Part 220 – The Grand High Tea

As narrated by Laeeka :


“Sugar and spice and everything nice…that’s what little girls are made of”…that was the first thing that popped into my mind as a little childhood memory crept into my heart when I entered Zainab’s house right now. The Grand High Tea. It was even more fabulous than I thought it would be!

Pastel was the colour of the day and it blended and matched so perfectly with its vintage theme. Zainab really does do things exactly the way that she says! The High Tea would be a little different, in that it included Arshad’s family and so many friends, so that everyone could get to know each other and I thought that was really sweet. The men would be seated in the house where a massive plasma screen was setup for the big soccer game, while the ladies would enjoy themselves under the huge white canopy in the garden. And this garden was one of those elaborate Top Billing gardens! Everything was so intricately put together that I was nervous at my best friends function!

The ladies canopy itself looked as though I had literally stepped into a fairy tale! And I’m pretty sure that everyone else felt exactly the same! From the tiny strings of butterflies, to the flowing peach, pink and blue drapes, from the dainty silver and white teacups on the tables, to the enormous variety of cheesecakes, macaroons, cupcakes, croquembouche, meringues, mousses, cakes, biscuits, drinks, sweetmeats you name it, it was there. From the crystal chandelier at the top of the canopy, right down to the manicured lush green was breathtakingly beautiful! It seemed like poetry in motion….

I looked towards Riza and Aara, laughing about something as they helped Maariah add the final touches to the macaron tower, and then my eyes followed the sight of Zoheb and Immy help a very nervous Fati fix a stubborn drape that dangled freely from its position. Arshad and Zainab were getting free advice from Rums by the looks of it, as they stood on either side of her and nodded their heads without saying a word. And Nemo…who hid his pain deep within his heart with a smile on his face, stood in front of the tables set up for the gifts and examined a set of pots as though they were the best thing that he’d seen! Taking in the sight of everyone filled my heart with a consoling sense of calmness. Everyone was happy. ..Immy and Mari as a married couple, Zainab and Arshad on the verge of being married, Riza and I in the same boat after overcoming our own hurdles, Zoheb and Aara also on the verge of being married after almost losing each other and Nemo…he was happy too. He was happy because Aara was happy.

I walked towards him and eventually stood beside him without him even realising that I was right next to him!

“A new fetish? “, I said as I nudged him

“Hmmmm “, he said, and then realising that I had “caught ” him, laughed ” these are lovely aren’t they?”

“Errr they are..but Nemo. .are you thinking about buying pots? “, I said, trying to suppress a strong urge to laugh

“I am actually…Zainab already has a set, your mum said that she already has yours ready, Mari has tons of them….and I’m not sure if Maa bought them for Aara yet” , he said softly

My heart melted and burst at the same time. I was pretty sure that Aunty Salma already had Aara’s stash of AMC pots, all our mothers did, but I didn’t want to break his heart.

“A woman never has enough AMC “, I smiled, ” come, let me take you to Rizwana ”

And we walked over to the main table, where Zainab’s cousin Rizwana was busy laying out the cutest and most devine mini peppermint cakes. Riz , as we called her affectionately, was our resident AMC lady. All our moms and family members insisted on buying them from her because of her super pleasant demeanour.

“Hey Riz, I got you a new client “, I exclaimed cheerfully

“Laeeka, you seem to find me a new client at every function! “, she laughed while eyeing Nemo curiously as he fidgeted with his fingers

It was so weird and funny at the same time because Riz was shocked when I told her that Nemo wanted to buy pots from her, and Nemo was flustered because he didn’t know a thing about what he wanted to buy except that it looked nice!

Rizwana, understanding the situation, sat Nemo down and presented him with a catalogue.

“So which ones do you want? ” , she smiled

I watched Nemo flip through the pages in utter shock!

“Why would anyone need so many pots ?”, he asked wide eyed

“Because cooking is an art Mr.Moolla ” , Rizwana grinned

“Okay so I’ll order one of everything! “, he said as he closed the catalogue quickly

“How about I choose for you? “, I said as I salvaged the situation

“Perfect, just send me the bill “, he whispered to me

“Thank you Naeem” ‘ Riz grinned, “oh and whose name should I have engraved on the pots?”

