Part 236- The Mehndi (Part 3 of 3) Truth or Dare Reloaded

As narrated by Riza:

Getting caught wasn’t half as bad as I had thought that it would be! Our mothers were more amused than our girls, and agreed to let us stay, provided that we changed out of our disguises and sat in the house until the function was over. That was fair enough for us. Ziyaad, the one who insisted that we do this-was nowhere to be seen! Apparently, he had made a “friend” and decided to ditch us so that he could get to know her better. That was fine with me, because as much as I liked Zee, his attitude towards Aara was really ticking me off!

After the mendhi was over and most of the guests had left, the “house people” sat around and chatted. And naturally, our extended group of friends made our own circle ,on beanbags in the tv lounge, with quite a few delicious snacks in front of us, and just chilled. Immy and Maariah had been the centre of attraction for the past hour, as all these aunties hovered over them and gushed about their newly married status. It had really only been four months since they had gotten married, but it seriously felt much longer than that.

Everyone was getting along so well, Zoheb, Zainab and Arshad’s cousins and friends fitted right into our circle, not that I had expected them not to, but these guys weren’t just fitting in, they were capturing our hearts in the process;)

“I’ve got an idea, let’s play pass around the pillow!!”, Zaeem said suddenly, causing everyone to stop talking and look in his direction, as he grinned like an idiot and deliberately batted his eyelashes at us

“Your friend is weird”, Aara whispered, nudging Zoheb

“I’m game, how do we play this?”, Farah asked with a sneaky grin on her face

Zaeem looked at his brother and winked. ” Okay so we all sit in a circle, and hmmm Aara pass me that pillow…okay so we shall pass this pillow around while the music plays, when the music stops whoever has the pillow in their hand will have to do whatever the person who threw the pillow last, if you STILL don’t get it, ladies and gentlemen, we are going to play truth or dare!”

“Truth or dare!”, Uzair said in disbelief, “Aara, you’re right his friend is weird!”

“Come on guys this is the best way to find out peoples secrets AND see who has guts!”, Nasley said excitedly

“Uhm..I think I’ll sit this one out “, Humairah said softly. All of us had noticed that she was definitely the quiet and shy one from between her and Farah and so know one disputed her request, she would be in charge of the music .

“Remember, in this truth or dare game, there are no secrets, none whatsoever! And come up with the most original dares ok”, Yazeed said as he sat up straight

Sabeeha giggled at Yazeed and Zaeem’s enthusiasm over this whole thing and shouted “I’m in!! I’ve got nothing to lose!!”

“Okay so start already!”, I laughed as I threw another pillow at Zaeem

This was going to remind us of our many truth or dare and spin the bottle sessions and with perfect timing also!

“Truth or dare Reloaded”, I whistled in excitement!!

As narrated by Arshad:

Humairah was the perfect dj and belted out a very appropriate, inappropriate song…lol…as the beats of ‘Joomma chumma dede”played out, and I’m sure that almost everyone had an image of Amitabh Bachan in their heads at this point…and even then, that pillow was flying around so fast that anyone would have thought that it was electrified and would shock the person that it lands on!!

And it landed on Nasley…after being thrown by Yazeed who had thus far,been shaking his hands in tune with this song. Shoot! Not these two!

“Be kind bro”. I said to Yazeed, ‘she’s a softie”

‘Got it Arshoo”, Yazeed winked, and turned towards Nasley, ” So, truth or dare Mangashika?”

“Uhmm dare…no wait…truth!”

“This should be good!”, I laughed

And Nasley shot me a deadly look!

“Make up your mind babe”, Yazeed teased

“Don’t babe me!”, Nas retorted cheekily, “Truth it is!”

“Bro she is feisty!”, Zaeem said in the perfect impersonation of “The Mask”

“Ok then “babe”! If you were set up to go on a blind date, which guy from this room would be the one with whom you would regret it the most?”

Aara nudged Uzair , who was sitting on my left and I chuckled when I overheard what he had said…

“That guy is asking for it! Never mess with a strong headed woman!”

Nasley rolled her eyes, looked at her nails as though she didn’t give her answer a second thought ” The answer is quite obvious, YOU Mr.Obnoxious!”

Everyone burst out laughing!

“Now THAT was an honest answer!”, Zoheb said as he clutched at his tummy

“Bro I’m telling you, I’m the only one who’s got the genes!”, Zaeem said as broke out into a fit of laughter

“Well feisty is my middle name”, Nas winked, “Humairah start the music!”

“Aah you’ve broken my heart babe, torn into pieces”, Yazeed pouted and held his hand against his chest

“Can I just say something quickly”, Aara said before Nasley could scold Yazeed yet again, ” the “babe” thing is normal with Yazeed and Zaeem, but guys (now looking at the two) this is South Africa…maybe just say it in your minds”

“My sincere apologies on behalf of my brother ladies….his tongue runs away with him sometimes”, Zaeem said with a sincere smile

“Mother Aara in action!”, Uzair laughed

“Uz I’m safe guarding you too…just now he calls you babe and then Aisha may leave you”

Uzair narrowed his eyes at Aara, while Aisha laughed “Please, you can have him, He’s starting to annoy me anyway”

“Yazeed would you like this Uzair babe?”, Aara chuckled

“Hell yeah I will have him, he’s my number one babe!” , Yazeed said as he squeezed himself between me and Uzair

“Oh can we please get on with this game”, Uzair said with his hands over his face

And the pillow went around yet again, with all of us in stitches, as Yazeed deliberately smiled at Uzair non stop , AND as Uzair deliberately ignored him and focused his eyes on Aisha!

