Part 202 – Kheer, Nutella and Milkshake…

As narrated by Maariah:

It took a few seconds for me to register what had just happened…I’m such an idiot!!!

“Aara!! You’re awake!!”, I said in sheer happiness, as I rushed to her side and hugged her

“Owww “, she said as she winced in pain

“I’m so sorry I’m so sorry “, I said as I backed up a little

She just smiled.

“Let me call the doctor” , I said with tears in my eyes

“Mari, let it be, just sit with me a little “, she said softly. ..”and can I have some water please ”

After adjusting her a little and giving her some water and lip balm, she looked more like the Aara that we know. ..

“What are my damages? “,she said as she looked at herself

” Do you remember what happened? “,unsure of whether I should bring it up or not

“I know that I had a huge fallout with Zoheb and Nemo, I came tumbling down the stairs and there was. ..oh my God, have I been shot???”, she asked as her heart rate increased

So I explained everything to her as calmly as possible , about her injuries, the gunshot wounds, her hand that was also badly fractured and her ankle that was fractured too .

“How long was I out for? “,she said as she swallowed hard

“22 days…I think I should call your doctor now ”

“22 days! !”….

Aara was silent for a few seconds before she started laughing ” this was the longest sleep of my life ! Is everyone okay? My parents. .are they here??”

” Everyone is fine, your parents are in Jhb . .and now I am going to call your doctor ”

“Wait dont call the doctor yet Mari…ummmm ” and she became silent again

“Call Riza and ask him to please come here now. .don’t tell him anything though ”

“Errr okay. .are you okay? , I asked

“I’m starving Mari, ask Riza what his mother cooked today”, she said in classic Aara style

“Woah. .I don’t think that you’re quite allowed to eat solids yet..and Aara we need to call your doctor ”

“Pleeeeease Mari “, she said as she smiled

Lol. I guess that the doctor can wait for now…

“Oh alright ”

This was going to be so weird. I have never asked Riza for food like…ever! But I dialed him anyway and put it on speaker …

“Hello Assalaamualaikum ”

“Waalaikum salaam Riza…I need a favour please ”

“Sure what’s up? Wait is Aara okay? ?”

“All good, all good “, I said as I tried to remain calm

“Okay. ..what’s the favour Maripops? ”

“Errrr. …errrrr ”

And Aara had the broadest grin on her face as she bit her lip

“Errrrr what did your mother cook today? ”

“Huh?”, Riza said and I could hear the disbelief in his voice!!!Aaaaaraaaaaa!!

“Errr what did your mother cook today? ”

“Err biryani….are you…. hungry Maariah? ”

This seemed to be an errrrr errrr conversation. …

“Biryani is definitely a no no”, I said even as Aara nodded her head when she heard biryani!

“Oookay. ..she also made kheer? ”

And Aara nodded her head quickly. Lmfao!

“Yeah kheer would be good ”

And I tried to understand what she was saying by lip reading and I repeated it aloud without even thinking

“And a bottle of Nutella with a spoon and also a few bottles of milkshake, all different flavours please ”

Wait…what??? Did I just say that!!!

“Are you feeling okay Maariah? “, Riza asked as he laughed into the phone

“No….uhuh not anymore ”

“Seriously though, this is a typical Aara request.’re staying there and she’s rubbing off on you “, he said as he laughed again

“Yeah I think so. ..don’t tell anyone that you’re coming here okay “, I said as I forced a laugh

“I’m on it ”

I ended the call and stared at my phone..and then I also started laughing

“You have no idea how good it is to have you back! ”

As narrated by Riza

I started packing up some kheer to take to Maariah, and got out the Nutella and the teaspoon. This has never happened before so my being surprised was justified. I would have thought that Maariah would phone Immy if she needed something, not that I minded that she asked me but something just wasn’t adding up.

I wondered whether she was in a problem or maybe she was pregnant? Yeah, that explains the weird mix of food requests! I mean except for Aara, who eats kheer with Nutella and milkshake?

Normally it’s the other way around. We are always hashing Mari for food from her restaurant! I was so engrossed in my theories that I hadn’t noticed my mother standing behind me!

“Where are you going Bachu. everything okay with Aara? ”

“Errrr yeah everything is fine with Aara mummy” ,I said as I put everything into a basket

“So where are you going so late with all these things? ”

“Errrrr….. to….. Arshad. Yep, I’m going to Arshad. Actually, his…..errrr fish died and he’s a little upset so…”

What the….I didn’t even realise what I had said! !

“So you are taking kheer and Nutella and having a khatam for the fish?”, my dad asked as he stood next to my mother, both of them with that about – to – laugh look on their faces

“Errrr. …”

“Don’t come back too late now “, my mother said as she ruffled my hair

Shew. ..All the women in my life. ….

