Part 256 – Season Five – Season Finale

As narrated by Zoheb:

I settled myself on the sand and allowed the grains to “take over my toes”, as Aara put it once. And the view was breathtaking…For in front of me, albeit a few meters away, writing away on the sand…was her. Smiling to herself, and occasionally lifting her eyes to look at me…

And with every single glance that she cast my way, waves of happiness covered the barren shores of my heart…

“I can’t tell you how weird yet awesome it is to see you this way!”, my cousin Shaakirah said, as she sat down next to me

“Life is full of surprises Shakoo”, I smiled,

“Hmmm…I bet even you didn’t picture yourself like this did you?”, she teased

“Not in a million years”, I laughed..”I can’t believe it even now that she’s legally and officially mine”

“Well she’s wonderful and I adore her..she’s… she’s just amazing..not that you’re any less either Zoheb”

I looked at Shaakirah emotionally…”You know I just wish that my mum and dad could have been here, I wish that they would accept her..If only they knew how much life she would bring into our family..”

Shaakirah squeezed my shoulder gently. She knew my parents all too well. They were the type who would overlook a person’s kindness for their own stubbornness. And I didn’t want them to hurt her next week the way that I knew they would.

“Insha Allah it will go well for you guys…and you know, Allah tests his best soldiers..and even if it doesn’t go well, it’s the reward that you will still get”

“What would I do without you and your inspiration”, I smiled, and pulled her cheeks

“Shurrup…I was always good”, Shaakirah laughed, knocking me lightly

“One day, I hope to have my own children..and I will be to them what my parents never were to me…I hope to be there not just for a worldly milestone but for every smile, every tear, every time they lose a tooth, every time they hit a cricket ball through the kitchen window, every time that they bring insects and bugs into the house..and for every single “why”…I want to be there Shakoo..I don’t want my children growing up with my kind of childhood”

“And Insha Allah you will be…today is only the start of that new life”, Shakoo smiled warmly, ” So get up and go to her because she’s already walking towards us!”

I looked up to Aara’s smiling face, as she ran towards me. An image that would stay with me for the rest of my life.

I hugged Shakoo, woke up and started walking towards Aara. Yes, I’m pretty sure that Shaakirah was grinning and shaking her head at me!

We joined everyone else on the shore, wetting our feet in the welcoming waters of a familiar beach. Holding our arms out to the wind and allowing that sense of calm to wash over us. My mind lingered back to the first time that Aara and I sat on these shores, falling in love with her has surely been the highlight of my life.

I wrapped my arms around her. This is where I wanted to be…forever.

As narrated by Riza : (Please note that this is a continuation of last season’s Footsteps)

That night was a night that we would remember for the rest of our lives. Gliding across the ocean in a stunning white yacht , reminiscing old memories. Eating, laughing, cracking jokes, enjoying each others company. Celebrating the new relationships that we had made with our new friends…Yazeed, Zaeem, Nasley, Sabeeha, Humairah, Farah, Shaakirah and Aisha. Rezana and Ayaaz were missing in action, being unable to attend the wedding, but we made sure to send them loads of pictures.

It was so good to see Uzair settled in marital bliss, and Aara and him indulged us with quite a few hilarious childhood memories!

And finally, the moment that I had been waiting for had arrived. It was time to light those lanterns and set them free!

“So the thing is…it’s two to one lantern right, think of something that you want to let go off, close your eyes and let it go..” , I said excitedly

Needless to say, my statement was met with many expressions of disbelief but everyone complied anyway.

No one said a thing as they let go of their lanterns. The entire yacht had fallen silent.

I looked up into the night sky, at the regrets, hopes and fears of my friends and watched it disappear into the darkness. And I prayed that that would be it. It would be gone. As simple as that.

But life isn’t a fairytale, it isn’t supposed to be.

Life is a test, and we have to endure it patiently, no matter how painful or difficult it may be.

I still remember looking at all of their faces at that very moment , while they stared happily at sky. I remember being content, because everyone was happy.

I remember the sound of the sea, and the way that the waves lapped against the yacht gently . It was beautiful.

