Part 181- Revelations (Part 1 )

As narrated by Nemo :

Sunday. Finally. And hopefully a day of answers. This needed to be over already! ! Maa and Papa left this morning and now it was just us…

Immy insisted on coming with us and despite our protests. just fell on deaf ears. So here we were, outside his apartment, waiting for him.

“This feels so weird”

I turned to look at her but she was in her own world. A part of me felt terrible while a part of me felt angry. How long had she known him for? How long did she know me for? Was it really possible to love someone so much in such a short space of time? Ever since he’s gone she’s slipped deeper into this hole and snaps right out of it when no one is looking. right now

“What? ”

“What? “, I replied

“Did you say something? ”

“Maybe ”

” You mean you can’t remember? ”


She put her hand against my forehead and then smacked me on my head!

“Hai what was that for? ??”

“I can’t remember”, she said as she stuck her tongue out at me

“Oh cute very cute”, I said as I pulled her glasses off her face

” Give it back! ”


And then she did the darndest thing!! She opened the door, poured the entire litre of coke on my windscreen and put the wipers on…..without water! !!!

I froze in total shock of this absurd and totally Aara act.

“Shux that’s nasty! ! What did you do to deserve this? “,Immy said with a grin as he stood in front of my car

” I wish I knew”

She smiled to herself but said nothing. Oh well you can bath my whole car in coke for that smile of yours madam:-D

Yusuf Kadwa agreed to meet us at this farmhouse in Mafikeng. Secluded, not exactly recommended but…we didn’t exactly have a choice

The air was tense and thick with uncertainty…..

” Don’t worry, you guys are safe”, he said probably sensing our discomfort

“If we weren’t then my friend, you would have something to worry about”,Immy replied as his eyes scanned this isolated place

Immy’s intimidating demeanor seemed to disarm Yusuf immediately. This would really have been hilarious under any other circumstance!

“Amreen and I were always close…she’s my father’s sisters daughter”, Yusuf said as he motioned for us to follow him. ..” This used to be our chill out home because our grandparents lived here”

“Why did you lie that you didn’t know her?”,Aara asked as she climed over the little brick wall closely behind me

Yusuf shrugged ” I guess you guys caught me off guard”

This place was a mess! It was apparently abandoned for a few years but it looked as though it had been abandoned for decades! ! I felt uneasy as an unfamiliar feeling swept over me. ..was I responsible for this girls death? ??

Yusuf led us into the main building and Immy impulsively took out his gun and had it ready. ..almost everything had been turned upside down and was very badly vandalised. Graffiti lined the massive walls and gave it an eerie appearance. It was sad to think that this was once someone’s home. ..

We followed Yusuf down the long corridors that didn’t seem to want to come to an end until we reached a door in the corner most part of the house. Yusuf paused for a few seconds before he mustered up the courage to open it…

I don’t know what it was that we were expecting but I am sure that none of us expected this. ..especially not me!!

My name was scribbled, sprayed and painted all over the walls along with hearts that had A&N written in them. A table was over turned, papers were strewn around and shreds of clothing littered the floor. Aara was already rummaging through the papers and Immy checked the wardrobes.

“I know that you’re the Naeem in question”, Yusuf said to me coldly

I didn’t answer. ..

“I often wondered what I would do if I ever laid my eyes on you. ..and here you are and I can’t do anything”

I still didn’t answer and looked away. ..

“She had come here after you left her. ..she was in a terrible state of depression. ..her behavior ripped our family apart because everyone just started giving up one by one and those that didn’t, fought with those who did”

I was almost at the end of my tether. ..

“For the sake of one useless guy…my cousin lost many precious years of her life:”

That was it! !I grabbed him by his collar and pushed him against the wall. ” Your cousin and me…we were never together! ! Stop trying to pin this on me! !!”

“You see Naeem oh sorry the infamous Nemo., as much as it’s exciting and whatever.’s also a series of the consequences of our actions”

“Your cousin did what ever she did by her own will!”,I shouted

“Yes ofcourse. ..why would you take any responsibility? ”

“Guys please. ..this isn’t the time or the place”, Aara said as she looked at Immy and nodded slowly…”Yusuf can you tell us what happened in detail? ”

” Why do you people need to know all of this and why now? ?”, Yusuf asked

” It’s just important that we do”

“Oh I get it. two are together and you want to clean up the past before anything else.’s so easy for you to build a palace of dreams on someone else’s grave…well I will give you something to think about and you will think about it every moment of every day. ..she hung herself in this very room, from this ceiling. grandmother had a heart attack when she found Amreen that day and it’s all your fault! ”

That feeling returned and I felt a churning at the pit of my stomach….

Everyone was silenced until we were shaken out of it by the sound of muffled voices at the door and the clicking of a gun…

“Yusuf your job is done”, he said as he flung the door open and stared at me with such an unexplainable mixture of hate and anger that made my blood run cold….


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14 thoughts on “Part 181- Revelations (Part 1 )

  1. Aara = doing absurd stuff
    Amreen = fought with all those close2her
    Nemo u better work on it before these become simultaneous equations!!! Lol😜

    O no the sound of a gun…this is scary 😢


  2. this was post was so horror movie ish!!! and freaky!!! This girl was so creepy mahn yoh! Allah save the ummah from doing such a thing x_x Oh Lord help my soul, I hope nothing freaky happens!! Oh darn it looser, immy has a gun toooo!!! *clicks gun* *prays ayatul kursi on nemo, aara and immy*!! the suspense eishhhhh!! -_- it better not be Aadil planning on shooting Aara!!!!!! I wanna just cry! 😦


    • Slms Haaj, I hope you are well. Obviously we’re strangers and I know this may seem rude to ask about another blog on this blog, but do you perhaps know what happened to the auther of Relatable 101 and why its now on private?
      I’m really sorry if the author of LLD and other readers get offended.

      For the record, this blog is really amazing. I do enjoy reading a lot so a very big thank you to the author and also mashallah on your talent. May Allah bless you with much more, Ameen.


  3. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now as a silent reader (I’m sorry i didn’t comment before 🙈). I must say that i absolutely LOVE your blog 💜. It is so well written and you are a really talented author, one of theee best EVER. Your story-line is so interesting and i am completely addicted 🙈. The characters are all so unique and interesting and i just cant get enough of them ( I especially love a certain Zoheb ;)😄) . Dont ever stop writing you are so talented you are destined for greatness 😌😌😄. I love you Shazia and I love your blog and I love your characters and i am all the way #teamZoheb 😘😜😄(sorry #teamNemo lovers but dont worry im sure Shazia will find someone else for him 😌😄. But Aara belongs to Zoheb :)u😜;)!!!)


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