Part 180- Never Say Goodbye…


As narrated by Zoheb :

I was stunned. Uncle Farouk came up to me and told me that Maariah had specifically asked for me to be a witness at her nikaah. And if I refused, she said to tell me that it would be my wedding gift to her.

Coming back to the house with an emotional Immy taught me something new. That Allah has a greater plan for all of us, one that is bigger than we can imagine.

I sat in the garden where I could see her from a distance. I needed every ounce of strength to go today and to make me survive the next two weeks. I needed every ounce of hope and faith too that my love was strong enough to stand this test.

I took in the very sight of her as though my every breath depended on it. Watching her smile as she spoke to her parents. I so much wanted to tell her that I loved her and that there was nothing that meant more to me than to make her mine.

But I couldn’t do it. ..I was bound to my word yet tied to my belief at the same time

Life. Love. Destiny

Those few hours passed so quickly. Everyone celebrated with the newly married couple but for me, it was now time to leave. Maaherah was already on her way to the airport. After what she had done at Zainab’s engagement, and after the huge argument that we had, we hadn’t said a word to each other. It wasn’t over, that much I did know.

“I owe you a gift”, I said to Maariah after greeting almost everyone else

“You’ve already given me my gift,…you agreed to be my witness”,she smiled

I smiled and shook my head ” Don’t let Zainab hear you say that”

” Are you sure that you don’t want us to come with you to the airport? “,Nemo asked as put his arm around Arshad’s neck

“Yeah why are you being like this? “Arshad asked me

“Because…I’m a big boy. ..I’ll be fine”, I smiled

“Well, call us when you reach ok”, Laeeka said as she stuffed a container of food into my hand luggage

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as Riza broke out into a fit of laughter.

“You did not just do that! ”

” Yes I did and you will eat it”, Laeeka said with a grin plastered across her face

I looked around slowly without drawing any attention to me. Nope, she wasn’t here

I looked at them one last time as I walked out the door, who would have thought…I never imagined that my life would be blessed like this and I couldn’t wait to come back to them. …

As narrated by Aara :

“Get in the car”

“Why, where are we going? ”

“Aara no questions right now just please get in the car”

“I need you to meet me outside”, Riza said to someone on his phone ” It’s important…”

“Reez…What’s going on? “,I asked worriedly

“Maybe you feel that you’re old enough to handle your problems on your own or maybe in your own twisted way you think that you’re burdening me if you tell me…whatever it is I am definitely not blind”, Riza answered without looking at me

I knew better than to say anything so I just kept quiet. I had a feeling that I knew where he was taking me

“Whatever happens in life Aara, if we simply give up we will never learn and you have always fought. ..What’s happening now? ”

” Good question”

“I noticed it for a while and I waited for you to tell me but you. ..and then you disappear moments before he leaves, no fight is worth it Aara life is way too short”

‘We aren’t really even talking so what do you suppose I say to him?”, I asked cheekily

”Oh God just say bye then”

”Just go up to him and say bye?”, I said as we pulled into O.R.Tambo International

”Yes, even just one word if you must be so damn rude!”

”Riza it’s not so simple”

”It doesn’t have to be complicated either”

”This isn’t an Indian movie”

”And since when did that deter you??”

I looked at Riza as he stopped the car right in front of where Zoheb was standing

”Do what you think is right even if you feel that the timing is wrong…life stops for no one”, he said as he squeezed my hand ” Phone me when you’re done and please..he was just about to board so don’t waste these few moments fighting”

”Who’s side are you on anyway?’, I said as I shook my head at him and finally got off the car

Riza’s words echoed in my head as I walked towards Zoheb. I guess Riza asked him to wait at this particular place because it was a bit quieter.

With each step towards him, different memories of ours flashed before my eyes. I looked down as a small smile played on my lips.

I could feel his eyes on me but he remained silent…

‘Life stops for no one….’, I kept telling myself, even though I didn’t know where it was that I stood, even though I knew that these few moments wouldn’t bridge the gap between us…

I kicked off my sandals and stood on his shoes…in silence. He held my hands in the same way that he had done before, only this time there were no words, just the deafening silence of our unshed tears…

The strange thing though, was that everything was still there…I could feel it. My heart burned inside not knowing why there was this ‘thing’ between us and as I heard the final boarding call for his flight, I impulsively held onto him, as an unexplainable feeling washed over me. This felt like a goodbye, and not like an ‘until we meet again’

He softly reciprocated my hug and wiped the tears that fell from my eyes as I stepped off his shoes…

I opened his hand and gently dropped our silver chain into his palm, and closed his fingers over it

”Aara…”, he said with questions in his eyes

I took out the little white envelope from my pocket and slowly slid it into his coat pocket, took a few steps back and looked at him..

