Part 237 – The Wedding (Part 1) – Team Groom

team groom

As narrated by Aara :

Wedding day!!!! Need I say more? I was bursting with excitement and happiness from the second that my eyes opened this morning and I was so glad that we were finally ready to leave for Arshad’s house!

“Sit still woman! “, Nemo scolded , while driving

“What am I doing? “, I asked innocently

“Why do you have to move in your seat every two seconds?” , he said, trying to maintain a straight face

“Because “, I said as I clapped my hands together, “it’s Arshad and Zainab’s wedding! ”

“You scare me..what will you do on your wedding day? “, he grinned, “we’ll probably have to give you a sedative! ”

“Not that it would work “, I smirked, rolling my eyes at him while I “liked ” Zainab’s newly uploaded “Team Bride ” picture on Instagram of Zoheb and Immy posing with her

“You’re right…we’ll have to use an animal tranquilizer! ” . And Nemo burst out laughing at his own “joke”

I raised my eyebrow at him…that was below the belt!

“You mean the same one that you use on yourself? ” , I asked

Nemo opened his mouth to say something and then smiled.

“Didn’t you recommend it after personally guaranteeing it’s results?”

Me: “On my cat, yes”

Nemo : “You don’t have a cat”

Me :”Of course I do”

Nemo : “No you don’t ”

Me : “It was my friends cat”

Nemo : “None of your friends have cats ”

Me : “You don’t know this friend”

Nemo : “Okay what’s your friends name? ”

Me : “Spooky ”

Nemo : “Your friends name is Spooky?????”

Me :”No..The cat!”

Nemo : “Who names their cat spooky??”

Me : “My friend ”

Nemo : “So what’s your friends name?”

Me : “She doesn’t have a name”

Nemo : “So what do you call her?”

Me :” Friend ”

Nemo : “You call your friend,friend?”

Me : “Yes, I can’t call my friend Oupa”

Nemo : “Why not? ”

Me :”Because Oupa is dead ”

Nemo : “Since when? ”

Me : “Yesterday ”

Nemo : “How did he die?”

Me : “Lizard ”

Nemo : “Lizard what? ”

Me : “He’s allergic to lizards ”

Nemo : “So a lizard bit him?”

Me :”No”

Nemo : “Then??”

Me : “He had a stroke ”

Nemo : “‘But you just said that he’s allergic to lizards!!'”

Me : “But I didn’t say that it killed him”

Nemo : “So what happened to the lizard then?”

Me : “It ran away”

Nemo : “Where?”

Me : “How must I know, I didn’t get enough time to tag it with a tracker”

Nemo : “Why what were you doing?”

Me : “Burying Oupa”

Nemo : “Shame where did you bury him?”

Me :”In the pot plant”

Nemo : “How did he fit in there???”

Me : “It was a big pot plant”

Nemo : “Did you have a khatam?”

Me : “No I had to go to the mehndi”

Nemo : “You didn’t read for Oupa and you went for a mehndi??”

Me :”You were there too”

Nemo : “That wasn’t me”

Me :”Oh so who was it? ”

Nemo : “My lookalike”

Me :”so where were you?”

Nemo : “Finding Ouma”

Me: “Finding Nemo was finding Ouma??”

Nemo : “Yes it’s part three..Dory beat her to it ”

Me : “Shame”

Nemo : “It is”

Me : “So what’s the plot?”

Nemo : “Ouma gets lost in Soweto, Nemo finds her after finding Dory”

Me :”There’s no ocean in Soweto”

Nemo : ‘I know , we found her in Nkandla”

Me :”So why did you go to Soweto?”

Nemo : “Because the taxi stopped there”

Me :”There’s an ocean in a taxi in Soweto???”

Nemo : “No the fishbowl was in the taxi”

Me :”So where did you find her in Nkandla?”

Nemo : “She was in the firepool”

Me :”You mean swimming pool”

Nemo : “No it’s the latest thing, firepools have a dual purpose”

“Guys please stop my tummy cant handle it anymore”, Yazeed said through a roaring fit of laughter

“Backseat quiet”, Nemo winked, “We haven’t had a discussion like this in ages”

“This isn’t a discussion this is insanity”, Yazeed laughed….”I heard about you guys stories last night but nothing beats seeing you both in action”

“It’s a wedding dude it’s free entertainment for you”, I grinned.

I looked at Nemo for a few seconds and then frowned. He was supposed to ask! I stared a little harder, then gritted my teeth to get his attention…

Lol..I ignored Yazeed’s question about why was I grinding my teeth..when Nemo finally got it!

