Part 295- Finale (Part 2 of 2)-Samoosa Run

As narrated by Nemo:

I looked from Aara to Riza to Arshad in complete disbelief. I must have heard wrong, or so I had hoped.

“You guys are serious?”

Nobody answered but all of them had these unreadable, nervous looks on their faces!

“I told you that I don’t want to go for any more samoosa runs Aara come on, how many times have we been through this??”, I said as anger flared up inside me

“I know but one last one won’t kill you!”, she said quickly

Arshad put his hand to his head and shot her a look, before looking down again.

“Last one? Hah and then after a few weeks there will be more right?”

I pulled the tip of my nose in frustration. All of a sudden where the hell did this samoosa run come from! We were here in Durban for a nice weekend together,did they have to go and spoil it!

“Stop pulling your nose dammit it’s already so big what do you want to do make it the size of a gutter pipe now?”, She asked cheekily and Riza burst out laughing

“Gutter pipe?”, I asked wide eyed

“Stop being so dramatic will you, it’s not a matter of life or death!”, she said, rolling her eyes at me

“Right, I’m going inside”, Riza said as he squeezed my shoulders

I shrugged him off and looked at Arshad, who also, miraculously, had to go inside!

“Cowards!”, I shouted

“Don’t behave like a Banshee man just give it a shot”

“Gutter pipe Banshee?”, I asked, wanting to grab her by her shoulders and shake her

“Best one also” ,Aara winked, “please?”

“No man Aara really..we spoke about this many times before and you were cool with it!”, I pleaded,” I can’t go through with another one”

Aara sighed and threw a pebble into the pond we’d throw coins in as kids.

“You can’t rule out opportunities you know”

“Is this your new mission ever since you’re in Durban? Find Naeem a wife?”, I asked, slightly annoyed. Okay more than slightly, but what the hell man!

“Not really”, she said casually

What does not really mean!

“So this samoosa run is a joke or a random thing for you?”

“Of course not”, she said, looking down

“I don’t want any favors okay. I don’t need any favors. I thought we had crossed this bridge .I thought we had passed this damn pity crap! I’m perfectly fine on my own!”, I snapped

Maybe I was a bit too harsh…. but no, every time that I had gone to see a prospective bride I felt so guilty because I knew that I didn’t even have any excitement or anticipation in me and it was complete injustice to the girl who I would probably never love! Call it extreme if you must but I was okay being alone and in my eyes, it was just wrong to lead someone on.

While smoke emitted from my nose and ears, I failed to notice Aara, who was now also seething!

“You are so freaking annoying!”, she bellowed, “can’t you just listen for once!”

“The answer is going to be no, just so you know ,so you are totally wasting your time”, I shouted back

And with that she pushed me!

What is it with her and pushing me!

“Make an effort don’t you think??”, she said angrily

“I don’t want to!!!”

“Naeem I swear to God that I will never talk to you again!”

“Thank you!”

Aara looked at me for a few seconds, and started walking towards the house..”I don’t know why I even bothered!”

I kicked another stone in frustration…. Why does she do this!!??!???

“Fine I’ll go”, I mumbled

I am so positively sure that she must have had a smug grin on her face hearing that, before she turned around and faced me…”See that wasn’t so hard now was it”

“When and where?”, I asked, ignoring her question

“I’ll message you in the morning”, she smiled…and then proceeded to ignore me during supper

I was honestly so sick and tired of this and I knew that for as long as I was single, I’d be subjected to this every so often. Why do people class you for not being married????

I was not waiting for her morning message, in fact, I had hoped that she’d forget about it, but promptly after fajr lo and behold..the message of Aara

“North beach pier in an hour, join me for a jog”

I wished that I could put my hands through my phone and strangle her! Okay not strangle but you get my drift.

When I reached the pier, she was already there, facing the ocean, all alone. The sound of the waves crashing gently on this shore that we loved so much, the peace and tranquility of the early morning sunrise, the entire ambiance…calmed my heart and soul. I felt so at ease and so much at peace. Sometimes all we need, is to just step back and look around, take that deep breath in, and marvel at the beauty that Allah Ta’ala has placed all around us. We get so awfully engrossed in our lives that we fail to appreciate these bounties that are around us all of our lives…

I didn’t have the heart to disturb her so I stood a few feet behind her and took in my surroundings. And when Madam finally realised that I was running late and tried calling me-and well obviously my phone rang right behind her! Lol! She jumped in shock! Priceless!

