Author’s Note

”Oookay…jus wana say that d reason y ppl havent been commenting recently is coz i thnk most might feel this blog going in circles. I sure do…the posts have also gotten shorter and i also agree that the strory line is a bit strained out now and beginning to feel like its stretching thin on the verge of wearing out meaning it has gotten awefully boring. I used to enjoy reading your posts shazia but honestly after reading blogs like a journey in a journal and desertrose, it makes me feel like im wasting my time on this vomit blog. End of the day its filled with all types of haraam acts and everythng islam forbids us from doing so how about turning all your fans heads outs there and give your blog a nice happy ending and call it a day. Either aara marries zoheb or nemo. By you continuing to drag your storyline like this, u jus encouraging the idea of premarital relationships judging from all your nemo and zoheb fans and lets face it we all got enuf of our own sins to answer for, the last thing we need is to carry other ppls sins too, im sure you a good person shazia but this is Jus my opinion..

And p.s i seriously think the haaj character nEed to get a life, eish i hardly chek out comments on d blogs i read coz time doesnt permit but whenever i do, i always see that name haaj appear, plz doll try doing something a little more exciting with ur time other than commenting with so much of vocab.”

As commented by ”Missy”. I will not publish the commentors email address so as to protect her identity


The reason why this is being published as a post:

1. The reply would have been nothing short of a post length.

2. I am tired of having to explain myself over and over again so this is just once and for all.

3. Some people don’t read comments and if you share the same sentiments as the commentor then this is for you too.

4. I have never, at any point not approved anyone’s comments lest it be said that I am being biased.

Firstly, I would like to point out that while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there is a manner in which things should be said, a certain etiquette that should be maintained and it’s not limited to being Muslim, but rather as being a cultured human being living in a civilized society.

I am deeply hurt and upset by this “sister’s” callous comment and harsh choice of words.

If you or anyone else thinks that I am dragging LLD and that it is awfully boring,I have a simple solution for you-Stop reading it! It really is as simple as that because no one is forcing you to read my blog.

Why limit LLD to being called a vomit blog? You should now go and tell the authors of all the other so called vomit blogs out there to please stop writing! The term”vomit blog” is so derogatory it almost has the same feeling as something out of the apartheid era!

I have said this before but I will say it again, LLD is not an Islamic blog, the characters are Muslim but I have never ever written to contradict the teachings of Islam. I am telling you a story which is loosely based on real life experiences and alot of fiction. In no way am I writing to promote zinah and anything and everything that is frowned upon in Islam. This is a reality of the world that we live in, and let me tell you that alot of Muslims are much worse off than my lld cast. Readers surely have that much mentality to know where to draw the line. When Twilight was all the rage, I didn’t see anyone trying to become werewolves or vampires!
Be it nemo or zoheb, or any other character perhaps people love them because of their character and not because of the way that they imagine them to look.

It is my personal opinion that people should strive to become better humans first in order to become better Muslims. Once a person has respect for another human he/she will have even more respect for their religion and will think atleast twice before spewing vomit on someone else.

I have understood that the increasing popularity even of a blog, brings along with it an invisible social responsibility which not only diverts the writer from the actual story at hand but places the writer under undue pressure to turn their story into something that it wasn’t supposed to be.

I have met people and interacted with people online who have told me frankly and honestly that they have learnt so much from LLD. Some were inspired to reconnect with old friends after years and now have stronger bonds with them and their families, others have applied what they have learnt to their marriages, some even said that certain narrations opened their eyes to understanding not just their loved ones better but people in general.

What is wrong in Islam will always be wrong, I am in no way trying to justify it or contradict it. If you step out of your seemingly one track mind,you will also take note of lots of other lessons that can be learnt from LLD, from the negatives of drug abuse to the delaying of marriage, the list can go on.

Lld despite having a universal approach, is also a mirror of what alot of South African Muslims are like but that brings us back to the point that this is not an Islamic blog.

Yes, you’re right, I am a good person and I might just be a better Muslim than you but I wouldn’t know that for a fact and neither would you. Allah Ta’ala is our judge, not you or anyone else.

As far as posts being shorter are concerned, they aren’t shorter because I don’t know what to write, but because of my demanding life and responsibilities which I don’t see necessary to elaborate on here.