Sabeeha held the pillow in her hands and looked around at us as the music stopped…”OH SNAP!”

“So Sabeeha…truth or dare?”, Nasley asked excitedly

It amazed me how these two just hit it off from the second that they met, and it meant the world to me since both of them are so dear to me:)

“Dare obviously”, Sabeeha smirked and pretended to roll her sleeves up

As narrated by Sabeeha:

“Gutsy aren’t we “, Nasley said with an evil grin on her face….”I dare you to sing a hindi love song for one of the guys here!”

“Oooh! Song time! Go Sabeeha YOU got this!”, Farah grinned

“We have to record this!”, Laeeka said, clapping her hands together

I laughed as Zoheb and Zaeem cheered me on and whistled, and Yazeed did the honours and started recording…


“Uhh there might just be a small problem….”, I said

“Come on Sabeeehaaaa don’t be a partayyyy pooper!”, Nasley winked

“Uhh okay can it be old?”, I asked

“Old is gold”, Nemo smiled

‘True words Nemo”, I heard Uzair say

“I have some nice old hindi songs on my phone if you want some background sound?”, Humairah asked softly

“Uhuh no background she’s got to do this without any help”, Arshoo grinned

“I tried”, Humayrah smiled

I squashed my chocolate wrappers and threw it at him! Friend huh!

“Okay okay wait let me think”

“If you’re thinking then we’re going to assume that he’s special so uhmmm…”Arshad grinned

“Shame man let her think, she wants it to be perfect”, Uzair said, winking at Arshoo

“By the way who is the lucky guy?”, Farah asked

“Take all the time you want Sabi, just show these foreigners who’s boss”, Nasley said as she rolled her eyes at Yazeed

“As long as you’re the translator”, Yazeed smiled, winking at Nas

And she in turn gave him such a dirty look that I had to tell myself silently not to laugh!

LOL! These two were a big distraction!!

“Nemo…”, I said, clearing my throat and staring into my phone screen for the words of the song, “This one is for you”

“Hmm kiska he ye thumko intezaar mein hu naa…dekh lo idhar toh ek baar mein hu naa..this is so weird”, I giggled

“OHH LALA!”, Nasley said, laughing hard

” I have no idea what she’s saying someone translate please”, Aisha said with a confused look on her face

“Who are you waiting for? It’s me right? Just look at me once, I’m here…I think it translate to that”, Nasley laughed

“You’re right on!”, Farah said

Nemo’s face had turned beet red as Nasley translated my words…

“Ooh lala Nemo you got a fan right here!”, Yazeed grinned

“What??? I didn’t know that”, I said as I blocked my face with the pillow

“Yeah..right”, Zainab grinned

“Can we move on now? This is getting really awkward”, I said as I looked apologetically towards Nemo, “that is probably the only hindi song that I know”

“That is so sweet Sabeeha! Uzzi why can’t you sing for me?” , Aisha asked Uzair

“Aisha…”, Aara said, choking on her bombay crush, ” Uzair…when will you fulfill that wish?”

“Uzzziiiiii sing for Aishaaaa!”, Nasley squeeled

“This wifey of mine is a little hyper..let’s ignore her and carry on tossing this pillow”, Uzair said trying to get out of this

“Hey why not, you were there when I sang bro”, Zoheb said

“Wait a minute!”, Farah laughed, “did you really sing Zoheb?!”

“I’m finding that quite hard to believe now”, Zaeem said, clearly enjoying himself at Zoheb’s sudden confession

“Zoo poured his heart out on the bonnet of a car!”, Uzair laughed

“Nicely done dude!”, Yazeed winked at Zoheb

“I shouldn’t have said that aloud”, Zoheb said sheepishly

“I’m glad that you did. Took the heat of me”, Uzair said

“Hey!”, Aara laughed

“I think the South African guys need a little coaching from the Britishers”, Nasley winked

“I second that Nas”, I agreed

“Aara you’re one lucky girl but Zoo you’re luckier to have her”, Nasley said matter-of-factly

“I’d like to think that I’m just fine without the British coaching”, Uzair said, nudging his shoulder with Aisha’s

‘Aah he’s only good with the American coaching huh”, Zaeem laughed

LOL! This guy’s mouth!!!

And the pillow went around yet again….


As narrated by Humairah:

“Errrrrr”, Zoheb said when he realised that he was holding the pillow and the music had stopped!

“So what’s it going to be…truth or dare??”, Sabeeha grinned, rubbing her hands together

“Dare…knock yourself out Sabi”, Zoheb said as he shook his head at Sabeeha

“Wellllll…you asked for it”

Zoheb gave her a “should I be worried look”, and well, the worry was confirmed when Sabeeha opened her mouth….

“So Mr Patel, I dare you to write everyone’s names on your hand….WITH MEHNDI!”

“WHAT???!!??”, Zoheb asked wide eyed

“And…write it on your right hand”, Sabeeha continued sneakily

“Come on can’t chicken out”, Uzair said, clapping his hands together

“I’ll go get a mehndi cone”, Riza laughed

“Make sure it’s that one that catches fast and bright red”, Sabeeha winked

“Damn this is a really good one! Good luck with the smell bro”, Zaeem said as he laughed his head off

“Ohhh the stench of mehndi”, Uzair cringed

“I love the smell of mehndi”, Aara smiled

“Who’s going to apply it?’, Farah asked

“Let’s see how much your mother in law loves you Zoheb”, Rezana grinned, as she and Ayaaz joined our circle

Where had they been for so long anyway??

