Blog Roll

Salaams/ Hi,

And the LONG OVERDUE Blog Roll is here….

Feels so good to actually be sitting here and typing this out because I haven’t done this ever since my last post! Really miss you guys and I hope that you’re all well and good!

The list of blogs that follow, some of them are my personal favorites, and alot of them I haven’t really had a chance to read check them out though:)

For those of you who don’t follow Diary Of Confessions, there are two recent posts which are directly linked to some of the LLD characters and will give you an insight on some of their plans.
Links to those 2 posts in particular.. and THANK YOU to the lovely author of D.O.C for the opportunity to co-write with you once again.

And In No Particular Order….

Okay now that’s quite a few to keep you busy!

Have a super Sunday:)

Much Love,




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