You accuse me of promoting pre marital relationships should I continue my blog, based on a particular trio, yet all the other couples are on the verge of marriage. I suggest you read Footsteps again, but then again my bad, I forgot that my blog is too boring for you. My apologies.

We all know that dating is haraam but there are so many married couples who once dated and are now living such Islamic lives. This story is about those couples and if Allah Ta’ala accepts our taubah and grants us hidaayah then who is anyone to judge? Perhaps those people who are still dating will learn from LLD about the negative effects of delaying a nikaah.

I haven’t read Desert Rose, but Journey in a Journal is my personal favourite. You simply cannot compare it with LLD because the genres are different. I find it very insulting that you raised this comparison because Journey is a story in its own league entirely and the author seems to be very well versed in her Islamic knowledge. I personally am not capable of writing a blog of that calibre as I do not have such extensive Islamic knowledge and I am not ashamed of saying it. “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” and that is what I do daily.

Allah Ta’ala has shown me a different and darker side of life that most people will never get to see their entire life and it is through this that I have learnt some of my lifes greatest lessons, it is through this that I have learnt the value of my deen and have attempted to show case some of it through LLD.

Yes, intermingling is wrong there is no two ways about it but if you look at the bigger picture one will learn that eg. If Aara and Zoheb had just gotten married there would be no issues. But then again it brings us back to the reality of today’s world and ultimately it’s the good that you take out of the story that stays with you.

As far as the blog being stretched is concerned, there are 9 pivotal characters and for a greater part of last year I posted twice a week it is therefore impossible that I conclude hastily. If I feel like writing LLD for much longer, it is my decision,your suggestion on ending it is not just unwanted but rude also. Again, don’t read it. You were enjoying this vomit blog at once but sadly lack the decency of being polite to the author, Muslim or not.

Once again, this blog is not an Islamic blog, people need to get it in their heads once and for all and if you’re smart enough to look inside and read between the lines there’s a whole lot that you can learn about life.

I do apologise if my comments have hurt or offended you or anyone else as this was never my intention.
May Allah Ta’ala make me maaf if my story is being taken in the wrong light and if the message that I hoped to convey with this story is being warped into something else by readers.

Ps: As far as Haaj is concerned, your comment was uncalled for and I think that an apology is due to her from your side. She is not just a reader, but has become a close friend and confidante and it is not upto you to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do, and if you still feel the need to do so, there are better ways of doing it.

Please send me the link to your blog if you have one or when you start one as you seem to have a lot of knowledge and perhaps you would like to share it with us. Maybe we can learn something from you.

I have nothing more to say.

Was Salaam



90 thoughts on “Author’s Note

  1. Slms shazia

    Hope you are well, but after reading that comment I’m sure you are quite upset! Well I would be too.
    Don’t let people like this get to you. Your blog is amazing. I use to comment often but my life is currently abit hectic and also some people take comments to the heart, like for example I’m a zoheb fan then the nemo fans want to attack whatever comment we make about aara and zoheb being together.

    As far as your blog is concerned its not promoting zinah in anyway. Infact this is life! This is exactly what is happening in day to day lives. In this time and age you definitely can’t just jump up and marry someone you just met and felt a certain attraction too. Marriages like those never last.

    When I read “vomit blog” , I could feel myself getting very very angry and I can only imagine what you felt. But like I said don’t take people like this seriously. They aint worth it.

    You keep writing whether it be once a week or twice week, you will always have fans. The haters know what to do!!!!!!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


    • In this time and
      age you
      definitely can’t
      just jump up
      and marry
      someone you
      just met and
      felt a certain
      attraction too.
      Marriages like
      those never

      ^^^^ WTH!!!!
      that is a bull shot comment. I’m sorry for my language, but how could u say something like that?? Alhamdulillah I got married the Islamic way dating, and we are happily married…and so are many others. you cannot say in this time and age we cannot follow quran sunnah. Yes it’s difficult. Nabi saw said something like it’s gonna be as difficult as holding on to a burning coal. But it doesn’t mean “(your dumb comment)”
      think before you type.
      @shaz, this has nothing to do with your blog …just her silly sentence. I’m an LLD addict


    • When i read ‘vomit blog’ i just cringed…altho i must disagree with your comment regarding jumping up and marry someone you just alot of arranged marriages actually do work, if done the right way. but thanks for taking your time out to comment:)


  2. I absolutely love reading your blog, it is my most favourite blog to read.. Keep up the good work, and don’t let peoples negative comments bring you down!!! Can’t wait for the next post…..


