Part 212- You’re Perfect (Part 3 of 3)

As narrated by Zoheb

“So what you’re saying is that every person, even a criminal is perfect? “, this burly guy said angrily as he folded his arms at me

This was coming. I guess that’s why she said read up and be prepared.

“Absolutely not Sir “, I said with a smile, “because goodness attracts goodness….and only those who can relate to that which is good, that which is human, despite life’s hardships, those are the ones who will appreciate this because they will find it’s meaning no matter what the situation ”

“Thank you Aara “…I whispered in my head…and I was once again lost in my happy thoughts of her. Everything else had simply been muted out as I conversed with her in my head. All I knew was that these bikers seemed very touched and pleased with what I had told them and one of them even put his arm around Sahal!

And before I knew it, they were holding the “You’re Perfect “signboard and waving and smiling at everyone who passed us. But what was I doing. ..I was staring at her sitting on the bonnet of my car eating an ice cream, I was staring at her as she neatened my collar, I was staring at her as she stood next to those bikers and cheered them on…
I tapped my head gently…whoever I am…Zubair, Zunaid, Zaakir or Zaid. .I’m still only yours 💜



As narrated by Zainab :

I deliberately sat away from Arshad and left him to hold the signboard on his own. He didn’t complain or make the slightest fuss and that tugged on my heart more than anything else.

Dedication to a friends wish…and he stood there as people grinned at him, while he held this board nervously. But that was Arshad for you. If he gave you his word, come hell or high water….He would stick to it. He was honest and sincere, he didn’t bear any grudges, he would never cheat or deceive, he was not rude or arrogant…and he was mine. Those words that ran through my mind made all the wheels in my brain turn backwards and rewind everything, right until the very beginning.

Oh no what have I done!!!

I stood up and it seemed as though this entire mall was running around me, everything..the people, the shops and I was standing in the centre of it…

I wasted no time and ran to where Arshad was standing

“Woah slow down what’s wrong? “,he asked me as he gave me a confused look

“Arshad. .”, I said as I tried to catch my breath

“Zainab. ..”, he said as he raised his eyebrow at me

“I…I …”, I giggled suddenly, and Arshad looked at me even more weirdly than the first time!

I took a few seconds, inhaled and exhaled, spread my arms out and brought them back in…and all this while, Arshad’s expression went from shocked to very shocked!

I took the signboard from his hands and handed it to a group of teenagers nearby, and they were only too happy to continue what we had come here to do.

“Zainab what are you doing? “,he asked

“You’re perfect “, I whispered as I cupped his face gently

Arshad’s eyes lit up immediately and I saw what I saw on the day that he proposed to me ..”now let’s get out of here “,I said as I happily held his hand while we made a mad dash out of the mall.

Nothing is more important than accepting your mistakes and then doing everything that you can to try and rectify it…and I may have realised that after causing substantial damage but…as the saying goes. .it’s better late than never ☺


As narrated by Immy

I was literally on cloud nine! This was by far, one of the best days of my life! And the cherry on the top was that I got to spend it with my adorable falooda ,my amazing wife.

I never imagined this task to be so emotionally fulfilling. All the smiles and well wishes , all the people who were curious to know more. Maariah was so lucky to have been a part of such an awesome group of friends for so long.

“I think that we owe Aara and Nemo a treat “, I said as I put my arm around Maariah

“The only treat that would make Aara happy is food”, Maariah laughed

“Well then, let’s have supper together…Let’s have a braai! ”

“Are we getting Aara out of hospital again, using the investigation as an excuse? “,Maariah said with a knowing smile

“You know me too well “, I laughed

So we called everyone and informed them of our intentions, needless to say, everyone gladly agreed. Laeeka and Riza were going to help Maariah set up, we decided not to give Arshoo and Zainab anything to do because they were finally having their long overdue talk, Sahal would meet us later because he was catching up with some of his friends, I was going to the station to get an official letter to get Aara’s passout and I would stop at the bakery and get the cakes. Nemo had done enough already by helping Aara put all of this together so we just informed him about supper and told him to be here at 6. Zoheb was given the task of fetching Aara and bringing her to our place. They needed to just be together already . Period.



As narrated by Zoheb

I made my way to Aara’s room, armed with a bunch of yellow daffodils, hoping that the sight of them would ring a bell.

I expected to find her busy on her phone or eating something but when I did see her, my heart ached silently.

