Part 172 – Arshad & Zainab’s Engagement (Part 3)

As narrated by Zoheb :

I had taken my seat at one of these fancy tables and looked around for her. She had declined to come to the venue with me and went with Aunty Sawleha and Uncle Irshaad instead.

She wasn’t talking to me much but she still wore the bracelet that I had gifted her. But that’s the thing about the heart. Once it attaches itself to someone, no matter what happens. remains attached. And it was for this very reason that I was in this fix…and for this very reason that we were where we stood today. Aara at the center, looking at me, Nemo standing beside her looking at her and me…I was also standing beside her. ..but I was looking away.
It was nothing short of an ironic situation as I recalled the picture from our Cape Town album where the roles in a particular picture were some what reversed.

I finally spotted her standing alone in front of one of the bigger pillars right at the back of the tent and I couldn’t help myself as I whispered into her ear, while standing behind her…”What are you doing here all by yourself?”

Those few seconds of silence that followed seemed to hang in a loop of time…

Aara finally answered softly, ” I’m thinking about my life”

” Do you want to go for a walk?”, I asked her, hoping that she would say yes.

She turned around to face me, with a look of disbelief on her face..” The engagement has barely just begun Zoheb, it would look really rude if we had to disappear!”

”Okay…”, I said as I smiled at her. She did make sense after all!

And we stood together in silence and watched Arshad and Zainab exchange rings after a short but touching welcome speech by Zainab’s sister.

I handed Aara my handkerchief as a lump built up in my throat watching silent tears fall from her eyes. She smiled at the couple of the moment as Arshad blinked at her in response.

I didn’t have to guess what was probably going through her mind as we finally took that walk together and it killed me to know that I was responsible for it.

She fiddled with her ring as we reached the very end of this huge garden, with no where else to go except turning back and that would actually be a little silly right now.

I had to break the silence because Aara was clearly not going to.

” You look really beautiful tonight”, I said as I put both my hands into my pockets.

”Thank you”…was all that she said as she continued to look away from me.

” Why were you in such deep thoughts earlier?”, I asked trying to make small talk. That’s how much we had grown apart in this one week and I was desperate to talk to her.

Aara shrugged her shoulders and answered ” I told you…I was thinking about my life and just….looking at everyone else and trying to figure out exactly where am I headed”

“Why…”, I whispered

Aara suddenly looked up at me with a look that threatened to immediately disarm me. Her big brown eyes had a mixture of different emotions filled in it and even through her tears, it showed…

Her calm tone changed to one of anger..” You’re asking me why?? Seriously?? What is this? What are We? Because one week ago it definitely wasn’t like this!”

I was stumped. I knew that these questions were in her mind but I didn’t expect her to throw them at me all at once.

”Is there even a ‘We’ Zoheb because from where I’m standing it doesn’t look that way!”, she said through her tears

I reached out to hold her arm as i tried to reason with her..”What? Aara no it’s not like that, you’ve been busy, I’ve been busy and with all these functions it’s just been pretty hectic”

”Go and play someone else for a fool Zoheb Patel because I certainly wasn’t born yesterday!”, she said as she shrugged my hand away from hers.

I tried to say something but she cut me off. ..

” I am so disappointed Zoheb…you are hurting me…you are hurting me so much and I didn’t expect this, atleast not from you!”, she sobbed

My heart shattered into innumerable little pieces as I tried to speak to her ….” I’m so sorry Aara….I didn’t…”

“Didn’t what?? I may not have been in a relationship before but I do know this much…that it doesn’t work at all like this!….Everything was fine in Durban but ever since we’re back it’s as though you’ve become someone else!”, she shot back at me.

Tears flowed from her eyes continuously as she continued to vent at me. I stood silently, looking down and just listened. I deserved everything that she said.

”This entire week, all you’ve done is ignore me….have I done something wrong Zoheb?”

”No….you’ve done nothing wrong Aara….I’m sorry for acting like such a jerk”, I replied, still not meeting her eyes.

All I wanted to do was to hold her and tell her that I loved her and that everything would be okay. ..

” Where does it leave us?”, she asked as she cried harder

I didn’t have the courage to look at her as a tear fell from my eye…

”I miss you”, she whispered as she closed her eyes and swallowed hard…”I miss your stupid jokes and I miss the way that you call me Applepie…I miss the Zoheb who asked me to give him the chance of a lifetime, I miss those dimples smiling back at me”

She paused…and looked at me, maybe for an answer, maybe for an explanation.

”You know what, forget it, I’m going back inside and when you know what to say then you can tell me because I am not that kind of girl who jumps from one guy to the next!”, she said as she turned around to walk away.

