Part 204- Second Chances

As narrated by Maariah

I had a huge grin on my face as I tucked the water pistol into Aara’s sleeve and then made her hand rest on a pillow. She had also asked for falooda and mango juice. guess that no matter what happens, some things wouldn’t change.

This was going to be a short little drama as Aara was dying to talk to her family and the rest of us…but that’s when the bigger plan would begin.

“Ready?”, I asked her as I packed the falooda container into my bag.

“Ask me that question after Arshoo. ..because I am really feeling very nervous. .and worried that what if I can’t do it. .I mean can I really be that way in front of Zoheb? ?”, she said all at once

“Aaaand you have just answered my question “, I smiled

“When I think about it , a part of me says no and a part of me says yes…”

“Wellllll, let’s do this, When it comes down to the crunch, then you decide. Whatever it is, we’re right behind you and even though some may not understand your reasons, but do it for yourself ”

Aara broke out into a million watt smile and nodded her head.

Riza had already asked Arshoo to come to the hospital and had placed the camcorder very discreetly behind the big bunch of yellow roses on Aara’s table. We had rigged this room and we were going to watch this via live feed! Lol! I couldn’t wait!

As narrated by Arshad

“Wwwwhat do you mean by strange things? “, I asked as I made no attempt to hide the fact that what Riza just said scared the daylight out of me!

“Last night, Aara was mumbling in her sleep. ..It was scary, really scary and I even felt like sprinkles of water being thrown at me “,Maariah said with her head down

“What are you saying??????”

“We’re saying that she probably needs help, Arshoo I need to drop Mari home, she’s been here all night and then I am going to go get a moulana! “,Riza said

“I’ll drop Mari and go fetch the moulana, you stay here! “, I pleaded

“Her family doesn’t know man Arshad, and why are you behaving like this anyway? Aara is your friend too , how can you be so insensitive???”, Riza said loud enough to make the nurse walking past us look at us weirdly

“I’m not being insensitive, dude I’m scared!!”

“You’re scared of Aara? “,Riza asked in disbelief

“Not scared of her…but ..”

“But what Arshoo? ”

This was going nowhere!

“Okay fine I’ll stay but…just. ..don’t be too long okay “, I said

“Good, remember to keep the door closed and if anything happens don’t leave her alone “, Maariah said as she started walking away

“Wait what?? What will happen? ?Maariah? ?Riza???”

And very conveniently both of them had received a call on their mobiles and they just waved and walked away.

I waited for a few minutes before I plucked up the courage to open the door to Aara’s room, reading every surah that came to mind.

She was still in a coma so how hard could this be?

I slowly sat on the chair while looking at her…wary of any sudden movement or unusual occurence, and to my relief. ..There was nothing.

I closed my eyes and I promise you that every single horror movie scene that I had watched switched on like a pre-planned slide show in my head! I was paranoid, I really was. I started reading with my eyes closed. ..when a spray of something on my hand made me jump off my seat in shock !!!

“Heeeeyyy who’s doing that???”, I said aloud to absolutely nobody, because everything seemed pretty normal

My heart pounded in my chest as I stared at Aara’s face to see if there was any movement, but I was stupid, how could I expect her to wake up from a coma and do any drama…so I reluctantly sat down again and this time I read a little louder, my head down

A few minutes passed with nothing. .maybe the ceiling had a leak…and that’s when it happened again! A quick squirt of liquid on my hand in the same spot as the first time! I was convinced that it was the ceiling so I moved my chair closer to Aara. .

And another squirt! Followed almost immediately by the sound of a metal table being dragged across the floor and then the banging of windows and the sound of a whole lot of cutlery falling! !I was glued to my chair and no sound would escape my mouth! My body trembled as the sight of Aara smiling in her sleep sent the coldest shivers down my spine!

I literally flew off my chair and threw myself against the door and hurriedly tried to open it but it was locked from the outside! !!

“Where are you going Arshad? “, a shrill voice said. ..but it wasn’t Aara

“Hey hey…whoever you are, just go away! “, I managed to mumble

“Not without you “, the voice said


By now I had gathered my courage and I started to kick the door. .I genuinely cared for Aara and I would get her some help but I didn’t want to be possessed in the process!

I took out my phone and dialed Riza…

“Riza where the hell are you???”

