Part 209 – Prelude to Better Days

As narrated by Maariah :

Immy sat down next to me as I opened this green envelope. He was so excited because he had obviously not been a part of the initial tasks. I smiled at his innocent smile…gosh I loved this man!

“Since Immy you, never got to participate in the first tasks…We are sharing the best of the best with you both. Supper at Aunty Rukaya’s, you can consider that an initiation ceremony”

“That’s it? I was expecting so much more “, he asked with a confused look on his face

“Ooohhh no..This is wayyyy much more, trust me on this one “, I chuckled to myself

“Ohhhh I remember! Zoheb spoke about this before! It’s that mad house with all those crazy people uhuh I’m not going! ”

“Jaan..We have to! ”

And then everything stopped. The earth stopped spinning, everyone on this planet just froze in time…everyone and everything except us.

“I love it when you call
me jaan”, Immy whispered as he ran his finger across my left cheek

I could feel the temperature rising in and around us…I looked down as I bit my lip nervously.

It’s nine weeks that we are married and it still feels like our wedding day every day. Okay I lie.’s nine weeks, three days, eight hours,twenty three minutes and thirty seven seconds….

So you see. ..I actually have it THAT bad. .In a good way πŸ˜‰

Life was incomplete until now. It wasn’t as though it lacked meaning before this but now the meaning had been solidified with new purpose. The once lingering need for fulfilment in the form of love and companionship had been met and any reservations that I may have had before had disappeared.

Some people felt that Immy and I married too quickly and at some point I also felt that way. But this is the reason why we should never delay marriage…had I delayed this I would never have had the opportunity to feel this way so soon, and with all the liberties too. I just hoped that my friends too would follow suit quickly.

“Immy “,I said softly

“Hmm”, he replied as he engulfed me into one of his warm hugs

“Thank you…For believing in me and for giving me a chance ”

“Timing my love. .timing. .We were meant to be. ..we just had to go through our share of ups and downs to appreciate each other once our paths joined”

I smiled. We were meant to be. had such a beautiful ring to it.

“Immy…”, I whispered again

“Hmmm”, he replied, and I could feel him smiling

“Aara asked me to tell you…that she never forgot anything ”

“I know “,he laughed

“You know??”, I said as my eyebrows met each other in a frown

“I’d be a pretty lousy detective if I didn’t catch up on that”,he grinned

We looked at each other as the grin on both our faces erupted into a bout of laughter

“And I know that I have to keep my mouth shut about it too”,he winked

As narrated by Nemo

Afternoon tea in a hospital room. I never thought I’d ever experience this! But here we were, Papa, Maa, Sahal and I. Having tea and rusks with Aara.

She was doing so well. Her physio really helped and she would now be able to move around with crutches once her hand healed. The doctor said that the plaster on her leg would be out in six weeks but her hand should more or less be okay in two weeks or so. We always joked about how much she ate and more so since she’s back with us but I only realised how much of weight she had lost when I sat in on her physio session yesterday and I had a lump in my throat watching her try and try harder, but she was all smiles.

It was good to see her making such progress. Apart from a scar on her neck, and a bruise above her right eyebrow, her other facial scars were gone. I also suppose all that tissue oil that she used may have played a part in it too. She went through SO much of tissue oil that I contemplated asking her if she was drinking it when no one was looking! Lol…but I decided to just be quiet. Aara is Aara yes…but Aara confined to a hospital room is….something that I have no words to describe.

I stood up to leave after Maa and Papa left, but she stopped me.

“Would you stay for a while?…that is if you don’t have anything to do “, she asked with a smile

“Everything else can wait”, I smiled back as I sat down again

“I wonder how everyone’s day was yesterday, after the first task..did they tell you anything? ”

“Nope…not yet”

” thank you Nemo . ..For everything. And above all for being honest with me and not pretending..”

There was still so much more that I needed to be honest about. …

“There’s more Aara. ..but…whenever you’re ready ”

“I know..”,she said as she looked out of the window with absolutely no expression on her face and then just as quickly, and I couldn’t help but grin at this…she broke out into one of her I’m up to no good smiles…”I need to get outta here! ”

“Errrr…newsflash sweetheart, you’re only going to be discharged after a week ”

“But that’s the thing!”

“What’s the “thing”?”, I asked as my eyebrow shot up

“Don’t do that. .With your eyebrow so high and your big nose…it looks like a handpump! “,she laughed

“Very funny “, I said, throwing a pillow at her

“Hello, defenceless woman here Mr.Moolla!”

Lol! Ya right!

“Okay sorry. .you were saying? ”

“I’m saying…i need to get outta here..even just temporarily “, she said with the cutest blackmailing smile

“And how…uhuh…uhuh Aara no ways “, I said as I shook my head

“Please man come on!”


“Nemo…Please…just think, I could have died but I didn’t but if I did then you would never have had the pleasure of coming up with a master plan to sneak me out of here….We can call it Hospital Break! ”

I burst out laughing and laughed until my tummy hurt!

“Well you didn’t die…thankfully, and maybe we can all learn from this not to do silly things..and hospital break. ..never”

“Are you going old on me?”