“Mehndi doesn’t have a smell okay Uzair, I think there’s a problem with your nose”, Nasley said

‘Wait till he tries to eat with his hand!”, Sabeeha laughed

“You ladies are so cruel!”, Zoheb said looking at all of us

“Mehndi absolutely wreaks”, Uzair said, cringing again

“It does not!”, Aara argued

“Aisha….now you know what to do when Uzzi troubles you”, Sabeeha winked

“Please don’t give her any ideas” Uzair said, making eyes at Sabeeha

“Right…have fun”, Riza said, returning with the mehndi cone and handing it to Ayaaz

‘What? No no that stuff stinks give it to Uzair!”

“My hand is shaky. AARA! Your boy, you do it!”, Uzair laughed

“I agree..Aara should do it”, Rezana smiled

“My hands are full”, Aara said as she ate another piece of burfee, “and besides you guys were putting mehndi nicely earlier on, now all of a sudden it stinks?”

“Ok give it here I will do it”, I laughed as I took a hold of the mehndi cone that was being tossed between Uzair and Ayaaz

Laeeka took over the music, while I started writing everyone’s names on Zoheb’s hand

“Stop shaking Zoheb!” , I laughed

“Well the more shakes, the more his hands will be destroyed soooo shake away Zoheb”, Sabeeha grinned

“Zainab I’m going to be in every wedding picture showing my hand to the camera” , Zoheb winked

And as Yazeed and Nasley started yet another banter about mehndi, with Nasley eventually offering to kill him with rat poison, and Yazeed agreeing if it came from her hands…. Aara looked at Laeeka and said ” Another in the making?”

“Possibly “, Laeeka winked

And Zoheb threw the pillow with his left hand, and around it went again…

As narrated by Yazeed:

This Mangashika…lol….she’s so cute! I blew her a flying kiss just to irritate her and get the reaction that I love!

“OMG EEEEEW”, she said aloud, ” Got to bath with Zam Zam now”

And so I blew her another flying kiss!

“Finally! I’ve been waiting for ages to say this….Zaeem, truth or dare bro?” Zoheb grinned

Aah the pillow had landed on my brother!

“Dare it is bro, dare it always is!”, Zaeem grinned

‘Zoheb make the most of this one!”, Sabeeha laughed

“Oh I will”, Zoheb said with a sneaky grin on his face

“Keep it cool bro…”, Zaeem said, noticing that grin

“Uhm…Zaeem you WILL do the moondance for us…but with a twist”

“Wait, a bhangra moondance!”, Uzair said, barely able to contain his laughter

“That is a brilliant pick!”, Sabeeha said, slapping her knees uncontrollably

“Do I look like the indiany type of guy who knows what bhangra is now???”, Zaeem said in horror

“Uhh hello I don’t watch Indian movies but I had to sing! So dance you will!”, Sabeeha said through her laughter

” You will stand on that table over there (pointing at the table around which a whole lot of elders were sitting) and do a BHANGRA MOONDANCE”, Zoheb laughed

“Whooo ooohhh!!”, Farah squealed

“Yes! Panjabi style man! Come on , no backing out!”, Uzair smiled

“But guys I have no idea how these people do it”, Zaeem said

“You know the moondance right, and bhangra well…just move your hands and legs like you’re having a fit!”, Zoheb said innocently

“I can help you out”, Aisha said as she walked over to Zaeem, “I had desi friends in school”

And Mrs. Bobat started giving Zaeem a few tips, but not without calling him flabby arms and scolding him a bit! And to see Zaeem oblige, was hilarious!!!

I cringed as Shakirah made her way into our circle..she’s the one who caught us out remember! Damn was she cheeky!

Zaeem walked up to where the elders were sitting, flashed his million dollar smile at them and greeted them most politely. All the aunties were blushing!!

“I have a little surprise for ya’ll but I just need to get on this table to do that”, he said ever so sweetly

Riza and I were standing right there, recording him!

Now my brother, as everyone has already noticed, has a way with words, and had the aunties eating out of the palm of his hands in no time…while the uncles just stared in disbelief! And that disbelief turned into shock when he hopped onto the table after moving every plate and cup on it, onto the floor!

“This is a little surprise for you all from your darling Zoheb, it’s his way of thanking all of you for welcoming him into the family!”, Zaeem grinned

“The little shit!”, Zoheb laughed

“You asked for it bro”, Ayaaz said as he looked on in disbelief too

The music started…and Zaeem began dancing, doing the moonwalk brilliantly but nearly falling off the table a few times when it came to the bhangra part! The aunties blushed from ear to ear as Zaeem grooved in front of them, and the uncles chuckled to themselves while they shook their heads at Zoheb!

When he was finally done, he took a bow, jumped off the table, threw his arm around me and kissed my cheek!

*sigh* My mental brother!

As narrated by Shakirah:

“The boy’s got guts! Well done Zaeem!”, Rezana laughed as Zaeem rejoined our circle

“Zaeeeem you made my day, week and freaken whole year!” , Nasley laughed uncontrollably as she managed to high five him

“Zaeem you should reconsider your job! You would make an excellent club dancer!”, Farah said, stunning most of us

“I’m sure he already does that”, Yazeed said, shooting a look at Zaeem

Talk about chalk and cheese….