  3. Slmz I’m an avid reader of your blog and love it! The poster should apologise for being so blunt and rude if you have negative comments perhaps word it in a nice manner or dont say it at all.


  4. Wow Shazia, you have a hater which means you definietly doing something right ;). Reading that comment, although its not my blog, really hurt me. That was like really uncalled for. Great reply and don’t let anyone get to you. I mean to me personally you are an awesome author and this blog is beyond amazing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it :). As for the part about haaj, I personally think that was totally unfair, it is entirely up to haaj what she wants to do with her life, after all I mean it is her life, there is nothing wrong with that.

    I’m soo sorry, I know I don’t have a reason to be, but after reading that comment I feel I should, I mean no one should be told such ugly and hurful things. I know you must be like soo really upset but don’t be, you should be happy you got a hater and that means you doing something right. You seem like such a wonderful person and I wish I knew you personally and could be friends 😀 ❤


  5. To the Haters please go and live your own life. Leave Shazia out of it. Some of us appreciate her talents and take away the good lessons from her blog. We also enjoy Haaj comments and sense of humour. The best way to ignore this rude comment about “vomit blog” is to keep your blog going. Coz believe me there will always be most of us who will be loyal readers. #missyissorude

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  6. slmz hey shaz

    your blog is amazing itz reality of ppl

    please dnt stp this blog im hooked on it

    if ppl dnt like ur blog thy should just stp reading itz nt hard 2 do???? the fact tht u continue to read means u like it bt plz dnt degrade the author as u dnt knw hw much time gse in2 writing this blog or any other blog for tht matter

    as for Haaj comments i actually like thm itz funny n original very suprised Haaj hasnt strted a blog of her own

    anyway keep up the good wrk shaz awsme blog



  7. O my word….i am totally shocked!!!!

    Lld had alot of humour &laughter… now this is the serious part, the suspense and the heartache season, which many who just prefer happy endings dont like….well tuff 4ur story 2b brilliant it has 2have it all and u doing a fab job…

    Yes it’s always nice reading an islamic blog…but lld started off wid 7friends and they were going on a roadtrip… so wat were ppl expecting in the first place….
    I dnt thnk u need 2justify urself to comments like these….

    …this is a blog 4fun &entertainment and Haaj’s long funfilled comments jus shows how much she’s enjoying it. Don’t ever stop commenting Haaj😘

    Dont let comments like this dampen ur spirits…
    Keep up the lovely work🌹❤️


    • my sister, my friend…the first person with whom i shared my feelings about this whole thing…
      one of the best outcomes of me writing lld has got to be getting to know u Rums, really hope to meet you oneday, your support and motivation moves me deeply and i always value your advice and the fact that u always willing to listen even when i ramble abt random things;0…*tight hugs*


  8. Slmz, to the nasty person who commented… in life we get different books, like fazail e amaal, scattered pearls, great women in Islam, which are all Islamic books.. then u get 50 shades of grey, mills and books, Harry Potter… in magazines, u get cosmopolitan and u get the Muslim women. And also in blogs u get different genre’s.. watch or read whatever suits you!!!!!! U don’t like it, stop reading.. I’d like to know if u write a blog. Because writing is not as easy as it seems. U might have a million ideas, but actually writing it, takes alot of time and effort (I also wrote a blog,which took up alot of time)

    to the author, I don’t ever comment, but I do enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up, accept constructive criticism and not criticism out of jealousy. And write what you enjoy, write it for yourself and not for other people. Coz u can’t please everybody..

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  9. Slmz shaz

    Gosh the nerve of some people haters or jealousy? If you dont like the blog take your comments and keep it to yourself
    Shaz ur blog is amazing I absolutely look forward to it and it actually brightens my day soo plz dont let these narrow minded comments affect u bcoz there is soo much iv learnt frm ur blog n i learn each time i read a new post. I think u an amazing person with some real talent dont give it up i look forward to ur next post and trying to comment more often
    Stay as sweet as you are


  10. Well said Shazia! Its not easy to write, and when we do, ppl certainly are getting something out of it. Else they wouldn’t just read it coz they ‘bored’. This sister clearly has a problem so she shud stop reading ur blog! I love it…. thanx for a great story im a avid fan and blogger myself


    • it def isnt easy u right…as writers we pour out our hearts into our work and as much as constructive criticism is always welcome, the hurtful ones sting like anything! going to check out your blog Insha Allah, thanks for sending me the link


  11. Okay so ur blog is totally amzing it puts the zing in amazing 😂plzzz don’t stop ur blog I’ll miss nemo tomuch ❤️🙈😂any way keep up the amzing work post soon team#nemo#araa❤️💜

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  12. eish…good response though. but I think the poster may be saying. “you promote zina” because you make it sound very appealing…but she could’ve worded it appropriately. I read itl I know lol n I do enjoy it…and the haaj comment was uncalled for. I mean it’s her life right? sheesh. that was plain mean.