” Aara “, he smiled after giving Riz a confused look and knowing Nemo he was probably wondering why anyone needed to engrave their names onto a pot!

“Well then Aara is a very lucky girl indeed “, Riz smiled

“That she is”, Nemo said with the kind of smile that began from a persons lips, reached up to his eyes and came full circle in his heart. ..


As narrated by Aara :

This whole setup made me feel as though I was in heaven! I had made my way to the far end of the garden to take a few full view pictures. Sure there was a photographer but these are just for mobile memories, and I liked taking these pictures myself. As I looked around me, I realised that this was really truly happening and life was undoubtedly changing. A change that would bring a new season into our world and I was more than eager to embrace it. As I smiled to myself, holding onto that thought, reminiscing about our making – it – official dinner last night, I felt the tickle of stubble brush against my ear.

“How would you like our wedding to be? “, he whispered

“Two words….The beach ” , I smiled

“The beach it is then “, he said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind , “when would you like to get married? ”

“Soon “, I smiled as I leaned backwards and kissed his cheek

“How soon is soon? “, he asked and I could feel him smile against my shoulder

“Today would have been nice… “, I grinned…. but I really meant it!


“Hmmm ”

“Should I puke now or later? “, a voice behind us said, startling both of us

“Sahal!” , I shrieked

“Whaaaat like seriously dudes enough with all the sweet stuff ” , he moaned playfully

I crossed my arms and pretended to frown, but I could never be angry with him. Sahal has been such a support to me recently, that I think he’s shocking himself in the process! We have always had a great relationship but these days it was beyond awesome!

“The functions about to begin soooo I came to hijack Zoheb and anyway Zainab is also looking for you, she wants to introduce you to some of her friends ”

“Fine “, I said as I straightened myself and balanced my crutch

Zoheb and I stole glances at each other all the way to the entrance. I pinched myself several times in my mind just to make sure that this was real. Because I wasn’t used to this…this kind of happiness always ran further away from me, and right here, right now, to know that it’s actually happening and everything is real – was nothing short of surreal…

Our group was already together with some people who I didn’t know. But they seemed to gel pretty well by the looks of it. And I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself because at least now I wouldn’t be the only one on crutches today! And he also frowned and grinned all at once when I took my place next to Laeeka. I had no idea who this was but I simply couldn’t resist!

“What’s up “, I said to him as I lifted my crutch and he seemed to be on our level of craziness as he lifted his crutch too , and clanked it with mine in a friendly crutch handshake kind of way.

“Now you didn’t think that you’d find your long lost sister here today did you”, Nemo laughed

“Are you talking to me or to him? “, I laughed

“Your mouth!” , Zainab grinned as she shook her head, ” Everyone else has been introduced, Aara, Zoheb, this is my friend Rezana and her friend Ayaaz ”

“Reez, as in the spa friend Reez “, I smiled as Reez came forward to hug me. She was much prettier than Zainab said she was, and she seemed really sweet too!

AND they looked so cute together! Reez referred to him as her best friend but really now…there was much more than what met the eye here, what will all the blushing and smiling..and without realising, I clapped my hands together and smiled like an idiot….causing the rest of them to raise an eyebrow or two at me:-p

“Errrr Reez…”, I said, actually referring to Riza

Riza and Rezana: yep?

Oh Great!


As Narrated by Maariah:

Zainab was in tears for the most of the function, needless to say her make up artist was livid but acted as though she was fine. There was at least 200 ladies here today, and judging by the many oohs and aahs, everyone loved everything about everything! The cakes, desserts, drinks and snacks were to die for. It was a visual treat through and through and Zainab’s mother was beaming! The wedding planners had us gobsmacked with this , the first of the wedding functions!

Zainab had received plenty of gifts, naturally with everyone here wanting to outdo the other. We gifted her something as a group, a diamond set from all of us. It was something that Zainab had been eyeing for a while now and she was elated! And well for the heck of it, we gifted Arshoo an iron ๐Ÿ˜‰

Once everything was over and most of the guests had left, we settled together in the lounge. Aara and Nemo had completely hit it off with Reez and Ayaaz…and even though they were probably just 3-4 years older than them…These two seemed somewhat our campus version of Nemo and Aara and it was quite entertaining to watch!