“Ouch bro!”, Riza said, patting Zaeem on the back

“Seems like your brother has all the charm, looks and moves, and were left with nothing”, Nasley said to Yazeed with a smirk on her face

“You got that right, Zaeem smiled, as Yazeed rolled his eyes at both of them

And then Zoheb lifted his hand to show everyone…whaaaaaat? My cousin has mendhi on his hand!!!

“Wow Zoo your mehndi looks better than mine!”, Nasley said in a mocking tone as she looked at Yazeed

“You make sure that goes in the album”, Sabeeha said to Zainab

And round and round went the pillow again….


“Sooo Mr. Nemo what’s it gonna be?”, Zaeem asked Nemo

‘Enough dares…truth it is”, Nemo said, looking at Aara first and then at Zoheb

That was strange…..

“I thought that you were the guts of the group!”, Nasley moaned

“Yeah, why truth Nemo?”, Aara frowned

“What should I do?’, Nemo shrugged

‘Asks the king of pranks?”, Aara said

Nemo smiled a little..

“Okay Zaeem, truth for me and a dare for Aara’s sake”, Nemo said

Did I miss something?

‘Nemo you are friendship goals!”, Nasley said, smiling warmly at Nemo

“Right, your truth is, can we speak to Sabi’s parents for you?”

Sabeeha blushed beet red! OMG!

“You mean like……!!”, Nemo said shocked, “Sabi is my pal man she knows that, no need to parents isn’t Sabi?”

“Psssht! Exactly! That is such a dumb question!”, Sabeeha said quickly

And everything fell silent for a second….

“What’s the dare?”, Nemo asked

Laeeka looked at Nemi sadly, and put her head down…


“No dare for you bro”, Zaeem smiled, probably also catching on that there was something that we didn’t know…

And so the music resumed and Nemo threw the pillow…

“Shaaaaakiiiiiraaaaaah…truth or dare?”, he said, rubbing his hands together

Wait why is he looking at me and saying that?

Oh Boy! I looked down…that darn pillow was on my lap!

“Let me do something that I’ve never done…so….dare it is!”, I said, throwing myself into the game

“These girls seem to be getting quite brave it seems”, Yazeed said

“Getting afraid now are we?”, Farah teased

“Ayyyy girls were always brave!”, I laughed

“Hmmm this should be fun Shaakirah!, although be warned, you did catch them out so it might be payback”, Rezana said biting her lip

“Okay Reez now I’m getting nervous!”, I exclaimed anxiously

“Shaakirah I dare you tooooo….”, Nemo said looking around

“Dare me toooooo??”, I asked, raising my eyebrow at Nemo

“I dare you to take one of those kids playing there…and give them to the first person that you see”, Nemo said…”And don’t stop until there’s not a single kid left in the play area”

“Are you kidding me??”, I asked wide eyed, “Like, are you for real??”

“For real”, Nemo laughed, “is your cousin Haaj’s line”

“OH MY GOD!”, Rezana shrieked

“Trust you Nemo to give some ridiculous dare like that!”, Sabi said looking at Nemo

“All the kids?”, I asked, “Do you see how many there are? They can fill a school!”

Nemo got up and turned me around “I am “for real”, now GO!”

“Still brave are we?”, Yazeed teased as he leaned backwards

‘Thank God my kid isn’t there…where would it end up’, Ayaaz said to himself, but loud enough for us to hear

“Watch and learn “, I said as I walked towards the rowdy children

I can do this! I can do this…I said to myself but..CAN I do this???

“Hey kiddo kiddo…come here”, I said to the first and then second and then third kid. Okay you get it. But none of them were listening!!!

I walked back towards the group, “Your dare sucks no one is listening to me!”

“Shaku you’re supposed to be good at this!”, Zoheb said

“UK kids Zoheb..they love me…these ones uhuh” I said throwing my hands up in the air

“Shakirah….it’s because you’re calling the kids like you’re calling geese or chickens or something!”, Riza laughed

Aara tapped Nemo and Yazeed with her crutches “Show her how it’s done”

‘Me? And Him?”, Nemo asked to Aara

“And whose side are you on Aara?”, I asked, my hands on my hips

“Oh you’ll see Shaku”, Aara chuckled

“Come Shakirah let us teach you how to deal with kids”, Yazeed said very confidently

And so I walked back to the play area, with Nemo and Yazeed on either side of me.

But these two were goons!!! Nemo dived in and got a hold of the first kid that he saw, but the kid gave him a run for his money! Like literally! He had Nemo run behind him! And when he finally got both his arms around the little boy, this kid kicked and screamed and howled so loudly that I thought I may just go deaf! His second attempt failed as well, as this kid tugged at Nemo’s hair!

“There aren’t kids these are demons!!!”, Nemo said, completely out of breath

Yazeed had me in stitches! Smirking at us, he knelt down in front of a cute little girl with curly hair and asked her…”Hello sweetheart, what’s your name?”

She didn’t answer. She didn’t even smile…instead…she SLAPPED him!!

“Curly wurly that’s no way to treat your mummy’s brother! She won’t be too happy”, Yazeed persisted

and BAM, she slaps him again!!

In the meanwhile, Nemo managed to grab a kid who was trying to fix a toy, and plonked him into the hands of the first lady that he saw ” Here aunty, your baby is looking for you”. He didn’t even give the lady a chance to react!

