Season 4 – Part 167- Wedding Season


As narrated by Immy

I never would have thought that a curiosity that I had about two people would eventually lead me to my better half and to a fantastic bunch of people who I could call my own.
That is why it’s so important never to judge anybody just by face value. When I first saw Nemo and Aara I thought that they were two spoilt brats who had everything on a golden platter and that Nemo’s drug phase was probably something that they thought was cool to go through at the time.

But time. ..time changes everything

Time changed my opinion of them. Time changed the way that I looked at them. Time changed everything.

And now when I look at not just them but at the rest of the group I have no words to describe the way that I feel. I am truly overwhelmed.

Today was my big day! We were drained after our trip and Maariah and I started our istikara the very night that we had arrived and the outcome was very, very positive. Today was our official proposal and Aara’s parents were flying to Jhb to represent me.

My small flat was littered with gift wrap and glitter. ..the guys naturally made the most mess while Laeeka and Aara worked in a much more organised manner at my kitchen table.

Me: I still can’t believe that these are my kunchas!

Nemo: (shouting from the lounge) itโ€™s not yours bru its Mari’s!

Me:(chuckling to myself)you know what I mean man

Aara : I hope they are wrapping it neatly because I am so not going to redo them!

Laeeka : ( laughing ) have a little faith madam

Aara : on them?

Laeeka raised her eyebrow at Aara. .

Laeeka : ( putting down the gift box)okay A….spill!

Aara did look a little irritated and I had noticed that she seemed to be avoiding both Nemo and Zoheb.

Aara : nothing. .they’re just acting very weird

Me: (looking at her reassuringly ) I think Zoheb has cold feet A…I mean I’m getting proposed today, Arshad’s getting engaged on Saturday. ..Rizaโ€™s getting married in two months…heck it seems to be wedding season!

Aara : (rolling her eyes) maybe I should be grateful. the monster in law and that awful sister of his for a little later on in my life

Laeeka burst out laughing!

Laeeka : my poor baby! ! (Squishing Aara) you’ve got it soooo bad!

Aara: (trying to break free from laeekas grip) shhhhh…don’t tell anyone

Me: we can talk to him? Orrrr you can talk to him?

Aara: ya right. ..we’re here now and he’s not even next to me!

That spurred Laeeka to laugh even harder! I was quite amused myself because Aara’s face was as red as a tomato and her feistiness seemed to double when she was angry!

Lol! And as if that wasn’t enough. .Zoheb joined us in the kitchen

Zoheb : ( taking his car keys from my key rack) Riza called. ..they need help at Zainab’s…we’ll be back later…Nemo….you ready?

Nemo : (shouting again from the lounge ) coming coming

And within a few minutes they were out of my flat. Laeeka and I suppressed the urge to break out into what would have been a roaring fit of laughter as Aara’s face went from red to purple!

Aara : do you think that he’s going to leave me for Nemo??????

And we couldn’t take it any longer and burst out laughing! Not only was what she said funny, nor the fact that she said it with such seriousness but….Zoheb had come back inside and was standing behind her with a wide grin on his face!!!!

Zoheb : ( wrapping his arms around Aara from behind) that’s just cute!

Aara : ( looking annoyed) what is?

Zoheb : ( squeezing her tighter) that you’re jealous of Nemo!

Aara : ( trying to break free from Zoheb’s grip) I’m not jealous of Nemo don’t be ridiculous. .. did you forget something?

Zoheb : I did actually. ..

Aara : oh.. what is it?

Zoheb : this….

And he planted a kiss on Aara’s cheek!

Aara : ( deliberately wiping her cheek) that does NOT get you off the hook Mr Patel!

Zoheb : ( Squishing Aara again)then what will applepie?

Aara : cancel your trip and youโ€™re forgiven

Laeeka : what trip?

Aara : he’s going away. ..

Me : going away where? ??

Aara : to New Zealand for two weeks!

Zoheb : errr…(scratching his chin)it might be three. ..

Aara : ( banging her fist on the table shocking all of us) you see! !GO just GO!!

Zoheb : Aara. …..

Aara : please tell this man that I am NOT talking to him!

Laeeka : errrr she’s not talking to you

Laeeka motioned with her hand for Zoheb to go as Aara covered her head with a gift box!

Me: (sighing ) Aaroo absence makes the heart grow fonder. …

Aara : ( from inside the box) I know but this feeling at the pit of my tummy is telling me otherwise. …

wedding season


As narrated by Arshad

Taking it easy was simply not possible…atleast not in this week. Back from durban on monday, today was already Friday meaning Immy and Maariah’s proposal, my engagement on tomorrow, Zoheb’s departure next week. Crazy would be the wrong word to describe our current state of mind.

