Part 170 – Arshad & Zainab’s Engagement (Part 1)

As narrated by Arshad

Everything couldn’t be hunky dory all the time. There had to be some level of drama or else it would seem too good to be true. There was a problem, and just because we didn’t hear more about it, we shoved it to the very back of our minds. All except for two of them and they didn’t tell us anything. I stumbled upon it and it angered me. And I wasn’t someone who got angry quickly.

I tapped my fingers impatiently on the granite kitchen counter as I waited for them to explain themselves.

Me: I’m waiting!

Aara : Arshad….it’s your engagement just let it go please. ..just for today

Me: Tell me now or I’m going to call Riza, Zoheb and Nemo!

Immy : ( looking at Aara and then at me ) It never stopped. ..through the entire Durban trip. ..he would call and text and when we got back it just got worse

Aara looked down.

Immy : ( continuing ) I have my best men searching bru we will find him soon

Me: When you say worse you mean?

Immy : notes being sent to Aara’s office and home, flowers, subtle threats. ..

I was shocked! Here I was,thinking that the disaster named Aadil had chickened out and disappeared!

Me: what the hell does he want? ??

Both of them were silent. ..

Me: WHAT does he want? ???

Aara : (softly ) me…he wants me

Me: as in….?

Aara : as in he wants me Arshad. ..according to Aadil hurting me would hurt Nemo the most and so he’s made it quite clear that sooner or later it will be me

I could feel my blood pressure rising. ..

Me: ( throwing my hands up in the air ) and you’re just roaming around freely without a care in the world!

Aara : (Rolling her eyes at me ) I can’t exactly let my life come to a standstill Arshoo and besides if Aadil really had the guts he would have done something by now

Me: or maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment, has that even occurred to you?

Aara shrugged her shoulders and that made me angrier.

Me : ( shaking her by her shoulders ) what is wrong with you? ???

Immy : (coming towards me )Arshad please. ..

Me: Aara I thought that we agreed. secrets

Aara : heyyy we were going to tell you guys it’s just the timing is a little off right now

I looked away. .

Aara : Arshoo. ..I promise you. ..after the engagement we will tell everyone it’s not something that we can hide for much longer

Me: you promise?

Aara : I promise. ..

After confirming with her one more time. ..I walked off to my room

In a few hours I would be engaged to be married and married soon I hope.

I was almost dressed when I realised that the coat in my suit bag wasn’t mines but Zoheb’s!

I walked into the lounge where Aara and Nemo seemed to be mumbling something to each other while Zoheb stood in the doorway talking to my father AND he had my coat in his hand.

Me: I was just about to call you

Zoheb : ( smiling warmly at me and handing me my coat) I think it got mixed up at the dry cleaners

Me: probably. ..(looking in the direction of Aara)dude seriously though.’re next!

Zoheb : Insha Allah bru…by the way. ..let me introduce you to my sister. ..Maaherah…

And this girl who was busy playing with her phone turned around to face me.

Why did she look so familiar. ..

Maaherah: (smiling at me ) No ways! Arshad!!!

It took a few seconds before it finally registered. ..
the plot thickens

Author’s Note:


I hope that everyone had a super awesome holiday:))) Sorry for not replying to your messages and comments sooner…apart from the fact that I had network issues while on holiday, I was also just enjoying the time out;)

Going to try not sticking to the posting days ( Wed & Sat) as I feel that it’s become like a time table where you know that you are going to get a post as opposed to when I post randomly and then you just get pleasantly surprised:)) pssst…..Rums :0

Jummah Mubarak….

Much Love,



6 thoughts on “Part 170 – Arshad & Zainab’s Engagement (Part 1)

  1. Aadil u dont knw wat u getting urself into👊👊👊
    Maaherah😱 and she knows Arshad
    and she’s at Zainubs engagment
    and the plot thickens😱……

    Love it wen u surprise us Shazia😘 so much more enjoyable❤️🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  2. psssssshhht Aadil needs to die already!!! someone please help plan for him to slide on a banana peel =)) !! mahera and adil should get married and go live on an island!

    Liked by 1 person

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