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Salaams / Hello

Trust that all of you are well 🙂 I was supposed to post the Blog Roll on Thursday, but decided to stalk all these blogs for a bit before publishing 😉

And no, while I won’t be able to write a short story about the content of each one of them, I can honestly say that there is a bunch of wonderful writers out there and it’s a pleasure to be able to share the same page as you…

However, one thing in particular came to my attention with nearly every blog, as I scrolled down to the comments of random blog posts and so forth…and this one thing stood out like someone wearing a jersey on a boiling hot summers day! Ridiculous comparison, I know but so be it.

Us Bloggers take to these platforms to share our ideas, pour out our hearts and overflowing, hyperactive imaginations into creative stories…almost each of them with a lesson or two to be learnt. And even if it doesn’t have a lesson, and is purely for entertainment…heck, it’s free entertainment! #memon

Ultimately, it is where we unleash our artistic talent, and by reading both positive and negative comments, helps a writer to better themselves and their skill. But that one comment….hold your breath…’When’s the next post?!?!?!?!?” can eventually drive a person insane, especially when it becomes ” We are waiting so long for a post “, ”Looks like you’re more interested in the 5day challenge than your own story”, ”I’m getting tired of this blog”, ”She drags the story too much”, ”This used to be my favorite blog” etc etc etc. Sadly, these are comments that I found on one too many blogs. LLD is an exception because I have honestly passed the stage where I actually care about what other people think of me, how often I post yadda yadda yadda

But today, today I do not write as the Author of LLD, today I write as a tired student whose creative outlet is a particular story that hundreds of people are following, today I write as an aging grandmother whose passion for life has emerged through a blog used for expressing her ideas on how to change something in the world, today I write as a young mother who never got a chance to pursue her writing skills and now after many years finally has this chance, today I write as a young bride who tactfully brings about the humor of joint family living through a light hearted blog, today I write as every single unpaid blogger, who appreciates the fan following, who appreciates the feedback and who could probably never have done it without you, and on behalf of all of them, I ask you to sit up straight from your reclining position, think before you grumble about a story or its author, forget the fact that it’s exposure for a blogger ( which we greatly appreciate), and put yourselves in their shoes. How would you feel if people who love your work, have no patience while you are busy living your daily life? How badly would peoples nasty comments make you feel while you are trying to put your little baby to sleep and haven’t slept yourself for a good few nights…simply because you haven’t posted? How would you feel if the people who shower you with compliments on a good post, are the same ones being nasty when you know that if you don’t submit that assignment in time, you may just end up flunking?

I too, like everyone else, enjoy a good story. In today’s fast paced, high tech world, we are glued to our smartphones and there’s nothing like curling up and reading a good blog at the end of a long day…but writers have lives too…commitments, families, deadlines, sicknesses etc etc. Many may not show it, but deep down inside, when we become accustomed to this virtual family, it really does hurt.

So before you post that comment…sit back, and think. Please. Let a harsh word not be the cause of killing a budding young writers self confidence, let it not be the cause of ending someones dream. Because constructive criticism is just that…constructive, not biased, baseless, hurtful, pathetic excuses for criticism.

Let’s take a moment to step out of our bubbles and thank these fantastic women for giving us a piece of their time, a piece of their lives by sharing their beautiful stories with us. To stand on this platform takes a unique amount of courage and strength, to share your words, your thoughts and your feelings in front of the world, to let us into your colorful imagination takes us on journeys that we will never forget. Thank you so very much, for every word that you wrote and for every smile that we smiled because of you…may you be blessed always:)

In no particular order, a list of wonderful blogs:

Much Love,

be kind


6 thoughts on “Blog Roll

  1. Awwww, shaazia, ur message melted my heart and meant so much to me. Like for real, I was thinking of deleting my sight now because of all my mistakes I made that some1 brought to my attention, but naa not any more. Ima stick to blogging inshaAllah.

    A thumbs up for this, it was worth the wile.

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  2. Thank you so much for the mention!

    And for the wonderful comments! Writing is a passion, and yes we do it because we enjoy it, but at times the pressure can be a bit overwhelming. It helps knowing we have ‘comrades in words’ who understand and can relate to it.

    Wishing you everything of the best on this journey!

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  3. Oh wow❤️i really have no idea what to say, this post absolutely made my week👌every single word that you have written is true.

    Jazakallah so much for adding my blog to the list sister. It is much appreciated💗

    Also for the words that i am sure every blogger would love for every reader to know💖


  4. Wow…. Like W-O-W!!!
    Was that deep or was that deep?!
    Thanks so much Shazia 😀
    This was just *swoons* *faints* AMAZEBALLS!!!!
    Well written, I must say!
    Honestly, before I entered the blogging world, I used to always complain about not getting a post… I never used to comment actually, but I used to complain.. Only when I started writing did I understand that it’s unbelievable difficult to balance your schooling life, family life and whara whara whara, all while trying to write up a post x_x
    Nevertheless, I’ll always have a passion for writing ya know?
    Anyway my point was that one will only understand when, like you said, our readers step into our shoes… 😛 Couldn’t have said it better
    Thanks once again!


  5. I don’t like commenting after an experience on another blog left my mouth sour but today I wanted to thank you. For finally telling people that. Life gets crazy and honestly there are other things that do and should priority. Yes certain bloggers irritate me because they promise a post n disappear for a week n when they return do not even apologise. But most bloggers have manners and either give a warning or apologise when they late with posts n we appreciate that

    Rember the words you type on your phones can sometimes touch a persons heart deeply… kind n have manners n the world will prosper

    Blogs dont have the like options else us quiet followers would press like at every opportunity 🙂

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