Part 192 – The Truth Is Real & So Is The Villain…

As narrated by Nemo :

We were now outside the facility and I completely lost it! Aara ‘s instinct was right, Amreen was alive!

“You made us believe that she was dead! !!”,I screamed

“You saw her condition!”,AB screamed back

“You could have just told us! We trusted you Abu Bakr “,Aara said as she shook her head

Calling someone by their full name, when you would normally call them by their nick name has a weird effect on them. I should know. It reprimands and makes you feel out of place and like the person doesn’t care. The strange part though, was that it did affect AB because he quietened down and even apologised to us.

“Aadil is still inside you know “, Immy reminded us “They seem to have lost him on camera but there’s no sign of him leaving either ”

“Well, she’s alive, I’m glad. ..and we will figure out how to get Aadil off our backs “, I said as my phone beeped

“Nemo, there’s more to it and I think that Abu Bakr here owes us an explanation “, Aara said looking straight at me

In the midst of all this drama, I found my mind drifting back to last night for a second. ..

“Aara it doesn’t matter, whatever happened cannot be undone”, I said coming back to reality , hoping that she would understand the double meaning of what I had said

“I will tell you everything “, AB said softly

I opened the message on my phone, not really paying attention to AB

“Bro I’ve been trying to contact you from yesterday, I couldn’t wait anymore I’m so sorry. I’ve just landed in Jhb, I need to speak to you first before I speak to Aara”…Zoheb

I closed my eyes…I was going to lose her for good tonight. I knew that she didn’t feel the same way about me but I still held on to a tiny shred of hope that maybe, just maybe. …

But before I could even process it properly,Yusuf’s voice echoed through AB’s phone frantically…Aadil had found Amreen, and even though we didn’t have to go back, we did.

As narrated by Aara :

Amreen crouched in the corner of her room, her eyes filled with a frightening terror. A sealed window had been bust open and shreds of glass lay across the floor. The bed had been capsized and on the wall was a single heart with A&A written in it.

AB and Yusuf tried to talk to her but she kept pushing them away. AB looked defeated and Yusuf let his tears fall…

I crouched down next to AB…

“Amreen…I don’t know if you remember me, but I am Aara “, I said softly as I wiped a trickle of blood off her forehead

She flinched at first but gradually allowed me to stay in front of her, and she looked at me with questions in her eyes.

“Nemo and Aara “, she whispered

“Yes “, I smiled as a tear fell from my eye

“I know you “, she said again

“Don’t over strain yourself “,AB said as he patted her head

“But I have waited for them for years “, she pleaded

“Let her talk AB”, Yusuf said firmly “maybe this is what she needs ”

AB and Yusuf stepped back and Immy pulled two chairs for Amreen and I.

“He was here “,she whispered to me

“Did he hurt you? ”

“He was angry. ..just like how he was angry on that day…Aadil. ..Aadil ” and she burst out crying

“He wanted to kill me “,she said through her tears “he wanted to kill me then and he’s come back to finish me off now ”

AB rushed forward and held Amreen
“No one is going to kill you okay. .I am here”

“Did he want to kill you because you loved Nemo and not him?”

“Aara that’s enough “,AB said quickly

“I don’t need to listen to you anymore , I said as I looked back at Amreen “Did he try to kill you because of Nemo? ”

“No…no..I was depressed about Nemo and I got over it, Aadil helped me so much but he wanted something that I couldn’t give him “, she said as she finally lifted her eyes to meet Nemo’s

I don’t know if Nemo was in shock or what was it but he was absolutely silent

“Please forgive me Nemo “,she cried “please forgive me ”

“It’s okay “, he said finally, ” I’m also sorry, we do things without thinking and it messes up so badly eventually…But now you have to pull yourself together okay and you have to get better soon. .and start living again ”

She nodded and cried harder. Every single one of us was in tears.

After apologising to us , Yusuf left with Amreen and a medical team as soon as their helicopter had arrived. They were taking no chances…she was being moved to an undisclosed location and her name would be changed again.

We should have felt relieved but we weren’t. It was terrible to know that a family had suffered so much and that a family was still suffering so much. Time waits for no one and we can’t change the actions of our past, but we can at least try and learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.