    • *cringe* i make it sound appealing…*double cringe* i think it’s just the writing style that it comes out like that buuuut anyway…ppl need to sift out what they want and dont want and yep it could have been worded appropriately or emailed to me directly…thanks for commenting:)


  13. Omw this missy’s comment shocked me! How can she be so heartless! Okay you know what it was her opinion and blah blah so let us just be the better people and ignore it since we don’t like the way she came across! Okay I understand everyone has an opinion but their is a way to do it! And the way she insulted Haaj wasn’t right! Anyway I think your blog is good! And yes I learnt alot of lessons! you an amazing author you always so kindly taking time to reply to comments! And I always appreciate those authors I know it’s not their duty to do it but it just shows how humble they are and shows their appreciation to fans! Hyyyyy what you gonna do hatters gonna hare potatoes gonna potate! #teamnemo ……. nemo is my fav!


  14. slmz shaz.
    your blog is truly amazing and please don’t stop with it. I have learnt a lot of valuable lessons in life through this blog. I know for sure that if someone said that about my blog I would have definitely been upset.

    as for “missy” if you don’t like this blog then please STOP reading it!!! as for your comments, keep them to your self. it hurts the readers of this blog enough what do you think it does to the author?!?! I don’t mean to be rude but it should be told to you. also keep Haaj outta this. she never did affect your life in anyway so leave her….it’s her life and she can live her life the way she wants to. besides Haaj is the most bubbliest person I’ve ever come across. I apologise for being rude or harsh but this blog that you call ‘vomit blog’ is amazing.

    besides shaz don’t worry. as miss dubain once said…well kinda said….haters make you famous. 🙂
    enjoy the rest of your day….

    I didn’t, in anyway mean to be rude but what you said was not appropriate.

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  15. Dearest Author,
    #TeamLLD ❤

    This is nonsense and it's petty. You will receive a lot of hate mail much like this one, but it will make you stronger.
    Haters will hate because you have something they don't, be it class, or in your case writing skill. Whether your avid readers take the messages the wrong way is not your fault, im sure we're wise enough to know the difference between right and wrong.
    This "sister" clearly has no life and doesn't possess the same "je ne se quois" as you ..

    It's like that saying "confidence is silent, insecurities are loud".

    Your blog is truly awesome, i wait for you to post. This blog isn't based on reality it gives us an escape from reality. We love the characters just like we do in other books and blogs.

    Sheesh, don't read it if you don't like it, just dont make it everyone elses problem "sister". If you want to talk Islam then Islam is about guiding each other, helping each other, not dissing someone when you don't even have half a brain to correctly process what it is you're defending.

    —Haaj—, dear, this hater clearly is jealous of youu .. you rock!
    Don't let it affect you, you're bigger than this sweety.
    Wolves don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep – remember that.

    I love Life Love Destiny .. it's the best!! ❤
    #TeamNemo&Zoheb #ICan'tChoose

    Shazia, you're simply amazing! ❤ 😀

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  16. This comment is to that Sister..
    Let me remind you that in Islam as Muslims when we want to advice someone or correct them in anyway we feel they’re doing something wrong, we should say it in a ‘ N I C E ‘ way ..
    Don’t say Nasty things to someone when its not even necessary.
    And regarded to how this blog is, its really lessons to learn from, its all about our daily life.
    And as Sister Shazia had said if you have a problem.
    Ii humbly request you to S t o p. R e a d I n g.
    It’ll be good for you and uss *Thee LLD Family * 🙂
    And one more request. Most of us from thee LLD Family want you to Humbly Apologize to our Respected Author and Haaaajjuu. Because your nasty words and disrespectful-ness
    Really has Hurt them and Us.
    So please.
    May it bee on the site or in private.
    Ask for Forgiveness ..
    جزاك الله خير
    Ii would Appreciate if you oblige 🙂
    May Allah forgive you and ii for we are nothing burr Insaan.

