Part 206 – Hold My Hand Back To Where You Belong

As narrated by Arshad :

Everyone stood outside Aara’s room while Dr.Jamal and the neurologist went in. I so badly wanted to laugh! Aara was such a blerrry drama queen! I would never have been able to pull that off but that feeling was very short lived as Riza nudged me to play my part.

I felt really bad for Zoheb, no doubt, because he looked as though he had been hit by a bus as he sat silently, with his face in his hands.

“I wonder if this amnesia thing is permanent “, I said aloud

Bad move. Because I was on the receiving end of killer dagger looks from Zainab, Laeeka and Nemo.

“Before saying anything, I think that we should wait to hear what the doctor says”,Zainab said as she gave me the shut up Arshad stare

“I know that but I am just saying…If it is permanent, then that means that Aara has forgotten so many good memories. ..”

And that line struck a cord as Zoheb flinched uneasily…

“Atleast Nemo.. you’re in luck dude, she’s forgotten your most recent goof ups too”, I said as I forced out a fake laugh

Gawwwwd why do I end up with all the silly things to do!

“Because it doesn’t look orchestrated coming from you”, Riza whispered, as though he had been reading my mind

Very NOT funny!!!

“Please Arshoo let’s just be a little positive “, Nemo said as he played with his fingers

Aha ! So it struck the right cord there too! Mission accomplished, I can keep quiet for now. ..

Eventually after the doctors discussed this new “development ” with Aara’s parents, poor Dr.Jamal played his part too. We were told not to stress her out unnecessarily and that we could help her remember gradually if we could see that it wasn’t affecting her in a negative way. Dr.Jamal raised a few eyebrows when he suddenly laughed while telling us this, but then covered it up quickly by saying that all of us looked so gloomy even though our friend was alive and well. Haha at least I wasn’t the only one!

But a very wise old lady who silently observed our entire interaction, seemed to know otherwise. …

As narrated by Aara :

I cried my heart out after Dr. Jamal left my room. I was finally alone and the realisation of this whole act had hit me harder than I thought it would.

The look in his eyes when I called him by a different name. ..The pain that was written all over his face when I hugged Nemo and didn’t recognize him..

I didn’t hate him, nor did I hate Nemo. But it was easier to be angry at Zoheb..

I had asked Dr. Jamal to ask everyone to go home because he had given me a sedative , but the truth was that I just wanted to be alone. I was happy to be back, to be alive, but being back also meant facing everything all over again, facing reality again, facing the anger and hurt again and being stuck in this bed didn’t exactly make it any easier! It upset me more than anything else that I had to lie to my parents too…but Sahal had assured me that they would understand when we did eventually tell them…it didn’t make it feel any better though..

I couldn’t sleep that night, no matter how much I tried and I just lay silently and watched the raindrops run down my room window. ..

My thoughts drifted back to Blue Rain. ..whatever happened to that poem? I never did find that sheet of paper again. ..

“Mind if I join you? “,he asked as he knocked on the door and opened it at the same time

“Only if you brought something good to eat “, I smiled

“I’m armed with chocolate cheesecake and cappuccino, sweetheart “,he smiled back

My heart froze for a second as my mind begged Nemo silently to prove everyone wrong…He wouldn’t use the situation to his advantage would he?

“I couldn’t sleep…I was hoping that you were up”, he said as he laid out the cheesecake and cappuccino on my portable table and raised my bed

“Why?”, I asked

“Because I wanted to tell you a story “, he said as he brought a chair next to my bed

“You came all the way to tell me a story?”, I asked as I raised my eyebrow at him

“Aara I’ve been thinking. ..”

“Oh gosh! Did you get a headache? ”

“Cute…but no “,he said with a side smile

“Then what forced Mr.Moolla to actually think!”, I grinned

“Memory loss but some things you didn’t forget I see hey!”, Nemo chuckled as he pulled my nose

“Errrr….,” I said, hoping upon hope…

” Ok so…the thinking…and the thinking hard that I did….Aara..It’s because of me that you are here and…”


“And so I decided that I won’t let you forget almost an entire year of your precious life so…I brought this “, he said as he took out a book from inside his jacket

“What’s this Nemo? “, I asked him curiously

“This, …This is our journey from the date night that you remember last…it’s parts of Riza’s journal and Zainab’s scrapbook of what we have been upto..The highlights…The memories. ..and for what ever isn’t in here…”

And he paused, swallowed hard and continued

“For whatever isn’t in here…I’m here to tell you about it ”

I didn’t say a word. ..