But we had forgotten one thing.

We had forgotten that the waters of life never remain the same and that the tide will change.

We had forgotten that those gentle waves will rise higher, and that their calmness would eventually turn rough.

We had forgotten that even if we knew how to swim, there was always a chance of drowning in those depths.

We had forgotten that our lives, as strong and beautiful as this yacht, could hit that iceberg anytime, and nothing would remain.

What was solid today, could be broken tomorrow. Relationships that fought against everything to be together, could sink down to the depths of the ocean of life with a single crack.

What was broken today, could be mended tomorrow. A broken heart could set sail once again, stronger than before. The question was, would that mended ship follow it’s course or turn back towards a familiar shore?

We didn’t know what was in store for us, how could we..

While some relationships stood the test of time, like the ship and the lighthouse guiding the other through the storm, some didn’t….

Perhaps they weren’t strong enough, perhaps they didn’t have anything to hold on to, perhaps they didn’t have anything to hold on for…perhaps it wasn’t even their choice.

But on that night, who knew what the future held. It was a night of love, a night of celebration, a night of friendship. Friends who no matter how wounded they were or how broken they were…They were there. And even if I never saw them again, every time true friends would meet, anywhere around the world…I knew that our stories would stay alive.

I wiped away my tears when I heard that familiar hooter, and she had heard it too, as she came darting down the passage. The only little princess in our solid group of little boys. We enjoyed babysitting her whenever the opportunity arose and Laeeka and my Yahya and Isa adored their little cousin.

“Pappa is here! , she screamed happily, tugging at me to open the gate faster

“Okay little Aara I’m opening it quickly ” , I laughed

“Not Aara” , she pouted, ” Pappa’s babyyy”

She was just as bossy as her mother and it was absolutely adorable!

“Pappaaaaaa!!!” ,she laughed delightfully , as she leaped into her father’s arms, ” love you Papa ”

And Nemo responded with just as much happiness, tickling her face with his beard, kissing her cheeks and pulling out little treats from his kurta pocket all at once..”Pappa loves you too my angel, Pappa loves you too”




Author’s Note:

Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed, I am sorry for not replying, as I was trying to wrap up this season badly. I will Insha Allah, respond to all your comments and emails soon.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the authors who co-wrote with me:

Finding Solace, Taking My Life As It Comes, Diary of Confessions, Zaakira’s Simple Yet Complex Life, Surti Diaries, Badboy Billionaire, Journey to Changes, Life Through My Eyes

I never imagined, when I had initially approached many bloggers with the invitation to be a part of the wedding posts, that I would end up with such wonderful friends. You guys are fantastic, and I am honored to have you as a part of my life. Love You All!

To Rums and Fati..for the wedding planning and all the great ideas, thank you so very much! You outdid yourselves!

To Fati, for sitting up with me till the wee hours of the morning, hunting for the right pictures and putting up with all my nonsense…you deserve an award! Lol! I truly, truly appreciate everything that you did…you really are a one in a million:)))

If you would like a little bit of promoting for your blog, the Blog Roll will be up by Friday Insha Alah. Please email your blog links to:

To all you wonderful readers, thank you very much for your continued support along this means the world to me:)

I have no idea when I will be back, I need a break from writing but when the urge does hit, you can rest assured that you will find that new post waiting in your inbox probably sooner than expected:)

That said, have a fantastic week ahead, smile, love, be is too short for a “what if”

Love Always,



56 thoughts on “Part 256 – Season Five – Season Finale

  1. 😘u most welcome Shaz…u an amzing person🌹
    Wow wow wow…wat an ending…amzing im so sure u got all readers attention &❤️skipping a beat😉…
    This time tho im not even gonna guess wat happen between the yacht ride &baby Aara….im sure u will b back, u toooo kind&sweeeet to leave your readers in this state☺️….
    After an amzing 5seasons enjoy ur well deserved break &i will wait patiently….
    Well done & congratulations on ur amzing writting👏👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank u rums 😘 I look forward to your dissections just as much as u look forward to my posts 😉
      Always appreciate the feedback, your time and your kind words ❤

