Part 246 – A New Beginning

As narrated by Nemo :

The walimah had been just as grand as the wedding and we had once again been treated to a visual spectacle of fine dining and decor.

Our newly married couple sunk happily into marital bliss, crossing each others t’s and dotting each other’s i’s. Lol…It was weird, but cute too!

Riza’s wedding week was already upon us and we were already a good few functions down…and there seemed to be no end in sight to the work that we had to do.

Shakirah was busy redoing certain parts of Zoheb’s apartment, Zoheb was trying to wrap up an important project before next week, Maa and Papa had flown down to Durban for a few days but would be back for the mehndi and wedding, Maariah, had a line of customers behind her after her absolutely stunning variety of cakes,desserts and of course the elaborate Wedding cake from Zainabs wedding, that she too had her hands full. Aara had to go for more physio due to overstraining her leg, Immy also had another assignment lined up. So it was pretty crazy.

The errands never ended and we seemed to be sleeping through every single function, but we covered it up without anyone noticing . Riza, on the other created waves after he fell asleep at their joint family dinner last night!

In the middle of all of this, we decided to take Yazeed, Zaeem, Nasley and Humairah out. Because come on, they weren’t from here and we couldn’t expect them to just sit around at all our houses! Sabeeha and Farah however, decided to go to a spa for the day.

Initially, it was supposed to be just Immy and I, as both of us managed to secure a decent amount of leave from work, but Maariah and Aara decided to join us at the last minute.

Our destination : The Vaal Dam! For good old fashioned canoeing and a lekker picnic.

Contrary to my own expectation, I didn’t slide down into a state of depression after hearing Aara and Sajida’s conversation. Instead, it worked a reverse reaction of sorts and awoke a need to be so much more. Instead of feeling bad that my best friend had to “fix things “again, I felt a sense of pride and admiration for having a best friend, one who was capable of making a complete stranger regain hope in her life. And an even greater sense of something undefined, to know that it was done for me. Somewhere inside the jungle of our lives, a flower had bloomed and had over the years become an entire garden. And I was reminded of Riza’s very first gifts to us at the beginning of the road trip tasks….The flowers that signified every single one of us. For each of us together made up this garden, a sanctuary in the harshness of an eat or be eaten world, a sanctuary of friendship.

And with all these feelings bursting through my veins…I could only look forward to this wonderful new beginning for me…but for now…For now….

“Stop shaking the canoe! ”

“I’m not shaking it!” ,Aara retorted

“You are shaking it by shaking idiot…what is the problem anyway? ”

“You know that I have a fear of depth Nemo ”

“And yet you still came and sat down in this thing?”

“Well I sure as hell wasn’t going to sit on the grass and wait for a hippo to come and eat me!”

“There are no hippos here!” , I laughed

“Just because you didn’t see one it doesn’t mean that it’s not here!”

“Hippos don’t eat humans you know “, I smirked

Aara rolled her eyes at me and held onto the sides of the canoe tightly.

“A snake!” , she screamed suddenly , and shook our canoe yet again

“Oh God Aara, it’s in the water, it’s not going to come here ”

“What if we fall in????”

“The only chance of us falling in, is if you keep shaking this thing!…what is wrong with you????”

“I errrrr….”

“You errrrrrrr. …? ”

“I kinda watched Anaconda again last night “, she admitted, but all the while, her eyes were on the water

I couldn’t help but laugh and I laughed so hard that I almost dropped my oars into the water!

“Hello, now who needs to sit still!”

“You know what? “, I asked


“I feel very sorry for Zoheb! ”

And I burst out laughing again! Yazeed and Nasley laughed too, as they passed us and so did Humairah and Zaeem…but they had no idea what, or WHO I was laughing at! !

The Vaal Dam was always a relaxing place to go to and while malls and other activities were also an attraction, sometimes it was just good to connect with nature.

After lazying around, eating and sharing our thoughts about the weddings, Zaeem decided to Skype his sister Arya. He was so sweet, that he introduced all of us to her…but Yazeed’s discomfort was hard to miss. He made no attempt to come forward and even greet his sister! And when he finally received a boot from Aara, on my cue, he only just greeted her and excused himself to go to the loo…something that he had just done like five minutes ago!

Still high on my new found energy, I got up and followed him, after asking Zaeem to give his sister a virtual tour of the dam.

And I spoke to him. Just the two of us. And it reminded me of the conversation that I had with Laeeka a few months ago. By trying to make Yazeed see that life is short and that he should patch up with his sister, and by slowly telling him some of my own life experiences, I realised. …that it gave me a therapy session! It felt so good to talk! Momo’s words started making so much of sense and it hit home harder when Yazeed smiled at his sister, on the other side of that screen, all those miles away.

As I walked back towards where Immy was giving free fishing lessons to Maariah, Aara, Humairah and Nasley…an interesting thought made it into my head. When we cast our lines out into the ocean of life…We never know exactly what we’re going to reel in. We may face disappointment millions of times, yet we still cast out the finest of lines, the finest of nets , each time stronger than the last and while it may sometimes seem that everyone else is reeling in bounties of wealth, love and the best of life while we’re sitting there holding out ours helplessly…We fail to realise the most important thing of all. That with every attempt cast forth into the unknown, we are gaining an unseen wealth of knowledge. With every attempt cast forth, we are becoming even more greatly skilled than the one who reeled in the best of life with his first throw.

And the greatest lesson of them all… as promised by the Almighty….patience always, always yields the greatest rewards.

The Vaal Dam

The Vaal Dam


Bozo fisherman using a net on the River Niger, Mopti, Mali

Author’s Note:


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I don’t know about talented but I do know that I am as nervous as hell! Sumayya, I’m questioning myself as to why I agreed to you in the first place! Lol!

Anyway, please tune in if you can ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a lovely weekend

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12 thoughts on “Part 246 – A New Beginning

  1. Super duper exciting interview.. I was so worried I was gonna forget to listen to the interview, I actually set an alarm reminder ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‚ definietly worth the wait.. Was so awesome hearing about the blog live. JazakAllah for speaking on Radio and giving us an idea how these amazing post gets written. And a BEG JazakAllah to your daddy too who is also like tha back bone of the blog. Can’t wait for the next post ๐Ÿ˜€

    #TeamZoheb โ™ก

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m getting very confused. What did their sister do wrong? And is Aarya the one from xoxo memon girl? Isn’t she mentally unwell though?


  3. sooo cuuuuteee! zai and arshooo foreverโ™ก
    they don’t even recover from one wedding and they already have to do for the next but it’s exciting mahn ๐Ÿ˜€
    wedding vibes are so exciting ๐Ÿ˜€
    and that what nemo said about life is so deep and amazing. WOW!! Nemo and Aara make me laugh
    eh mangashika and yazeed are bonding ๐Ÿ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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