I silently walked beside her, to walk back with her when she held her hand out in front of me. ..blocking my way

”I don’t think we should go in together. I don’t want my parents thinking anything because we haven’t given them anything to think about”, she said as she wiped her tears with both her hands and walked away.

That comment stung badly because she indirectly told me that she was ready for the next step…but so was I.

I stood alone and closed my eyes. ..

”Do you remember the last engagement?”, she said as she ran her finger across my jawline

“How can I forget?”, I answered as I held her free hand

”The chance of a lifetime…”, she whispered, her face turning pink

”I thought that it was the best chance that I ever took, but I was wrong…”, I whispered back trying to suppress my smile as I caught a glimpse of her ‘caught off guard’ reaction

”What do you mean?”, she frowned

”What I mean, my love, is that…there would actually be a chance better than this”, I said as I pulled her closer

I didn’t give her a chance to say anything as I held her hand forward and twirled her out as I said the words that I have been dying to say for so long now. ..

”Will you marry me and be mine forever Aara. ..”

She smiled at me for a few seconds before I felt her grip on my hand loosen, …and then she slowly started walking backwards until she was out of sight.

I snapped out of my daydream and fell to my knees as I called out her name in despair. ..tears rolled down my cheeks as my worst realization dawned upon me…..

i miss u



Author’s Note:

Salaaaaaaams and a Big Hello to Everyone!

I seriously hope that you’re all well because I don’t hear from most of you anymore *tear*…

Let me know if you’re still alive please;)

Have a rocking weekend!

Much Love,



30 thoughts on “Part 172 – Arshad & Zainab’s Engagement (Part 3)

  1. No Zoheib no!!!!!!!! 😦 😦
    This sacrifice is too huge…….
    u have to tell her how u feel. And what has created this distance. Nemo. Kabaab ma hadii..
    U and Aara r meant to be…..♡♥♡♥

    Nemo will find another fish.


  2. Right I was alive all along until I read this post. Wat is going on??? Thts how quick things turned out to be??? Zoheb and aara are one, thts why it hurts so much when they so apart. I can’t take this sadness. Wen will this battle ever end?
    Great post as always


  3. #TeamNemoForeverrr💃💃

    Ahh they need to break up already n her prince charming aka nemo will come to her rescue😝💃

    Miss authorness we all alive but please post again😭😭 the suspense is killing😣


  4. Hi shaz! Thanks for awesome post! Poor Aara and zoheb! Just 2 suggestions shaz! Ok I know u got no set days to post but i feel that theses post are a bit short considering we eagerly await them, if u are posting once a week can it be a weeee bit longer ! Also this May be the reason u not hearing from some people! When u were posting often the comments were just filling in or maybe every one still adjusting to the new year after the holidays!And secondly I feel that this nemo Aara and zoheb thing is just dragging! Would love to see nemo and Aara togethet but hey it’s not my story to tell!


    • Hey u:-) sorry about that. ..will try to write longer posts but definitely not limited to one post a week. Spontaneous posts;-) the long posts that I spoiled u guys with can be blamed on the fact that I seemingly had a little more time on my hands when I first started writing lld. As the days passed I found myself more and more swamped with work and responsibilities and it became a little bit difficult to post daily.
      As for the comments. my fingers are crossed for the reason being the holidays and the adjustment to the new year. I look forward to reading pplz comments, not to guide me or convince me to change my story line but to give me an idea as to how lld is being accepted. There have been many instances where I have been angered and upset with some comments to the point where it made me abandon my writing for days and contributed largely to the bad bout of writers block during a portion of season 3. But, I am human too and I have willingly learnt from it. At the end ,we either rise above it or sink beneath it.
      Zoheb, Aara & Nemo ..I cannot fast forward this trio …and you will only understand this at the very end of lld. I need their each emotion to be felt as though you were standing right next to them in order for their story to hit home.

      That said, any tips or suggestions are always welcome. I enjoy hearing from you so please keep it coming and I will also try and keep the posts coming

      Much love


  5. Team nemo!! Okay Yess I’m a nemo fan but this post was heartbreaking! I think it’s time zoheb tells Aara why he was distant! I also think that Aara needs to choose who she loves between nemo and zoheb! I mean if she marries zoheb then obviously her close friendship with nemo will be over because obviously once you married you can’t still be hanging out with other guys it just doesn’t make sense unless ur husband is a bit insane and he allows such! Maybe her and nemo would remain friends but things will change! Team nemo


    • Noo it’s my fault I wasn’t offended at all and typed out a reply but in my half asleep state I seem to have made my comment and your comment disappear:O will fix it from laptop if only I can just get out of this bed….


