Part 201 – Verily, With Every Hardship, There Is Ease

As narrated by Laeeka :

“Remember, it’s not Christmas! “, I said as gently yet firmly as I could

“It will be when she wakes up because she’s over doing it now..I mean it’s 22 days already! “, Nemo chuckled as he let go of another helium balloon

“It needs to look happy but not tacky, elegant, not overdone “,I said as I shook my head

“Well you said that I should bring balloons! ”

“Yes but something for Aara’s room , not for a new born baby! You brought so many “It’s a girl “and “It’s a boy “balloons! !”

“It’s a girl. ..she is a girl. It’s a boy…because she’s not a boy “,he laughed ,”besides, I needed the bunch to look full and there wasn’t any more plain ones left ”

I couldn’t take it anymore and I yanked the chair from under Nemo….causing him to land hard on his butt!!

“Grow up! ”

He was about to say something when a sudden beeping drew our attention. That was her heart rate wasn’t it?!?!?!

“Go call the doctor quickly! ”

“No you go!”, Nemo said as he rushed next to Aara

“Aara…If you can hear me…give me a sign “, he pleaded

I shouted from the room to call the doctor, and Zainab, Arshad and Zoheb rushed inside. It was just the 5 of us this afternoon.

“Give me a sign Aara. ..anything. ..something “, Nemo whispered as everyone looked on

The beeping intensified. …

“Move your eyes up and down two times for a yes…don’t move at all for a no…just the way that you used to when you were 8 “..and he laughed with tears in his eyes ” you used to scare Sahal like that remember ”

The beeping carried on…as finally, Aara moved her eyes up and down two times! !

Nemo cried as he asked her another question

“Did you hear what Laeeka said about the balloons? ”

I was ready to scream with joy as she moved her eyes twice again!

” Chocolate cheesecake? ”


And the machine beeped faster as Aara moved her eyes four times!

We were laughing and crying at the same time!!

“Aara. .it’s me”, Zoheb said as he held her hand tearfully

I expected the machine to go crazy again and I even thought that she would wake up. But she didn’t react to him at all. ..

“Would you like a mini facial Aaroo? “, Zainab asked gleefully as the rest of us looked at her in shock. …but Aara moved her eyes twice yet again

Everyone had a turn to say something to her and she responded. ..but despite several attempts from Zoheb, she didn’t react , not even once.

Doctor Jamal was very happy with the new progress that she had made and said that it was now probably only a matter of time before she’s back with us completely but that we shouldn’t overwhelm her and bombard her with too many questions, just be normal and don’t expect her to respond every single time because it was possible that at that time, she could be sleeping too.

Aara’s parents and Sahal were overjoyed and spent a full hour that night “talking ” to her.

When all except Zoheb, Maariah, Immy, Riza, Sahal and I were left later on that night , Zoheb asked for a few minutes alone with Aara. ..


As narrated by Zoheb :

I sat at her bedside and held her hand. I tried not to cry, as I tried to communicate with her again. .

“Apple pie, I need you. ..I need you so much. .I know that you’re mad at me, I am truly so sorry. ..I came back earlier because I couldn’t stay away from you any longer and I was going to come clean with you about everything. It killed me to leave you like that, to see all those questions in your eyes. .Please forgive me Aara, I can’t live without you…”

And I placed the ring that I had gotten for her in the palm of her hand. ..

“I wanted to make you mine, I messed up big time, I am so sorry, so so sorry. ..Please give me another chance ”

And I kissed her hand as tears poured down my cheeks. ..but she didn’t react at all.

I put the ring into my pocket and tucked her in gently

“I will wait for you. ..For as long as it takes ”


As narrated by Maariah

I hugged Immy goodbye as Zoheb exited Aara’s room. Everyone was silent. I really felt so bad for him…

It was my turn tonight. Between Aunty Salma, Aunty Sawleha, Aunty Maseeha, my mum,Zainab, Laeeka, Sahal, Uncle Hassan and I…we shared the night shifts at Aara’s bedside. The hospital staff were more than competent but this was for our own peace of mind.