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    • exactly….we are just nothing but insaan….lld is full of life lessons about human beings who live, love and learn. how else do we become better ppl if we haven’t had atleast one learning experience.

      that my readers feel bad for me and have showed your support is truly overwhelming…thank u from the very bottom of my heart


  17. Salaamz Shaazia
    Just want you to know that I really enjoy reading this blog to such an extent that I have read it more then once

    And I look forward to every post
    I dont really read the comments but since this comment was posted
    I have read it and I am feeling really hurt to think that people feel they can just let out any crap that comes out of their mouths
    Life Love and Destiny is the best💝💝💝


  18. WHAT THE TOTILAS MILO POPS?!??! *insert the super maaf picture here bcz Missy is the buzrook of the 20th century* Okii seriously if you commit a sin it’s between you and Allah and Allah will forgive when we make taubah Insha’Allah but hurting another Muslims heart? Allah won’t forgive you unless the person forgives you my dear. Maybe apologising to Shazia would be something you should add to your ‘to-do’ list since you’re so busy with your life. Kindly climb down from your high horse and wake up to reality that it’s a BLOG and for us to LEARN life lessons. No we didn’t say dating is halaal! We all know its wrong and shazia didn’t ask anyone to act out lld! It’s a blog which she wishes to teach us about the world out there! One can not simply read a post without taking a lesson from it. Its not a normal love story which we just want a happily ever after, it’s more than that…it’s a journey. Maybe it would be great if you looked deeper into lld besides who ‘ends up with Aara’ you would have learnt not to be so carefree and hurt the next person. We learn how to be and how not to be from lld. The blog is not named ‘love destiny’ its called ‘life love destiny’, the least you can do is take a lesson from each post. Just maybe it’s not about who ends up with Aara… maybe it’s about her journey of life… All of us readers have joined Aara and lld crew on their life journey and if it’s too boring for you, then I’m afraid you’re too young for lld and maybe playing outside would be an option for yah, idk.

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    • tortillas milopops…lol….i had a tortilla the other day and these two haaj words popped into my head and i actually paused and looked at the tortilla first before i put it in my mouth as if i was double checking it;0

      haaj….u like the sunshine of lld! wait no, also the waterworks of lld…lmao..u know why;)

      you’re so sweet, i am so sorry that u also got dragged into this *tight hugz*


    • lmaooo ShaZ =)) I’m liss for totilas now! =D I already had my milo pops today mixed with cheerios 😛 =D lmaoo
      hahahhahahaha I like that one =)) Kassam I’m always ready to cry over lld 😛 i probably cry for lld more than anything in my life =))♡♡♡


  19. Haaj wishes she was just a fictional character but anyhow sorry to burst your bubble but I’m a human and my life is “probably” more hectic than yours but I take out time to comment bcz I love lld. It’s about what you love so yeah. If you don’t read comments then why did you add me? Saw a post dedicated to me and you were burning? Sorry my dear, at least today’s post is for you! Just maybe if you learnt from Maria incident this wouldn’t have happened but anyway we all learm from out mistakes! I learnt from Aara to forgive so you’re forgiven my dear. And I make dua Allah grants you an open mind in your journey of life and best in both worlds. But on a serious note, why does everyone see “lld” then add me? I’m just a normal reader like everyone maybe I’m a hellova lot more dramatic and obsessed over it but maybe you’ll can leave me out. Okay? Okay. And JazakAllah to everyone for your kind words♡ And ShaZ you’re too awesome! We all love lld♥ I’m stuck with you in this forever =)) With ‘lld comes haaj even on twitter’ idk :/ =D Much love! Shine like you always do!!

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  20. Whoa what an introduction to this blog 🙈i havent read it as yet just checked it right now so i cant really comment however i would just like to say two things. Firstly it is against the conduct of a believer to hurt another. Therefore the sister who wrote the comment in discussion should bot have used such harsh and hurtful words. If what she said is correct then its always possible to send a private email in order to get the point across. Secondly if (again i reiterate that i do not know whats the content ), IF what she said is true then as a Muslim we should accept when wrong is pointed out to us and not make comments which argue with islams wisdom behind certain prohibitions. Doing that could be dangerous to our imaan. May Allah grant us guidance and understanding.

