Part 189- Finally…

”Tu pyar hai kisi aur ka…thujhe chaahatha koyi aur hai…”
”Tu pasand hai kisi aur ki…thujhe maangtha koyi aur hai…”

As narrated by Nemo :

I took a deep breath in. This was it. I decided that I wouldn’t go over the top because we are not a couple and I just wanted to tell her. I had waited far too long for this, I should have done this years ago….

I got off my car and neatened my shirt. This was so difficult. .I was so nervous that I even thought of going back! It wasn’t the fear of the impending disappointment, nor was it the pain that I knew that I would feel. .but just the thought that now Aara may look at me differently and things will probably never be the same again…because now she would know what I kept in my heart for so long. ..

Armed with a box of Lindor and a bunch of red roses, I walked up the stairs to her apartment.

I fidgeted when I reached the top of the staircase but not for long because she quickly opened the door, startling me in the process!

“Got you again! “,she laughed ” I always know when you’re outside no matter how quiet you try to be”

I just smiled. I was beyond nervous! I had dated plenty of girls and always had the right words. ..but this time it was different, very different.

“This is for you “, I said as I handed her the flowers and the chocolates and I hesitated before giving her the gift box with the chain inside.

Aara was silent as she herself hesitated before accepting the gifts but when she opened the gift box. ..

“I can’t accept this”

“It’s only a chain”, I said, so unsure of myself

She fumbled but didn’t say anything

“I told you that I have something important to tell you. ..Aara”

“Please.…no..I don’t have the mental and emotional energy to handle a joke right now Nemo”, she said as she shook her head

” It’s not a joke. never was”, I whispered

” Nemo. ..”

“I don’t want an answer. ..I mean I wanted an answer but I know that you aren’t in the right frame of mind right now. ..but sweetheart, I have waited too long to tell you and if I don’t tell you now I’m never going to have the courage to tell you ever”

A tear fell from my eye as I recalled our childhood and our teen years. ..and I held both her hands

” The day that you stepped into my life, was the biggest blessing for me..,when i think of it now, it seemed as though the minute that you entered, Allah’s mercy followed ..I never knew back then that the best memories of my life will have your name written all over it…as we grew older and closer you unlocked places in my heart that I didn’t even know existed and still it didn’t hit me. ..after you came back for me and rehabilitated me so selflessly, I understood then that only you have the ability to weave that magic into my life because you were the only one who genuinely had faith in me. ..when I was fine and on my own again, I missed you every second of every day and I tried to tell you so many times. ..the day that Maariah found her grandfather, at Bloukrans bridge, in Jhb and in Durban at Selvan’s wedding and each time I failed. I know that it may look as though I am exploiting the situation but the truth is Aara that. ..that. ..that I love you. .I have always loved you. I am hopelessly and deeply in love with you and all that I can think about is that I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and I know, I know that you can’t give me what I want right now. ..I just want you to know that I will wait for you for the rest of my life…I know that I hurt you many times and I know that I am not worthy of you but as flawed as I am. ..even every single flaw of mine is in love with you…I’m sorry that I took so long to tell you” and I kissed her hands as more tears fell from my eyes. I wished that things could be different and that I had told her back then. We probably would have been married by now!

Aara was as still as a statue, and the tears that fell from her eyes seemed to be the only movement from her side. ..I put my hand on her cheek and ultimately ended up choking on my own tears as they poured down harder.

“You were right about what you had said. ..if only you had listened to me the first time”, she whispered as she broke down into uncontrollable sobs..I hugged her and it felt as though this was the last time that she would be in my arms. Aara hugged me back and didn’t stop crying either. It was a moment that froze in time, one that I would surely remember all my life. ..

” I know what it feels like Nemo”, she said as she cried harder ” and I am so sorry. ..not because I once loved you..because I did. ..not because of Zoheb. ..but because my heart is so torn apart and I have nothing except grief and pain in it…nobody will understand what I feel, I put up a brave face but inside I am crumbling so badly that I sometimes I wonder if I will make it to the next day”

” No don’t say that”, I said as I held her

” I’m breaking Nemo. .slowly but surely. ..there was a time when I would have said yes to you without waiting for a second longer but to say yes now would be unfair to all of us”

I knew what she meant. ..this was a bitter sweet moment as both our hearts broke together. Mine perhaps trying to look for a way to get to hers and hers perhaps looking back into the past while she stood lifelessly in the present. ..



