Part 183 – Revelations ( Part 3)

As narrated by Nemo :

What did he mean ” He did the same thing to Amreen???”

Is Aara not telling me something??

” Are you not telling me something? “, I said as I turned her around to face me

” Nemo we have more pressing issues at hand”

“No actually I think YOU might have more pressing issues at hand “, this guy said

“Do you have a name? ”

“AbuBakr Vawda. ..or AB”That name rung a loud bell in my head but not loud enough because I still couldn’t place it…

“If Aadil is behind you, you need to find him and you need to find him fast”,AB continued “Because he is one screwed up ou”

“Why do I get the feeling that you are hiding something from us? “,Aara asked “What really happened with Amreen? ”

Silence yet again. ..

“Sit down”

——————————As narrated by Riza

No secrets. secrets. Easier said than done. It felt like ages ago and I had almost forgotten about it but today. it was at the top of my head

Not because it had bothered me, not because it made a difference to me. ..but because she made me promise her that there would be no secrets between us. She was really disturbed by what had happened with Nemo and Aara and that no one had told her anything. She said that she was stronger than she looked and that she didn’t appreciate being lied to. But this would break her…and I was scared that she might leave me.

My love for her surpassed the want and need for what she wouldn’t be able to give me…

I waited for her at our favourite spot. mind buzzing with fear as I watched her walk towards me with that trademark smile of hers.

A sudden memory clouded my vision. ..Laeeka collapsing lifelessly in my arms. I still remembered the panic that filled my heart on that fateful day. ..

She embraced me and I clutched at her tightly. It never made a difference then,it wouldn’t make a difference now. …

——————————As narrated by Arshad:

Life for me has taken a backseat. ..or I have rather been shoved into the back seat while others made important decisions about my life! 

I never wanted things to be this way, ever. But it was happening against my will and I did nothing except complain about it to myself.

 So technically I had no one to blame but myself. This sucked big time. I pulled out my phone and typed in our group chat

“I know that it isn’t Wednesday but I need date night badly”

Nemo: my place tonight?

 Arshad: thank you bro

Nemo : no stress dude we need to tell you guys alot anyway. It’s a yes from Aara also her battery is dead

And everyone else responded in affirmation too….

——————————As narrated by Zoheb :

I wished that I too could be there. ..just so that I could see her. I missed her so much. ..

Little did I know that what they had found out today in Mafikeng would spark a fury in the wrong person’s head and heart and would drive a painful and life threatening wedge between me and the one that I loved the most. …

—————————-Author’s Note :

Salaams / Hi

It has been a painful week of tests, prodding and pricking and every day those clear test results would dampen my spirits because my doctors still had no answers. A result was ultimately reached, the process of which was one that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy

. I ask you to please be patient with me as the most affected in this sudden fiasco are my eyes. So I won’t be able to post regularly. 

To my friends and family, you have been my rock in this trying time, you became my strength when I didn’t have any left. To Shaista,Riaz,Rizwana and Muhammad in particular, no amount of words or actions will ever be enough to thank you for all that you have done. You have not only been my major support system but you have, through your actions allowed me to relive some of the best years of my life in this one week and that will remain eternally priceless. Allah Ta’ala places special people in our lives who have the ability to weave their magic in fine threads and together create a blanket of memories strong enough to cover you for the rest of your life. I am surely and truly blessed. Thank you so so much♡may the Almighty grant you the best of both worlds and accept all of your duas ♡ Ameen

Thanks to everyone for all the messages, for the calls and for visiting. ..I really truly appreciated every bit of everything♥

When I was lying in hospital, and taking LLD forward in my head, I realised that we still have a long way to go, so if you’re up for the rest of the journey~ take your seat, grab your popcorn and enjoy the rest of the ride:-)

Much love ♡



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26 thoughts on “Part 183 – Revelations ( Part 3)

  1. Shazia, you will be fine soon bi iznillah. I feel selfish for having wished that you post soon. Please take your time to rest youself and recover fully. May Allah grant you shifa.
    You may read this Dua 3 times in the morning and evening
    اللَّهُمَّ عَافِنِي فِي بَدَنِي اللَّهُمَّ عَافِنِي فِي سَمْعِي اللَّهُمَّ عَافِنِي فِي بَصَرِي لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ أَنت

    “O Allah! Grant me health in my body. O Allah! Grant me good hearing. O Allah! Grant me good eyesight. There is no god but Thou.”