The hospital wasn’t too far from my house, okay maybe THAT’S why Mari called me! I really needed to stop the wondering and pondering…I mean I would do anything for any of our friends.

” I lied to my parents that I was taking all this stuff to Arshoo’s because his fish died. …don’t even ask because I have no idea where that even came from “, I said as I walked into Aara’s room while checking something on my phone

“Yeah join the club “, Maariah said

“Well, here’s your order Mrs., where should I leave it? “, I asked as I typed the last sentence of a message on my phone

” I’m pretty sure that it’s still Miss, unless I got married while I was in a coma ”

Everything literally came to a standstill. I think I even forgot to breathe for a few seconds!

” I should have known…This could only be your doing “, I smiled as I walked towards Aara ” I can’t believe it! ”

I really couldn’t. I was with her when it happened, I saw her lying lifeless on the ground, I saw her struggling to live….

We spoke for a little while as she ate, she was overjoyed to hear about Laeeka and I and said that she had heard me tell her about it but she wasn’t sure if she was dreaming!

“Hang on. ..does everyone know that Aara is awake Mari? ”

” No…”, Aara said as she took another sip of her milkshake ” Not just yet…”

She went on to tell us what she wanted and why, she said that she couldn’t do it without us…

“It’s insane. .This is not a movie “, I said as I shook my head

“Reez come on…I need to do this, after everything, I really need to do this “, she pleaded

” They have told your parents everything you know..and they are full of remorse too. .”, Mari said softly

Aara looked at me and I understood. She wouldn’t do this if she didn’t have to. .

“Phase 1 lasts for half a day maybe. .because I am dying to see everyone especially my parents . .Phase 2…well, at least until I have some personal satisfaction…Riza, Mari told me that your uncle Doctor Jamal is my doctor. please can you take him into confidence…I have no other way right now so we will have to borrow from Bollywood ”

I sat back and laughed. I laughed so hard that a few tears fell from my eyes. And the three of us ended up talking for another hour. ..

“Okay so who’s first? “, Mari asked, now revved up for the elaborate task ahead of us

“Definitely Arshad! “,Aara laughed ” because for as many times that I recall him sitting here with Zai, he would always tell her how scared he was and he would read his kalima through the entire time that they sat here!”

Lmao! OK!Arshoo it is then :-p





16 thoughts on “Part 202 – Kheer, Nutella and Milkshake…

  1. And Aara is back with a bang!! πŸ’ƒ Shazia you the most talented writer out tger like seriously!! Your writing amazes me! MashaAllah πŸ˜‰ More please…pretty please? 🌸


  2. Shaaziaaa….ur de best and most amazing….
    “Arshad fish died” haha that was hilarious…. Your too good at writing! Thank you for the wonderful post and also makings us laugh well at least U made Me laugh!!


  3. Ur posts jus seem 2 get beta n beta!!! Amazin stuff dear. I’m also glad dat u’r postin more often now… Btw, I was, I am n I wil alwys b TEAM NEMO!!! ξ›Ήβˆ•Ζ–βˆ•Ζ–Ο‰βˆ‚hξ›Ή


  4. hahahahahahahhahaha omw!!! his fish died so you taking kheer and nutella #dead
    Guessss whos back??? back again?? Aaaaaaaaaraaa *dancing on the table* She’s having milkshake and nutella already! Ooooh she heard everything they would say *grins*! Arshad read his kalimahs LOL but I would do the same! I’m so excited :’) :’) :’)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Heyyyy it was supposed to be farzanahs kheer!! πŸ˜‰
    πŸ˜€ :D. Aaaaaaarrrraaaaaaaaa. I love this girl. You know how I smiled through out this entiiirrreee post. Especially the part where mari phoned riza. It is sooo cute. I’m suuper excited to see what they going to do.

    You right, its aara we talking about, she’s gonna do volumes, I think I forgot what she did to zoheb.

    JazakaAlllllaaahhhhh sooo much shaz.
    Really enjoyed this post…


  6. Yayyy Aara is back:’) ..Loved this post..was just tooo amazingπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ lmao khatam for the fishπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks sooo Much for the awesome post ms authoress;) πŸ˜€


  7. I love this blog. Masha-Allah you have such a talent. I laughed at the fish, jumped for joy when Aara was
    Back, and on the edge of my seat to find out Aaras plan. Team ZaAARA


  8. So I’m a new reader. Hands down, this blog is one of the few, Best that I read it.
    Keep writing the good that you do !


  9. i love this blog .. out every single blog i have read so this one without a doubt is my favrioute
    please dont let her be upset with zoheb 😦 ..
    pleease post sooon πŸ™‚


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