  6. No0o0o I can’t take them being hurt anymore *sobbing*!! Even being a nemo fan this is heart breaking!! No wonder Reez had in his journal ‘whatever happened that day was the cause for alot of heart breaks’! Maybe they gonna break up….Reez is gonna kick you zoheb *hide*!! If only Aara was the guy and could take two wives =)) !! This is one of those post I’ll read just to cry..


  7. Oh and Zoheb teared!! Yes he teared!! for all zoheb fans that say crying/tearing is for babys :p P.S: I find tearing and crying really cute♥


  8. *sob*sob*sob*
    Aara is heart broken
    Zoheb heart broken
    Nemo ….still deciding:-P
    Readers are heart broken
    O dear i c myself shed much more tears this season….
    *cnt i just whisper in Aara tears wats happening*😢😪
    Cant handle the emotions😨
    Lovely post Shazia and i love the style in which u wrote this post🌹i really felt the emotions💔❤️
    Well done👏👏👏


  9. Aara crying, Zoheb crying, I’m crying. What awesome writing skills. This post was so emotional.
    I hope Zoo proposes soon. #TEAMZOHEB


  10. This post was so heartbreaking n touching 😥 i actually teared up as well *sniff* this cant b happening!!! Zoheb im so angry wid u!! Stop bein such a martyr n go claim the girl u love!! Newsflash to u zoheb: Aara loves YOU,not doin this ur settin both of u up for heartbreak n if u leave her she still myt not end up wid nemo coz she doesnt love him,she loves You!! plz miss authoress make them get married already :-p
    To all team nemo fans,i feel this post was written specially for u all..forget nemo n zoheb,look at aara..poor girl is team zoheb but if i saw aara so clearly in love wid nemo n pining away for him,i wud want her to end up with nemo..her happiness clearly lies wid be happy for her 🙂 no offense to anyone…


  11. I will admit, at the beginning of this blog i was team nemo but about a season ago i switched to team zoheb.

    Aara and zoheb have to overcome this hurdle that they experiencing and jut get married already! 😭

    As for nemo, he can go find another girl.


  12. Noooo… Pls don’t seperate Zoheb n Aara they are so meant to be… 😭 pls post sooner and let zoheb propose.. Nemo is out of her life now 😩


  13. This post was amazing im a nemo fan always and forever i always wanted nemo and aara to end up together i just felt they were ment to be but it seems that u going to make zoheb and aara end up together 😭that really makes me fell sad but anyway i just wish nemo gets someone really amazing just the way he is maybe. Some new ❤️Nemo ❤️


  14. I don’t know! Things have changed so much from season 1 to now! Before zoheb came things were different! His obviously awesome but I just don’t see him and aara together I think nemo and Aara are meant to be and at the moment no one loves Aara more then nemo! It would be so weird if nemo ends up with somebody else think abt it he loves Aara so much how is his feelings for her gonna fade away that just doesn’t happen in real life! So basically nemo will be left hurt! And at the moment I don’t see any character in the blog for nemo! One maahriya zoheb sister which will just make it dumb if he ends up with her,so dumb! But you know what you doing keep up the good work!


  15. Oookay…jus wana say that d reason y ppl havent been commenting recently is coz i thnk most might feel this blog going in circles. I sure do…the posts have also gotten shorter and i also agree that the strory line is a bit strained out now and beginning to feel like its stretching thin on the verge of wearing out meaning it has gotten awefully boring. I used to enjoy reading your posts shazia but honestly after reading blogs like a journey in a journal and desertrose, it makes me feel like im wasting my time on this vomit blog. End of the day its filled with all types of haraam acts and everythng islam forbids us from doing so how about turning all your fans heads outs there and give your blog a nice happy ending and call it a day. Either aara marries zoheb or nemo. By you continuing to drag your storyline like this, u jus encouraging the idea of premarital relationships judging from all your nemo and zoheb fans and lets face it we all got enuf of our own sins to answer for, the last thing we need is to carry other ppls sins too, im sure you a good person shazia but this is Jus my opinion..

    And p.s i seriously think the haaj character nEed to get a life, eish i hardly chek out comments on d blogs i read coz time doesnt permit but whenever i do, i always see that name haaj appear, plz doll try doing something a little more exciting with ur time other than commenting with so much of vocab.


  16. noooooo……please don’t separate Zoheb and Aara…..please don’t. they just perfect together…..after what they have been through in their respective lives, they deserve this happiness with each other…..please don’t separate them 😦 :(:(:(:(


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