“Why did you come with us?”, he asked Yazeed..and I burst out laughing! Gosh he wasn’t supposed to ask like that!!

Yazeed went slightly red in the face..”uhhh..I heard there’s a lot of yummy food at Arshad’s house so you know…I had to come”

“Ha ha haha hahahahaha”, I fake laughed

“He means a food called Mangashika Aaarooooo”, Nemo grinned while tapping the steering wheel

“Nemo maybe you’re wishing for some Sashanga milkshake”, Yazeed retaliated, clearly hinting at Sabeeha

I was killed!!! Where does he come up with these names???

“Sashang whaaaaaat??”, Nemo asked, completely bewildered

“We can talk to her parents for you, you know”, Yazeed teased

“Naah I’m cool, and don’t change the subject okay..what’s the deal with you and Nas?”

“Dunno…we shall see”, Yazeed said softly

I looked at Yazeed, he was so quiet all of a sudden and I wondered….did something happen?

As narrated by Nemo:

We made random banter until we reached Arshad’s house, and when I got there, I was so shocked! There was no place to park! People and cars everywhere!

Riza, who had also just arrived, was in the same boat as me…parking was a huge problem for him too!

Entering Arshad’s house took us into a different world altogether. The spirit of family and friends under one roof made the atmosphere most welcoming and cheerful. Another one bites the dust…

The three of us didn’t give it a second thought when we opted to be a part of Team Groom and Aunty Sawleha eagerly hugged each of us and beamed radiantly. She was finally getting a daughter in law!

Yazeed went off on his own, citing a lame excuse but we knew that he was probably looking for Nasley, so we let him be.

“Did you bring it?”, Riza asked Aara

“I could never forget it Reez”

“You were so hyper and jumpy on the phone this morning, I wouldn’t put it past you”, he laughed

“WERE so hyper and jumpy? Dude she still is! “, I said, giving Aara the “you should know better “look after realizing that she deliberately left her crutch in my car, insisting that she could balance on her own and how her crutch was spoiling her look! Unbelievable! But, she was looking unbelievable too…so beautiful, so full of life…

I know that it was too soon, but I didn’t know how I was supposed to love anyone but her, How was I supposed to move on in my life without her…It wasn’t purely dependence but a burning desire in my heart that was lit only and truly by an untainted love for her . I would never stop loving her, that much I did know. Things may change, years may pass, new people may come into our lives…but that feeling would never change.

I pushed all those thoughts back into my mental drawer of memories and followed Riza and Aara into Arshad’s room.

Arshad looked into the mirror, and smiled at us while doing something to his face.

“In a few hours guys…I’ll be a married man”

The three of us just sat on his bed in amusement , all the while watching Arshoo grinning and beaming to himself..

“Arshoo we got you something”, Aara said finally, and motioned for me to give our gift to Arshoo.

The three of us had together bought Arshad a watch, that Zainab had helped us choose. We could never gift him anything that would equate to what Arshad had done for us, and we wouldn’t need to either because a friendship like ours can’t ever be measured or put to value. Still, we wanted to give him something that would always remind him of us, something that would always remind him that we would always be there if he ever needed us, as he stood on the threshold of a new life.

“Guys you shouldn’t have”, Arshad said, his eyes moistening as he spoke…

“Please man..”, Aara whispered, a tear falling from her eye as she stepped forward to help me put Arshad’s watch on

“It’s something small…to remember us by”, Riza smiled softly…”and to remind you every time you look at this, that we had good times and bad..and that no matter what the time is, now matter how the time is…we will be there any time that you need us”

“That’s a lot of times that you used the word time in a single sentence”, Arshad said, his eyes glistening, his lips smiling

The three of us laughed for a second..and then just as swiftly, we were transported back in time…back to all the times that the four of us were together. It was them taking care of me, scolding me when I refused to listen, laughing together at odd hours of the morning…we’ve come a long, long way.

It felt as though all of us were thinking about precisely the same thing, and Aara came forward and hugged Arshad…and she cried.

“I will never forget anything”, she said through her tears, while Riza patted her gently on her head..”You both stood by me when nobody else did…I can never forget that”

“Aaroo…”, Riza whispered

“You shouldn’t keep thanking us A…you gave me a chance to evolve into someone that I never knew I was strong enough or capable enough of being..and the results are phenomenal “, Arshad smiled..”Look at me (pointing to himself)..and look at him (Pointing at me)..every second was worth it” , Arshad said warmly

“I will never forget it either bro..”, I said, stepping forward, ” all three of you..”

