Part 179 – Imraan weds Maariah

gold dress

As narrated by Riza

“Whose Nikaah? “..everyone said out aloud. Was someone who we knew getting married and we had forgotten? But no hang on, all of us can’t forget together!

” Will somebody please tell me who is getting married??”, Zainab asked

” Errrrrrmmm us”, Immy replied with the biggest smile on his face

“What do you mean US?You both haven’t even set a date yet! !Waaaaait I get it…you guys are joking right? “,she continued

Zainab wasn’t really giving anyone a chance to talk lol she was so anxious anyone would have thought that she was getting married and found out today only:-D

“We have set a date, it’s today Zai…surprise!”, Maariah chipped in

“You have got to be kidding me! This is insane why would you do this? ”

Zainab was livid but Aara and Laeeka thought that it was very sweet and were glad to be surprised like this. And well, us guys were cool. Things like this did get us off guard but not to the point where we would lose our bearings over it.

“We really just wanted a small simple nikaah without having to inconvenience anyone”,Immy continued “and we didn’t want to prolong it for much longer either”

“And I didn’t want to get married without Zoheb being there”, Maariah said softly

“I am honoured you guys really. have truly touched my heart thank you so much”….and that was Zoheb getting a little emotional.

This spur of the moment nikaah felt so exhilarating and as we drove to the Masjid I couldn’t believe that two of our friends were really getting married today. I guess the change that we hardly ever spoke about was slowly making it’s way into our lives. A good change. .. but an inevitable change.

As narrated by Maariah :

Zainab was still mumbling under her breath as I started getting ready. I wore a simple but beautiful gold dress with minimal jewellery.

My heart was bursting with mixed emotions and as all the ladies sat together and listened to the nikaah over the receiver, I couldn’t help but think about my life thus far and all the wrong that I had done. Today, my life is falling into place while theirs is still hanging on a thread. ..Aara and Nemo.

It is true, with sincere repentance Allah Ta’ala gives you much more than you ever dreamt of and I hoped upon hope for them to experience that same feeling of calm and peace within themselves, like I do.

I had chosen Zoheb to be one of my witnesses. ..maybe a little bit out of guilt, maybe a little bit out of friendship…I don’t know if anyone else realized it but ever since he came into our lives everything has changed. Zoheb seemed to be one of destiny’s representatives, coming out of nowhere and yet he touched each of our hearts and lives in his own unique way. Initially, I was always cold towards him but thankfully my eyes also opened to the reality of his presence here.

“Congratulations you’re officially a married woman”,Laeeka squealed as she hugged me ” you beat us all”

“Congrats Mari even though I wish you would have given me a chance to have made a stunning outfit for your wedding”, Zainab said as she hugged me too

“All the best Maariah I wish you all the happiness in the world”,Aara said as she too made her way towards me “treasure every second of it”

The next few hours felt like a dream! I really was on cloud nine♥

When I met Immy for the first time since our nikaah, the feeling exceeded all the times that we had met before this. I had a frenzy of crazy butterflies in my stomach and I couldn’t even lift my eyes to meet his…

“Mrs. Ali…” He whispered as he held out his hand

My face surely was all shades of pink, red and probably even orange:-D

“This is the happiest day of my life”…Immy said as he drew me into a hug..”I will never give you a chance to complain and I will do everything,Insha Allah, to give you every happiness that you deserve”

I lost myself there and then, in my husbands arms as I felt myself melt like a candle. As tears of joy streamed down my cheeks, I held onto Immy a little tighter, as my heart beat against his,as I surrendered myself to my new life.

We savored these precious moments and allowed it to engulf us completely. ..until we were snapped out of it by a subtle and presumably unintentional shuffle at the door.

So we took off our shoes and tiptoed towards the door. ..and opened it on the count of three. ..




And forward did they fall. ..tumbled mostly face down onto the wooden floor, lay Laeeka, Zainab, Nemo and Arshad and after a few silent seconds grinned at us sheepishly before all of us burst out laughing!



11 thoughts on “Part 179 – Imraan weds Maariah

  1. Awwww! So nice to have a surprise post about the surprise nikah! WAy to go immy and Mari that’s they it needs to be done! Hope laeeka and Zainab follow!


  2. Yay!!! ImraanWedsMaria♡ BarakAllahu lakuma wajamabaina kuma fil khair *sings for them* :p its so cute and sweet!! Zaii being dramatic there =)) That opening the dooor part and they felll #Ripped  She chose Zoheb as her representative, that’s so sweet man! 😀 we gonna miss you zoooo 😦 Have a safe trip! Awesome post!!! I looooooved it! the most blessed nikaahs are those with simplicity! I just want burfeeee please ;;)


  3. Awww Shaadi Mubarak Immy and Mari♥I wish you the happiest of moments :’) shame poor Zai …I’m sure she still looked gorgeous though ♡ awwww so sweet of Mari to choose Zoo :’) ♥
    Beautiful post Shazia ♡♥


  4. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now as a silent reader (I’m sorry i didn’t comment before 🙈). I must say that i absolutely LOVE your blog 💜. It is so well written and you are a really talented author, one of theee best EVER. Your story-line is so interesting and i am completely addicted 🙈. The characters are all so unique and interesting and i just cant get enough of them ( I especially love a certain Zoheb 😉😄) . Dont ever stop writing you are so talented you are destined for greatness 😌😌😄. I love you Shazia and I love your blog and I love your characters and i am all the way #teamZoheb 😘😜😄(sorry #teamNemo lovers but dont worry im sure Shazia will find someone else for him 😌😄. But Aara belongs to Zoheb 😊😜😉!!!)


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