“How long have you been standing there?”, she asked, still recovering from her mini shock

“Long enough to enjoy the same thing that you’re enjoying”, I grinned, forgetting for a second that I was actually mad at her

Aara looked down nervously as though she were gathering her thoughts and then just as suddenly, looked up

“Shall we?”

We had often jogged on the Golden Mile, many years ago and even though we were going forward, in my mind, it was as though we were running backwards into those years…

Aara loved running, and I knew why. The gentle thud with each step empowered you..the stretch ahead made you feel alive and free, the wind in your face reminded you that it was just you and no one else…the amazing feeling of being free was unbelievably awesome. These precious moments, away from the reality of our daily routines was simply unmatched.

She was silent for a good fifteen minutes, until she stopped and looked at me. Catching her breath and almost as though she was analyzing me..she then did something that I would never ever forget, although at that moment, it took a good few seconds for it to register…

With no words spoken, she reached into her small backpack and took out a container filled with…samoosas!

Tears filled up in her eyes as she finally looked up at me. Dumb as I was, I still didn’t get it. Surely there had to be a catch somewhere?

“My name is Aara Ismail and I may not have much to offer you…”

My heart literally stopped!

” There are many scars on my heart, and many wounds too…but my friendship and you, have always been there, inside it all”

She wiped away a few tears and took a deep breath in….

“I have grown to understand that there are different kinds of love in life, different stages of love, and while it is true that I did love you a long time ago, the admiration that stems from my heart for you at this moment, outshines even that”

I was completely awestruck and my eyes filled up with tears of joy and shock. I couldn’t believe that this was happening!

“This is not pity or anything of the sort, it’s not for Hana either because I know that you are there for her and you don’t need any relationship to justify your presence in her life….”, and she swallowed hard as more tears fell from her eyes…”this is not even for the who Aara you grew up with, not for our years of friendship, and no, Zoheb hasn’t left me any letter with an elaborate wish for me to settle down with you…this is for…with all my faults, tantrums and breakdowns…this is for the realization that a story remains incomplete, one that began years ago…and it had to go in different directions else the value of it would never be felt”

She was right. Had it all been hunky dory all those years ago, I would never have appreciated her value in my life, and had life not taken her happiness from her, she would never have realised her own value or mine. The truth is, we had learned from each other, through each other – and we didn’t even know it.

I couldn’t help myself and burst out crying as I held on to her words…

” People may not see it, and even if they do, some may see it as convenience…but I don’t care, a part of me will always be incomplete without you…”, Aara cried..”Life has taken much from both of us, but it has taught us a lot too. We were blessed with many wonderful people, the best of whom was Zoheb…destiny’s card…”

Bittersweet are the tears of the heart, when it remembers the one who it loved so dearly….But our Maker has given us more strength than we admit…more resilience than we understand, until the sun shines on it one fine day when we open our always closed eyes. Closed to reality, closed to realization.

“And I have this strong desire in my heart to change my life and I can’t do it alone…There’s so much to do Nemo..There’s a world that we haven’t seen yet , a world that was there from the beginning. Our true calling…to be better muslims, to be better human beings, to do things in the right way… Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure if what I wanted to do was right, but when you handed me that bunch of Zoheb’s daffodils, I knew that I wasn’t wrong. I knew that you would always respect his memory and his place in my heart and he was right, he would always say that our lives were joined, we were connected by fate and that we didn’t understand it then but we would one day…”

And my mind momentarily went back to their wedding day when Aara wrote our names on the sand, with a heart around our three names in particular…

“Life is not a fairytale, and who would know this better than us?”, she said, as she wiped away a tear, “but life is not life without you either…we’ve been together for so many years…Will you spend the rest of my life with me too?”

My bruised heart cried tears of relief..I knew what she was saying, I knew what she meant, because I had felt it too. We had passed the stage of young love, we had understood that love and romance wasn’t everything- we were a part of a greater cause. We had learned that love wasn’t soppy movies and red roses, nor was it fancy weddings and parties. Love was a tree inside our heart, that weathered the roughest of storms. Love was in silent companionship. Love was that gentle wind that swept and picked up pieces of its beloveds broken heart and kept it with it safely. Love was a tender smile that hid deep lines of pain and anguish. Love was being there, unconditionally, without any expectations. Love was Allah, loving was for his sake. To live the life that He had given us, within the boundaries of his commands. And when that bond becomes halaal, the love that is placed in it by Him is one that we would have never felt before. For He knows our pain, He has heard our tears fall, He has tested us, He has rewarded us and He will give us the courage to begin that new chapter.