And I put my arms around Arshoo, as Aara stepped back..and then Riza came forward and it ended up being a big bear bro hug!

The room door opened, and we quickly wiped our tears to avoid Nasley, Sabeeha and Yazeed looking at us being soppy.

“Intense in here isn’t it”, Yazeed whispered to the girls

“Tell me about it”, Sabeeha said softly, stealing a glance at me

“Hello Sashanga”, I grinned, trying to lighten up our emotional mood

“Goodbye Nemo”, Sabeeha laughed, sticking her tongue out at me

“And here I was thinking that you had come to offer me a cup of tea”, I said…because I really did feel like having a cup of strong, sweet tea

“Tea would be nice actually”, Arshad laughed, hinting at one of the girls to make it already

“Uh uh I don’t do tea…”, Sabeeha laughed, as she sat next to Aara on the bed, “Some help here Nas?”

“I’ll have a cup too”, Riza and Aara said at the same time

“Send some tea this side too”, Yazeed smiled, winking at Nas

“For me, coffee, two sugars “, Sabi said, adding to Nas’s list of orders

“And we’ll have it here in the last tea as a single man”, Arshad grinned

“At the rate you guys are ordering, Nas will have to make a deg of tea!”, Sabi laughed loudly

Nasley looked at us, stunned and amused at the same time

“You guys are lucky I know you..and just for the record, I make the best tea ever”, Nas smiled, “and don’t worry Arshoo I won’t burn down your kitchen”

Poor Yazeed was clearly smitten, as he was at a loss for words (which was completely unlike him) and just stared at her lovingly…

“Bring some biscuits too since you’re being so generous Nas”, Arshad said as Nasley began to exit the room

“Yes master, anything for you”, Nasley said, rolling her eyes at him

“I hope you have insurance”, Sabi grinned

“Have a little faith Sabi…this will probably be the best tea of our lives”

“You mean the last tea of your lives?”

“Sabeeha your mouth!!”, Riza laughed

And we started another banter on how Nas would surprise us all, because making tea wasn’t exactly rocket science and well a good cup of tea would be perfect right now!

As narrated by Nasley:

I got the teapot out and reached for a spoon..and my mind drifted back once again to the conversation that I had with Yazeed last night. It had been on my mind the entire morning….

I filled the teapot with water and put it on the stove…and drifted off yet again

“Earth to Nasley??”

I stumbled back in surprise…and looked into Aara’s face

“Sorry..I don’t know where the teacups stay…”

Aara opened one of the units and showed me the teacups and saucers, “Are you okay Nas?”

“Yeah I am..”, I lied, and quickly took the teacups out

“You sure?”, she asked, her eyebrows joining together in a frown

“I’m sure”, I smiled

“okay”, Aara smiled back and turned to leave….”errr Nasley?”


“Aren’t you…going to switch the stove on to make the tea?”

I looked at the stove and realised that I had forgotten to actually PUT the stove on! “Oops”

And both of us laughed. She asked me for a third time if I was okay and if I needed any help, I politely declined and ushered Aara out of the kitchen

I poured the milk into the teapot…but not before drifting off yet again, and then just as quickly snapped back to reality as I took a hold of the tea tray

“Don’t drop this okay Nasley…you can do this”, I whispered to myself at least fifty times before I reached Arshad’s room. They were talking so loudly inside that no one heard heard me ask them to open the half closed door, so I kicked it open without knowing that Yazeed was standing behind it!

“I am so so so sorry”, I said quickly

‘It’s okay babe I got you”, Yazeed said as he steadied me

Nemo, Sabi and Riza coughed aloud, while Aara and Arshad chuckled to themselves.

I lifted the tea tray up to Yazeed’s nose in anxiety..”You do the honours”

As narrated by Yazeed:

“Two sugars in mine please Yazeed…I’m the groom after all sooo you can put my tea together”, Arshad winked

And one by one , all of them started giving me their orders! Not that I minded, Nasley makes the tea and I serve it…I could live with that;)

I looked at the cups in front of me and was now absolutely confused!

I mean I did always drink my “teabag and hot water” tea…and I was pretty sure that in any tea there had to be some sort of tea leaves to make it…or do they do things differently in South Africa???? This was just WHITE! It seemed like milk and water only…

Then it hit me! She forgot to add the teabags!!

I grabbed a cup and put two sugars in it and walked over to Arshad, whispering “Dude you better not pass any comment and just drink this!”

And so I went around to each one of them, and handed them their teabag less tea, telling them to drink it up. She had enough on her mind and I didn’t want her to be embarrassed. Now if only that look on Nemo’s face didn’t mean that he was about to open his mouth….

