Part 175- Pancakes & Heartaches


As narrated by Aara:

I awoke to the welcoming aroma of Cinnamon pancakes and hot waffles. ..mmmm it was enough to make me spring out of my bed and hurry off into the bathroom. I almost forgot about how I felt for a few seconds. …until I saw my reflection staring back at me in the mirror and it all came tumbling back. ..

I had cried myself to sleep last night so much so that my eyes were red and puffy and made me look like a lizard on a high!. I quickly washed my face and put my glasses on. A little bit of a camouflage..I hope.

I reached for my phone hoping that he had messaged…and he did.

Zoheb : (1:53am)I am so sorry that you feel this way. ..I am so sorry that I hurt you

Zoheb : ( 2:45am) I wish that I didn’t have to go. ..but when I come back everything will be clearer I promise. ..

What does that mean anyway? I tossed my phone onto my bed without replying and walked into the lounge.

“Mummy I wish I could have your breakfasts everyday”, I said as I plonked myself onto a barstool

“Join the club”, he said as he put a platter full of pancakes in front of me

“Aah, here for the free breakfast are we?”,I said as I chuckled to myself

“Aara!”,my mother said putting on her “disappointed” voice

” Sorry to burst your bubble but mummy invited me over”,Nemo replied as he took a seat next to me

” It’s still my ingredients you know”,I said as I gobbled a pancake

“Aww sweetheart you did NOT just say that! “,Nemo said pretending to be mortified

“I did, so now you have to pay me for the pancakes sooo just tell me how many you ate”,I grinned as I waved the fork in front of his face

“I’ll show you”,he said

And before I could reply I felt a sticky trickle across my left arm. ..

“What is….” ..I didn’t even finish my sentence and looked at the number 4 dribbled onto my arm with golden syrup in total shock!

“What is wrong with you Nemo!”, I shouted

“Everything”,he said as he laughed to himself

“Ugh”, I pretended to groan to myself as I wiped my arm on the back of his shirt before he could react.

You see payback doesn’t always have to be bitter. can also be rather sticky:-D

Nemo’s bickering actually made me laugh. .and it felt good to laugh again.

“You both are going to finish all the pancakes! ! Go and call Zoheb from outside..
Becharo he said he’d wait and eat with both of you but you two forget everything else once you see food! “,my mother said sternly

He was here too????

“What is he doing here? “,I asked slightly irritated

“Young lady you have clearly woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! I will not tolerate this rude behavior”…My mother was angry. She was right though, I was being rude. But how would she know why??

”He’s downstairs with Pappa…they are changing the lights on your car”, Nemo said trying to divert my mother’s new found anger

”What’s wrong with my lights?”, I asked, sounding even more irritated

”Pappa bought you the new xenon lights that you wanted woman!”, Nemo said as he ‘made eyes at me’

I felt like the biggest fool. Not very long ago I had taken Zoheb to my favorite spot in Durban. I hadn’t even included it in The Amazing Race because this was my place, not to be shared with anyone. But i shared it with him.
And not many days before that I had shouted on the top of a mountain that I loved him and now look…
Now we barely talk yet he changes the lights on my car and comes to my house for breakfast!

Who would ever say that we were a couple, or were we I had no idea, as we sat in silence across each other. I squeezed the syrup bottle a little harder and banged my coffee mug onto the table purposely…and carried on eating as though I had not a single care in the world.

”Why are you going to New Zealand Zoheb?”, my mother asked him

” There’s a building that my company is constructing in Auckland and there are some technical issues that have come up…I’ve sent my manager over last week but the owners are insisting that I come personally”, Zoheb said as he sneaked a glance at me

I rolled my eyes and carried on eating…

”And I’ll also get to see my family”, he said softly

”How nice! that’s lovely…do you have a big family?”, my mother prodded on

My mother always did love to know the finer details in everyone’s lives….

” Well, my immediate family is just my parents and my sister, but my extended family also live in New Zealand…my mother’s family and my father’s family and well, it’s a huge bunch”, he said with a smile

” So a long overdue family get together”, my mother said with an even bigger smile

”Not really…”, and he paused for a few seconds before he continued ” everyone sort of just worries about themselves it’s nothing like how it is here…what you have is what I never had”

A tear fell from my eye and I quickly brought my mug to my lips to avoid anyone noticing. Whatever he was saying here, he told me on that day…where did we ever go wrong???? It seemed so unbelievable..can life really change that quickly??? Or maybe I’m just losing the plot….

” Well you are always welcome in our home and family”, my mother said reassuringly

Be careful of what you say mother….be careful

”Thank you Aunty Salma”, he smiled back…. and it was the flip flop smile that showed those deep dimples…ugh right now I wish I could just smear all this golden syrup all over his face!