Yazeed tried again….but received another slap!

Cursing under his breath, he picked the little girl from behind, despite her kicks , and quickly put her on a lady’s lap, muttering something incoherent and ran back to us.

I stood there, laughing from ear to ear, at these two idiots!!

“Yazeed let’s go back bru…I hate kids like hate hate hate them!”, Nemo shuddered, “Shakirah you’re free I take it back”

I shrugged happily! That suited me just fine;)


As narrated by Laeeka:

My tummy was so sore! Nemo and Yazeed were just the pits!! The pillow was doing its rounds again, and this time, the unlucky one was me!

“Truth or dare darling?”, Shakirah smiled

“Truth please” . Not always the safest option but definitely safer than dancing on a table!

“Oh no you didn’t..”, Shakirah grinned

“Errrr why are you saying it in that tone….should I be scared?”

“I think that’s like her trademark thing…”, Arshad laughed

‘Shakirah seems scary”, Ayaaz said with a straight face

“Ayaaaaazz you’re scared of me??”…Shakirah chuckled

“Of course he is”, Zaeem laughed, “be careful Laeeka, she has already terrified this poor chap here”

“So Laeeks, something that you did that no one knows of and would never think of you doing?”, Shakirah asked me, ignoring what Zaeem just said

“But that’s why I never told anyone!”, I laughed

Shakirah “thickened” her British accent, sounding every bit the serious girl that she is NOT, lol, and persisted “Tell us now”

“Okay…”, I said, giving in, “If you must know, and because everyone thinks that I have a halo above my head…I stole a box of chocolate from Arshad’s kunchas…it was so tasty I couldn’t resist”

“Laeeka!”, Arshad laughed as his mouth hung open

“Well that was unexpected!”, Rezana grinned

“Darling that’s not bad! I did worse but I’m not telling!”, Farah laughed

“Let me guess…..Aara was in on this too wasn’t she!!”, Nasley laughed

“That’s the way for food mwaaan…”,Shakirah said as she nudged me, ” I see some presents Laeeka…wanna?”

My face had probably turned every shade of pink!

“Laeeks! I was expecting some deep stuff”, Zaeem pouted

“Woah…rebel huh…you want to fit into your wedding dress fattie?”, Uzair chuckled

“Forget that you stole it..”, Ayaaz laughed, “Got any left? It’s time to share”

I winked at Aara and she winked back at me!

“Ayaaz don’t ask me..ask the silent one with the guilty look on her face…and Uzair fattie is a no go zone!”, I laughed

“Fine , we’ll go with chubby, is that better?’, Uzair grinned

‘Chubby?”, Shakirah said, erupting into a fit of laughter, “You need glasses Uzair, Laeeka is thinner than all of us here!”

“Zoheb please put your mehndi hand near Uzair for me”, I said sneakily

“NOOOO”, Uzair said, jumping up “I’m good, I’ll be quiet now”

“People please be careful, make sure that your bags and phones are in your hands”, Nemo said, trying to look serious

“Very funny Nemo”, I laughed as I threw the pillow at Farah, “Same question to you…so now you HAVE to tell us”

” Errrr I was hoping that you all would forget what I blurted out earlier..ok…here it goes I might have stole..ok maybe borrowed a friend’s yacht for a little late night party”, Farah said quickly


As narrated By Zainab:

“You what???”

‘Now that’s gutsy! Awesome girl”, Zaeem whistled

“Wait Zaeem…Farah you stole a yacht???”, I asked, completely shocked

“I was going to tell you! But then you dropped the bomb about you getting married…and I forgot”

“How can you steal a yacht?????”

“Relax babe…she only stole a yacht, it’s not like she stole a pot or a chocolate or anything…”, Arshad laughed, ” It’s just a…yacht”

“Just a yacht. No biggie”, Aisha said, siding Arshad and Farah

“See..even Aisha agrees”, Arshad said, putting his arm around me

“Correction guys..she didn’t steal it she just…borrowed it without permission”, Nasley said nodding her head

“A yacht….”, Rezana grinned, ” This group is full of surprises”

“If only I was at this party in the stolen yacht”, Zaeem sighed

“But a yacht Farah…”, I said in disbelief

“And the pressure cooker called Zainab is on again…”, Riza said, laughing to himself

“It wasn’t that hard actually, her parents were really trusting and just left the keys where everything else was sooo we just swiped it and got in! Luckily I had taken lessons so I knew how to operate it…the party on the other hand was my friends idea”, Farah laughed

Gawwwd what was this girl getting upto!

A laugh escaped Uzair’s lips..

“I remember how much trouble you got into for it Farah, Nothing to be proud of missey”, Humairah said

“How wild did the party get?”, Yazeed asked curiously

“Errrr let’s just say that our noise level was so loud that the entire bay heard us”

“Lucky for her, the owners knew their daughters and Farah’s antics so they let them off with just a month of being grounded”, Humairah smiled, shaking her head

“Hah! Farah takes the cake here….I’m nothing compared to her”, Aara laughed

“It’s a good thing that my stolen or borrowed moments are all at university, not at some aunty or uncles place”, Zaeem said, biting into a ferrero cupcake

“Well atleast you can say that you did that Farah! 10 points for you what say Zaeem”, Nemo smiled

“Hell yeah”, Zaeem said through his stuffed mouth, “I’d give her 12, 2 extra points for having the guts!”

