Part 165- Season Finale (Final Part)- Footsteps

As narrated by Riza:

Close your eyes. Imagine the first steps of a little baby. A baby whose hands are held firmly but gently as he takes small, wobbly steps forward. And as he grows, his steps become less clumsy and eventually…perfect. And each step forward becomes a new milestone.
baby toes

So too in life, each step forward even as adults is a milestone…just because we’ve learnt how to walk doesn’t make it any less important.

Actually and literally…we leave our imprint not just on the ground that we walk upon but also on the routes that we take. Because one day, just maybe, someone may say “I would like to follow in his footsteps”.

We are taught from a young age that every moment of ours is recorded, so shouldn’t every moment be worth recording? Shouldn’t every moment be a reflection of the goodness of our hearts? Yes, we are human and we make mistakes and our Creator is most forgiving, most merciful. But to make the same mistake over and over again isn’t called learning- it’s called stupidity.

A year ago when I was in London, I had met a friend of mine, a good friend. And we reconnected immediately. Strangely, the minute I saw Zoheb all I could think about was Aara. But it isn’t like I planned for him to move back, I may have pushed them together in the initial tasks of the first road trip but I didn’t plan on them falling in love with each other. I may have introduced them to each other but I didn’t plan on their souls speaking to each other. Which brings us back to footsteps….through the little things that they did and didn’t do, they were already walking into each others hearts. It’s not planning…it’s destiny.

Arshad and Zainab…as different as real prawns and soya prawns…lol sorry couldn’t resist that! As different as hot and cold, as different as day and night…they had fallen in love with each other, embracing each others imperfections, seeing beyond the hurt of their pasts. Arshad learnt to look beneath the surface, that perception is not always reality and Zainab…she had learnt to trust. Even though they had known each other for a while, they were at each others throats and now look at them…and back to footsteps…the tiny little footsteps that Arshad took towards helping her find her calling…started a new story…their story.

When it comes to choosing a life partner, we always hold onto the notion that we need to be together before getting married. Call it a societal norm or a western belief that is so ingrained into our minds that it leads us to believe that arranged marriages or marriage happening after knowing someone for a short while is unbelievable and to a point, ridiculous. I too, am guilty as charged as I had the very same belief…until Imraan set his heart upon marrying Maariah. I shook my head in disbelief at this man who barely knew her and was so keen on marrying her! But he was right, and he wanted to do things the right way. I felt guilty for not marrying Laeeka sooner. In the pursuit of our careers and youth, we continuously indulged in zinaah. Not the fact that I was with her for so long but the fact that I waited for so long will remain the biggest regret of my life.


Imraan didn’t take baby steps…no he took a giant leap without hesitation, call it a leap of faith as well because he had that much of faith in his Creator that what he was doing was not wrong at all. I salute you Immy. You are a great example for all of us.

Footsteps into the unknown, adventuring to where you know you shouldn’t go, but you do it anyway just to “see”…eventually has you hooked. As the addiction of the wrong life consumes you, causing you to lose what is most precious to you. Engulfed in this world that is fake and temporary, you lose sight of everything…including yourself. Nemo. He had paid the biggest price for his curiosity. A curiosity that dragged him through the dungeons of despair and threw him behind the locked gates of rejection and embarrassment. And when life gave up on him…she whispered… try one more time. Proving that with the will of Allah, we can trace back those footsteps and walk proudly down the road that led us here in the first place. Redemption, understanding, forgiveness is always there and Allah also answers the silent duas of our hearts. Who He sends and why He sends them…we sometimes won’t understand. But He sends them and He sends them with the willpower and the ability to help us back onto our feet again.
My heart believes that Aara was sent ,despite being broken herself, to help Nemo…and she did.

But I always wondered, that down this long road of change and trials…would they be able to trace their footsteps back to each other or were their paths that were once joined…meant to be separated forever?

At different junctures of our lives, some of us have had our differences with each other. Some justified, some unjustified. But we moved on, with each other, despite everything and whatever happened, we would always be together.

We had bashed Aadil together and with good reason, so the shock on our faces when we saw Zoheb and Nemo the next morning was definitely justified. Nemo had a bruised jaw and Zoheb had a bruise above his left eye. I won’t go into detail about the other smaller marks on their faces. They had apparently gone out for a final walk on the beach and ended up fighting off some muggers. I think everyone was still tired so no one really bothered looking into it, and they seemed to be enjoying the attention that they were getting from Aara’s mother and Aara so it couldn’t have been too serious.