      Truly blessed to know you and thank u so much for that pdf😘💞


  2. Wow! I literally had goosebumps reading this😊.. What a post! Thank you for 5 wonderful seasons,❤ for all the laughter and tears your blog has brought… I really hope you return soon especially after such an ending😔, my heart is too sore 😢since I’ve always been a Zoheb & Aara fan .. Enjoy the break🌻.. Your return is awaited eagerly 😊..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post thank you Shazia. Can’t wait to read what happened to lead to this. You really have us all on edge of our seats 😱 enjoy your break but please come back sooner then soon 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Absolutely brilliant Shazia! You could pass a box of Kleenex or two now! 😭 Why do I sense that this happiness is not going to last for too long? 😬 This post was so emotional and my head is running at a million miles now 🙈 Please don’t keep us in suspense for too long! But enjoy your break too 😘❤️ Can’t wait for the next chapter in LLD 😄💐

    Liked by 1 person

    And I was sitting at the end of my seat 🙈jk Im sitting on the floor but you get me😊👏🏻
    My oh my…I really am speechless🙊
    Shazia your writing is absolutely fantastic👌🏻👌🏻brilliant👏🏻👏🏻bravo💃🏻💃🏻It really gave me goosebumps❤️
    There was so much of emotion pouring out from this post that sent shivers down my spine👏🏻
    I loved it so much❤️❤️❤️❤️and I really don’t think I will be able to wait for the next season but I think you really do deserve a good break. Your hard work and effort for these past few posts is really something not all of us could have came through. And yet, you still created a fantastic finale😌thank you so much for all your hard work, for the tireless efforts and the brilliant posts💃🏻 we really do appreciate every bit of it😘😘😘
    Love you💃🏻❤️😘😘😘😘😍

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  6. OMG!!!! I am so speechless right now!!! That ending!! I absolutely cannot wait to see what you have in store…I am going to be sitting at the edge of my seat until you return, literally…looks like Naeem got his happy ending, but i guess we can’t say for sure…amazing post as always.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Omw!! This post💗 was just absolutely amazing(‘:👏👌 …What a awesome season finale!! Looks like thee hashtags are back #Nemo&Aara💑💕…well at least I hope😉…Can’t wait to see that post sitting in my inbox😄💌😄 Absolutely amazing blog👌❤ Love love love it!!! You truly are an amazing writer📝👏😘


  8. I don’t usually comment…am a silent reader…but dat ending….wow..Wat a cliffhanger and so unexpected..keep up da wonderful writing…it’s very romantic and emotional


  9. I don’t usually comment…am more of a silent reader but have to Wat an ending…such a cliffhanger….u really knw hw to keep us wondering. …keep up da good work


  10. Wow.
    From post one you have had me hooked, and I have grown to love this story right to my soul.
    Thank you for the brilliant writer that you are and for bringing this blog to life.
    It has been an amazing five seasons, and I’m sure it will continue to live up to that or better in the seasons to come
    Quite the cliffhanger though… Nemo’s little Aara … The questions are all over …

    Have a good break, rest that imagination and get back to writing as soon as you’re up for it

    Because LLD is not just a blog, it’s like soul food👌🏻

    Liked by 2 people

    • Soul food😍💃 now THIS made my day💙💙 thank you so much for this, I love it when my words hit the right buttons and when u guys read in between the lines. Next season is the final season 💔