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    • yeah you got a fireworks and masala intro to lld:0

      ameen and yes, when wrong is pointed out as Muslim we should accept it. when u do read lld and i hope that u do, my post today will make more sense to u. lld is not an islamic blog nor do i write to defy the teachings of islam. simply portraying parts of our own reality.

      welcome to lld, i would have loved it if you were not introduced to this blog in this way, but i guess that it was meant to be:)


  21. Shazia… Honestly what “missy” said was hurtful & as much as everyone is entitled to their own opinion it doesn’t give him/her the right to go around throwing harsh comments at others. Like you said if she found the blog boring then she shouldn’t read it! About her calling the blog a “vomit blog” that’s just plain rude and unappreciative! Once upon a time I’m sure she like the rest of us found the blog interesting & couldn’t wait for another post, my question to her is: if she found the blog so unislamic and promoting zinah then why did she wait till now ( when the blog already has over 100 posts) to comment on how unislamic it is? And if she found it so wrong would she not have stopped reading it from the get go? Anyway she should also realise that no news is good news and maybe us LLD fans were just appreciating your lovely writing talents and didn’t comment because we and didn’t want to bother you for a new post because we know how demanding life can get. Also we ourselves have demanding life and it could be that we want to comment but unfortunately don’t find the time to do so.
    As for attacking Haaj… That was absolutely uncalled for!! What Haaj does is her business and I don’t recall reading as doing something wrong if anything I’d say that Haaj is using her time wisely. There are a number of youngsters out there busy doing all the wrong things such that it would be a mission to get them to open a book let alone read a blog! Each of us have different ways to relax or pass time and reading blogs are probably Haaj’s way of doing so. I’m myself a blogger and I know for a fact that we appreciate feedback on our posts and that fans like Haaj are truly gems 🙂 not only do they interect with our blog but they become friends as well.

    I agree with all your other fans you defiantely doing something right for you to have gotten a hater… And NO you are not dragging the blog it is perfect just the way it is, Even if you post a short post I still enjoy it. Excellent work Shazia and remember the only reason she hating on you like that is because she secretly wishes she were thee author of LLD! Haha

    Can’t wait for your next post.

    Much love


  22. It’s late and I’m tired! Trying to get my kids into bed! But had to comment! @ Haaaj ur the best commenter on most blog and I know all the authors look forward to ur comments cos I certain do! As for our sweet author who only doesn’t deserve any of this cos she takes time out to entertain us all! So missy y don’t go outside and get urself busy and play with a frizby cos u def look like u got nothing else to do!

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  23. Heyy aslmzZz Shaz…

    I used to …Uused to comment on this blog afer every post! Lol but after that till nw ive had no time :(…anyh0o0 it was suPer duPer necessary to comment now…myYy WoRd!! That comment about ur amaZing blog was truly VoMitAbLe…and ur reply was on point! I firmly believe too that if someone has a problem with the blog…instead of commenting so terribly why dnt they jst stop reading it? We nt holding a gun to their heads are we ?? :P…the only gun u holdn to us is the puuure addiction!! :D…but but like they say…once u have haters uu surely most definitely doing sumthn right :P…Ur blog is amazing, beautiful, full of lessons n soo extremely fun and funny! And dnt let anyone make u feel different about it! …. lol and PLEASE with cherryz, jelly tots and smarties on top…please do not stop this blog soon!! 😥 I repeat PLEASE do not ! 😀 it is one of the most amazing blogs I have read…because this blog is no more just a blog…but it has become part of our lives…and I personally learn alot from it Alhamdulillah…

    And definitely no blog can be compared to the next coz each one conveys a different message and each one has a DifFerEnt AuThoR !! ….lol if people cud just understand that 😛 …

    As for the comment about Haaj! I am personally offended 😥 ….she is my personal friend! And she adores the blogs she reads…and her comments are nothing short of awesome!;) …and its her life! If people have a problem with her comment then please just scroll passed it :P…lol Haaj uu carry on with what u do! 😛 coz u awesome just like that 😛 😀

    But but…nevermind! Like I always say…Haters gonna hate and potatoes gona potate! …lol lol…Just smile and wave Shaz 😉 …smile and wave! 😀

    Much muuuch love!