“And two extra points for that damn accent of yours bros! Yeah rrrrrrrrrrr uuuuuuuuu”

“It’s the accent that gets me the girls bro”, Zaeem said, winking at Nemo

And my mad Farah threw the pillow…and it landed on…

As narrated by Uzair:


Huh….oh that’s me!!

“Truth or dare?”, yacht girl asked me

“Hmmm..truth”, I said, looking around

‘Oh this is going to be good”, Aisha laughed

“Hmmm let me think….did you ever do anything wild when you were younger and what was it?”, Yacht girl asked

I chuckled to myself. ” Wild…I’m afraid I was very mild so I didn’t steal any yachts or anything…but the craziest thing I did was date some crazy chick. SHE was wild, but I’ve always been a good child”

“Okay…so what was the wildest thing that you did with this girl? I’m sure she must have made you join her?”, Yacht girl persisted

My face had officially turned bright red! “Let’s just say it was midnight during winter and she wanted to go swimming, and I couldn’t talk her out of it and errr” . I looked at Aisha apologetically..” Well swimming in the beach at midnight in winter is the easiest way to get pneumonia”

“Awww don’t feel bad, atleast you learnt your lesson, right Aisha?”, Farah said, probably wishing she had never asked me this question

“You will get the boy into trouble, making him bring out his secrets in front of his wife now!”, Yazeed laughed

“The brothers understand my pain”, I laughed at Yazeed

“He’d better have learnt his lesson! He can’t expect any midnight swimming sessions with me”, Aisha said coolly

I hugged her close to me and whispered “I’d never ask Aishoo”

“Aisha knows what she has”, Aara smiled

“I know his true worth and we both have pasts….”, Aisha said as she took my hand in hers ,” and I accept him for all his nearly pneumonia mistakes”

I stared into her eyes…and smiled.

“Throw the pillow already bro!”, Zaeem laughed

and it went around again…and landed on AARA!

‘Aarooo! My girl, well my cousin..truth or dare?”

“Errr dare…”, she said chuckling to herself, “Since I can’t really do much thanks to my crutches”

“Hmmm smart”, I said, and then looked at Aisha, who winked at me

“Aara, Queen of craziness, I dare you to give us a re enactment of….drum roll please….Zoheb’s singing scene!”

“You what??”, Aara asked, choking on yet another something that she was eating

“Wait…what? Zoheb singing?”, Shakirah asked in shock

Zoheb’s family clearly didn’t know him the way that we…I guess we bring out the worst in him;)

“This ought to be interesting Zoheb”, Yazeed smirked

“You heard me. Would you like to stand on the table and sing or sit where you are?”, I asked

“Ok fiiiine…table ofcourse, I mean it’s no Audi but it will have to do”, Aara smiled, giving in

Zoheb stood up and helped her onto the table without her even asking him. And that’s why Zoheb was perfect for Aara!

“You don’t have to describe everything, you know”, Zoheb told her softly

“Uzair he said that I don’t have to describe everything!”, she shouted as Zoheb tried to shush her

“Ignore lover boy and listen to me”, I chuckled,”Need a mic?”

“errrr no…let’s just keep this to us, I don’t want to scare Zainab’s family away”, she laughed

“Come on Aara!”, Nemo whistled

“Aara! Aara! Aara! Aara!”, Zaeem said, joining Nemo, cheering her on

Aara took a deep breath in and started…” Anyway, soooo he sent this note with this kid…for me to meet him outside. Only someone else got the note and Zoheb was going to sing to her..and when I came there he was standing on the roof of his car!”

Zoheb was busy blushing away as she spoke…

“When the lady left, I was about to go inside when he started singing…”

And she looked at Zoheb at smiled, as though no one else was watching…”Mere haath mein thera haath ho…saari jannate mere saath ho”

And Zoheb walked towards her, lifted her off the table, placed her gently on his shoes and started swaying…while completing the next two lines that Aara was supposed to sing. Stuff like this gives me goosebumps man!…but in a good way..

Yazeed’s mouth hung open in shock..”She’s really turned you into a romantic!”

All the ladies were swooning with their awwwwws! Including my wife;)

Zaeem turned to Nasley, clearly very confused…”Love translate please will you?”

“Zoo..maybe you should give the foreigners some tips !”, Nasley laughed

Zoheb put his arm around Aara and laughed, ” I googled it Mangashika”

“I am stumped cuz! like WOW..I didn’t know that you had it in you!”, Shakirah said in awe

“When your hand is in mine, I have with me, all of paradise”, Nasley said, turning to Zaeem, “That’s what it means”

“Can someone please tell me where this Mangashika name came from! Like where is Nasley and where on earth is Mangashika??”, Aara asked Zoheb helped her sit down

“Me too! Because Mangashika sounds like a Japanese sumo wrestler! And mind you but I do not nowhere near look like either a Japanese or a sumo wrestler!”

” Errr it just came out Nas”, Zoheb said with a guilty look on his face

Aha! Has the culprit been discovered?

As narrated by Nemo:

Nasley raised her eyebrows at Zoheb…”Came out from where??”

Zoheb shrugged and winked at Yazeed

“I think Mangashika is my brother’s romantic name for you love”, Zaeem grinned, “because it sounds damn deadly!”

“Sorry Nas…looks like you’re stuck with that name”, Shakirah laughed

“Ok I’m going to throw this pillow now…”, Aara smiled, but not before whispering something in Humairah’s ear…hmmmm

Yazeed pulled his gaze from Mangashika and realised that the pillow is in his hands, and with a flushed look on his face, turned to look at a smirking Aara..