  11. Assalamualaykum, Hpe u well & in da best of health & Imaan In Shaa Allah, Aameen 🙂 Nowww,Cn I jus say………WOW,i can’t evn…….😶This post left me speechless,it was so awsfusin mahn!!I mean It was awsum bt a helluva confusin 2… mahn it was so brilliantly written MaaShaaAllah (nt dat da odaz aren’t bt dis…..dis 1 had had me bitin my nails off….ok I kid I kid of course I dnt do dat bt u gt da point 😉 )!U had me on da edge of my seat!!Wen I was readin dis post,b4 i finished my eyes happend 2 scan da wrds “THE END” kassum my heart was in my throat I was lyk noooo nd den I read da nxt line & I was lyk phewww Thank Allah😊Allhamdulilah!!Only den dd I continue da rest of da post in peace😅I read dis post last nyt,bt i couldn’t evn comment bcz I had no words,literally…I was stunned 2 da core!!I mean hw dd u evn??Dis post was jus……👌……MANGNIFIQUE,bt my wrds 🍩 evn do justice… no words can express hw brilliantly u put it 2gtha MaaShaaAllah!!Wat a terrfique Finale👌👍💜!! U no afta i read it I was cre8in diff scenarios in my head tryin & tryin 2 figure out wat da last part meant,bt yohh it’s mind boggling i tll u😶It was all i cud thnk abwt!!Evn dis mrning durin my lesson my mind was on NEMO!!My NEEEMMMOOOOO his finally happy & his finally grown 2 lyk kids😂Allhamdulilah (well duhh it’s his kid,bt u gt my vibe 😉 )!! I was almost close 2 tears😢(tears of joy of course)……..😊Srsly tho Shaz 4rm da post 1 u’v dne an outstanding job MaaShaaAllah!!All 5 seasons wer jus……..👌no words can do justice💙Buuutttt Shazzy ur cliffy??I dnt thnk I’ll find rest until until return mahn!!Soo pweeassee retuurnn sooonnn pweeasseeee *w/chocolate marshmallows on top*?Nahh i kid take ur tym,ur break was long overdue😊u deserve it☺Writing cannot b easy,yet u stl managed 2 bless us w/a post every wk!!& nt jus any kind of posts,smashtastic posts!So yehh tke all da tym u need (hpefully u’ll b bk soon tho yeh?)I’ll miss uuuu!! (& I’m sre I’m nt da only 1😉)So JazakAllah loadzz 4 every post u’v blessed us with & 4 all da luv,thot & effort u’v put in 2 em,(As @Surtidiaries sed)we appreci8 it every bit of it😙😘😚U rock!!❤ LLD is sumin I cannot wait 2 hv in buk form!! I mean I 🍩want it 2 end bt sadly end is inevitabl :/ ……….anyway nuff of me (sorry if if bored u *sheepish luk*)So yehh ima b off nw,JazakAllah 1nc agn & enjoyy ur break😙we eagerly awaitin ur return :))So cum bk soonest 😉 Okies ill b off nw tell my darling Nemoo I luv him & i will terribly miss him😢❤…tc , Tataaaaa *signature lunatic wave * Peace ✌ & Assalamualaykum :))
    Ryto,Salaams :))


  12. Shaz i got no words babe.. 🙇 (that is my emoticon for a hug)
    Your writing just takes us away, its just so beautifully written, each and every post of yours, from the very beginning you had me totally hooked on, and every post made me feel like i was a part of it, its been 5 seasons of amazing talent from you and some great reading and entertainment for us all.. a big thank you from the bottom of my heart..
    I never thought id get the pleasure of knowing the talented shazia, and ever since ive known you albeit a short time, we have gotten close and i am so grateful to have known you.. its been such a pleasure writing with you.. and i hope the next season is just as captivating and not too many tears please lol..
    Okay okay much love darling ❤😘😘
    I think all the residents of loonyville will join me in saying we love you very much ❤😙😙


  13. O.M.G!!!! Nemoo and Aaarraaa yayyyyy!! Im sure its going to be sooo sweet when they end up together.
    Im one of the silent readers but just had to comment today. What an awesome post. Absolutely love this blog!
    The beginning of the next season is going to be bitter sweet knowing that its the final season.


  14. Beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! Amazing! MASHAALLAH ❤
    Words truly cannot describe what a wonderful writer you are :') I felt so emotional while reading the entire post and the next part of footsteps my oh my 😥
    The words are so very beautifully written and once again you've taught me so many more life lessons in just one single post !
    That ending though..hmm..I've literally read it quite a few times to try and understand how something like that could of been possible?
    Then again I shall wait patiently for the next season 😛
    Jazakallah Shaz ❤
    Much love :*


  15. Shazia. Where’s my Zoheb 😐 What even just happened…I want my Zoheb where is he ? I can’t even post this comment right now without my fingers shaking as if I’m on herbs or something … I NEED the next season now, I’m getting major anxiety 💔💔


  16. an awesome post as usual. enjoyed every word of it. I got a good feeling “LITTLE AARA” is just Nemo daughters name. oh well at least I hope so(team Zoheb and Aara) trying to read between the lines….


