Part 182- Revelations-(Part 2)

As narrated by Nemo :

My life flashed before my eyes in those this my end ? No this couldn’t be it!! I raised my hands and stood in front of Aara.

“My backup team will be here any time now”, Immy said as he pointed his gun towards Yusuf”

Then I guess there will be alot of dead bodies any time now”this guy said sarcastically as he cocked his gun

A silent chaos ensued through all our minds…

“Who are you? “,I asked” Doesn’t matter who I am,  all that matters is who you are”,he said angrily”

” Lower your weapon now”

That was the voice of Immy’s colleague Ben but I still wasn’t able to feel even an iota of calmness. …

” No..I shoot, you shoot, I don’t care as long as he dies!!”

“But would Amreen have wanted that? “, Aara asked 

Nobody answered. ..

“Look can we just sit down and talk about this please?  We had no idea about all of this until a few days ago please can we just work together to figure things out? ”

“What is there to figure out? We know what we went through! !”

“Ben put your gun down and ask the team to stand down”, Immy said as he lowered his gun”A person is innocent until proven guilty. ..and we are Muslim,  I am putting my gun down in the hope that we can talk peacefully”

This guy still had his gun faced towards me and looked at me venemously.  Those few seconds felt like an eternity

“If your guy so much as moves when I put my gun down we will not hesitate. ..this is our house and we have all arrangements in place”

This Yusuf Kadwa!  This whole thing was a setup! ! I prayed silently that we leave this place alive. ..the last thing that I wanted was for any of my friends to get hurt because of me.

 “You have my word”,Immy said hopefully

After a few minutes of hard staring. .this guy put his gun away.

 “What is it that we need to talk about? ”

” Listen bru…”,I said

“Don’t f****** call me your bru I am not your bru you piece of shit!”

Silence. Dead, deafening silence. This was not an easy or simple situation. These guys were determined. ..

” Last week a girl slipped up about Amreen. still didn’t make complete sense and so we started digging. ..”,Aara said, swallowing hard “the thing is, we’re trying to find out not to save Naeem from a guilt trip but because he really doesn’t know what happened”

“Do you really expect me to believe that? ”

“We wouldn’t be here otherwise nor would we have tried so hard to find out “, she said

“I already told you what happened”,Yusuf shouted

” Hey talk to her properly!!”,I shouted back

” Look at the differentiation”, this still unnamed guy said as he shook his head

” You know what?  I have had it! I didn’t do anything! We are here to find out about Amreen and as much as you guys have muscle power you all certainly lack brain power! !”

“Nemo dude calm down”,Immy pleaded

I opened my mouth to say something when Aara chipped in”This is going nowhere. you guys know Aadil Langry by any chance? ”

” If that b****** is also involved with all of you then no one will stop me from pulling this trigger! ”

” Aadil has been the source of our miseries for a while now. ..we don’t exactly have a good past with him and he’s been keying everyone the wrong way recently”, Aara said as she passed her phone to this guy ” it is some level of stalking”

Her phone was passed around to all of them one by one until Yusuf said out aloud ”  He did the same thing to Amreen! ”

And I don’t think that he was supposed to say that aloud because his group looked at him worriedly and angrily and then they looked at Aara. ..

There was definitely much more than what was in front of us. ..much, much more. ..

——————————-Author’s Note :

Salaams / Hi

I owe many of you a reply. ..I know that I have sort of disappeared and haven’t been responding much to emails/comments and messages. My humble apologies♥ my health hasn’t been too good. ..Please remember me in your duas as I undergo a few tests this week. May they come through crystal clear and if that isn’t meant to be. ..may Allah Ta’ala grant me a speedy shifa…Ameen

Will try and post soon. ..Until then,  keep smiling and keep it real 😉

Much love ♡

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18 thoughts on “Part 182- Revelations-(Part 2)

  1. Hope you get well soon😘 may Allah grant you Shifa Inshaallah 😘
    Awesome post 😉 ooh theres so much going on here i just hope it gets sorted out soon ☺😊 Still missing Zoheb 😭😭


  2. mystery upon mystery… woah so Aadil is part of this Amreen story hey. hope they come out alive from here! Dudes pray your ayatul kursi *wink* … May Allah make everything go welll for you Shazia, and may Allah grant you complete shifa and aafiyah 😀 you’re always in our duas♥


  3. Yay, more drama, that’s how we like it.

    And healthy is how we like you Shazia, so please, Insha Allah you will be better than alright. #PrayingForYouDear

    Much love,



    • I feel fine. .on the plus side I have been discharged. ..all tests are clear including that nasty mri. But still no diagnosis so it’s further testing again from tomorrow. Make dua insha Allah that it’s nothing serious♡

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  4. Slmz,

    Shazia are u okay?

    may ﷲ͜ سُبْحَـــانَهُ وَتَعَالَـــى grant u shifa,
    Hope u r well and okay!!!


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