Immy and I had started taleeem at home every night, and I was most amazed by Sura Inshirah so I read it aloud along with the English translation. And I repeated the lines that I loved the most. ..fa innama’al usri yusra, innama’al usri yusra (Verily, with every hardship,there is ease )and Aara’s heart monitor started beeping faster and faster. A wave of panic washed over me as I repeated the lines slowly, as my lips and hands trembled, and the beeping became more intense. ..

And just as I was about to get up and call for help. …I was frozen to the spot by a very familiar voice that I hadn’t heard in a long time . ..

” Can you read those lines one more time for me please? ”




17 thoughts on “Part 201 – Verily, With Every Hardship, There Is Ease

  1. And alhamdullilah Aara is back! โค๏ธ This was by far the best surprise post ๐Ÿ™Œ although I feel bad for Zoheb ๐Ÿ˜” why is he only getting the silent treatment and not Nemo? Not fair Aara! โœ‹ The next post will be awaited…patiently๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you Shazia ๐ŸŒธ #TeamZoheb


  2. Gr8 post, as usual!!! U r realy an amazin writer! Maaf4dis but d verse “verily after every hardship comes ease” is from surah Inshiraah and not surah asr…


  3. Aaaahhh…. I’m happy that she’s good… Trust her to be excited for food. But Zoheeeb!!!!!!!!!! Oh noooo, oh noo oh no.
    Can I cry for him?

    Why oh why…….. She’s really hurt innit. But but but he is Zooheeeb.
    I cannot wait for the day where he will ask and she will say yes……


  4. Aaahhh, plz tell me that familiar voice belongs to Aara!!
    Okay not to be mean or anything but I am kinda hoping that her not reacting to Zoheb’s voice means she kinda forgot him and only remembers that she’s in love with Naeem #TeamNemo


  5. Totally grief stricken for zoheb !!! This is totes sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … crying for days. She can’t do this to him. #TeamZoheb


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great post shaz!Love that surah! Named my daughter yusra cos I had a miscarriage and was very depressed so when she was born that name was so appropriate!……………… Shame feeling bad for zoheb! I think aara is suffering from memory loss!


    • I’m so sorry for your loss sakeena ๐Ÿ’” it’s a void I’m sure that can never be filled but Allah Ta’ala will reward you for your patience insha Allah and make it easy for you ameen


  7. Yayy!!! Aara is back….shukar…. feel so bad for Zoheb….. hope Aara does not have memory loss of the past year that she does not recognise Zoheb..he is just too sweet #TeamZoheb. Oh well I am sure she will probably fall in love with him all over again just like the last time:)*wink wink*…. her Siddarth:D


  8. I am still registering with zoheb 1st pov and lld has already produced 2posts thereafter…
    Tas ur letter from Uzair was beutiful๐ŸŒน
    This post was amazing…made me smile, hurt 4zoheb, tears of sadness&happiness… And wait dat is aara voice mariah heard๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰…she needs 2start moving not much time 2prepare 4ramadaan๐Ÿ˜œ


  9. My theory of why Aara isnt responding to Zohed is not thats shes angry with him but perhaps due to the injuries caused, she remembers her friends from the past but not Zohed who had come now recently into her life……..just a thought.


  10. Oh, this is the best and saddest post yet .. </3

    Does she not remember Zoheb, maybe the trauma is what she's blocking from her mind and Zoheb with it .. ??

    I have officially fallen in love with this blog! โค

    Well done, once again, Ms AwesomeAuthorness ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Oh dear I hope araa does not have some sort of amnesia which makes her forget all about zoheb I think I will be more heartbroken than him.ive also only come across your blog over the last few days (I know I know where was I under some rock ๐Ÿ˜‚) I can’t believe I have reached that point where I have to wait and even worst when I realised the last post was yesterday ๐Ÿ˜‚ #teamzoheb


  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaara!!! *literally screaming and my bros is asking me what’s happening* that’s you innit??? it has to be you!!!!! Eissssh Zooooo I feeel you bruuh!!!! But this game Aara is playing with them is super cool. Eh I wanna be like Aara, super cool even when she’s beyond sick and at her breaking point. Apple pie I love you more than Zoheb and Nemo bcz sister love surpasses everything right???? so will you please wake up! *she rolls her eyes 5 times* YAAAAAAAY!!! okay im high bye

    Liked by 1 person

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