She was already dressed to go and was already sitting in her wheelchair but as she stared blankly out of the window, tears fell from her eyes. She had no idea that I was watching her as she wiped her tears and cried even more.

I slowly knelt down beside her and placed the flowers on her lap, causing her to turn in my direction. She wiped her eyes quickly and softly thanked me for the flowers.

“Are you okay? “, I asked her as I handed her my handkerchief

She just nodded while another tear fell from her eye. .


“I’m fine…really “,she mumbled, “just a little emotional ”

I didn’t say anything…

“You don’t have to bring me something every time that you see me you know “,she said as she forced a smile

Her eyes were so puffy and red and I could see that she had been crying for a while…

“I like to “, I said honestly

She looked at me for a few seconds and then looked down.

“Are you ready to leave? ”

“I’m going with you? “, she asked in surprise, and I definitely caught the glint in her eyes before she looked down quickly

” Only if you want to”, I smiled as my heart skipped a beat

Aara wiped away another tear. It was hard to tell if she was crying because she was happy or if she was crying because she was sad, and I couldn’t even ask her.

She smiled and nodded…but this was unlike her. No sarky comments, no name calling, no WRONG name calling, no anything….


Author’s Note:

Salaams/ Hi

Apologies for a very delayed and overdue post. Very stressful week..

Anyway….this post brings us to the the end of our 3 Part Spread A Smile series. Thank you to everyone who commented, for the emails and messages, for the ideas that came in to try and do something in your community and amongst your family. I love the spread of positivity:)

Thank you very much once again to Tarun Gidwani for the opportunity to incorporate “You’re Perfect” into LLD. It was a pleasure and honour and I really appreciate it. All the best and hope that you continue to spread those smiles:)

I will be interviewing Tarun soon, and will post that separately. Unfortunately, this was a very busy week for both us and time really was against us.

For those of you who would like to contact Tarun directly, to let him know what you think of “You’re Perfect” and/or to perhaps start your own campaign, he can be reached on

The next post (which will hopefully be tomorrow or Sunday) will have more information on a collection for Syrian refugees in Turkey. A sister and her husband are travelling there towards the end of this month and have appealed to all to please donate in cash so that items can be purchased in Turkey instead of taking it from South Africa (weight baggage limit). More on that on the next post, along with Sister Nadia’s details. I hope that collectively, as part of the LLD family, that we can reach into our hearts and pockets and help our brothers and sisters whose condition is not only appalling, but heartbreaking too.

Big Hugs to All of You



ps: if you see a reply from me to older comments of yours, don’t be surprised;) it’s long overdue, so as time permits I will respond to all your comments Insha Allah



13 thoughts on “Part 212- You’re Perfect (Part 3 of 3)

  1. Whyyy is my Aara crying. My bichari??? Zaaaiii finally finally realized. This post was too good. Full of smiles……well besides the aara crying part. But I love this post. I totes do


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay!! zainab and arshad are gonna be fine :”) Aww why is Aara crying? … those flowers will definitely bring back memories and the old feels yet again♡ Zoheb reply to those guys tho’ #OnPoint Awesome post! Yes, you reading this… “YOU’RE PERFECT”!! xXx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awwww so sweet! Aara well done u made everything perfect with everyone! But I know y u crying…………. It’s because although u are going to move on u leaving some behind and I see that’s braking ur heart! As much as I want u to be Nemo I can see that’s not going to happen! So don’t stress u can see Nemo is a survivor, u made him strong, strenghtened his wings and now u fly solo till his meets his mate! Team nemo and Aara always!


    • u hit it on the head Sakina…she is upset because of Nemo and the fact that she has to part with him soon. remember, she told him everything in the last post and they have been together 4 so many years, for her it feels like she’s leaving a part of herself behind


  4. Wat a long and lovely post…spread a smile did
    very well 4 LLD crew 🌹
    Zai im so glad u realised ur mistake🌹
    Laeeqa and Riza in the last post ur guys love story is one of a kind❤️
    Aara is reality hitting u😉 u cnt keep it away from dimples any longer❤️
    I c Aara getting all shy shy now😍
    Thank you … ” your’ve perfect” fitted in perfectly🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This was so beautiful, sad and consisted of every other possible emotion besides anger 🙂 I honestly loved it ! Awwww Zai and Arshoo are finally happy again :,) aww my Aaroo Jaan please don’t worry, despite parting ways, Nemo will be your bestie hamesha and forever ❤ don't worry love 🙂


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