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  2. Assalaamu-alaykum.. how’re you? Just read your authors note and realised you’re not well … may Allah grant you shifa-e-kameela insha Allah … always in my duas … btw this is my favourite blog ❤.. take care… 

    Lots of love .. From the author of spots, blemishes , yet still beautiful …  Aadila 🙂 

    Sent from my Samsung device


  3. *tears* , *tears*, *tears* May Allah grant you complete shifa shazia quickly Ameen. My duas are with you :). *beeeeghug* not that I’m pious but I will make for u anyway………………. With looads of love X’s and O’s


  4. Shazia may Allah make this time easy for u in shall ah may u have a speedy recovery …making lots dua for u 🌹💐*some cyber flowers for u*


  5. Sister Shazia may Allah grant you complete shifa inshallah …Ameen. Don’t give up and always remember that the will of Allah will never take you where the grace of Allah can not protect you. You are an awesome writer and get well soon.

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  6. Shazia♡ InshaAllah you’ll be granted with a speedy recovery :* you’re always in my thoughts and dua’s ♥ I’ll always love and support you no matter what * Always remember that if Allah wants to do good to someone, he afflicts them with trials. You’ll definitely get through this Shaz 🙂 I love you ❤ xxx

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  7. Shazia! As salamu alai Kum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. May you be bestowed with complete shifa and rahma from Allah subhanah wa ta’ala. I went through some posts of your’s and they are beautiful ❤ i look forward to read more from you and truly ask for the best for you always.


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  8. the reez part is itchying me the most, I have a weird feeling :/ I wonder what is he gonna tell her?!?!?! And Zoheb part is kinda unclear to me I guess that’s what happens when you read a post this late x_X All the best shaz! You’re a fighter and you’ll be in the best of health soon♡ *passes popcorn bowl to everyone* :’)

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  9. Assalamualaykum .. Hope ur feeling’s sad to hear that ur Not well 😭 May Allah ta’ala grant u complete Shifa ..ameen 😘 I think LLD has been an amazing blog and It’s da only blog I look forward to every week.. Hope u get better soon ..take care of yourself dear..remember me in ur pious n humble duas .. Sent by Faatimah


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  10. Slmz. If u need, an excellent eye dr is Dr Robert Daniel. He is at the Sandton Eye Clinic which is in Morninside Clinic. His number is 011 885 5624. I have had successful eye procedures done by him as well as 3 other people which I know.

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  11. Its great having you back dear author 🙂
    Trust you well with the grace of the almighty…
    May allah grant you shifia-e-kaamilan wa aajizan…
    You blog is pretty amazing, something I look forward to every week…
    Play it safe las♡
    Remember this sinful soul in your prayers…
    Hope to hear from you soon inshaAllah
    Take care xx


  12. Its great having you back dear author 🙂
    Trust you well with the grace of the almighty…
    May allah grant you shifia-e-kaamilan wa aajizan…
    You blog is pretty amazing, something I look forward to every week…
    Play it safe las♡
    Remember this sinful soul in your prayers…
    Hope to hear from you soon inshaAllah
    Take care xx

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  13. Slmz! Shaz! Just wandering how doing! Really missing u! Even if u don’t post let u hear frm u! Making lots of dua for! Thru ur lovely blog I feel that we have become family! I know u will pull through!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Salaams I’m really so sorry for the delay in getting back to you with not so good news. ..I won’t be able to take on the 5 day challenge:-( don’t want to strain my eyes too much and trouble my hubby to type posts for me. I already have him typing my lld posts:-D I know that you and everyone else will understand. ..much love to you. ..Shazia


  14. So I just accidentally came across this blog a few days ago whilst searching for blogs to read, and I have spent most of my weekend up to this moment glued to it. When I started reading this blog, I thought that the blog probably had reached its end by now.. (Due to the face that I saw 2013 on part 1) So glad to see that there’s more to come. Looking forward to the next one and all that follow :).

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