” I love you…” I whispered, from the bottom of my heart and soul

And I walked away without waiting for a reply….




30 thoughts on “Part 180- Never Say Goodbye…

  1. Wat a beautiful post…
    So emotional…
    Standing on the feet…is a Z❀️A trademark😍😍😍
    Mr Patel u did promise 2tell Aara everythng!!!!! I suppose this is Z giving Nemo a chance!
    I doubt anythng said or done by Nemo will b able 2wipe away this love …. Lets c πŸ˜‰

    Thank u 4 a weekend of lld🌹


  2. This is so sad! But I guess Zoheb is rite that everyone needs to once and fall where he , nemo and Aara stand! As much as he’s doing it for nemo he’s doung it also for himself!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a nemo fan ❀️but this post was amzing. So for some reoson I’m still a nemo fan i dont know why but nothing can change my mind so #team #araa#nemo β€οΈπŸ’•πŸŽ‚


  4. Really emotional !! I actually felt it in the pit of my stomach .
    As they say , actions speak louder than words !!! N here the electricity was thick … With strong emotions !!! I just hope that they can pull through this – very soon !!
    Too sad to see them like this !
    Zoheb n Aara forever !!!


  5. If it were any other less-principled man, he would have grabbed aara and ran so nemo doesnt have a chance… Hats off to zoheb for sticking to his principles… I guess he doesnt want that “but what if..” Hanging ocer their heads forever and this was his way of proving their love can withstand even the test of nemo… Very brave and admirable on his part.. Takes a strong soul to do what hes doing… May the best man (zoheb:p) win :))

    Liked by 1 person

  6. im one of the greatest nemo fans and this makes me sob…I hate anyone being hurt. Urgh I need to understand that someone is gonna be hurt. Zoheb pray your duas please and come back safely, … with a wifey *wink* Omw Aara will be broken, I’m so mean! but maybe nemo can wipe her tears *side smile*! lmao yeah its quite late and I’m tired so that explains my lame story =)) .. Z and A love is genuine I think, after not speaking and she still told him she loves him… it was silence with alot of meaning.. Argh but my nemo can’t be heart broken either *sigh*! I guess it alls comes down to life love destiny.. *wipes tears and has faith in nemos happily ever after*


  7. I love how she says ‘our chain’. GOodness I just love what zoheb and aara has. Wonder what is in that little white envelope! I’m not being cliche or anything but this zohebaara love story, is beyond amazing.
    There’s so much meaning behind zohebandaara. First its parking wrong and getting tamatoes on ur window with brown tape. Then its her trying to beat the tar dare, but then walking on his shoes, then its keeping his past as a secret. Then its them two together alone in durban, when they chose to spend time together and not cuz of riza.where they sat on the swing in back yard, and hiim telling her his past life When he gives her a beach in a bottle, when he stayed whiile she spoke about her past lover nemo. While they danced on the beach sand giving his philosophy again on his shoes. Then its in CT and their date. she challenged him to sing to her an indian song. And when he really does that now becomes her fav song. Then she takes a giant step and takes a chance of a life time. Then destiny plays the cards, her ‘taweez’ was actually what his nani gave him. Then he helps her to climb up by speaking to her so she cud forget the height and he heard the words he was waiting to hear… I love you. Now he is enroute to new zealand and they not speaking but when she stood on his shoe again, there’s this thing that burns so bright in both their hearts… And once again between both their tears she says what he loves her saying I love you…
    That guys is zoheb and aara.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Z β™‘ O β™‘ H β™‘ E β™‘ B β™‘
    A β™‘ A β™‘ R β™‘ A β™‘

    Omw :o. What a post! I’ve been reading it over and over since its been posted! So much feeling yet so much silence… I just got a bad feeling abt #Z&A Love story 😦 πŸ˜₯ 😦 my gut tells me Zoheb is “sick” and going to pass on πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ and his aim is to bring Nemo and Aara together cos he believes Aara and Nemo are good together and need eachother 😦 😦 😦 I hope I’m totally off my rockets and its nothing like that :/ :D…

    Really sister Shaz, u are so0o0o talented and ur writing is so captivating! Ur style really makes me feel like I’m part of this amazing group of friends… Reading that airport part, I felt like I was in that airport waiting for my flight and watching a crazy couple lol… Keep it up! Don’t ever doubt urself πŸ˜‰ β™‘. XoXo


  9. 😭😭 This post was so sad (tho i still loved it.) Aara and Zoheb just need to get married already!πŸ˜žπŸ˜“ #aaraπŸ’œzoheb4eva. I miss Zoheb already 😭😭


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