Part 171- Arshad & Zainab’s Engagement (Part 2)

As narrated by Zainab

All that glitters is not gold. can also be thousands of fairy lights, crystal chandeliers and my sparkling dress:-)

I don’t mean to come across as being materialistic or vain but I was so happy that everything was done just the way that I have always wanted it to be!

I stood at the center of this magnificent tent of drapes and took it all in. It felt as though I was in a different world altogether. From the table settings to the flowers. ..from the chandeliers to the little trinkets we had gotten for everyone. …everything was perfect!


Our guests had started arriving and very soon Arshad and his family would also be here.

Arshad. ..who would have thought. ..

I smiled to myself as some of our memories played in my head and slowly. ..tears started rolling down my cheeks.

Riza : ( frowning at me) everything okay?

Me : ( wiping away a tear) no….it’s more than okay.’s perfect!

Riza : ( shaking his head ) you women. cry for everything!

Laeeka : ( pinching Riza) I heard that! I also cried babe…it’s called tears of joy!

Riza : ( laughing at us) and there’s another one to join the crying club!

Maariah: (hugging me and tearing) I’m so happy for you Zai! Before you know it, you’ll be married!

Riza : ( laughing harder) save some tears for then please all of you! Really now eish you people crack me up!

But this was a part and parcel of the whole event. ..every little thing was a memory.

I know that some people in my family weren’t very happy about Arshad and I being together because his dad is urdu speaking but it shouldn’t and didn’t matter to me.

Throughout the preparation I had heard all the side comments about “if they would know what to do” & I was even told not to have any expectations from the kunchas that they were giving me.

It irritated me to the point where I had come very close to telling them off!

And I had a feeling that this night wasn’t going to pass without a few more comments!

But I guess that too is part and parcel of any event.

My eyes were now fixed to the entrance of the tent as I heard a familiar “hooter tune”. Lol Nemo! And that meant only one thing because Nemo was coming from the “boys side”…and it clearly marked the arrival of the one who I was dying to see. Arshad. ..
zainab dress1
As narrated by Nemo

Does this chick sort of just pop up everywhere? ?? First the squash courts then the supermarket then outside my office and now at Arshad’s engagement! And lo and behold. ..she also turns out to be Zoheb’s sister! I still cannot remember her from campus days though and she was so annoying I’m glad that I didn’t remember her! I made a mental note to keep a can of insect repellent at hand from now onwards. …just in case.


It didn’t matter to me who she was or why she was here. ..I mean I’m from a family of wackjobs so I was used to this but I didn’t miss the reaction on two people’s faces. Aara and Arshad. Aara’s face stiffened upon seeing Maaherah and Arshad well, his was a reaction that I couldn’t quite read. Which was weird because it wasn’t like him at all. Aara on the other hand probably didn’t like her because of what she had done to Zainab.

Me: ( getting into my car while Arshad fastened his seat belt) so, Zoheb’s sister huh

What did that mean anyway? ??I really needed to start thinking before I opened my mouth.

Arshad : (with the same expression on his face ) what about her?

Me : no nothing, just like that…okay no, not just like that errrrr I noticed that she seemed to know you?

Arshad was silent for a few seconds. …

Arshad : long story Nemo

Me : ( pushing my luck) well, it IS 20 minutes to Zainab’s. .so you know. ..

Arshad looked at me in total disbelief as I prodded on with my eyes only.

Arshad : ( shifting in his seat) we…we sort of went out long ago

Me: (my eyes widened to the point where I thought that they would pop!) You WHAT!!!!



7 thoughts on “Part 171- Arshad & Zainab’s Engagement (Part 2)

  1. haaai my comment didn’t go through 😥 ! WHAT THE TOTILAS MILO POPS??!?!?! AM I READING CORRECTLY??! Urgh why did she have to come for the occasion -_-!! Mahera can marry Adil and they can go live on an island away from this awesome group! Nemo yesss spray her!!!! *laughing my socks off*


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