“Hah that’s getting you nowhere ”

She frowned and stared at me. And then looked out the window and then back at me. And then frowned again and looked down.


No answer. Lol! This woman!

I woke up and put the chair back in its place…her eyes followed every move that I made. I desperately wanted to laugh!

“Fine, what time? “, I asked as I finally gave in

“You tell me “,she smiled again

“Your face is so going to crack”

“Or not…come here, I want to show you something “, she said as she grabbed her phone with her good hand

I read the article that she showed me, along with the email interaction…Wow!

“You’re perfect huh”, I said as I nudged her

“You’re perfect “, she said as she blinked both her eyes at me


As narrated by Arshad

Maybe I overreacted. Maybe not. Agh…

I didn’t want her to change…I just really missed the way that she was when it first began. ..when I fell in love with her

But Zainab was so preoccupied with having the perfect damn wedding, that in the process, she was ruining the foundation of what we shared. She didn’t bother about me, she didn’t spend any time with me and our conversations were limited to wedding talk only! She wanted to know where I was taking her for our honeymoon…well I booked us a trip to Dubai, Turkey and we’re going for Umrah as well, but I’m sure she’ll have a problem with that too!

I was ranting and raving to Riza, Laeeka and Zoheb while we waited outside Immy’s apartment . Everyone was meeting up for some surprise thing and Immy had even left his keys with us but they are a married couple and it would be so rude to make ourselves at home without them there. So we braved the icy wind and chatted outside in the parking lot.

“You need to tell her this Arshoo “, Laeeka said “else it’s just going to spiral out of control ”

“Sometimes we think we’re helping the situation by being silent but in reality we’re causing more damage than we know “,Zoheb said as he looked down

“Okay Zainab is a bit of a diva but she’s got a good heart. .don’t get ahead of yourself Arshoo “,Riza said as he patted my back

“I know”, I said as I exhaled “but it’s easier said than done because she’s a hard nut man!”

“Oh man you’re so scared of her!”,Riza laughed

“I’m not scared of her!”,I retorted. ..but who was I kidding

And to confirm it, Riza gave me “the look”

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration and as I was about to say something, Immy’s car pulled up into the driveway, followed by Nemo.

Zainab got off Immy’s car with Maariah, and without so much as giving me a look, greeted everyone and walked towards Nemo’s car.

As Nemo and Sahal took a wheelchair out of his boot..We became curious…

Lo behold…

“What are you doing here???”,I asked a very happy looking Aara, as Sahal carried her into the wheelchair and bickered about how she’d break his back

“Surprise! “,she said aloud “it’s so good to be out and about ”

“We only have 2 hours madam “, Nemo laughed

“How did they even let you out of hospital? “,Laeeka chipped in

“Eight words. .”, Aara laughed “Immy is a cop ,Nemo is a rockstar! ”

She didn’t tell us about this so we were equally surprised. .

“Zaakir did you get the stuff that I asked you for?”, she said as she looked at Zoheb

“Who’s Zaakir ???”,I asked as Riza chuckled behind me

“She can remember Immy’s name, but she can’t remember my name”, Zoheb whispered to me with a grin on his face “yet she sends me to buy whatever she needs ”

Lol! He was right obviously. And it was a bit of a giveaway yet rather cute. No matter how much she wanted to trouble and irritate him , she allowed him to be responsible for whatever she wanted and Zoheb willingly complied as a doting husband to be (hopefully ) and paid the bills.

Very soon Immy and Maariah’s lounge carpet and table was covered in glitter, marking pens, lots of cardboard and spray paint.

“Okay what exactly do we write on these A?, Riza asked

“You’re perfect “,she smiled

“Why thank you A you just made my day!”,Riza laughed

And Aara just shook her head and chuckled to herself. …


Author’s Note:

I am super excited about the next post ( even though I didn’t write it yet πŸ™ˆ) buuuuut I’m all revved up for it!

A lovely, heartwarming initiative that captured my heart and I just had to share it with you through LLD πŸ’œ

Without giving away too much, I will now just shut my mouth😀

Have a happy weekend πŸ’›

Much love





8 thoughts on “Part 209 – Prelude to Better Days

  1. Hospital break?! lmaooo I’m laughing so much! Aara knows how to get her way and I wanna be like that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Zoheb figured she’s pretending by giving him different names, so cute mahn. And Nemo is a rockstar :”) … Okay now Shaaaaz *puppy eyes* please post soooooon bc I’m so curious and excited for the next post! Btw I’m also perfect β™‘ [lmao I kid, I’m not]


  2. You’re prerfect!!!!!!! I’m thinking……….
    Nvm loll.
    Oh wellll brilliiant post.
    Hospital break bwahahahahaha Aara and nemo.

    You’re revved up to write the next post.. We revved up to read it.


  3. Zaakir =)) lmao that hilarious. This blog keeps getting better and better.
    Keep up the awesome work. πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait for the nxt chapter πŸ˜€


  4. Zaakir πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚seriously Aara it is such a giveaway!!
    Zainub may need another chat with ZohebπŸ˜‰
    Im so excited 4what u havn’t penned as yet ShazπŸ’–


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