“So, I’ve taken this chance even though you told me yesterday that your answer would be no…in the hope that you will change your mind. I don’t know if my heart will ever heal Nemo…but atleast it will beat again”

I didn’t care if this was a joke or if this was whatever, nor did I need to hear anything else. Images from our past flashed before my eyes…our school days, our pond moments, our mad moments, our terrifying moments, the way in which she fought for me, the way in which I hurt her…the way in which she lay unconscious struggling for her life, the day that we dashed through the hospital with her on a wheelchair darting through those corridors without a care in the world, her wedding day, Aara in the snow, Aara staring into emptiness…Aara standing in front of her house handing over its keys…Aara in front of me. Aara who I had loved and lost. Aara who I had learned to live without. Aara who began the story of love in my life with her tiny handshake and peanut butter sandwich, Aara who had changed my mindset and made me love my life. Aara, my prayer answered.

What was I if not a wounded man…what was she if not a wounded woman…We understood each others pain, we knew what we had lost. We respected each others sorrows, through the thread of a bond that could never ever be seen or named. But it would have a name now. Even if it was just for the remainder of this worldly life.

“I love the girl”, I said, smiling through my tears, as I picked up a samoosa to solidify it

And with that, Aara cried fresh new tears and so did I…

If those tears could be accumulated, they would have been plentiful raindrops falling from the sky. And in the distance, there would be a rainbow celebrating a story that was ours all along.

I wiped my eyes and smiled at her from the bottom of my heart, and took her hands in mine..”I have no expectations of you sweetheart, whatever it is, however it is, we may not be perfect, but we’ll be together”

And just like that, in the way in which a hand fits perfectly into a glove,in the way in which the four seasons melt into each other,in the way that a story comes full circle eventually, ours did too.

Strange is life, our story spanned over 30 years of twists and turns… Strange is love, which had never died within us….stranger is destiny, which took us to different times, different people , different lives. And here we are today, as better versions of ourselves, wiser, stronger, mature, battered and bruised from life’s challenges..but alive, as we hold each others hands and walk towards a new future, a new beginning. We can never forget our tests, we can never forget our angel, and maybe our time together, is only for this life only, in this world only, for He will ultimately give us what is best for us, on the day when we will all meet again.

This was our story, this was our friendship.

Hardened by the boulders of life.

Softened by the yellow daffodils of love.

Joined altogether, all nine of us, unrelated, different individuals, by the hand of destiny.

—————-The End———————-





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  1. Yayyy!! I’m actually so so happy!😊 all throughout the blog I was an ardent Zoheb fan! I didn’t want nemo to marry aara when zoheb was alive and when he passed away too. But this is true talent of the author,to be able to change minds with a few powerful words! After all nemo has been through he definitely deserves this chance at happiness! And aara deserves another shot at happiness so…they’re perfect together!❀ I hope there’s an epilogue after this shazia. I wanna see some mini nemaaras nowπŸ˜‰

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  2. Oh my way!!!!

    I’m speechless….

    This is the best best best, sweetest, sweetest post of the entire blog!!

    How my heart tears as it ends but ends with LOVE!!!

    Thank you Shaista!!! You are amazing!!!

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  3. My best part of the finale:
    Love was a tree inside our heart, that weathered the roughest of storms. Love was in silent companionship. Love was that gentle wind that swept and picked up pieces of its beloveds broken heart and kept it with it safely. Love was a tender smile that hid deep lines of pain and anguish. Love was being there, unconditionally, without any expectations. Love was Allah, loving was for his sake. To live the life that He had given us, within the boundaries of his commands. And when that bond becomes halaal, the love that is placed in it by Him is one that we would have never felt before. For He knows our pain, He has heard our tears fall, He has tested us, He has rewarded us and He will give us the courage to begin our new chapter’

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  4. Honestly, I’ve never understood how people talk about having tears in their eyes for things as fictional as stories and movies until I’ve read your blog. The last time I cried reading this was when Zoheb past away . I guess that makes you a greater author than I could say since it’s not often that I can seem to get my feelings through my eyes. The lessons of life love and destiny will always be with us Insha Allah and I hope that every time we put them into practice or use them in our lives, that you get abundantly rewarded for it. JazakAllah for awarding us the amazing experience of reading this amazing story❀

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  5. Dear You ❀️

    I’ve thought about this over and over and over and tried to come up with the best way in conveying this to you.

