National Dhaiwara Day ;-p


Salaams Everyone!

Firstly, I must say that even though it’s good to be on a break- I miss you guys terribly!

So…we are actually going through with this….

    National Dhaiwara Day on 13 December 2014


Thanks to Haaj for the idea…so make a little dua for her on Saturday when you’re enjoying your yummy dhaiwaras πŸ˜‰

December 13th marks the One Year Anniversary for LLD, and we are asking you to share the love by making some dhaiwaras, take a lekker pic of it and send it to me via email or you can upload it on Twitter or Facebook.
All pics that are emailed will be uploaded onto Twitter and Facebook and every single pic from Twitter, Email and Facebook will be uploaded onto the blog Insha Allah.

So let’s all be good sports and partake in this as one big virtual family:)

Not restricted to ladies only…a few guys have promised to get their hands dirty as well;)

I would like to thank Haaj and Shakoo for these absolutely beautiful pictures..I simply love them and you guys really have outdone yourselves *tight hugz*

The Nemo-Zoheb post will be posted after we’ve received all of your pictures, so let’s make a cut off time of 8pm for all pics to be either in or uploaded.

Really looking forward to this!

Much Love,


Twitter: @lifeluvdestiny

Ps: Remember to cast your vote for LLD


6 thoughts on “National Dhaiwara Day ;-p

  1. *jumping up and down* Awwwww don’t only make dua for me but also make intention for me when eating them :p =))

    Ameenβ™₯ It’s an honour for us to beable to make them for you! :’)

    #ExcitementIsBuilding… πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I never knew what “dhaiwaras” are, so i went on a quest yesterday to find out exactly what it is.
    Half the people i asked didn’t know what i was talking about but i succeeded, eventually. I hope i manage to make some that are atleast edible and picture worthy x_x :p

    @lifeluvdestiny, i love this blog, the storyline is amazing. Keep up the awesome work and please, oh please post often during the holidays.
    #TeamZoheb&Nemo, I can’t decide who’s better

    Much Love,
    Zayboon Nisha ❀


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