As narrated by Aara :

“I love you Aara, I have always loved you”

His words resounded in my head and in the very pit of my soul. Nemo meant it,he really meant it. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him because I didn’t have the answer that he craved from me. ..but when he cried, something inside me melted and I broke down. Maybe I needed to cry, maybe I needed to cry with someone who understood. I was overwhelmed by his maturity and by his honesty. ..a few years ago I would have said yes immediately.

But life changes, people change, I have changed.

Could I ever love him again? Maybe. But right now, I was in no position to love anyone, perhaps not even Zoheb. It had taken me alot of self restraint and alot of patience to get over Nemo and it had taken me a lot of courage to welcome a relationship with Zoheb. Both times, I was the one who suffered. Inside me, it felt as though my heart had been ripped out of my body and I was robotically living from day to day. Still, a big part of me wanted to see him again…

I held onto Nemo the way that I used to as a child, it broke my heart to not be able to have anything to give him. ..

And as though he was reading my mind. .he whispered softly
” Allah knows, You have always given me everything. .even now in your silence and in your trust in me. .you have given me everything yet again…you could have kicked me out but you didn’t, you could have pushed me away. .but you didn’t”

” That’s because you will always be my Nemo”, I said as I tried to smile through my tears

Nemo’s eyes were filled with an emotion that I had never seen there before, and a silent anguish that hurt me so deeply that I could barely meet his eyes.

Destiny is a strange thing…how and why do feelings change, how does the heart accept a stranger and reject a familiar face?

Who is really playing the role of a season, a reason and a lifetime?

Why can we forgive but can’t forget? Why are we scared of new roads and walk into dead ends over and over again?

Why do we hold onto this world and it’s contents so dearly when we know that it is just temporary?

So many whys and no answers…or so we think. Sometimes the answers are within us, but we are too afraid to accept them.

I never imagined that this short time away from Zoheb and the time spent with Nemo would drive me to a place that was entirely new to me, a seemingly endless journey that seemed to have reached a deadly decline as I tried to balance myself between stability and freefall…

Because where I stood, had a name. Where I stood, was on the edge of tomorrow. ..




32 thoughts on “Part 189- Finally…

  1. All I’m doing is crying i love nemo from the start and always they ment to. Be they understand each other like nobody else I’m just in love #team#nemo#araa forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. Omw ! I’m sobbing 😭😭😭. I’m still trying to process what happened.
    Please post soon *desperate*

    My favorite post 👍


  3. Omw seeing nemo and Aara breakdown! I promise you I was in tears! Nemo really loves her! How is he going to deal with the rejection! Nemo I wish I could win your tears away! But it’s soo nice to see that even when nemo and Aara are both in pain they still find a way to be there for each other!


  4. Oh my smurfette!! I literally waited for the post he confesses his love to her since forever.. I love their relationship, they have been through ups and downs and yet they are still friends.. Don’t get me wrong, Zoheb is nice, but I love Nemo.. Amazing post authoress.. Keep up the splendid job and good luck with the 5day 5story challenge
    Lots of love
    -authoress of


  5. Omw! That was just the sweetest yet saddest thing ever! </3 .. i love how they're so able to comfort each other even when they're both hurting! I love Nemo but I'm still #TeamZoheb.. idk Zoheb and Aara just fit together.. he was the reason she let her guard down and trusted again & i think that has to count for something! 😀 .. please post soon! Dont keep us in suspense 😥 .. great post! ❤


  6. Haaj are u still crying😪😢 u will need a full day 4composur😉🌹
    They both handle the situation so mature..
    What a beutiful friendship🌹at least the awkwardness will no longer b there🌹(well i hope😉)
    Very heratbreaking post tho💔


  7. I’m a zoheb fan,,…… But today I crriiiiedd. Nemooooooo, oh nooo!!! Heart break is the worse, and yes it takes forever to get over. I know exactly what nemo is going through
    Allah, this is waaaay saddd, leave zoheb out for a few, but really. I hope, hope, hope, nemo finds his destiny.