  17. What an awesome ending to season 5 , very emotional , got us wondering what’s really going to happen to zoheb and aara, I sense a lot of heartache coming , hope nothing bad happens to zoheb, can’t wait for the next season , thanx for the awesome writiing


    • Respected South African Muslims,

      Listen to this plea with the ears of the heart. Take heed before it is too late. A world renowned Scholar, Moulana Ali Mia, went to Burma in the 1960’s. After seeing the condition of the people there, their indifference to Deen and the extravagance at their weddings, etc., he gave a heart rendering talk (which is available in English). He spoke about his experiences during his stay there. Among the thought-provoking aspects he mentioned was, “I give you 10 years to put yourselves in order. I give you 10 years to correct your selves and come back onto Deen. If you do this, you will exist in this country; your wealth and property will remain yours. He even said, I don’t have knowledge of the unseen but even when a child sees the rain clouds he will say that it is going to rain. What happened after 10 years??? These people did not heed to his advices. They continued with their lives as normal. Then the revolution took place. The rich were reduced to paupers overnight; their businesses were snatched away from them overnight; they had to run for their lives; their currency didn’t have value any more. Pick up a copy of this sad history and read it over and over again. Learn from their mistakes.

      Respected Muslims, a great personality, Moulana Ahmad Laat Sahib, who gave his entire life for the service of Deen, came to South Africa few years back and gave a talk in Masjid-e-Hilaal. He expressed the same sentiments saying, “I am not trying to frighten you, but this is the realty of the matter. I see that you are involved in the same actions the Burmese were involved in. I fear that the same calamity might befall you. Change your lives before it is too late. Come back to Deen. For Allah’s sake, leave out this extravagance.” Moulana Ahmad emphasized this point over and over again.

      Now consider our lifestyle…. We spend thousands of rands on an invitation card which will land up in some dump-bin; but there are those who don’t have cardboard under them to sleep! We spend hundreds of thousands of rands on décor which will go into the bin after the occasion; but there are those who don’t have proper clothes to wear! We dish out a ten course meal; but there are those who didn’t have a piece of bread to eat today! We just want a name for ourselves and nothing else. Imagine how many poor people could have been fed with that money. Imagine paying someone’s hospital bill with that money, what dua will come out of his heart for you. You could have given that wealth to the bride and groom as a start to their lives. But we want to live up to standards. We want to be recognized. We want to show off our wealth.

      Heed to the advices of these senior Ulama before it is too late. Our existence in this country lies in this; our lives, progeny, wealth and property will be safe. We can already see things changing with the threats from those in power. Come back to Deen. Come back onto the Sunnah. Live a simple life. Have a simple wedding. Don’t splash our wealth on formalities. Spend the extra wealth we have on our parents, relatives, esaal-e-sawaab for the deceased, on supplying water and food to the poor, on the Ulama and those serving the Deen of Allah. Spend… by all means spend, spend as much as you like, but in the right avenues. This will be of benefit to us in this world and in the hereafter.

      However, if we spend just to show off, the one’s we are showing off for will be the first to criticize us behind our backs. This will invite hatred and jealousy for us; which can become a serious issue.

      Remember… wastage, in whichever form, is a means of great deprivation. Be grateful to Allah for all the favours He has bestowed us with. ________________________________


  18. every post of lld is beautiful written but there’s something extra special of every season finale. I’ve read this post way tooo many times (i might have cried also) and I absolutely love the journal piece.. From aara and zohebs wedding to Nemo’s baby ?¿ Yoh now this is a real cliff hanger and WE NEED ANSWERS to the million questions in our heads :’) This post gives me hope and fear 😦 I hope you’re enjoying your break and ready to come back sooon because we missing you a lot :’)


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