Or so we thought….

To this day,no one knew exactly what had happened that night. But whatever happened, eventually changed a lot of things. It eventually led to a lot of heartbreak and a lot of disappointment.

None of us knew then as we bid Ziyaad,Ebie, Sahal and Aara’s parents goodbye…as we smiled and laughed on our way back to Jo’burg…that as a group, this would be our last road trip together.

Laeeka: (calling out to me) babe…how many times are you going to read that journal?

I smiled back at her as I closed the journal…

” Whenever I miss them…whenever I think about them…this journal is my footsteps back to them”

______________________END OF SEASON THREE___________________________

Author’s Note:

Dear Readers,

Once again, it has been an absolute pleasure and I thank you for your loyal support through this almost 1 year of LLD. Unbelievable for me, as I never expected this blog to run for so long:)

13 December marks the one year anniversary for LLD and thanks to Haaj for her cute idea….13 December is now officially National Dhaiwara Day…lol! You read right:-p So on 13 Dec, let’s all make some dhaiwaras and send me your pictures of them via Twitter( @lifeluvdestiny) or Email( Each and every picture will be uploaded Insha Allah. The Nemo-Zoheb post will also be posted on that day.

I’m not certain as to when I will be returning, as this season stretched by an extra 15 episodes, but I will let you know as soon as I know.

In the meantime, please remember to vote for LLD

Much Love,



41 thoughts on “Part 165- Season Finale (Final Part)- Footsteps

  1. This post brought tears to my eyes! It feels as though I’m saying goodbye to my own friends 😦 please don’t keep us in suspense too long! Counting down to the 13!! Amazing post as usual Shazia!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Darling Shazia pls pls pls pls pls don’t leave us in supense for too long..I hope and pray what happens between Zoheb and Nemo doesn’t spoilt the relationship of everyone in the group..😰😑🙈Touching Post! ❤


  3. Beautıfully wrıtten!! remınded me so much of kal ho na ho . . . Where pretty ends the story sıttıng on that bench .. And here we have rıza readıng ınto that journal.


  4. Omg Shazia this post really touched my heart 😥 it is so emotional 😦
    As im typing right now I’m busy tearing up 😥
    This feels like I myself am saying goodbye to my friends 😦
    Strange enough one of my friends is emigrating to the USA on Wed 😦 thanks for such a beautiful post :*
    Much love ♥♡ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. I thought soo differently from this. Wow, see that is why I couldn’t predict. Well done shazia, MashaAllah ur talents reaches no boundries. Its not planning its destiny– aara and zoheb

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful and perfect analogy of the changes that takes place in our lives…im trying so hard not to predict what will happen next but…ok i cant resist, so here goes : nemo loses control and punches zoheb back, eventually they calm down and decide to pretend nothings happened for aaras sake..nemo agrees to back off if zoheb promises to never hurt aara..zoheb eventually tells aara the truth but she still chooses him because nemo is already on the path to finding himself and is moving on…????ok lol, thats pretty much where i see the story going and tbh maybe its cos thats the way i want it to go;) i still feel that nemo needs to find himself without aara… He needs to go through this heartbreak to come full circle and then only will he really, truly find his path in life… Aara and zoheb both went through ultimate heartbreak and are now able to fully embrace the love they have for each other…the pain of their past heartbreak allowed them to grow and rise above it…hopefully the same will be for nemo.. Whatever the ending, its the journey that will be remembered..honestly dont know how we will accept this blog ever ending (hopefully not anytime soon(: keep up the awesome work!!


  7. Aaahh …. this post looked like you ending the blog soon 😦 please don’t so soon 😛 one year went too fast !!! One more okay 😉 ??? AMAZING post 🙂


  8. Wow….. Spectacular

    What a beautiful end. RIZA, the knot to this
    thread of friends…. superb☆★☆★
    True friends have a relationship from
    the heart and remains till eternity..


    Lovely authoress Shazia.. from next season
    Can we get 3 posts per week.
    Wishful thinking….



