Part 203 – Realise, Refresh, Renew

As narrated by Riza

I actually woke up laughing this morning!! And it felt so good to laugh after what felt like ages!

As I readied myself, I thought of Doctor Jamal’s reaction to our request, and I ended up laughing harder!

“You just woke up after being in a coma for 3 weeks senile girl!!”, he said to Aara …and the look on Aara’s face when he said that was priceless!

Lol! Doctor Jamal, or Uncle Hoosen to me, was the sweetest old man I’ve ever known and he had a lot of time for me. He pushed paper work aside when it came to treating Aara on that fateful night and he ensured that only the best care was given to her. He was so happy when I told him that Aara was awake but he was stunned when Maariah and I explained to him what Aara’s request was when he came to check on her.

“Please Doctor Jamal “,Aara pleaded

“You kids are going to make me lose my license”,he said as he shook his head

Now he was a die hard romantic in his days, and according to the lovely Mrs.Jamal, he still was. So we played on it in the nicest way possible and eventually read him Uzairs letter to convince him further. ..

“Okay but just for a little while “, he said as he tried to contain his excitement, “and Aara you will not play with your health at any cost and if you do, well then you’ll have me to deal with ”

That was the biggest relief for us, although a part of me couldn’t believe that I had actually agreed to doing all of this with Aara! But…it was Aara…so yeah…

Now, I needed to go and get a water pistol…yep…a water…today was Attack Arshoo remember :-p


As narrated by Aara

Who would have thought that a hole in my chest would open my eyes? Life is strange indeed.

All the events that led to the outcome of that horrible night sent me on a free fall downhill. I didn’t even know that I was fighting for my life, all I know is that I was so fast asleep. ..

I awoke to an incredible amount of pain, one that didn’t subside for the entire duration of my being awake. I looked groggily towards my father, who had fallen asleep in the chair next to my bed, and I was unable to get his attention. And as everything happens for a reason, I drifted back into my painful blanket of slumber. Only this time it was very different …

This time, it felt as though my eyelids had been glued together! Because I could hear everything that was being said when I wasn’t asleep, but I couldn’t open my eyes at all, no matter how much I tried. That’s when Nemo started making contact with me through a silly childhood thing that I used to do. ..and a silly childhood thing that he remembered.

It felt so good to interact with him (despite everything) and everyone else, it had genuinely felt like centuries! Then Zoheb spoke. ..and my heart exploded. It is true that we come down the hardest on those closest to our hearts and I was suddenly filled with a mixture of different emotions. a raging inferno on an icy mountain or a thunderous downpour in broad daylight. It was a feeling that I hadn’t felt before and I didn’t know how to react. So I didn’t react at all. Not then , not when he placed that ring in the palm of my hand, not when he cried. I just remained oblivious on the outside, but inside I was torn to pieces…

Later on that night, as though through a miracle, my eyes finally opened when I heard Maariah reading Sura Inshirah. I awoke with virtually no pain and with a seemingly revived spirit, as I spoke to Riza and Maariah. I had resolved to doing things a little differently, but for once, for me only.

That night, Riza read Uzairs letter to me again, with a wary Doctor Jamal present. He wasn’t too happy with my request and even called me senile! Lol! But Uncle Hoosen (Dr.Jamal) was an angel. He eventually agreed but made us promise him that this wouldn’t be prolonged. I had no intention to prolong it either, because I knew that it would hurt me more than him. ..but at the same time, realise,refresh,renew. That’s all.

I looked at Riza as he spoke to Arshoo on the phone and I smiled to myself. I am so damn lucky.

“Thank you Reez”, I said softly

“Why the thank you A?”

“For being the best always…I really appreciate it ”

He just smiled..

“I mean it…no one would do what you do. .you are much more than a brother even…”, I said with tears in my eyes

“I told you A, when we were probably just souls…we must have been friends and partners in crime too”, he winked and exited the room

Where has life brought us and how? The decisions, the choices, the heartbreak, the anguish. We have learnt, we have suffered, but we have never surrendered.

Aadil was behind bars, Riza and Laeeka were back together, Immy and Maariah were married, Zainab and Arshad were getting married too, but we were still stuck.

Of all the things that I have learnt, I think that this time I have actually absorbed the lesson. I had to put myself first so that everyone could be happy. It might sound selfish, but it was the truth.

I was not in the centre of the storm, I was the centre and it was upto me to decide which way to go..and now that I found my path…there was no turning back. My ways were always weird and funny, but my intentions were always solid. This time too, it would be done my way…weirdly..but with good intentions;)


Author’s Note:


I am feeling excessively happy tonight…Let’s just say, when the world makes you think negatively, little miracles from ordinary people restore your faith in humanity 🙂 It feels so good to be a tiny part of the bigger picture:))

Anyway, as you all know, that I don’t post during Ramadaan, but last week was hectic beyond hectic and I didn’t get a chance to post, so this is the final post until Eid Insha Allah.

Please maximise the benefits of this most blessed month and please remember me and the rest of the Ummah in your duas…

Wishing you a beautiful Ramadaan…

Much Love,






13 thoughts on “Part 203 – Realise, Refresh, Renew

  1. I was so absolutely thrilled to receive a new post from u. U so awesome. Just loving this blog so very much. I’ve read ALL ur posts but don’t comment. Just wana say that I had a huge grin on my face whilst readn this post and cannot wait to see what our dear Aara is up to. She is just the life of the party. Oh and I also teared A LOT @ the part where Aara gave no reaction to when Zoheb spoke to her. Dying to know what she has instore for him.
    See u after Eid, have a blessed Ramadaan.


  2. had his huge stupid grin on my face when i read this post…cant wait to see what aara has up her sleeve thanx shazia for an amzing post totally loved it ..may u have a blessed ramadaan…. untill then


  3. Well Aara will be Aara…..,,,,,.,.. Always up to something. They definitely going to spook Arshad out…….. Feel bad for zoheb…. But I will making dua for nemo too! I only hope he doesn’t loose aara for ever……..


  4. Wow. Loving everybit of it … I hope Aara forgives Zoheb… My heart bleeds 4 him..

    The best blog have read so far.. Keep it up


  5. i started this blog only 4 days ago, and i loved every post….i cried,laughed till my tummy was sore and everything else! thank you for sharing this with us…totally hooked! team zaara all the way!!! pls pls pls suprise us with a post *puppy dog eyes*


  6. I just read this whole blog again from the beggining in 2 days and I don’t regret one bit of it. All I can say is you one great author and what you are doing is a gift that you have because never in a million years could i think of something to wright this awesome… 😀

    Keep up the good blog,
    Love your Work and You ❤

    Team: AaraAndZoheb forever and ever :*

    Liked by 1 person

  7. One month is too long 😦 ….°̩ log on to the blog often hoping there’s α magical post! Can’t wait! Lots of love!


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