Part 168 – Second thoughts…

As narrated by Laeeka :

I looked at Immy in total disbelief as he walked from one end of the car to the other for what seemed like the five hundredth time!
Tiny beads of perspiration lined his forehead as he took deep breathes in and then exhaled slowly.

We had pulled over on the freeway almost twenty minutes ago and Immy had just said that he needed some air…and after that silence! Was he having second thoughts???

Me: (looking at Aara playing with her phone) are you going to help here? ?

Aara : (looking up from her phone) huh?

Me: (snatching her phone out of her hand) Immy (pointing at Immy) Aara… Immy!

Aara : Laeekaaa I was just about to win level 82!

Me : ( glaring at her and she knew that look all too well) enough!

Aara practically jumped off the bonnet and neatened her dress as she stood in front of me looking like a little schoolgirl! I couldn’t help but chuckle.

Aara: (whispering) he said that he needed some air..?

Me : for twenty minutes? I don’t think so

Aara: Immy. ..are you okay?

Immy didn’t answer and carried on with his marathon walk along the length of the car.

Aara : Immy!!

He still didn’t answer!

Aara : Immy if you don’t stop right this moment I promise you that I am going to put the handbrakes of this car down and let it roll down this incline and then you can say goodbye to your dear gti!

And this is why Aara was perfect in situations like these because everyone knew that she would probably do exactly as she had threatened to! Immy naturally stopped dead in his tracks and impulsively put his hands on his car.

Aara: trust me bro…you aren’t going to be able to hold your car back

Me : now what’s the problem Immy?? We are going to be late!

Immy : ( finally breaking his vow of silence) what if I can’t be a good husband?

Aara : huh? Is this what this is about?

Immy : what if I can’t give her everything? What if I mess up?

I shook my head and looked at Aara

Aara : are you perfect?

Immy: no…

Aara : is Maariah perfect?

Immy : no….

Aara : so?

Immy : Aara. ..look at her. ..she’s got everything. ..she has this huge family and so many memories what do I have?

Aara : I hate to break it to you Immy but as you know. parents are here to represent you as their son…so technically that makes you my brother. Now I know that people have their reservations about being related to me and rightfully so…but…it also means that you have a family. And you have an extended family too!

Me : yeah where are these doubts coming from anyway? The “everything” that you’re worried about are just material things…life and love are much higher than that

Aara : this world is temporary we all know that. ..I understand that you’re nervous and a little scared but Immy…this is your chance this is your moment don’t let it go

Immy stared at his shoes. ..his eyes glistened. ..and he swallowed hard.

Me: Immy are you having second thoughts????

Aara looked at me and then at Immy and then back at me again.

Aara : Laeeka can I have my phone back please?

Me : ( raising my eyebrow at her) why??

Aara : come on. .I don’t want to play games I just want to phone Maariah’s parents and tell them that we won’t be coming

We looked at Immy for some kind of a reaction. ..but nothing. I was actually starting to get scared. ..Maariah wouldn’t be able to handle this. ..

Aara : ( looking at me and tapping her phone slowly) uhhh…

Come on Immy we don’t want to do this! !

Aara looked at me again and held her heart and pretended to breath heavily.

Lol! I wanted to throw my shoe at her!
I shook my head and gave her a “NO” look.

Me : Immy come on. ..

He looked up at us with tears in his eyes. ..

Immy : I really miss my parents tonight. ..

The two of us were stumped. We could never completely understand his feelings right now even if we tried to.

Immy : I know that this is life and we have to deal with it and I’m not complaining but …I don’t know how to handle this happiness when all that I’ve ever been used to was sadness. How do I keep her happy when I don’t even know how to keep myself happy?

Aara: (wiping a tear of her cheek ) you don’t. trust in Allah to keep both of you happy
Trust in Him to fill love between you both and trust in Him for the simple yet very obvious reason that he’s giving you much more than you had or that you’re used to…because sabr eventually pays off

And Immy broke down. He leaned against the car with his head against the door and he sobbed. And we cried too!
My heart broke into millions of pieces as Immy cried his heart out.

Me: (patting him on his back) Immy…you’ve turned out just fine and I’m sure that your parents will be very proud of you… everything will be okay…

Aara : ( giving him a tissue) And it doesn’t matter what your past was like, or what your past lacked..Today, here, now is what matters and i honestly believe that you will be a very good husband and an even better father…but look if you don’t want to do this. ..

Immy: I wish that things were different Aara..i really do…

Aara: (smiling softly) If things were any different…we wouldn’t be where we are today and besides…life is like a falooda..if you don’t relish it and just sit there looking at it…well then…someone else is going to eat it!

I smacked myself on my forehead and closed my eyes. Trust Aara to raise a comparison with food! From where to where!

Immy and I looked at her for a few seconds because she had said what she said with such conviction and with such a straight face before Immy burst out laughing!

Say what???

Aara: (giving him a confused look) errrrr…Laeeks i think that he needs a doctor

Immy : ( wiping his tears and laughing) no…I’ll go. ..I have to. ..turning my back now would be turning my back on a gift from Allah. ..I lost everything….now I stand to gain a wife…a family. ..a world of new relationships…let’s go get my falooda!

And now I was laughing too…as i wiped away my tears and hugged Aara.

Aara : ( smiling through her tears) I’ll drive

Immy : Ladies. …thank you. ..both of you

Me : ( getting into the back seat) no sorry no thank you remember

And he smiled softly as he got into the passenger seat. I looked at my phone. ..numerous missed calls from Riza and Nemo. I switched my phone off.

Traditionally we were actually allowed this “liberty”. After all, we’re Team Groom!

aara falooda

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21 thoughts on “Part 168 – Second thoughts…

  1. Omfaladooas πŸ˜› Immy imperfection is beauty bro so trust me Marriii loves you as you areβ™‘ and … when happiness englulfs you, embrace it don’t ever turn away from it! It’s a gift from Allahβ™₯ Aara you too funny with your foody examples =)) lol this is the last time I teared for lld in 2014 πŸ˜› (okay that was lame but who cares :p)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Second thoughtsssss is something I hate, its just a bummer loll. Speaking about falooda, everytime I go shopping to surat or navsari, I make an effort to get a falooda. Gosh its soooooo ama-zzzzing. Its wow!!! In SA the faloodas made there can’t beat the ones made here in india………….
    Greatttt post *beeghug*


  3. 😒😭 immy why you making us all cry.
    Listen to aara and her falooda stories.
    And best of all leave everything in allah’s hands.
    You have so many people who care for you now.
    Until next year


  4. Aara is just too much. She always knows how to makes things right and she has soo much of faith in Allah, I admire her. “The falooda line.’s something nemo would say”
    Now do you see why Nemo and Aara are totally made for each other πŸ˜€ :p ❀ #teamnemo+aara


  5. Hehe aara…FOOD comparisons are always the best…something nemo would say to get aara thinking of food which fortunately makes her too happy πŸ™‚ have a great day shaz xoxo


  6. Awww don’t worry sweet Immy :* everything will be just fine β™₯ Allah has special plans for you πŸ™‚
    Aara is such a wonderful role modelβ™‘ her faith in Allah is so amazing :*
    I teared up while Immy cried πŸ˜₯
    Beautiful post Shazia β™₯β™‘

    Liked by 1 person

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