Part 282 – She’s okay!

As narrated by Aara:

After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze.

I thought that I would have a heart attack when confetti literally flew into my face, and in front of me someone dropped to their knees with a black hat on their head…

And when he lifted his face…


“Cut cut cut”, someone said over a loudspeaker before I could react, “Sorry, we’re in the wrong set”



After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze.

I thought that my heart would stop…it couldn’t possibly be…but the face, those dimples…those eyes..

“Zoheb?”, I whispered, as tears filled up in my eyes

“Shoaib”, he smiled, “naam tho suna hoga?”


He straightened himself and smiled again…”I’m Zoheb’s twin brother, we were separated at birth…”



After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze.

“Errrrr”, was all I could bring myself to say. This was the surprise?? Maaherah was bringing me to see her father??

And suddenly…the title track (sad version) of K3G started playing in the background and my father in law, a man who I only ever saw dressed in formal suits, was wearing a kurta and a shawl, with either too much tears or too much glycerin in his eyes!

What was he doing in such a youthful looking house??

Dude, stop the music this just doesn’t go….


After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze.

I impulsively reached for my pepper spray in a total and sudden panic!

“Please Aara”, he begged, ” I have changed I promise you”

“You shot me and I ended up in a coma!”, I said angrily, ” You wanted to kill me!”

“But I don’t want to kill you now..”

Say what???


After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze.

“Mujhse shaadi karogi?”

My eyes widened and I gasped! Nemo on one knee , holding up a pretty diamond ring!

“Aara move you’re blocking the way”, he moaned


A hand stretched over me, and Nemo slid the ring on with a huge smile on his face..


I’m sorry….I just couldn’t resist! Thanks you guys for today…all the comments and the fun was much needed and very much welcomed! There wasn’t really supposed to be anything dramatic to be honest, I guess I just felt a little…evil?…when I ended that post *hide*

And since Anjali was the one who came the closest to it, this is for you:) It’s a short post, I’m really tired but I will post a nice long one by Tuesday hopefully….have a beautiful week ahead and thank you so much once again for interacting with me today, it felt awesome!

Much Love,


As narrated by Aara:

After a few moments of waiting, the door opened…and I froze.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I could feel the widest smile creep up on my face as I recovered from my moment of shock…this was really, truly so unbelievable!

“Assalaamualaikum Aara”, she smiled warmly

I responded just as warmly, remaining rooted to the spot that I stood in. The last time that I had seen her, she was frail, disturbed, shaken up…I had never seen her since that day.

Her cousins would tell us whenever we randomly saw them, that she was recovering but no one ever gave us more information than that. That last image of her, had made both of us restless, and there was always that question that lingered at the back of our minds…could we have done things differently? Nemo often said that we had led Adil directly to her, we had most probably hampered her recovery process and even though we did it unknowingly because Abu Bakr and Yusuf didn’t tell us that she was alive…it still worried us.

Looking at Amreen Vawda today,it was as though I was looking at a whole new version of her. Her face glowed, her eyes oozed happiness..and her smile was genuine. And the cherry on the top—she was expecting!

“I’m sorry”, I said ,”I’m staring…but you have no idea how good it feels to see you like this”

Tears welled up in her eyes as she came forward and embraced me. Being completely overwhelmed myself, I cried…I don’t know if it was tears of happiness or tears of relief but to see a once broken woman stand tall and strong again made my hear soar…

“You’re okay”, I smiled, through my tears

She nodded happily, as more tears streamed down her cheeks

I was never close to her, I had barely known her but for almost six years, my heart held a connection with hers, as a well wisher, as a sister.

While Amreen took Hana into her arms and led us into her home,..I closed my eyes and gave thanks to Allah, because only He knew what this moment meant to me, only He knew what this moment meant…to us.



22 thoughts on “Part 282 – She’s okay!

  1. Very interesting. But how on earth? Please give more pieces to complete the puzzle. . How she recovered? When she got married & to who? Too many questions. . Never expected her to make an appearance. . O & thanx for the posts. So awesome when its regular. . Hate like totally hate the dry spells when nobody blogs. . Then again just love it when everyone blogs lol. . Looking forward to the next post.


    • Lol patience 😃 it will be revealed soon…
      We hate the dry spells too but sometimes we just don’t feel like writing 🙅 and sometimes we get soooo busy that the week jus flys by and I almost always end up falling asleep in front of my laptop 🙊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. U shocked me with varun dhawan. Yes, I was thinking about maybe its siddharth malotra with his”kala chasma”!!! U know how much this song is trending nowadays. But then shoaib, nemo( that too he was like not u, side please!) and then mr. Patel in amitabh bacchan look! U truly are amazinggggg!! And ok yes her name was amreen vadwa. Yesterday,I was just being very lazy to check out her name from older posts. Its sooo nice to know that she is fine that too married and expecting!!! I am now secretly hoping that what i said about aadil also come true!!!*evil smile*


  3. I am so addicted to this story. I don’t sleep at night I read it’s the only time I get and I am so hooked I can’t put it down. My husband shakes his head. Over the last few days I’ve read the whole story and I truly hope that this girl find some happiness. I know it’s life but how much of pain. Maybe it’s Allahs will that Naeem n aara end up together. They bring out the best in each other and the worst. They help each other heal. They are each other’s pillars of strength.

    It’s really touching and one can’t help but wish we had friends like that who stood with u through hardship and smiles. We live in a cruel world.
    Allah knows best.


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