”I wonder if he takes us as family”, I said as candidly as i possibly could

Silence. My mother gave me that look that she would give me when I was 5 and I had done something wrong.

” From the very second that I met all of you”, he said softly

The air was thick with something that I couldn’t put my finger on. Even Nemo was quiet. I rolled up yet another pancake..yep…my 9th one so far. Pancakes and heart aches went together so well. Your heart ached…you eat a pancake. If it aches some more, you eat another…and another…and another…

”That’s 9”, Nemo whispered

”You shouldn’t talk, you’re on number 7”, I whispered back

” How can you count how many I’m eating?”, Nemo whispered again

”The same way that you’re counting how many I’m eating”, I whispered back

”It’s different…you’re a girl you shouldn’t be eating so much”, he whispered

So I rolled another pancake and stuffed it with extra cheese and golden syrup and dipped it into my coffee, causing the reaction that I wanted.

“Aara!!””….that was my mother, father and Nemo

”You cannot dip everything into your coffee darling!”, my father said as he tried to suppress his laughter

”I’ll even do it at my in-laws daddy’, I said with a grin….and if only a grin could hide everything…

”I wouldn’t put it past you!”, Nemo laughed

I just smiled…finished my pancake and reached for a nice oily mince samoosa and dipped that into my coffee too.

Everyone laughed…even Zoheb. So funny. So very funny.

But my mother knew better….as she looked at me smiling to myself, practicing the tactic that I always did when I was hiding something in my heart…but maybe I wanted her to know. Maybe i wanted her to know that my heart was bleeding, maybe I wanted her to know that I was slowly starting to fall….maybe I wanted her to know that I felt that I was slowly going insane…



Author’s Note:

So, out of curiosity…do we have any dippers out there? πŸ˜‰

Like to dip some really ridiculous eats into your tea, coffee, cooldrink?…lol share it with us please:)

Much Love,



49 thoughts on “Part 175- Pancakes & Heartaches

  1. Aww man 😒 it’s so sad to see Zoheb and Aara like that πŸ’” but I’m pretty sure this blog will just keep getting better and better! It’s just soooo damn awsum!
    Love every post! πŸ˜„ keep ’em cumin πŸ˜‹

    I don’t drink hot drinks but when I do, toasted cheese in milo seems to do the trick πŸ™ˆ
    Another weird combo Ive tried once or twice (or 24 times) is French/egg toast in chocolate nesquik πŸ™Š
    Lol πŸ˜‚


    Liked by 1 person

  2. And all this time I thought you the sweetest person but…….tonight I realised you not *starts crying* How can you make me liss for pancakes at this hour? *sobs more* =))) I’m so gonna have pancakes whenever I’m sad, just roll another one and another one….. Eishhh my heart is breaking for you Aara!! Urgh and for nemo and zoheb tooo!! That nemo and aara moments were too cute and funnnyβ™₯… And well mothers know everything idk why though… Sadly I only had the heartaches when reading this and no pancakes =)) Jzk for the tear-able post :p I loved it!β™‘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lol………..Aara is something else πŸ™‚ I love dipping plain biscuits in my coffee , and cheesetoast, french toast or plain toast. Feeling 4 pancakes now.


  4. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ….
    Aara needs a shoulder a cry on…
    This is really heartbreaking😒

    Dippers…not my cup of tea…i would only do biscuits not even cake….interesting tho 2knw t weird stuff u guys yeah i suppose it all going in t same place…lol

    🌹lovely post🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Definitely coffee and toasted cheese
    And when there’s sojee or jardo i like to eat it with pappar.πŸ˜›

    Aww there was a dimple smile after ages.
    zoheb πŸ’• my heart is breaking for you and aara. But hope for what is best for all 3 of you.
    mothers always know best. Maybe aara needs to tell ma about zoheb


  6. So much heartache 4 those 3! I really do hope there’s a silver lining not too far off!!

    As far as dipping goes – that’s a No go!! Although i luvrve fried chips dipped in vanilla milkshake!! Yum. And ofcourese buttery sojee with salad!
    BtW i’m having pancakes 4 breakfast…n e takers?? LOL .


  7. Lol lol lol, samosas in tea???? I only dip biscuits, cakes n toast. I can’t imagine dipping samosa pies or sausage rolls in tea….. but life would b boring if we all had the same tastes n likes… aara n Nemo are jus meant for each other, n yeah i do feel sorry for zoheb buuuutttt……. He can get sum1 else. I have 1 question Pls, is nemo gona ever get to tell Aara he loves her? Two tyms his chances were spoilt, thanx to Zoheb 😒. Jus curious? No offence meant.