  9. This was such a fantastic post! So sad feels like this is the end! Y do I get the feeling that Aara ends up with zoheb and my poor nemo has to swim the seven seas to find his mermaid! Don’t take seriously Shazia but I won’t be looking forward to next season! Just kidding this THE BeST BlOG! Team nemo + Aara


  10. awwh, i love LLD… I think i would literally tear if Aara and Zoheb broke up… They are the most sweetest, cutest and perfect fictional couple #totes_cute


  11. I’m at a loss for words. I am so sad that it’s the season finale, daily I look forward to reading this blog. Amazing, capturing, entertaining, funny, are just a few words I can use to describe this blog. I can’t wait for the next season, this post has left me reeling and very very curious!! Please please please take a very short break!! I can’t wait! Although I know u deserve a long, restful, peaceful break and I hope you have one. I’m definitely still on team ‘zoheb and Aara”. Enjoy the holidays everyone


  12. “Whenever I miss them…whenever I think
    about them…this journal is my footsteps
    back to them” – *sobbing hiccups sniff lump in throat* it feels like maybe Nemo is gonna leave the group… and it’s heart breaking that this was their last road trip together… their togetherness was just too amazing♥ #GonnaMissIt♡

    ShaaaaaZ beautiful is an understatement for this post♥. ” Because one day, just maybe, someone may say “I would like to follow in his footsteps”. – I wish to be an amazing writer like you♡ #JustAWish :p

    This post was very much like blue rains to me, I read it over and over crying everytime I read it… When it comes to Aara, Nemo and Zoheb it’s just to touchy for meh x_x

    “But I always wondered, that down this long road of change and trials…would they be able to trace their footsteps back to each other or were their paths that were once joined…meant to be separated forever?” -Please don’t say they’ll be separated forever although it feels as if that’s what to happen *sobbing*

    eishh i really can’t carry on being sad and moody bcz of a blog =)) … so I’ll prepare myself to move on to the next chapter in life with a heavy heart and tears flowing… This post actually gave us a glimpse of how we gonna feel when lld really ends for some odd reason! ShaaaaaZ JazakAllah so much for the amazing blog♥ untill we meet again on National Dhaiwaras Days *tight hugs*! 😀


    • Aww thank u sweetheart♥ the truth be told. ..this post was written a few days before I published it and I would read it over and over again by force of habit when it comes to an important post and each time I did. ..I had a lump in my throat:-( I don’t know how I would manage when lld ends too…even though this story has been in my head for years and more so because its based on many true incidents its extremely close to my♡ i will also be v sad the day that I write the final episode. ..have been reading everyone’s comments from the v beginning n it brought tears to my eyes. ..I love all of u lots n I really appreciate your support and feedback. Some of u have become such good friends too…thru a story about friendship♥ # feeling overwhelmed


  13. Yeah well from rizas step in the future it Def paints a picture 4 us of Wat the outcome is gng 2 b,looks like even though it’s heartbreaking 4 us nemo fans aara n zoheb gona end off 2gether as every1 was paired with there soul mate in this post!n that leaves us n nemo with such heartbreak*tears,tears,tears*


    • Actually if u read it again you will see that the glimpse of the future only actually starts from the part where they leave Aara’s house. The couples being paired are in the present and riza wrote those parts a few days after they returned to jhb. When he says “or so we thought” it needs a little imagination because here hes not reading hes reflecting thats him in the future
      ..yes something happened some of them aren’t together but its not going to be covered immediately. Lld is halfway through. for the other half that takes us full circle. a nemo fan. ..and as a loyal reader id like you to know this. ..your nemo is in good hands:-) there’s no need for anyone to get worried. is a journey and this is just one of its stories. .


  14. Ooohhhh yipppee. U gIving us hope again. “Ur nemo is in good hands”. We trust u to end this blog in style especially nemo’s end. Lol, 😉. On a serious note, thanx for giving us the pleasure of reading such an awesome blog.. it truly was and is an amazing journey with this group of friends. We actually feel part of tht group n tht could only b possible due to the excellent writing of the author. This story has each one of us captivated. Each post brings different emotions n every post is unique. After every post u have waiting in suspense for the next one. Well done!!!!. Mwah


  15. @Shazia Awww there’s just something magical about this post♥ I’m so grateful that you didn’t just keep the story in your head but you’ve pen’d it down and shared it with us♥ We really can’t thank you enough! We all like one big lld family♡ Enjoy your holidays! much love!

    @Sk 😀 Wow, I didn’t ever expect someone to say that =))) maybe I read minds now :p jk =)) hahaha yipz we’ll just have dhaiwaras as comfort foood =’)


  16. Loll, I’m trying to read between the lines, nothing is coming to my head. I can’t seem to point a finger at the whole zoheb aara thing. I honestly can’t. X_X.
    Why lie, I have tears rolling down my cheeks.


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