“May him pay girl!”, Nasley clapped happily

“Truth or dare?”

“Why don’t you decide for me for a change?”, Yazeed smiled, looking at Nasley

“Nas…truth or dare?”

“uh oh…this is going to be very interesting!”, Farah said

“Dare obviously!!!”, Nasley said, sticking her tongue out at Yazeed

“Come here Yazeed”, Aara chuckled

When Yazeed obliged, Aara held out her index finger in front of his face and brought it closer, asking him to focus on it. Yazeed was hellava confused, as were we, but he complied nonetheless

“Don’t move your eyes from the finger”, she said

And she brought it right to his nose, until he was squinting!

“Arshoo click!”, she said suddenly…and both Arshad and Zaeem fulfilled that command!

“Now…”, Aara said with a dangerous smile on her face, ” You have to look at the tip of your nose to keep your eyes that way, and walk around and greet all these uncles and aunties around us”

“Are you crazy??”, Yazeed asked in shock, “How am I supposed to stay that way?”

“I salute you Aara”, Nasley said, raising her hand to her head military style

“Easy..”, Aara said, leaning against Zoheb, “If you lose focus, use your finger to help you”

“I can only focus if Mangashika here helps me with her finger”, Yazeed smirked

“Oh you want help?’, Aara asked, “hang on…Shakirah help the man out please”

“Me????”, Shakirah asked, shocked

“Yeah…because he will never cheat if you’re watching him”

‘no thanks..”, Yazeed said as he got off the floor, ” I think I shall be able to do this on my own…I only accept help from Manga no one else”

“After spilling juice on her you want her to help you?”, I said without thinking…and I bit my tongue realising that Nas had heard me

Yazeed gave me “the” look “That wasn’t me”

Nasley’s eyes widened..”The only thing that I can help you with is committing suicide!”

“Move move now Yazeed”, Aara said

“You guys were pretty useless hiding your identity you know”, Shakirah chuckled

“And I still can’t believe you guys dressed up like ladies!”, Farah laughed

“Farah now I wish this mehndi was on a yacht because I would have thrown them overboard!”, Zainab said, happily startling us with her comment

After greeting a few uncles and aunties and getting weird looks in return, Yazeed’s eyes started watering and he turned away to find a little kid looking at him with fear in his eyes, and as soon as they made eye contact, the kid ran for his life!

Moments later, the kid’s mother confronted Yazeed..”excuse me what is your problem? why did you make my child scream like that?”

Yazeed, not being one to leave things midway, looked up at the lady, eyes looking down at his nose to remain the way that Aara had instructed him to….and to give it a finish, stuck his tongue out and said “Hello Aunty, nice to meet you!”

The lady, who had been looking in the direction of her child, turned to Yazeed with her mouth half opened, probably to say something reprimanding, dropped the cake that she was holding and screamed aloud!!

“What’s wrong with your…”, she asked

In the meantime, her husband had rushed towards her..

“His eyes..his eyes..”, she said to her husband

But when her husband looked at Yazeed, his eyes were normal! Yazeed just shrugged and the couple started walking away…but when the lady turned around again to make sure that she had actually seen right, Yazeed squinted again and waved at her!!

As narrated by Riza:

“Guys it’s getting kind of late, maybe we should round up..tomorrow is the wedding and we don’t want to be exhausted”, Humairah yawned..”let’s just do a truth truth…ask questions, no dares”

And so Yazeed deliberately threw the pillow at Nasley!

“Oh we go”, she muttered under her breath

“Time for honesty”, Yazeed smirked

“Have a go at it”, Nasley said, giving Yazeed a challenging look

“ put up a brave front and have this attitude going on but I can see that there’s more behind it all. So who is the cause of all that turmoil in your eyes?”, Yazeed asked her with a serious look on his face, and as his hazel eyes turned a shade darker

Nasley looked down with uncertainty…as all eyes were on her now..”Uhhh I guess I’m the cause of my own turmoil..I can’t really blame it on anyone else”

“Something makes me not want to believe you Nas….”, Shakirah said

“It’s okay to tell us…”, Yazeed said softly

Nasley looked at Yazeed for a few seconds…”Well…Just issues going best friend just recovered from cancer and came back from America after seven months…and now that he’s back, things have changed…and it hurts”

Silence. Pin drop silence.

“I know that I’m not allowed to hug any females..Aara told me that…but I’m going to hug you”, Yazeed said slowly..and then proceeded to give Nasley a big bear hug.

Nasley was totally caught off guard, and awkwardly hugged him back ..”uhhh thank you Yazeed”

“Seems like you are rubbing off on him”, Zaeem whispered to Zoheb

“I can see that…”, Zoheb smiled, “everyone has a soft side just need the right person to bring it out”

“Yeah but I have never seen my brother like this”, Zaeem whispered again

‘Shut up I think it’s cute” , Aara whispered back

“Can I ask you for a huge favor please”, Nasley asked Yazeed

“Sure, anything”, He smiled

“Can you please stop calling me really annoys me”

And all of us burst out laughing!

“Sure stuff babe”, Yazeed winked, as he tried not to laugh

And so, as per out “plan” Nasley threw the pillow to Rezana

“So Reez, tell us who is the lucky person that you trust blindly….no expectation, and no disappointments…hands down you that they will always have your back?”