  24. “Missy” says no lessons learned from this blog. But from this exact post, I learned something. Shazia had the freedom in the world to publish the email address but she didn’t. Isn’t that being kind already??? Haaj forgave her. Isn’t that another lesson already?? I don’t get why people do that. I know how it feels for someone to say bad things about ones blog. And she probably read “footsteps” in that post itself are million lessons, so what more does she want?
    Shazia,sister, uve got a million people wanting to read lld, don’t worry about the one that doesn’t.
    MashaAllah for the excellent writing


  25. OH..
    I just read the post now and I am SO SO SO angry and also SO saddened by the type of muslims we have in the world.
    Why hurt someone, WHY? What will you gain from it. There was no reason to bring haaj into your issue with LLD – if you don’t like comments DON’T READ IT!!! And to insult her like that was totally uncalled for.

    As for the blog, every1 has an opinion, but sometimes its best to keep it to yourself rather than hurting someone – you should take a lesson from that!! And if you unhappy with it please please do yourself a favour and STOP READING IT- I really do not understand why you reading it or even commenting on it if you think of it as ‘vomit’, I mean seriously, u don’t go back to inspect your ‘vomit’ do you?
    You mention in your comment ” its filled with all types of haraam acts and everythng islam forbids us from doing ” but does islam allow you to comment so nastily about another human being, does islam permit us to be judgemental? If you need a reminder then the answer is IT DOES NOT- remember, we will be questioned upon the rights of others. So think about that properly next time before you decide to comment on something either verbally or written.

    Sorry Shaz, you didn’t deserve that message(hugs)


  26. Seriously? Lol seems like some people are really bored with their lives and have nothing better to do :0
    Miss Missy u talk about Lld being un-islamic and that, dont u think by you deciding to play judge is worse? Coz’ from my understanding lld no matter what, teaches great lessons…and ofcoz only open minded people will pick up lessons from each post. A lesson I personally take from lld is that never delay marriage! If you truly love someone, make nikaah as soon as possible. But if you do err then Allah is most forgiving and call unto Allah in repentance and Allah will forgive you. So the next time u set out to be judge, lets judge ourselves first because picking out others faults wont rectify our own faults. And none of us are perfect. Oh and lets just say u sed the wrong things to the wrong people. Shaz is an awesome person and her blog is awesomer than u ;;)
    And haaj…. Lol u say she must get a life, but i know shes a busy person and has alot on her plate (Lol not food but work:D ) Allah knows best regarding who’s better but lets think highly of others 😛 Allah alone knows the condition of each ones heart.
    “in the end people will judge you anyways, dont live your life impressing others…”
    Shaz – I hope you can see how awesome you are, and know how much you are appreciated for being the one and only you ;;)
    Haaj – you were born to be awesome not perfect & that you are 😉 ❤
    so shaz and haaj as long as there is Allah to protect yourll no one can break yourll…😉When i count my blessings i count yourll twice ❤
    xoxo S


  27. Slm

    I would just like yo say that my personal favourite blog is LLD an its the only blog that i check on a daily basis.

    With regards to the comment from ‘missy’, i dont think that this blog in any way promotes zinah an pre-marital relationships. We are exposed to people around us dating on a daily basis and we are sensible and mature enough to know right from wrong. I know that pre-marital relations are islamically incorrect, but this is something that is inevitable and we will encounter this in our everyday lives. This story line are just following the norm of today and i know many people that had dated before they got married, turned to Allah for forgiveness and alhamdulillah they are happy in their marriage. They are probably better muslims than you and i so you cannot judge a person by their actions.

    I personally think that this blog does not encourage dating but it exposes us to the haraam that even muslims partake in nowadays. Dating is everywhere around us and we need to be aware of it. I understand that the story line will take some time to get through, so take your time. You should carry on with the story. I dont think that you should let a few hateful comments stop you from writing. Please continue to do what you love and what we enjoy reading. 💕


    • ws…jzk for that…i don’t intend to stop writing because of anyone at all and yes, that’s what i was trying to say as well that dating is haraam but ppl r still doing it, i am not justifying it but exposing ppl to it so that u may eventually learn the ultimate ill effects of it. our lives wud be so much simpler if we simply followed the sunnah to the t. reading and learning abt other pplz experiences shud rather serve as an eyeopener instead of being something to criticise. the sad part is, ppl who criticise online generally dont have the guts to come and say it to your face *sigh* thats life i guess….
      glad tho, that u guys understand where it is that i am coming from
      really do appreciate it:) the words of encouragement on the blog, email and twitter really does mean a lot