Nemo fed me a bite of cheesecake and settled into his chair

“This is about the 7 of us right? “,I asked

“It’s about our journey from 7 to 9…but I’m not going to tell you everything all at once…we’ll do a little every day ”

“Ookay. 7 to 9 you say. ..who’s number 8 and 9?”,I asked hopefully

“8 is Zoheb, 9 is Immy…but Immy came at a much later stage”

“Zoheb. in Riza’s friend? ”


“I don’t even know him…”

Nemo smiled and leaned forward

“You don’t just know him sweetheart…you love him ”

A tear fell from my eye involuntarily as my heart pounded in my chest…

“Nemo I. ..”

“Shhh …I’m not going to listen to some doctor who doesn’t know about us..I don’t want to overwhelm you but life is too short and we’ve already made way too many mistakes so far and I’m not about to repeat it”, Nemo said as he wiped away the tear

“This is too much to take in…how did I …”

“I’m going to tell you a little bit every day sweetheart, whenever you want me to stop I will. ..let me hold your hand back to where you belong…Please “, he pleaded

I nodded and he started reading from this book of memories. ..If I could have jumped up and touched the sky , I would have! I was overcome with an inferno of emotions as I listened to his words…

He proved everyone wrong! Nobody could understand us even if they tried…A bond created in childhood , a friendship to last a lifetime…

I knew that Nemo would never hurt me intentionally…even if his heart was broken. As I listened to him read, I thought about his confession. My heart broke for him…He was holding on to his words so steadfastly and he genuinely meant it

“This reliving of memories. ..What should we call it Nemo? “, I said, interrupting him

“Aaaaaraaaaa why does everything need to have a name? , he said as he frowned at me

I smiled and shrugged

“Second chances? “, he said with a small smile

“I like the sound of that”, I answered softly as I looked at my best friend. .because I truly, honestly did.

hold my hand back to where you belong...

hold my hand back to where you belong…


14 thoughts on “Part 206 – Hold My Hand Back To Where You Belong

  1. OH MY SOUL!!!!! *ADD A MILLION HEART EMOJIS*!!! I overly loved this post!!!❤ I’m picturing this whole scene… urgh! its so cute! He’s gonna tell Aara about how she loves Zoheb, my heart breaks for him but he’s doing what’s best for Aara at least and this will be a thank you and I’m sorry to Zoheb :’) !! Damn, Nemo I love you!!! 😀 “A bond created in childhood, a friendship to last a lifetime”❤❤❤❤❤ I’m crying it’s so cute mahn…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww man! See how much nemo loves aara! He already her that she loves zoheb and trying to help her remember! Don’t know how long aara can keep a straight face with nemo! @ haaj, its soooo hard no to love nemo!


  3. Missed you and the blog so much during ramadhaan. Hope you hade a wonderful ramadhaan and eid. Amazing amazing amazing writing as always…. I can’t wait for more…


  4. Can someone be my nemo kinda best friend. He is such a wonderful guy. I can’t believe how well he is…………….. Actually I can this is thee Nemo. I love how he pleads with her and I adore him even more when he is determined to share the story that isn’t written.

    He proved me wrong and all those others that thinks Nemo is selfish. This shows he isn’t and when its time to make things right…… Nemo surely can.

    “You just don’t know him sweetheart, You love him”. Whooooo would say that about another guy to a girl he loves?!!!??
    As the posts goes Nemo amazes me even more.

    And Aara…… Of course its going to hurt and yes life carries on, you too have to darling. Even if it means healing taking a while longer than wanted.

    I’m just soo taken aback with every1 writing recently that I’m actually re-reading the previous posts again. I just love this journey totally.

    Cannot waitttt for moree.
    Lovely stuff


  5. Oh em geeezles!!!!!!!!!!🙊💕💕nemo is officially tied with Oliver Queen at no. 1 on my Fictional Dude amazingness chart…yes it’s a thing in my mind😂🙉don’t judge 😂😂🙈

    Nemo you sweet little ball of sunshine and rainbows and unicorn hugs and cotton candy clouds💕**pinches cheeks


  6. …doesnt look otchestrated by you😂 lollollol i can pic Arshoo with glasses on and freely passing those coments😂😂😂
    Nemo well done, we all love u 4 keeping 2your promise💕you are just tooo adorable💕


  7. im soo hooked on LLD…i re read this story twice…..loving this…hope there lots more to come….would hate to see this blog end….


  8. AwwWww Nemooo u are the Bestest Best guy in the world of bloggin lol !! (If only u really existed) *sigh*
    Heres 2 hopin for loaaddssss of Happiness for Nemo in the future, cnt wait for Nemo 2 find his Super Lucky nd special Gal that he deserves !!
    #Proud of my Nemo


  9. Aww mahn:’) Nemo is thee best!!! This post made me cry..Tears of joy tho♡ Nemo is thee bestest friend Aara will ever have..and I’m glad they both finally realise how important they are to each other 💞


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