Part 239 – The Wedding (Part 2) Team Bride



The wedding day. The first of the three and I’m pretty sure, judging by the functions so far, the most elaborate!

I had joined Team Bride, for two reasons. One being that my brother insisted on going with Nemo and Aara to Arshad’s house, no guesses for why! I was seeing my brother swoon over a girl for the first time and that was quite entertaining, Damn! Those two had an electric chemistry… but I didn’t want his heart to get broken. I also didn’t want to be the party pooper in his way today so I let him be.

And the second reason why I was on this side of the fence was that…last night in the midst of the pillow playing game , I needed a joint badly, like really really badly. I excused myself, quietly walked out of the house , found myself an empty corner and took the rolled joint out from my pocket.

Inhaling in, I felt a sense of peace take over me, I really needed that. I enjoyed the joint till the last teeny bit, nearly burning my fingers in the process.

Once my craving was satisfied, I stuffed a mint orbit into my mouth and started to make my way back into the house. This was all too easy…until I bumped into Nemo, Ayaaz and Aara.

I nodded at Ayaaz and gave Aara my million dollar smile.. but when I turned to Nemo ,the look in his eyes made me nervous.

He was giving me the look that Zaakir always gives me, the look which says “I know something” . But then again, how would Nemo know anyways, I turned to look at them again but he was STILL giving me that look.

So even though he may not know anything, I was not taking any chances. I wasn’t in the mood for a confrontation, not today atleast.

And to think that Zoheb almost walked in on me last night…that was a really close call!

So here I was, a part of Team Bride. And irrespective of my reasons, I enjoyed being here.

“Ay hello “, Zoheb said, snapping his fingers in front of my face and grinning , ” I can understand Yazeed’s recent random daydreams but where are you lost? ”

I just smiled and threw my arm around his neck. “I’m dreaming about you bro!”

“Is that so? “, Zoheb laughed “well snap out of it and come and help me for real ”

I laughed, thinking about Zoheb’s eccentric cousin Haaj and her love for those two words, and then went to help out “for real “.


As narrated by Zoheb :

I only managed to steal a glimpse of Aara when they fetched Yazeed. Lol, she was playing her Team Groom bit a little too seriously as she turned her nose at me showing her “groom side” superiority 😜

Right now though, my focus was on getting all these old ladies into the cars lined up to escort them to the hall but they weren’t budging from the snack table!

That’s when I spotted Zaeem daydreaming and asked him to take over instead.

Humayrah and Farah had left for the hall some time back with the “sinni” , and I made a mental note to fetch Ayaaz from the hall for the nikaah.

I hurried upstairs to Zainab’s room as the time for leaving drew closer and when I opened the door, it seemed that someone had left the tap open!

“I’m going to miss you” , Laeeka cried, hugging Zainab

“I’m going to miss you too” , Zainab cried even harder as she clung onto Laeeka

“Errr ladies” , I interrupted, ” She isn’t moving to another planet ”

And as though I had said something so wrong, Zainab and Laeeka shot me killer looks so I decided to just keep my mouth shut.

As narrated by Zainab :

Zoheb wouldn’t understand. No guy truly will. This one second that stood between a yes or a no would change everything. A girl immediately loses everything to gain a whole new world, because nothing is ever truly the same again. It’s not a bad thing either, I am very excited no doubt. But just really emotional about the step that awaited me in just a few moments.

Maariah had to touch up my make up yet again and as I sat facing the mirror, I looked at the faces looking into the mirror with me. Zoheb, Immy, Maariah, Laeeka and my sister Nazrana . Riza, Nemo and Aara had abandoned me to be with Arshad, not that I minded.

This was it wasn’t it? It was as though all I had to do was put my hand through this mirror and I’d be transported into another world, leaving all of them behind me.

Walking down the stairs of my beloved home, a home filled with so many memories, walking down in my wedding gown…was overwhelming and heartbreaking.

There was not a single dry eye in the lounge as I gave my approval to my father and uncles , for my marriage to Arshad.

My tummy did a 360 degree spin in anticipation of what lay ahead, in happiness and sadness. My new life had officially begun….

Zoheb and Immy held the ends of my long trail and Laeeka and Maariah held my hands. Fati had arranged the most beautiful bouquet that I have ever seen and Rums had added in a “something borrowed “in the form of a silver trinket nestled amongst the flowers.

Nani had given me my “something old” , her precious diamond ring that I had my eye on ever since I was 5!

It was not a tradition, just for the heck of it. But two things were missing…

“Something new” , Laeeka smiled, as she leaned into the car and gently pinned a beautiful diamond brooch onto my wedding gown. “It’s from Maariah , Aara and I ”

“Laeeks you didn’t have to…”, I said, holding back another river of tears

“And something blue “, Zoheb winked, as he opened the back door, jumped in next to me and handed me a small box.


“Go on open it, it’s from Reez, Immy, Nemo and me…I’ve got Nemo and Reez on video call here say hi Zainab ”

“Hi guys ” , I smiled to a happy looking Nemo and an over excited Riza

“Zaiiiinnnaaaaaab “, Nemo laughed, “Getting lots of presents today ”

“Too much “, I agreed

“Come on Zai Zai, open the box what are you waiting for. ..Christmas? ” , Riza grinned

“Okay hang on”

I opened the box slowly…my friends were spoiling me a little too much.

“What on earth! “, I said aloud

Not only did they laugh like idiots, but Immy, who had got into the drivers seat, took a picture of me holding this blue Vanity Smurf face towel,utterly stunned!

“Something blue and you can reuse it sooo many times ” , Riza said through his laughter

“So very funny ” , I said, unable to hold back a huge grin

“Here’s the correct one Zainab, or we’ll never hear the end of it for the rest of our lives ” , Zoheb said taking out another little box

“Let me guess…A bar of blue soap maybe?”

“Have a little faith in us already “, Nemo chuckled


I was gobsmacked! It was no bar of soap….it was a dainty, gorgeous sapphire and diamond bracelet!

“From Immy, Nemo, Riza and I ” , Zoheb smiled, ” but if she wants soap then…We can still return this right guys?”

“Sunlight, Lux, Lifebuoy..which is your favourite Zainab? “, Immy laughed, clicking another picture

“Oh shush…thank you so much guys…I truly am overwhelmed ”

“Right get going already madame, your groom is getting rather impatient “, Nemo said before he cut the call.

My groom….

I smiled to myself

My husband…

“Drive this car already! ”


Author’s Note:

Guys I am really so sorry for not posting sooner…it has been a killer week and I have been busy busy *hide*

There will be no post this weekend either…as I have a family function to attend, but will cover up next week Insha Allah

Thank you to the Author of Diary of Confessions for Zaeem:) If you are curious and want to know what Zaeem has been upto, check out

Have a fantastic week ahead:)

Much Love,



4 thoughts on “Part 239 – The Wedding (Part 2) Team Bride

  1. Doing what they are known for, being the extraordinary friends that they are.
    Lol, definitely guys don’t know what it is like when girls get married.

    I loved this post, but I loveeeeed the gift part the most. Shows what true friendship is!


  2. lmaooo Zaeeem why you being naughty bruh?
    I’m cute even with my eccentric behaviour =))
    and my excessive usage of the words “for real” 😀
    awww that whole gift thing was cuteee
    they guys are tooo funnny lmaoooo :’)
    and they all looking gorgeous yohhh♥


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