  28. Omg it been a while since I commented or liked any of the posts and to be honest itS coz I didn’t read any yet. But its not only your blog, it’s the case with all the blogs I follow. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and read them from where I stopped and actually like the posts. I don’t think just clicking the ‘like’ button without reading the post would be very honest. So time issues really, and it pretty much shows on my blog too coz I haven’t posted in a while. But had to read this post coz I figured it would be important somehow. And can I just give you a virtual ‘high-five’. Some people just don’t get blogging. And I don’t think they would until they get a blog of their own and realise that it ain’t that easy after a while when you to gotta deal with this thing called life. I loved your response to the comment. But it also goes out to all the haters 🙂 Will catch up with the blog soon 🙂


  29. aaagh wat a load of bull!!!
    this blog rocks man!!
    Love ur blog, I jus luv reading it, esp when my hubby looks at me smiling at my fone and is like really woman, r u that engrossed??? hehe!!!

    keep up the awesome awesome work!!!!


  30. Shew! What a humdinger!from my side,i would love to see more lessons inserted into the posts and to unravel the obsession with the love triangle, it’s very entertaining but would be awesomelicious to have deen sprinkled onto to it to make it more yum to read. Although some of us are worse than the characters, doesn’t make it right,i didn’t like how some readers dismissed deen as something that’s nt with the times and something that should be pushed aside coz that’s how we roll today. I have been in a haram relationship more romantic than Aara’s&with all my heart,i wish i hadn’t because i won’t get those years back and it distanced me from my Creator, as for the way the message was addressed,totally inappro


  31. slmz sister shazia… that was a great reply….
    your blog is amazing.. i really enjoy reading it and u are a gifted writer…. i think its good that u write like this bcse it makes us aware of whats really happening in the outside world, and then we can save ourselves from it…. may Allah keep us on the straight path always…Ameen… and as for the person who commented, i think they should get their way of talking straight first…..
    keep up the the amazing work and posts!!! (cse i dunno whats gona happen to me without lld)…hehe.. : *


  32. Hi Shazia, i just came to say that i love your blog plz don’t end it and i think that it just a story which has reality in it and that’s what i enjoy because it’s not fake when i read i can actually imagining it happening in real life ❤😘


  33. How dare she comment on behalf of all of us, the reason for not commenting…Well from the one negative comment in proportion to the many lovely comments uve just received. I can safely say u have nothing to be upset about…

    It’s really shocking how some people don’t understand when to be silent if they have nothing good to say…..

    HAAJ has never ever insulted anyone.. like the missy just did!!!!! Commenting is a way of appreciation to the author, it’s a way of socialising, making new friends, agreeing on disagreeing, making pep talk, etc…. its not cause she is entirely bored. It’s cause she has a liking for readers and writers. It’s what makes the blog alive….

    Shazia, I hope u feeling much much better.
    Most of us are loyal readers. But life is such a rat race, but now I somehow understand the value of commenting….


  34. slmz

    although I dnt comment at all after reading this it really struck me….i’m literally addicted to lld….and so is everyone else…..whoever this person was it wasnt nice of her to say all those things and they cnt just judge and if she dsnt like it JUST STOP READING IT!!!!….U hurt the authors feelings for saying that and even haaj’s feelings….nw do u think ALLAH will be happy with u for hurting other peoples feelings????…im nt here to judge bt just think about it… life love destiny is an AMAZING blog that teaches everyone life lessons that we can learn from so i dnt see why its a “vomit blog”…. shazia I hope u ok and keep on posting….



  35. Shazia i just wana say that you are an amazinnnggg author havent commented b4 but had to say u write the most freakin cool blog under the sun lld is by far my most favourite 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Slmz to shazia and all the lld fans 🙂

    I await a new post like an addict awaits a fix…

    When is the next post coming out ??? Huge puppy dog eyes and if that doesn’t wrk den I’ll try crocodile tears …

    PS this whole missy tng turned messy n now missy is missing lol…

    Jus curios was she notified that you sent her a rep as an actual post?

    Keep up the awsum rytn….best blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My husbandn son are not allowed to make a sound when I’m readn a post and widout fail weneva a hilarious part cums up,I burst out laf’n n thy look at me like I’m loosing it… My husband attempted readin the blog jus by watchin me enjoy it sooooooo much


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