“So, I overhead the parents chatting earlier “, Riza said with a smug look on his face, ” today is what…2nd October right, 8th is Arshoo and Zai’s wedding, 7 days later the 15th is mine and Laeeka’s wedding and…7 days later Aara and Zoheb the 22nd of October ”

“WOW! Are you serious? “, Aara said excitedly, causing all of us to burst out laughing at her sudden hike in attention

“Yep that’s what I heard..and I also heard that you have to go down to Durbs with your parents on the day of our walimah ”

“Since when did you become so inquisitive “, Zainab laughed

“My antennas tune in naturally to what’s important Zai “, Riza winked ” so there you have it, just pretend that you don’t know when they tell you…oh and Zoheb, apparently there’s some family of yours coming down from New Zealand and some from South Africa as well and they’ve all also been invited for all our weddings too, according to your Nani…but there’s more ladies than men!’

I couldn’t help but laugh at what Riza said but I was so happy too. Zoheb would atleast have some of his family here for his big day.

“Hello, we’re also from his side “, Immy chipped in

“Aaroo all the way “, Arshad winked

“Well I’m Team Zoheb!’, Zainab smiled as she high fived Zoheb

“So am I…”, Laeeka laughed

“Sorry bru…sisters before misters..Team Aara for sure” and that was Riza and we were literally rolling on the floor laughing at what he just said

“Team Zoheb” , Nemo said finally. And I swallowed hard as everyone smiled and joked with him, trying not to dwell too much on what he had said because everyone knew it…he would never come from Aara’s side, he knew that it would hurt her mother, it would hurt him…and even though he was being so strong, a part of him would never truly be able to give her away…

Author’s Note:


Ummmm where to begin…this week was crazy and the week ahead looks crazier BUT there will be posts:))))

You will gradually get to “meet” some of our special guests, from this post building up to the main event.

A special thank you to Author S of Taking My Life As It Comes, for joining with LLD for the wedding posts. You are in for a treat as a host of your favorite authors gear up for the upcoming posts as well.

Welcome to Rizwana, one of LLD’s most loyal readers, who is not only very close to my heart, being family as well (which is my good fortune) and yes she has managed to squeeze the rest of the story out of me as well;)

A huge thank you to Rumaykia and Fatima for so beautifully putting together the whole High Tea… You two are absolutely awesome!

The next post, which follows immediately after this one, The High Tea In Pictures, is part of the visual treat that was put together for you to not only enjoy but for you to picture it exactly in the way that we envisioned it to be. If you are an email subscriber, you may not be able to view all these pictures, you will have to log onto the blog itself to view them. Please don’t miss out on this:)

With that, I leave you to enjoy the rest of your Sunday while we prepare to wow you with the next post!

Much Love Always,




7 thoughts on “Part 220 – The Grand High Tea

  1. Aaahhh I’m breaking for nemoooo. I feel for him, I really do. I mean come on, thee Nemo is heart sore that someone he loves will never be his. Nemo….. Just needs his love now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Buuuut……… The amaaazing relationship that aara and zoheb has… Just makes me melt. There is so much love, compassion and I enjoy that they want to marry soon. I just adore Sahall. Oh mwan I wish I had a bro like him.

    And my faaaaaav other couple- ayaaz nd reez. Brlliiiaaant mwan.

    Anyway…… Greattttttt post as always Shaz ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “……..a part of him would never truly be able to give her away………..” My heart bleeds for you nemo ๐Ÿ’”
    I much as I wish this wasn’t happening to you, destiny held the upper hand unfortunately ๐Ÿ˜ฆ thanks for the lekka post author๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This high looks awesome! The wedding planners are really outdoing themselves……………….my poor Nemo is surrounded by everyones happiness and has to look like he’s havin fun. My honestly don’t know how Nemo be so strong …………… Even if he’s strong for Aara is probably a bigger sacrifice that what Aara has done. Day by day he has to watch Aara with someone else is worst torture anyone can go thru! If she had died ( not that I want her too) would be easier to go on than this.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This high tea was so classy and wow. I’m so excited for all the wedding vibes but my heart breaks for nemo… especially the part “.. a part of him will never be able to give her away…” that made me tear up. But I love that he’s keeping himself strong and not splitting from the group bc that would kill me. Nemos buying her pots as her gift. So cute ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m hellova excited for a beach wedding JUST WOW.


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