    Aara is on an edge, zoheb comes home and then their relationship also on an edge. Aaaahhhh. Can’t wait for the next post.

    MashaAllah shazia great post 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Woooow!!!! 😢😢😢 I’m so heartbroken for Nemo and Aara 💔💔 what you plan and what really happens differs so much!

    This post was so amazingly written Shazia! But it missed one thing…. Zoheb 😋 time to bring him back plzzz 😉 he needs to hug her so tight that her broken pieces fit together again ..

    As for Nemo and Aara, they shud be glad to have each other as friends, nuthin else.. Nemo, Ur a little too late..
    (Well according to me that is lol )

    Much love


  9. very touching post i must say …..some things in life are just not meant to happen ,but you will always just know who’s a true friend and Aara and Nemo are perfect best friends ,their friendship shouldnt change just because Aara fell in love with Zoheb ,i’l be sad if Aara and Nemo broke up thier friendship coz their friendship came waaay before Zoheb though i am team Zoheb and Aara soooo Zoheb come back soon lol


  10. All I can say is Wow…… well done Shazia, I’ve been for Nemos confession sInce the beginning. Lol, N well it was worth the wait, u surely outdid yourself though I hope she cudve jus said yes, tht would’v been the cherry on the top. But we trust tht Nemo will find his happiness too (as u said he is in good hands)#heartbroken For both nemo And Aara


  11. omw!! dat was soo emotional 😪 but i still love Zoheb ❤ 😀 #TeamZoheb ❤ plzz post soon! or might just die of suspense lol 😛 awesome post!!


  12. I literally had butterflies in my stomach while reading this post! This was well worth the wait shazia. My heart breaks for Nemo,it can’t b easy for him,though I’m still team Zoheb. I can’t wait for Zoheb to come back and reclaim his love and I hope they get married soon. I also hope Nemo finds the 1 meant for him,though it might take him long to get over Aara.


  13. “””but the truth is Aara that. ..that. ..that I love you. .I have always loved you. I am hopelessly and deeply in love with you and all that I can think about is that I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and I know, I know that you can’t give me what I want right now. ..I just want you to know that I will wait for you for the rest of my life…I know that I hurt you many times and I know that I am not worthy of you but as flawed as I am. ..even every single flaw of mine is in love with you…I’m sorry that I took so long to tell you”” THIS IS SO CUTE MAHN. OKAY THAT WHOLE PARAGRAPH, MXM I LIE THE ENTIRE POST. You know sometimes you have nothing to say and just tears that flow? this post has made me speechless. I love it!!!!!!!! And my only wish is for Aara to say yes… Oh and fun fact: I love nemo even more :p #TeamNemo♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Yayyyyyy! Finally! This much awaited post was awesome! Was waiting for the day nemo confessed but now I so worried bout what’s going to happpen! Zoheb is coming back that’s nice but he going to tell Aara why he left , then she going to feel so betrayed by both of them! Shame poor Aara she always had the feeling that her happiness doesn’t last long! But life is full of hurdles we just got learn to jump over them Aara! U just have make the right decision! ( hope it nemo)


  15. Oh my gosh, this post touched me in my very soul </3
    I was reduced to tears after reading it, written with so much of heart.
    Truly saddening post, i admire their strength with each other, even in the toughest of times. Had Zoheb not been there, Aara would'v chozen Nemo. Oh myy gosh x_x

    Mesmerising post, Ms Author !! 😀
    Now for Zoheb to come back and for the drama to increase.

    #PostNextPostPlease 😀 ❤
    Where is that darn Kleenex?!?


  16. I don’t know how I missed this post. Heartbreaking. In all honestly Nemo should play fair and tell aara that the only reason zoheb behaved the way he did with her was so that nemo could try his chance.


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