  8. Don’t know who feel to sorry for anymoreπŸ˜₯! I’m really feel bad for zoheb! As for Aara she’s so heart broken! I feel worst for nemo cos I know that he loves Aara so much and he can see how she’s hurting…….. So…… I don’t think he’s going to tell her! Especially since he said in the previous post that zoheb is a great guy and he doesn’t want his happiness at anyone’s expense! It so sad cos they so good together!


  9. Does chevro in tea count?? Loll.

    I have this weird feeling, that things are going to be okay, after all a looong time ago, zoheb said that their hearts( nemo,aara,zoheb) are joined forever. So they are in this one together, I think, I hope. πŸ˜‰
    Still team #zoheb&aara

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I have a friend like that lol. She swears lindor choc in coffee tastes lekker! I tried it out and didn’t see the big deal in it. But she loves to dip anything and everything in tea or coffee. I’ll dip biscuits and cakes but definitely no oily and savoury foods. Different people have different tastes I suppose.
    I am team Zoheb all the way. Really hope he ends up with Aara. Nemo can find someone else.


  11. Aawww I cant wait for Nemo’s confession. please mk it like super romantic n sweet n worth the wait. Pretty please. (Big hug). can we bribe u to let Nemo n aara end up together????? Lol. πŸ˜‰. Jus kidding it’s ur story to tell n u doing an excellent job. Mwahs


  12. Errrmmmm … I know some1 who squeezes lemon juice on the samoosa and then dips in the tea ….. Lol … And also roti in tea … Oh well , I think just abt anything !!!

    Oh yess and also.. Roti in cold drink – omg !!!
    But wats really tasty is lemon juice squirted on chevro … YUM !!!!!!!!!


  13. Amazingggg post πŸ˜† okay so don’t judge me … when i was small …. i used to dip french fries in my coke =)) (maybe i still do… again… don’t judgeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) and samoosa in tea πŸ˜›


  14. Lol lol! @ the dippErs..My fav is popcorn dunked in creamy sweet coffee..yummmy yum..and then slurped up! Lol.Also knw of someone that has chevro with ice cream..eeeeuw right??


  15. Hyyyyy am I like the only normal one I just stick to dipping biscuits in tea! However sometimes i do admit I’m abnormal when I dip roti in golden syrup and peanut butter in golden syrup and wait for it!!!!!! Banana in custard =)))) I’m team nemo! I really feel for nemo! His been through so much! Aara common see how much nemo loves you! And I just want to add I wish I had a friend like Laikah she’s just so awesome! Riza you lucky to have her! And her friends are lucky also! Hyyyyy. What would you accept in a bribe in order to get nemo and Aara together? =)) ))


  16. Yeah farhana I was jus gona say Cumon Nemo fans let’s put down a offer Shazia can’t refuse…. lol Lol lol. ( like unlimited sausage rolls with an unlimited amount of tea to dip)πŸ™ˆ ok more seriously we’ll each mail u a bottle of nutella shazia? ??? wink. πŸ˜†


  17. Tas I agree! And aunty / shazia we even prepared to make you pancakes! Or even better fresh waffles at wimpy πŸ˜‰ or prawns at adega πŸ˜‰ or frozen yogurt πŸ˜‰ how abt we invite you for a braai :)) Yess all this just for nemo!!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Team nemo then now and forever! I dip toast in tea :/ you lay down what you want in order for nemo and Aara to be together *? It can be anything! Even a flying chicken :))))) okay okay I know that’s not realistic but maybe now you know how serious we take nemo?


  19. Definitely still on team zoheb and Aara. She really loved him that’s why she is also so depressed!!! Miss Shazia what can ‘team zoheb’ offer you???hmmmmmm…c’mon team zohen and Aara let’s put an offer miss Shazia can’t refuse.!!! I have seen people dip samoosa with tomato sauce in their tea! Personally I don’t like either tea or coffee. All sweet dishes have to be eaten with paapir or papri, in order to really enjoy it. Heard blue doritos and nutella is very tasty! Have yet to try it though!!


  20. Well, I’m no notorius dipper, for me Marie Biscuits and tea(with condensed milk only) is the way to go. I do know someone who dips samoosas in Sprite though, yuck x_x !!

    Poor Aara, I feel her pain. It’s so difficult to go through something like that on your own, I hope all three of them get the happiness that they strongly deserve, but what’s LifeLoveDestiny without a lil drama right?

    Could we get some posts on Riza and Laeeka pretty please? *batting eyelashes with a pout*

    Keep up the brilliant work, Shazia
    #TeamLifeLoveDestiny ❀


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