** Season 5** -Part 196 – The Wait ( Part1)

As narrated by Arshad

From the fast paced, high speed, life or death driving…everything suddenly went into slow motion and into a complete fuzz. Doors were flung open, Riza was shouting for the medical team to hurry up, tears fell as Zoheb placed Aara on a stretcher, her almost lifeless body surrounded by Dr.Jamal and his team, as they rushed her into theatre. The look on Dr.Jamal’s face when he looked at Aara made my blood run cold….this was going to be a long wait.

It is common knowledge that the longest night of the year is the winter solstice, but for us, this was the longest night of our lives yet. The waiting room was full of people. All our families were there, Aara’s parents had landed and Immy had gone to fetch them. Laeeka had left Pietermaritzburg with her cousin as soon as Zainab phoned her. Nemo had broken down several times already and Maariah had taken him outside. Zoheb was as still as a statue, his hand across his blood stained shirt. Riza sat on the floor, his head down.

How did we get here? We were a regular group of people, with regular dreams and regular lives…and now one of our best friends was fighting for her life just metres away from us…

“Everyone, let’s pray together “,my father said, breaking the silence

Nemo and Maariah joined us as we sat together and made dua.

“Oh Allah, please hear our plea..Please guide the doctors hands, please grant our Aara complete shifaa…Please bring her back to us and grant her a long and happy life..Please remove her suffering and grant her ease ..”

The rest of the dua was blurred as I felt tears fall into my hands, as I felt myself cross the barrier between shock and reality, as the situation became clearer to me , and I swallowed the lump in my throat as I realised that this might be it. I fervently made dua for our Aara, because until now I had been in a bubble of hope. But the situation was critical, and we had no choice but to accept it.


As narrated by Laeeka

“She what? “, I said loudly into the phone

“Laaeka. .Aara has been shot”, Zainab said softly

“Joke about something else please because this is not funny! And it’s a very lame tactic to get me to come back ”

“No Laeeka. ..she really has been shot..and it’s bad. ..” And Zainab filled me in on everything, through her sobs

My body went limp and my phone fell from my hand. My cousin Ehsaan rushed to my side , but I heard nothing, not his voice, not Zainab on the line, nothing. For a good few seconds, I just sat there staring at nothing as tears poured down my cheeks..and then just as quickly, I grabbed my bag and told Ehsaan to get the car out.

“Where are we going? “,he asked as he looked at his watch

“Joburg “,I said, ” if Aara thinks that she can just leave me like this, then she has another thing coming!”

As narrated by Nemo

Her words rang in my head continuously. Every single word. And each time it just hit harder and harder than the first time. This was my fault. And she pays the price for it every time.

If I could trade places with her right now, I’d do it in a flash. I wish I had gotten hit by those bullets and not Aara, not my Aara. I held my head in my hands as my heart pounded in my chest. I couldn’t lose her, no! Even if she could never be mine, at least I would know that she alive, okay and happy. Not lying on a cold table while doctors cut her open. ..how would I ever be able to face Maa and Papa? ?

That thought hung in the air as both of them followed Immy into the waiting room. My parents followed immediately after them.

“Naeem “,Maa cried the minute that she saw me

My heart broke as she hugged me and cried…how do I break her already broken heart and tell her exactly what happened? How do I tell her that I am responsible????

As though he was reading my mind, my father placed his hand on my shoulder reassuringly. I knew what that meant. Not here and not now..

But there was one thing that I could do, one thing that I should have done before, one thing that didn’t require anyone’s permission, one thing that even she should have done. I would do it. I looked at Zoheb, sitting alone and in a daze..and I turned to Maa and whispered into her ear

“He needs you more than I do Maa…because Aara loves him dearly ”


Author’s Note:


A very warm and impromptu welcome to Season 5. I dunno, I just felt like writing, so I did. With Ramadaan around the corner, and the no posting, I thought that a start at least would be good:)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Much Love,


ps: will reply to older comments real soon Insha Allah


17 thoughts on “** Season 5** -Part 196 – The Wait ( Part1)

  1. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠwelcome welcome welcome๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰thank u for the surprise๐ŸŒน
    ….she loves him dearly, read it ova & ova and each time it just brought more water in my eyes๐Ÿ˜ข

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  2. Yoh!!!! This post made me cry and well I’m still crying… Goodness me, Nemo has a soul and a heart of gold. His words to Maa are so touching mahnn. Yess why isn’t anyone giving Zoheb a hug??? Please someone give him a hug too. Welcome back ShazZz ๐Ÿ˜€ Please post soooooon cos we need to see Aaaara survive… We’re holding on to the rope of hope, but….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *tears* *tears* *tears* nemooo, noooo its not your fault and there’s a reason why its not you. He is such a good guy I promise and I guess you truley see a persons true colours at a time in distress and this is thee nemo. I love how he told ma to go for zoheb instead. Poor him sitting alone, in tears. I know the pain sitting in the hospital and waiting, waiting and waiting. The worse psrt is not knowing the end and as much as I hoped for it to be a happy ending………… It wasn’t at all. So this brings back memories of those heartbreaking days……….. And well…… ima just hope for a happy ending.

    Goood to have you back shazia, it is really good to have you back.
    Can’t wait for the next one……… ๐Ÿ˜€

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  4. Yayyyyyyyy! Welcome bak shaz! Missed u soooooo much! Oh man feeling so bad for everyone in the group! Poor zoheb sitting with his blood stained clothes! At leAst nemo did a sensible thing by telling Aara mum in an indirect way bout zoheb and Aara! But my heart still brakes for nemo, come on Aara u have to recover everyone needs!

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  5. OMW!!! I had a lump in my throat the whole time. N tears in my eyes. Welcome back Shazia! Jzk for the post.can’t w8 2 c wat happens next! Plz let Aara live….sorry Nemo,u def a good guy….but…. I like Zoheb better. Lol

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  6. Yayyyyyyyy……
    Y wait for a tragedy to say the unspoken words….
    Better late than never…
    Zoheib&Aara… forever and ever….โ™ฅโ™กโ™ฅโ™ก



  7. slms.i just started reading the blog 3 days ago…every chance i got i would go to the next post….please please please post the next part soon
    #late for work
    #waiting in anticipation

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