your water gets cold when you shower and I hope eskom isn’t faithful to you and I hope your tea goes over and…..I smurf you’ll! -_- I just hope Aara doesn’t find out of these two kebaabs having drama on the beach front =D maybe nemo will just feel bad and let zoheb use his cute set up and propose to Aara? :p hahahaha that is not possible =D =)) hmph they two need to sit and eat whatever snack nemo had and talk their complication out and not fight! #DramaLoading….

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Team zoheb lets me fair here!!! A relationship is based on “TRUST”.. If zoheb really trusted Aara in loving him he wudnt have the need to use MY poor Nemo as a punching bag… He wud have Aara go herself and maybe that wud sort he’s own confusion that’s he’s been having about proposing… Cuz we all know the reason he aint proposing is cuz of Nemo in the picture… And Nemo is hurt since loooong tooo but he neva made zoheb feel bad or punched him instead he treated him as friend even tho twas hurting him baaadly.. But I guess that’s clear sign now that NEMO is the good guy here:P after all we show our true colors wen we angry and Zoheb jus did that.. #teamNEMOforrrreva… PS. Can I tend to Nemo’s injuries??:P

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I can’t handle the the suspense but I’m aso scared to read the next post. This is wat immy sed about zoheb along time ago to aara. Eishhh. I always read between the lines as there’s always a deeper meaning, but this is the first time I’m soo unsure to predict wats gonna happen. The only thing I’m having hope on is wat zoheb said a while ago. Our love story means the end of his but our hearts are joined forever. For some helluva odd reason I think zoheb is gonna tell nemo to hit him back. Just a though, if there’s two treasure boxes one is filled with gold silver all things nive and sand stone a lot of it too, the other one is filled with gold silver all things nice but verrry little of sand and stone maybe a few grams compared the gold silver and rubbis, which one will u chose. If u chose the second one, I don’t blame u cuz thts wat aara did, let’s just hope she continues with zoheb to throw in that treasure box


    • Awww amy don’t b scared to read the next post trust me on this one. Next post is a v beautiful one if I may say so myself. U can save your nerves for dec 13 when the balance of last night’s already written post is published. breathe in n breathe out n I luv ppl who look deeper into what I write lol join the #rums club:-Dβ˜†

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  15. Wait! You gray haird! Old hunk, and funny faced! Boy! Whyyy! Zoo! I can’t wait for Nemo to pull out all your teeth! And leave you with a bleeding noise! Cause that’s what you were asking for when you decided to mess with aara’s Nemo! Toy heard me! And now we all know, tags we can’t resist our first love! Cause now aara and Nemo are going to rock the blog! And make a happily ever after! So back off dude


  16. OMG. “Jus when I stared thinking u ain’t so bad after all Zoheb”. Well I changed my mind so fast now. How dare u punch Nemo…….. and after he took u as a good friend. Go fly a kite. Nemo give him two hard ones bac. Wink


  17. This post got me predicting all types if scenarios!! Words cans express how much I love this blog it’s amazing!!! Please don’t leave us in suspense here 😦 #TeamZoheb You are truly talented Shazia!!


  18. Hmph I always knew this Zoheb was useless bakwas! Nemo may have a bug nose but zoheb yours resembles Voldermort’s nose πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ How dare you do that to my Nemo!!! Better go into hiding before I find you and do a “cleaning job” on you or even worse..πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘ Poor Nemo I hope he stays strong and don’t worry #TeamNemo has your back always and we gonna be zoheb’s worst nightmare now for punching you 😎😈He should have left it to Aara to make the choice when she gets Nemo’s letter, zoheb what you did is just not cool or right! No! Just No!
    Love you Nemo #TeamNemoAlways ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀


  19. Zoheb, you are a cute little sweetheart, and I am completely team zoheb&aara
    *arms crossed*


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