Part 216 – The Wedding Planners


As narrated by Zainab

Nervousness, cappuccino, more nervousness, a slice of milk tart hmmm, nope still more nervousness…extra sugar…nope there’s still so much darn nervousness! I’m getting married in a week! “Oh my God “, I suddenly scream, and end up startling everyone in the coffee shop!

Maariah cheekily tosses me a brown paper bag and I grab it immediately. And I exhale BIG TIME!

“It actually worked “, I said as I finally found my wits again

“Good, so now you can skip the bouquet and carry a paper bag when you’re strutting down the aisle “, Mari laughs as she proceeds to take a sip of her coffee

“Cut me some slack will you…I’m getting married in a week “, I mumble

“Oh we know that and so does everyone else here “, she says, raising her eyebrow at me

I ignore her and look towards the clear glass doors…where are these two anyway?

I guess I should have thought about that sooner because as soon as I did they seemed to magically appear in the doorway! I watched Aara with bated breath as she made her way towards our table, on crutches, with Laeeka following close behind. She didn’t like us faffing over her or helping her get around ever since she’s out of her wheelchair. It’s been three days since she’s out of the hospital, her arm is fine and the cast on her foot is much smaller. She won’t be able to do everything that she wanted to do at my wedding, but that was okay, as long as she was there…

Madam is already digging into my milk tart the moment that she’s seated and I can’t help but smile.

“So where are your wedding planners? “, Laeeka asks while making herself at home with my milk tart as well

I’ve already ordered for them but by the time their’s comes, mine will be non existent!

“They are meeting us shortly. ..I just thought that we could eat first so that we don’t shock them “,I said

“Okay “, they said inaudibly without looking at me

I realise as we sit here that we haven’t done this in ages, we haven’t had our girl time. Our lives have been so upside down that girl time had become a luxury! Something rare and distant and I missed it.

“So are you ready? “, Laeeka asks

“I don’t know “, I answer honestly

“Well I hope that you aren’t having second thoughts, because Arshoo will flip “, Aara laughed

“No…I think it’s just the nervousness that’s all “, I said honestly. Because it was, and I didn’t have second thoughts about marrying him. I considered myself extremely lucky anyway, to be marrying him.

“I guess with the word “wife ” comes a lot of responsibility”, I continued

“Aah it’s not so bad”, Mari smiled, “it’s actually a beautiful, wonderful feeling ”

Mari was really enjoying herself!

“That’s reassuring Mari..and well we’ll have company soon with Laeeka here “, I winked

“And finally too!” ,Laeeka said with a huge grin on her face

And within seconds, all our eyes were on Aara…

“What? ”

“What’s your story? “, I ask

“There is no story”

“Oh come on will you “, Mari said as she nudged her

“I hope to just enjoy myself at your weddings for now, when I have an answer for you, you’ll be the first to know “, she laughed

“Yeah right! I will colour my hair purple if Zoheb and you don’t get married! ” ,Laeeka said

“So make it purple then!” , Aara chuckled

“By the way Mari, Immy has been talking a lot about getting a bigger place…ummmm is there anything that we should know? ” , Laeeka asks as she gives Mari a side smile

“Anything like what?…oh…ohhhh no no..”, she laughs, “nothing of the sort and even if there was, I would tell you guys come on”

“Gosh…imagine Immy carrying a nappy bag!! “, I say out aloud

“Immy is always on his phone, I can so picture him holding up a bottle to his ear accidentally!”, Aara laughs and as she continues laughing, the rest of us join in as we too remember how at one of the functions leading up to Laeeka’s engagement, Nemo who was so engrossed in a conversation with us that when his phone rang, he mindlessly held his glass of water to his ear instead, and subconsciously started tilting it, sending water down his ear and along the side of his shirt!

“That was just classic! “,Mari laughed “and he was even more miffed with us because we didn’t stop him!!”

I clearly remembered that! We were so finished that night that tears were pouring down our cheeks while we laughed and our tummies were so so sore!!

We were on an old time, long overdue, ROLL!!!!

After more banter, a few more slices of milk tart and hot cappuccinos, we were emotionally fulfilled!


As narrated by Laeeka

I was honestly expecting two high pitched, ultra high heeled, huge gaudy hairstyle, diva like wedding planners for Zainab, because hello, it was Zainab! But boy was I pleasantly surprised when I met the two wedding planners!

Dressed in flowing black abayas, the most gorgeously draped headscarves, designer handbags , and even warmer smiles to match, were Rumaykia and Fatima. Zainab had outdone herself!

After introductions were done and greetings exchanged, I quickly picked up my phone…

“We all lose “, I chuckled to Arshad on the other end of the line

“Lose what? “, Zainab asked as she raised her eyebrow at me

“A friendly bet “, Aara grinned at Rumaykia and Fatima , “because we were expecting Effie Trinket ,but you two blew us away! By the way, can we call you Rums and Fati? ”

Zainab laughed and shook her head

“Of course you can Aara… “, Rums smiled

“Because we’re going to be somewhat family for the duration of this wedding “, Fati smiled as she completed Rums sentence

“And maybe even longer “, I chipped in , totally amazed by these two wonderful ladies

And as they proceeded to dazzle us with slideshows of what they had planned for the wedding week , I had the strongest feeling that we were surely going to have a blast at what might just be the wedding of the year!



Author’s Note:

And we have our two wedding planners!! Rumaykia & Fatima, your emails and ideas grabbed my attention immediately and I am so, so happy to have both of you on board:) We are already having such a blast together and I repeat my words again…The wedding may be imaginary but the memories are real:)))

These two lovely ladies are going to WOW you with their ideas– stay tuned:))

Much Love,



9 thoughts on “Part 216 – The Wedding Planners

  1. Nice post…the wedding planners idea had me laughing..they seem nice, maybe nemo can fall in madllyyy in love with one of themπŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜Žβ€


  2. Ooh yay! Congratz Rums and Fati πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Can I be your worker and be a waiter so I can also meet them lld crew because nemo gonna look so cute I know just kidding astags :’) … but yah I wanna be your waiter please man πŸ˜€


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