    Words fail me at expressing how much this blog hasn’t impacted my life.

    It’s been cheek to cheek -wide smiles, tears of joy, sadness and grief.

    It’s been stepping stones of reflection that has aided me in making life choices.

    It’s been perspective in my confusion and a shoulder to rely on during many gloomy days.

    It’s been wholehearted laughter that had my tummy aching as I laughed more.

    But most importantly it’s served as a constant reminder of my Deen, the importance of love in every aspect of our being and the sheer blessing of friendship, family and forgiveness.

    Reading the finale had me crying. Part of me being extremely sad that an end has made its way but over and above that immense happiness. I am so proud of you. Despite it all the message within this story shall always remain within my heart.

    And so it’s been an absolute honor forming a little bond with you along the way.

    I pray that wherever you go and whatever you set out upon, an abundance of happiness and prosperity awaits you πŸ’•

    Thank you for LLD 😘 . . . & Naeem πŸ™‚

    Thank you for You 😘

    Love always,
    Zakira 🌸

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    • Dear Zaakira,

      I have always looked forward to your Lil letters because I could see how much lld hit home with u and so I knew that if there was even one person who had taken good from the story, it would have to be you. And that’s what matters the most to any writer I think. ❄

      It warms my heart to know that I have aided in some way, along your way and I am very thankful to Allah Ta’ala for granting me this wonderful opportunity of being able to connect with you and all my readers on such an emotional level

      We all have tests in life and to be honest even I have grown and found closure on so many things ever since lld began. This story was supposed to end long ago with different angles and it amazes me how because of my personal growth, the story has grown. My heart and soul is lld I will miss it and I will miss you all terribly.

      InshaAllah there will be other stories that I may write but this one will always be the closest to my heart. Thank you for connecting with me in this way ❀ I had tears in my eyes while reading your comment ,it truly truly means so much to me

      I would have replied sooner but major network issues and it’s making me lose my head

      Watch your inbox soon😘

      Love always


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      • Dear Shazia,

        In all honesty I’ve read every comment and every response to comments. This morning I noticed that mine was the only one still in lack of a reply.

        So I thought well perhaps she’s just missed the comment, or isn’t ready to respond just yet or maybe she’s just been replying in intervals as she’s had a chance to (stalker perhaps) and well patience is a virtue you know?! ☹️

        Safe to say your response was a much much needed smile for a day like this. Allah works in mysterious ways of providing comfort when one is in need of it. So thank you yet again 😘❀️

        Honestly when I take in what you’ve said, my understanding of this blog has and always will be that it’s not just words formed together narrating an albeit beautiful storyline.

        It surpasses into something much deeper than that, something that was meant to do some little deed of good to whomsoever read it, for as long as you possibly could.

        Be it a simple smile when they were in desperate need of one or tender tears to help with closure to whatever worries they might have held onto. Or just understanding amongst inner turmoil.

        So yes LLD ‘might’ have meant to have ended a long time ago, but the story within LLD that grew, in which you shared and nurtured with us as readers wasn’t meant to end that soon.

        The feeling is mutual 😞 but all good things have to come to and end right?! LLD’s end a fruitful one indeed, that hopefully paves your way to much much much more.

        So until a new beginning, take care 🌸


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  6. Jazakallah sharia for such an amazing blog….. this postime was really an amazing read and I’m really happy about nemo and aara. Was hoping for a happy ending for them and it finally happened. Can’t wait for the epilogue…gonna miss this blog so much


  7. I cried and I’m still crying. I’m sad that it ended but I’m so happy with the ending. It’s so amazing and beautiful and wow. This gave me hope that the journey might be tough but there’s always hope. This is my favorite blog and my favorite ending and everytime I miss lld, I’ll read it again and again.. Nemo and Aara against the world πŸ˜­πŸ’• – JazakaAllah for sharing this amazing story with us, it will always stay close to our hearts and help us through our journey of life. ❀️❀️