And I dropped my phone in shock as the shrill voice on the phone answered back…” It’s pointless, no one can hear you… I want you Arshad! !!You are NOT leaving here alone! ”

The lights flickered and the weird sounds could be heard again and I started to cry! What? Men cry too you know!

This is it..this is the end…fear consumed me as I closed my eyes and waited for whatever was to happen next…but what happened next was something that I didn’t anticipate. ..

Aara started laughing with her eyes closed….I inched closer towards her “I’m sorry Aara, I don’t know how this happened to you. ..but we will help you okay. ..somehow, if we get out of this you will be fine ”

“Got you Arshoo! !”, she said as she opened her eyes and grinned at me

I was so shocked, surprised, stunned. ..that I jumped backwards and fell over the chair, flat onto the floor!!

“Arshoo…I can’t exactly get up quickly you know’, she said as she continued laughing

I tried to gather myself as I sat on the floor, my heart was still pounding..and I was so out of breath!!

“You are totally insane A…totally, totally insane”, I said as I shook my head

And then it dawned upon me..and I leapt off the floor and pulled Aara’s cheeks!

“You’re awake!!! You’re actually awake!! Oh my word Aara you’re so full of crap but holy moley you’re awake!”

This was I don’t know but I couldn’t contain my excitement!!!

“How are you Arshoo?”, she asked with a smile on her face

“I’m much better now”, I replied honestly with tears in my eyes, “and you, how are you?”

“There’s quite alot of pain still…but the worst is over”, she said as a tear fell from her eye

“In pain and still enough energy to pull a prank on me?”, I grinned

Aara laughed and wiped away a tear ” I didn’t do it alone….guys come on in”

As I had expected, Riza and Maariah walked into the room

“Gotta hand it to you Arshoo…nobody gives those kind of reactions except you”, Riza laughed as he patted me on my back

“Yeah yeah”, I said as I wiped away my tears too “does everyone else know that she’s awake?”

“Not yet…Arshoo we need to let you in on something”..Riza said

It was a little far fetched, it would be very emotional too, but…with all the grief that we’ve all been experiencing from before Aara getting shot, it seemed that time too just sort of flew by. This could be classified as playing with people’s emotions..but not without reason. I needed a time out. Perhaps in this pretend playing process, we would be able to find ourselves again, as situations would be recreated, and chances are that moments would be relived.

Life was moving too quickly…maybe we did need to stop and turn around for a bit..

As much as Aara said that she was doing this for herself, we knew too that we also stood to benefit from it. It was a second chance not just for her, but for all of us – she wouldn’t admit it aloud but she didn’t have to. This was Aara after all.

Sometimes when life takes you forward, and we are faced with challenging situations, ones that seem to be out of our control, we lose sight of our original selves. Consumed by our daily lives, relationships become faded..we lose touch of what made us who we are, random incidents that made us shine, the people in our lives who made us stand on their shoulders to reach for what we wanted.

If we had a second chance, what would we do?

Aara’s reasoning was a little different. She wanted to let them see the results of their doings. But even then, through this, everyone, even they, stood to gain.

It wasn’t easy to explain. But actions would now speak louder than words…

“I’m in”, I said as I held my hand forward. And soon enough all four hands were upon each other like kids..”Here’s to second chances!”


This is for all those who requested a suprise post! Hope you enjoyed it:)

Much Love,




10 thoughts on “Part 204- Second Chances

  1. Lol Arshoo.. His too cute.

    Thank u, thank u.. I will now patiently wait 4 the next post.. Hopofully there will be More of Zoheb in it..

    #Team ZAARA


  2. Aaaaaraaaa never fails to amaze me.
    Arshooo is waayyy to oulik and I like the sound of second chances.
    I cannot wait for the next post.
    Truely loved this one


  3. I love love LOVE your blog!! I’ve started reading from Part One last week and am already up to date 😑 I really enjoy the story line- fun, unexpected, and always entertaining! Your characters have really come to life through your posts and I am glad to be following their journey. I’d also like to thank you for keeping me occupied and away from the TV during Ramadaan πŸ˜‰ I also greatly appreciate and like that your writing is always absent of spelling and grammar mistakes. Thank you for the constant entertainment and please continue your amazing writing πŸ˜€


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