Part 186- Of Past & Present

As narrated by Maariah :

Waking up next to someone else who isn’t just someone else, he’s your partner for life. very overwhelming. Immy has been the best! He even agreed to us not going on a honeymoon until this whole Amreen Vawda thing was sorted out.

Contrary to our jokes about not having in laws to deal with, I actually did wish that I had in laws! It was only my family and well our circle of friends were the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no regrets. I can probably, maybe, just possibly get used to socks lying in the passage and clothes lying right next to the washing basket instead of inside it etc etc. He’s lived alone for all these years I couldn’t possibly expect him to change overnight. I laughed to myself as I thought of Zainab. What a tantrum she would throw if Arshad did that:-D

Marriage has been the best choice and change for me. Our home is our little sanctuary of comfort and love and if I thought that I loved Immy before marriage, it is nothing compared to the love that I have for him being married to him. I feel like the luckiest person alive whenever he holds my hand or smiles at me…I must have done something really good in my life for me to have received such an amazing husband…

I often feel guilty that our lives are going smoothly and all of our friends are in a mess of their own. Riza and Laeeka are going through a terrible patch, Zoheb and Aara are…I don’t even know what the right words are for them, Nemo is stuck again with issues from his past and Arshad and Zainab well. ..I noticed that Arshoo seemed very down and Zainab did tell me that Arshad is not his usual self anymore and even she’s getting more and more worried every day. I can only hope and make dua for all of them, that their worries end soon. ..


As narrated by Aara :

My head was buried under mountains of paperwork for hours until the office secretary barged into my cabin with a huge grin on her face and a bunch of orange roses in her hand. My heart stopped. Could they possibly be from Zoheb? I anxiously accepted them and opened the card attached

“Smile. ..not just because it’s contagious but because you look beautiful when you smile”-Naeem Moolla

And I did smile. ..even though it wasn’t from who I hoped they were from.

I busied myself again when Ayesha,the secretary barged in again. ..with a bunch of pink roses.

“Pink…soft and subtle, just the colour that your cheeks turn very often”, -Naeem Moolla

If he had signed off as Nemo…but him signing off as Naeem Moolla gave it a weird and different feeling. .

Back to work. ..

I covered my face with a file as Ayesha barged in again, this time with a bunch of yellow roses

“There’s a yellow rose in Jhb that I am going to see nobody else can have her nobody else but me” – Naeem Moolla

And I broke out into a fit of laughter! Gosh Nemo! I was about to dial him to say thanks when Ayesha interrupted yet again. ..

“Errr Aara I think you should see this”

I quickly walked to my door. ..O MY WORD!!!!! The entire reception area was filled with atleast another 30 bouquets of flowers and a very large card.

“Okay so I didn’t want to bug the lady at the florist to write out so many more cards…this is just to say thank you for everything that you did and for everything that you do. Don’t ever change. you always. …Naeem Moolla”

“Naeem Moolla again. ..why didn’t he write Nemo”, I said aloud

” Because that’s my name”

” Nemo! !”,I said as I turned around “What is all this? You’re supposed to be saving! ”

“Shhh”, he laughed as he dragged me to my office

Everyone at work knew Nemo very well but today all of them just blushed and smiled and cooed amongst each other. Even I felt a bit edgy. Weird

“This must have cost a fortune”

“You’re worth it sweetheart”

“So Naeem Moolla, what’s your story? “, I said as I put a file back into the shelf behind me. There was something different about him today and it made me a little uneasy..

“I come with an irresistible offer Madame. ..let’s be like old times again, live, laugh and be the way that we used to be just for a few days”

“Small problem Mr. Moolla, both of us have work”

“So tonight and tomorrow night and then we have the weekend and the week after too”

“You’re saying it as though you’re on a deadline”, I said with a frown

Nemo fidgeted for a few seconds. .

“Life is too short. .who knows, perhaps we may never get this chance again”

“Are you going all soppy on me now? “,I asked as I tried to read his facial expression

“Look at me, this handsome and in demand eligible bachelor. front of you I melt like a piece of butter”, Nemo said in typical Nemo style

” So basically what you’re saying is that…you’re a blob of butter”, I grinned

” No sweetheart “, he said as he came closer ” basically. ..what I’m saying is that.’re smoking hot”

Now I definitely wasn’t dreaming. ..Nemo was flirting and openly too. And that was Naeem Moolla, not Nemo. A few years ago I would have went weak in my knees, today I was at a loss for words.