As narrated by Aadil :

I had broken the window to make it look like I had escaped, but I was silently waiting in the ventilation shaft. Waiting and listening..

She had rejected me yet again, without even giving me a hearing. Despite being in such a terrible state of depression, she consciously turned away from me without even looking direct at me.

All I wanted was to tell her that I truly love her, that I wanted to take her away from here to a place where both of us could live happily. I was beyond overjoyed to see her and I couldn’t believe that it was really her!

But who did she talk to…in front of who did she cry…and why did she ask that f***** Nemo for forgiveness.

I was losing her again, as I watched her leave with Yusuf and I knew that this time they would make it even harder for me to find her. I couldn’t even follow her. ..I placed my hand against the vent as I watched her go. Things would have been different, things could have been different.

I listened quietly as AB told them the truth that Amreen had told him. That I had trashed her room on that day, I had wrote N💜A on her walls, I had tried to hang her and make it look like suicide. I acted in anger when she said that i was too controlling and that she would rather die than be with me…

She was right, she was over Nemo but in the spur of the moment, implicating him seemed like the only logical thing to do. The Vawda’s hadn’t let it go just like that, oh no, AK Moola had gotten involved then too. And they had believed my setup until recently, I discovered. As I listened intently as AB told Aara, Nemo and Imraan that Amreen had told them what had really happened. And even though Amreen’s depression then was because of Nemo and AB held that grudge for years, Nemo was off the hook and the truth was out. I had been strung along like a fool and even though they didn’t catch me, I had nothing on them anymore.

I stayed in that ventilation shaft for what seemed like hours until I finally came out and I ran as fast as I could towards my bike that I had hidden in the bushes a few kilometres away from the rehabilitation centre. My head was on fire and I was boiling with rage..when a message on my phone brought back my beloved sinister smile to my face. Thank you Maaherah, your ranting and raving about your brother has hurled me back into the game…

I dialed Aara without an ounce of hesitation. .

“You know Aadil perhaps in another lifetime we would actually make a great team..I can be the cop and you can be the canine “, she laughed

“Perhaps. .but that isn’t why I called you ”

“Enlighten me ”

“I’ve decided to keep to my word, after tonight you won’t hear from me again and I’ll even add in a little gift ”

Aara was silent and I was loving this!

“I will gift you the truth ”

“About what? ”

“About why your Zoheb really left…and what the Naeem you die for really had planned ”

“After everything that you have done, do you really think that I’d believe you Aadil? ”

“Oh no. ..I’ll show you, you know what they say, seeing is believing”, I laughed

“Don’t fool yourself Aadil, If I need to know something I would ask them ”

“And be lied to again and again? ”

I knew that I had struck the right cord.

“Thanks to a friend, I will have Zoheb’s location soon…If you’re interested I’ll call you back ”

“Zoheb’s in…”

“He’s in Joburg Aara “, I said cutting her off

I started this, I will finish this!




7 thoughts on “Part 192 – The Truth Is Real & So Is The Villain…

  1. I cannot believe my eyes 😳. This is nail biting. I just hope that Aadil doesn’t spoil anything !
    He like an annoying mosquito that I just want to kill.
    Loving it but the suspense is nerve wrecking. You sure know how to torture us , Shazia 😄



  2. this is soo exciting! but the suspense is killing me! urgh Aadil is so annoyin. i also hope he doesnt spoil anything! awesome post 😀


  3. Evil Aadil back in the game! i like it, bring on the drama!

    Poor Aara though, i have a feeling all 3 hearts will be broken soon with no fixing in sight ..

    Loving the plot !


  4. slmz
    i absolutely love your blog #TeamNemo
    My other fave characters are Aara and Imraan.

    Plz do check out my blog sometime, wil be much appreciated.
    A Marriage of convenience



  5. Amreen is alive, Nemo is innocent, everything seems to being falling into place…but zoheb has arrived and …. idk. Aadil and Mahera need to die already. They like yajooj and majooj causing trouble everywhere mxm

    Liked by 1 person

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