I was supposed to be at my house helping my dad,instead I was here at Zainab’s…putting up this unnecessary and very elaborate structure in the centre of the garden with Riza.

Riza : ( whispering ) these guys are so lazy. ..they’re just relaxing!

Zainab’s cousins really were the pits honestly. They had supposedly come to help but the only help they were doing was helping themselves to the food! And on this scorching hot day, Riza and I were struggling to finish this.

Riza : I called Zoheb and Nemo to help us…Immy won’t mind

Me: I always wanted things small and simple not like this!

Riza : leave it out bru what’s done is done

If my engagement was like this I dreaded thinking what my wedding would be like!

Me: I wish we were still in cape Town. ..I guess everything changes from now on

Riza : ( with a smile on his face) positively. ..change is mandatory bru..things can’t always stay the same they only get better as we grow

Those words kept me going the entire day. ..and as fagged out as I was, I was ready and on time waiting outside Maariah’s house. Zainab was already inside as she was the only one who would be part of the”girls side” while the rest of us opted to be the”boys side”

Zoheb and Riza had arrived and within a few minutes Aara’s parents and Nemo showed up. But there was no sign of Immy,Laeeka and Aara…


Author’s Note:

A very warm welcome and impromptu start to Season 4! I know that I didn’t confirm a date with you guys…that’s mostly because I have recently decided that Season 4 will officially begin at the beginning of February 2015 Insha Allah, but you can expect a post once weekly until then. My current commitments unfortunately don’t permit me to post twice a week but by the end of Jan (and with the holidays out of the way) we should be very much back to normal. I do apologize for this…I’ve read all of your emails and messages and i know that you’re missing LLD very much. I miss you all too:(

Wish all of you a rocking holiday and please don’t forget to caste your vote for LLD.

Much Love,



15 thoughts on “Season 4 – Part 167- Wedding Season

  1. That amazing feeling when you notice a ne post from LLD!!๐Ÿ’ƒSo excited for season 4!! Thanks so much Shazia for at least posting once a week during the holidays!! ๐Ÿ˜˜ Little sad to hear Zoheb is going to be gone for 3weeks!!๐Ÿ˜”is it just an excuse to give memo and aara some time?? Can’t wait for the next post!!๐Ÿ’ƒ#TeamZoheb

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What an awesome suprise. I was so excited to
    See a new post. Jzk for trying to post. We are all adicts so once a week is better than nothing lol. Awww I’m going to miss Zoo. #teamzoheb


  3. Welcome back shazia. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Welcome back to the gang looking forward to all the laughter and hope not too much heart break.
    Aara. Aara. Aara
    what’s gotten into to you. You were never like this. Why you not talking to both nemo and zoheb
    So is zoheb going to visit his parents.
    Aara if you complaining so much why don’t you go with your love.
    Aara and zoheb ๐Ÿ’• forever and ever


  4. wow!!!!u posted…finally!!!!luv it…bt i can feel the part where everythin falls apart is cmn *cryin face*thnx 4 postin…r u postin regulars???weds n sats?thnx agen


  5. Omg nemo and aara should end up together but don’t think they will I think that maybe zoheb will give her up then she’s left with memo but then memo is going to think he is selfish and aara loves zoheb so he is just going to let them have their happy ending. #butnemoisthebest #everyonelovesnemo. My least favorite character in this blog has to be aara tho. Thanks for the awesome post!!


  6. Plzzzzzzzz her end up with nemo!! I can pay you =))) joke bribery! But I’m that desperate! Nemo is my fav character in the blog! Plzz will you let nemo and Aara end up together? It so far doesn’t seem like they going to be together but plzzz


  7. okay fisrt of all ill like to say this blog is nothing less then amazing i have being a silent reader through out the blog but nooo wait stop i just can take it anymore! i cant see nemo hurt anymore! dont you think his been trough alot already i mean parents who dont like him and he was never truly loved okay yes he did have aaras parents but its not the same ! plz can you give aara and nemo the time to be together and love each other in that way ?


  8. I second tht Humi. (Thot I was the only one who’s least favorite character is Aara) least favorite from the ladies… Nemo has obviously got to b a No 1 favorite…… well all the nemo fans no1 favourite. ๐Ÿ˜‰. And from the ladys Laeeka is no 1….


  9. Aara: do you think he’ll take nemo over me? #Dead ๎’ ๎’ ๎’ Eishhh this is exciting #WeddingBells :$ but as for the Zoheb and Aara part, I’m sensing something scary with Aara x_x buuuuut *fingers crossed* hope it’s nothing bad and he comes back alive!! Zoheb don’t forget if you break Aara’s heart Riza is gonna break your bones ๐Ÿ˜› so don’t come back married to the girl your mum wants you to marry =D (although I wouldn’t mind that :p)

    Liked by 1 person

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