“Pick you up at 8 sweetheart ” he smiled and walked away slowly

I could still hear him in the passage talking to one of my colleagues. .

I sat back and thought over what had just happened when I lifted my eyes and there he was standing in the doorway….

“Follow your heart Applepie”, he said as he smiled

” If I had to do that, I’d be behind you all my life”, I said as a tear fell from my eye

“Don’t cry. …”, he whispered

“Don’t leave me. ..” I pleaded softly

He smiled….and vanished

I stood up quickly and ran to my door and then to the reception

“Ayesha did someone come to my office now? “,I asked anxiously

“No…I would have noticed if anyone did, why what’s up? ”

I didn’t answer. I ran down fifteen flights of stairs and was almost out of breath by the time I reached the security office. They too denied seeing Zoheb after I showed them a picture of him on my phone.

A wave of frustration swept over me as I sat down. I frantically dialed his number but to no avail. He didn’t answer, he never does.

I looked up at the sky and then at everything around me. felt as though everything was spinning

I wondered if he had read my letter. I needed answers else I’d forever be living in limbo….

On one hand there was Zoheb who I fell madly in love with and who left without saying anything and on the other hand was Nemo, who seemed to be wanting from me what I wanted from him for years…why does it have to be so damn complicated!!!!!





23 thoughts on “Part 186- Of Past & Present

  1. And you back! Lol this post reminded me of why I fell in love with this blog! ❤️ The last few posts were rather …. But I’m glad to see some familiarity now 😂 Hope you feeling better Shazia 💐 Team Zoheb all the way though 😉 Nemo can have his 2 weeks and bring Zoheb back!! Btw I like Naeem Moola a whole lot better then Nemo 😉 until the next post we wait…


  2. yay!!! I love everyone else buuut I love Aara’s dramas most 😛 Omfaladooas! Nemos flowers thingy was so darn cute mahn! *heart beating fast and love struck and blushing* But my dear, she already gave her heart to zoheb mahn *sigh* Why does it have to be so complicated? why? why? why? Aara I wish you the best and yes follow your heart applepie 😀 and your life puzzle will fall into place .. slowly but surely. I want nemo and you but then again zoheb is so sweet too, so let destiny decide who’s your soul mate sweetheart. *hugs*


  3. Oh my gosh, awesome work Nemo…….. ok lol I mean awesome work Shazia,…now this more like LLD !! tht was sooooo romantic, finally the part I’ve been waiting for, but uhm I’m scared to know wats the outcome. # Team Nemo


  4. maaan! why is this do damn complicated? No matter how much I love Nemo…Zoheb somehow found his way in my heart x_X seeing him & Aara being away from each is heartbreaking but then again there’s this awesome guy by the name of Naeem Moola ♡!!! Oh damn…life is like a box of pizza… can’t have the whole thing to yourself !! oh my burger king!! That roses thing was just sooooo cute ♡ thumbs up Naeem Moola 😀 buuut as Haaaj said, let destiny decide 🙂 Thank uu Shazia for thee awesome post 😛 #TeamFood 😛


  5. Maariah darl you are so lovely honestly♡
    Awwww omg Nemo was adorably too cute :’) or shall I say Naeem Moolla? 😛 honestly those roses ♥ I’m sure any girl would want that special treatment 😥 ♥
    Shame poor Aara, my love follow your heart, Allah tests those he loves, very soon InshaAllah things will fall into place hun ♥
    Jazakallah Shazia :*


  6. Is this why you once said “nemo fans no need to worry he is in good hands” I think, sooooo think, like 100% think or know should I say, that this is going to be the end of zoheb and aara, and as I type this, I’m crrrrryying, cuz I didn’t see this coming. Actually i kinda did but I kept my hopes high. Waaaaay high. Aaaah and I cannot handle this, can’t at all.

    #Zoheb&aara4eva — none the less.

    I love this side of nemo, the side I sooo didn’t see. Its the cute nemo side. Even though I’m a die hard of zoheb&aara fan, I still love nemo.


  7. Im so confused,is aara dreaming? Did she dream the whole Nemo thing too? And oh blah blah, no matter what happens she’ll end up with nemo,happens all the time,zoheb will probably come back married or something or find his ex,every story this happens 😦 the two friends will fall in love,therell be complications,one smoking hot guy,hotter than the guy friend will show up,bring the two friends together and then leave having served his purpose as the ‘angel’ , never will the girl ever end up with the hottest guy,always the damn friend! Urgh!


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