“To be honest…Nasley I have a pretty great family, and friends too..that covers all aspects. Bu if I had to pick one person, I guess it would be…” , and Rezana paused, looked around her, looked a little longer at Ayaaz than she did at the rest of us….”Ayaaz”

As narrated by Ayaaz:

I looked up into her eyes, slightly shocked that mentioned me…but honored too…that it was me!

“Awww that’s the sweetest ever…reminds me of my best friend and how he always had my back”, Nasley smiled

“Reminds me of you Aaroo”, Nemo said, smiling at Aara

” My Ziyaad…” , Humairah said, as she too smiled and looked down

“So imagine if he had to go away?”, Laeeka asked Rezana

“Yeah coz I sense a lot of chemistry between you two, what’s with that?”, Zaeem asked curiously

“We uhm….just get along really well…we’re best friends”, she answered

My expression was blank. Totally blank. I know that I have all these feelings for Reez…but her answers…her answers are just drawing a big question mark in my head!

But before anything else could walk into my head…Aara and Laeeka’s words came back to me…”She’s waiting for you to take the first step”

So I smiled at Reez nodding at her words

“We have a chemistry that we can’t explain”, I shrugged

“Best friends with chemistry…that’s a first”, Sabeeha said sneakily, and I knew that she also probably knew that I was in love with Reez. Thank you Aara and Laeeka;)

“Well we won’t always be best friends with chemistry…things change, people change, relationships change…”I said, hinting at Reez again

Reez had a flushed look on her face..and she quickly threw the pillow…and it landed on Arshad!

‘ Just because you’re the groom…well, for now”, she winked

“I’m getting married be kind Reez”, Arshad laughed

“How did you know…that she’s the one?”, Reez asked . And I could see that she battling her own inner conflicts….

I decided to sit back and watch. This was a couple getting married tomorrow, I could learn a thing or two here!

“Zainab was someone who I couldn’t understand, I couldn’t stand her at all..but only because I didn’t know her….”, Arshad said, smiling at Zainab. “Zainab do you know when it was that I fell for you…in that video that Riza showed us of you…mousy, nerdy, quiet Zainab….”

Zainab’s eyes filled with tears…” Arshad……” she whispered

“It was then, that I knew that there was more to you than what you let on…and I battled with it until the day that we were paired together and that Faseeha came in between…”, Arshad continued…”All this…(holding his hand up)..all this glitz and glamour doesn’t mean a thing to me…you do”

“Arshoo you’re making us cry”, Laeeka said, wiping away a tear

“Seriously guys, what is life? not the things that we own…but whose hearts we hold”, Arshad said

“And who holds ours…”, Zainab whispered as she held his hand

Rezana smiled and wiped away a tear of her own, “And how tight we’re willing to hold onto it…because not everyone gets a chance at loving someone, or being loved by the one they love”

“That’s why we should TELL the person who means that much to us because time waits for no one”, Aara said, making “big eyes” at me

I nodded softly…

“Just a thought guys..”, Shakirah said, “Tug a little on the rope of love…and you will see it will get stronger”

“So true Shakirah”, Farah said, as she too wiped her tears

After a little more banter, Zaeem excused himself for some fresh air, Zoheb helped Aara up…and Aara nodded to me in affirmation.

She had received my text message. Nemo and her were going to meet me outside…all these words seemed to have lit a spark in my heart..and I was not turning back!

Author’s Note:

Well that was a mouthful! Lol! Hope that you guys enjoyed all 7457 words. I do apologise for the delay in posting, the combined posts take a lot of time to put together , but thank you so very much for your patience:) *tight hugs*

Please read the posts on the following blogs for the combined characters points of view as well:)

Thank you to my dearests…in no particular order:

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Much Love,


Arshad to Zainab

Arshad to Zainab

Zoheb and Aara

Zoheb and Aara

The Yacht Party

The Yacht Party

Zaeem's Impersonations...

Zaeem’s Impersonations…

To Nemo With Love...Sabi

To Nemo With Love…Sabi



bhangra moonwalk

bhangra moonwalk

Yazeed,Zaeem,Farah, Humairah,Shakirah, Nasley,Sabeeha,Uzair, Aisha, Rezana, Ayaaz From: The LLD Crew

Aisha, Rezana, Ayaaz
From: The LLD Crew



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  4. Salaams. Please take my comments in the spirit that they are meant. I absolutely love this blog and have been hooked since day one. However I find that there are now way too many characters being introduced and it’s taking away from the original characters. It’s becoming so hard to follow who’s who and its really confusing. Everyone has a choice to follow the other blogs with these characters and I feel that those who don’t read the other blogs are having them forced on to us without us even being able to relate to them. Hope that the additions are just temporary and will come to an end soon. Thank you for all your efforts though. I’m sure that a lot of time and hard work goes into producing your work.


    • Ws. Awww I’m so sorry that we are confusing you…The new additions are guest appearances as part of the wedding special only…and I take full responsibility for the confusion created 🙈 I have this habit of biting off more than I can chew and challenged myself to put together a first time ever (I think ) 8 author combined post…it’s hectic but alot of fun😉 your characters will be back soon, just the way that u enjoy. This being the second last season of lld, I just wanted to party it up a little and treat everyone with a mix of their favourite blogs and have some readers involved too 💜…thank you for following lld it means a lot to me that you’re hooked from day one and the fact that u wrote this comment shows me how much you miss the lld crew 💕 lotsa love and hugs shazia


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