“Is this vanilla flavored tea?”, he grinned, enjoying my sudden predicament

Nasley’s head snapped up to that and I gave Nemo a look..”Uhhh what did you say Nemo?”

“It’s a special tea”, I said quickly, trying to cover it up

“Special indeed”, Arshad said, trying to swallow the hot water, sugar and milk mix

I noticed Aara and Riza discreetly emptying their teacups back into the teapot…lol!…but at least they were quiet about it and didn’t say anything…unlike Nemo here who was grinning from ear to ear!

“The coffee is pretty good too”, Sabi said, not wanting to be left behind

“I said, Aunty Sawleha has such lovely teabags, I mean I should get some..who likes to see a teabag in their tea anyway”, Nemo said, holding back his laughter

But Arshad gave it away as he couldn’t keep it in anymore and burst out laughing!

Nasley was baffled and quickly grabbed a cup before I could stop her…

“OH MY SOUL!!!”, she said in shock, her face turning pink immediately, “I am SO sorry you guys! I completely forgot to put teabags how could I be so stupid”

“Don’t worry about it..we like it like this also”, I said without thinking , and everyone immediately shot me a very amused look!

‘Geez dude…couldn’t I think of anything else? We like this also?? No…we really don’t!!!”,… I said to myself

“Idiot!””, she scolded, looking in my direction “Why didn’t you say anything???”

“Errr babe what was I supposed to say?”, I said, looking helplessly at her

“How about hey Nasley, maybe some teabags would be nice?”, she said angrily

“I wasn’t going to embarrass you like that now”, I said, putting my hands up

“He was just trying not to make you feel bad man Nas”, Riza smiled

Her face softened immediately..”I’m sorry…my mind is just elsewhere…”

“Thank gosh I asked for coffee!”, Sabeeha mumbled, and I couldn’t help but smile

“Nemo remember that Johnny Lever scene where he made the tea without teabags? “, Riza said suddenly, and Aara and him started laughing

“Yeah Johnny and Nasley would make a hot match AND they would save a lot of money on teabags “, Nemo laughed

Who the heck was Johnny???

“I know right….”, Nasley said batting her eyelashes, “I luuurve Johnny ”

“Yeah Johnny is totally SICK you just gotto love him !!!”, Sabeeha said playing along

“Wait who’s Johnny????”, I asked aloud

Everyone chuckled amongst themselves but no one explained anything and left me clueless! Wait till I find Johnny!!!

“Johnny is my boyfriend..”, Nasley winked, looking straight at me, “So Arshad, do I get a do over or naaah?”

“Naah”, Nemo said, gently kicking the door shut

“Are you enjoying the milk and water Nemo?”, Nas grinned

“This is a single man’s special farewell tea made by one of his closest friends”, Nemo smiled, ‘I say we can drink to that?” and he lifted his cup

LOL! This Nemo!

I gave him a slight kick ,” If only you thought of that in the beginning and kept quiet!”

And everyone burst out laughing!

“Where’s the fun in that?”, Nemo laughed, putting his arm around my neck

“Aaah you guys…these are the memories I’ll never forget”, Nas smiled warmly, lifted her cup and winked at me ” To special friends”

“To special friends! ” , everyone said in unison…and we took a few selfies together too, hashtag and upload baby….after all, we needed to give Team Bride a run for their money😉

Author’s Note:

And the wedding is FINALLY here;)

Hope you enjoyed!

Thank You To My Sweethearts: (In no particular order)

Enjoy the tea with Johnny;)

Much Love


Ps: The Wedding Part 1- Team Groom In Pictures…to follow shortly


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  1. This post🙌🏻👌🏻beeeeuuuuttttiiifooool💃🏻to hawt 👏🏻
    Nemo and aara are friendship goals🙌🏻
    The tea😂😂😂omg it killed me 💃🏻vanilla tea😂#ripped
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  2. Oh! How my hearts swells when Aara and Nemo are together! My heart still can’t accept Aara and zoheb together even if Nemo finds some one else ! I just love the two of them together………… O dear nasely who on earth are u thing of …….. U forgot the tea bags(lol) u just too cute


  3. wooooooop woooooop!!
    nemo and aara are tooo cuteable mahn!!
    that vanilla tea doe =))
    at least sabiha had lekker coffee =))
    but Yazeeeed was so cutttteeee to try and cover up for nasley =)) .. she’s gonna be falling for him soon 😀
    lld lways makes me smilllle :’D (I lie, sometimes I cry)
    how about a post soon? and please don’t say how about no bc im gonna cry 😛

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