Part 210 – You’re Perfect ( A Three Part Spread A Smile Series)

As narrated by Aara

It felt awesome to finally be out of that hospital room! Not that it was unbearable, but this felt so much better!

Everyone looked at me, waiting for an answer while I just smiled to myself as I took in the sight of all of them together. Nothing lasts forever,everything has it’s time and phase. And while I firmly believed that we would never lose contact with each other and that in our own way, we’d still be together. .life was changing and things would naturally not be the same anymore. Marriage changes a lot, and at some point was bound to happen . It wasn’t anything to be worried about. ..but I would miss these days. I would treasure these memories deep within my heart for as long as I lived.

“Earth to Aara, what are we doing with these?”, Riza asked for the second time already

” Okay gather around let me tell you”, I said as I took my phone out..and Zoheb pulled his chair right next to my wheelchair. ..”I read this article online, and it totally captured my heart…there’s this guy, Tarun Gidwani from Pune, India who, after searching for some kind of enlightenment in his life, decided to hold up a signboard that reads “You’re Perfect , and sacrifices a few hours of his, every single day in the hope that he can make someone smile , or to inspire someone with three simple words. ..You Are Perfect! Obviously he doesn’t mean it with the intention that people should become swollen headed but to make people realise that we are, essentially, a one time phenomenon, and that no matter what colour, race,weight or gender you are. .you’re perfect that way that you are, the way that you’re created, despite circumstances and hardships …you’ve got to see the deeper meaning behind it”

“That is such a lovely thought! And for this guy to dedicate his time to this is just amazing! “,Laeeka said excitedly

“He’s a paralegal too so I’m sure that his job is demanding as well, yet still.’s just so heartwarming “,I smiled

“Thanks A..and send me the link I’d love to read the article as well “, Arshad quipped

“I’ll paste the link on our group now…”, I said as I copied and pasted…

“So errr are we making the signboards for ourselves? Like to keep in our houses? “,Zainab asked

“Wellllll, you’re more than welcome to keep them but only after we’re done with the reason why we’re making them”, I grinned while watching all of their expressions

“Oh goodness, I’m scared to even ask”, Arshad said as he covered his face with his hands

“I’m with you…whatever you decide “,Zoheb whispered to me

Mannnnnnn! Uhuh before that song starts in my head again…

“Really Zaid?”, I whispered back to him, and he smiled his dimpled smile and shook his head

“Err”,Riza said as he cleared his throat, “Aara and Zaid or Zaakir or whatever your new name is, if you’re done. ..can we continue? ”

“Yep sorry, as I was saying, we’re going to make signboards that read “You’re Perfect” ,and everyone will be partnered,you will design your board together and be given a spot…and since tomorrow is Sunday there’s no excuse, I will tell you just now who’s going where and how you go about doing it us up to you. Remember, people will ask questions so do some reading tonight and educate yourselves. Tarun has been doing this for years and he still gets asked questions…some even pass nasty remarks, so just be prepared ”

Silence. Absolute silence.

“Okay then “, I continued ” Reez and Laeeka you both are paired and your spot is The Zone, Arshad and Zainab your spot is Trade Route Mall, Immy and Maariah, your spot is Zoolake, Nemo and I will do the hospital and Sahal and Zafar here will do Main Reef Road and Hanover Street in Crown Mines ”

“You’re insane! Main Reef and Hanover??Never! Aara why am I getting this one? This task is crazy no doubt but can I swap with someone else? “, Sahal said all at once

“No you can’t but I love you, so that’s why you get the more challenging one”, I said as I winked and blew my baby brother a flying kiss

“Aah so that’s why I’m also getting the more challenging one?”, Zoheb whispered yet again, and I’m sure by now he was probably smiling from ear to ear. This man seemed to be getting more courageous every day!

I ignored the question 😉

“Come on you guys, if Tarun can do this every day, then we can at least try and do it for one day! And I promise, you will feel so good..look at it as soul therapy..everyone needs to heal something within themselves and just to try is fulfillment on its own “, I said with much hope

The smiles and laughter of that day is something that I wouldn’t ever forget. We were already on second chances with the first tasks being completed (Even though Arshad and Zainab’s didn’t go as planned, I still believed that there was a reason ) and now the healing phase would begin…

As narrated by Riza :

Up and about on a Sunday morning at 8 am was no joke. I questioned why did we have to be there this early but all I got was a “You will see”

“Errr, here babe, you can hold the signboard ” ,I said as I tried to pass the board onto Laeeka

We still didn’t have the courage to turn it around and actually SHOW people what we were carrying!

“Riza if you love me , you will hold it”, she winked

Woman and their emotional blackmail!

We decided to call the others to check on how they were doing before we attempted anything!

“We haven’t even gotten out of the car yet”, Zoheb laughed

“I am standing here looking absolutely ridiculous while Zainab is sitting a mile away from me acting as though she doesn’t know me!”, Arshad moaned

But the others seemed to be quite enjoying themselves as Maariah sent us a picture of Immy holding a signboard,surrounded by a bunch of happy old men and women and Aara sent us a picture of a smiling Nemo standing with his signboard next to a premature baby in an incubator , while the baby’s parents looked on…

I could feel my heart smile, and all the courage that I needed came gushing through me and I instantly turned the signboard around…


Author’s note

Salaams and a Huge Hello 💜

My apologies for being so absolutely delayed in posting, it has been an incredibly busy week.

This post is part of a 3 part Spread A Smile series showcasing ” You’re Perfect”, an initiative carried out by a wonderful human being, Tarun Gidwani.

Tarun, thank you so very much for interacting with me, for sharing the pictures and for taking the time out to respond to my emails…and most importantly, for allowing me to incorporate ”You’re Perfect” into LLD. This initiative has touched my heart and that of those who you continue to inspire each and every day 💛

I stumbled upon an article about Tarun recently and I was moved to tears. He is a youngster, a paralegal and I’m sure that he too has a busy schedule, yet every day he takes the time out to sit out there and hold this signboard that has touched so many people’s lives in some way or the other, combining a simple action and two meaningful words ☺

I will be posting more about Tarun and “You’re Perfect” over the next two posts and his contact details will be given on the 3rd post should you wish to ask him any questions.

Photo Credits: Gorkey Patwal

Leaving you with good thoughts and much love



Photo Credit: Gorkey Patwal

Photo Credit: Gorkey Patwal


7 thoughts on “Part 210 – You’re Perfect ( A Three Part Spread A Smile Series)

  1. Sounds like such a great initiative 🙌 Please post the link to the article you read too 😊 can’t wait for more!!Zoheb is just too cute ❤️❤️


  2. I love the smiles and you’re perfect iniative. Really really cool I must say.

    Btw its now zain… Really Aara. Loll. I wonder what will Zohebs name be next hahaha. They still cute none the less

    A job well done!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amazing initiative …soul therapy❤️Love the sound of dat…
    I hope Zafar and Sahal will be safe😂😂 i will look out 4the
    lld crew this sunday😉


  4. slms i’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and i finally managed to catch up …. this is a truly amazing and inspiring blog
    looking out for the lld crew this sunday on hanover street since i stay on hanover street 🙂
    keep up the great work


  5. Yoh Zohebs and Sahals one is the hardest! but it’s such a cool initiative :’) Aara call him Zuhayr next time you talk to him 😀 Zainab and Arshad story is awks…


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