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    • Haaj I think I’ll miss your comments the most 😒😒
      Still remember those very first days…lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      But nvm even tho I take forever to reply …we’ll still be in touch inshaAllah ❀❀❀

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  8. YessssssπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Finally #Nemo&Aara:’) Aww this post was just amazing!! I cried tears of joy and tears of sadness😭 can’t believe lld has come to and end!! Really gonna miss it❀ Thanks to an amazing author for such an amazing storyπŸ’•πŸ˜˜

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  9. That was 1 superb ending. . I look forward to reading LLD again from the start & hopefully with no interruptions cos the way u wrote really got me picturing everyone with the scenes as well. .it really got me feeling everything & this is from somebody that hated reading with a passion back in my younger days. . I will really miss the blog & i wish u well Shazia. Take care. . Lotsa loveπŸ’žπŸŒŸπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ΅

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  10. This is one beautifully written blog.

    A blog where I felt a part of the characters. Where the characters taught me the value of friendships and life.

    This blog felt so real , as if I knew them all.

    A powerful blog indeed.

    And the best part – Aara and Naseem πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  11. Thank you so much for this awesome story, you are an amazing writer.
    Your story was so realistic and your writing was so matured. It made me realize how much we take for granted in life.

    Good luck and please consider writing a book you are truly talented.


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  12. Omg I can’t believe it’s over😭😭😭
    …..I’m really happy that Araa and nemo found their way to each other. Thank you shazia for this great story. We going to really miss it.


  13. Beautifully ended,Shazia you are the best blog writer ever.I loved every post you wrote and will truly miss was a rollercoaster of emotions,your writing tugs @ my heartstrings n I have wept many,pls,pls write another story soon.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™.Take care


  14. Can we just have a moment and appreciate this
    Happy?hello no ,im ecstatic..from the very beginning Naeem
    Stole my heart ..and finally my wish of those two
    Being together has come true..AARA AND NAEEM the perfect story the perfect relationship at the perfect time
    This post left my with smiles
    Ive loved zoheb ,but something about naeem made me happier than pie

    Dear authoress
    Thank you for lovely ending that made my heart smile
    Thank you for taking out your time and writing us a story
    Thank you for tolerating our comments
    Thank you for gives us something that was more than just a story but rather lessons and much more
    From their first date as just a few friends
    To the trips together
    To being there for each other
    To dancing on cars and having crazy weddings
    To haunted houses
    And Uzair Bobat
    To a wedding with orphans
    And amazing friends
    To one hec of a story
    To a perfect ending

    I will surely miss this blog it had a special place in my heart ..i wish me a nemo tho

    Once again authoress beautiful writing
    Goodluck with your road ahead
    You and lld will surely be misssed
    Much love

    Waiting for that epilogue
    And maybe one last ‘the wedding’
    I mean even if its just nikaa
    Buht all thaat excitement

    Much more love


  15. Wow….beautiful indeed…sad that it has ended…Jazakallah khair for such a n amazing blog filled with wisdoms….lessons and truth… hopefully we will get another amazing blog from you in the near future.


  16. My wish for my beloved Nemo has finally come true ❀ finally he gets his happy ending :')
    Shazia…what a beautiful authoress you are dear πŸ™‚
    I cannot thank you enough…
    You've taught me so much honestly :')
    Topics ranging from love to friendship to humanity to love & simply to life in general πŸ™‚
    We've been through an absolute amazing journey! Experiencing emotions of all kinds…
    Had it not been for your beautiful story I'd never think as maturely as I do now..
    Good luck for everything ahead πŸ™‚ may Allah bless you & your family abundantly ❀ I love you ❀


  17. Assalamu alaykum!!
    One of your silent readers here!!…Masha Allah this was such a beautiful blog,really talented sister shazia Masha Allah…waiting for am epiloque and maybe you can continue with LLD..sayin wat happens after 20 yrs,wen all the kids are grown etc.

    May Allah reward you abundantly,will definately miss Aara m Nemo And you miss author!.

    Take Care!!


  18. MashaAllah what a talented authoress u r:)
    May Allah (swt) reward u for ur efforts—ameen—
    Its was really an amazing ride………i realllyyy enjoyed reading ur blog jzk❀

    I agree wit”fathi” y dnt u start a blog on hana n thems lyf??just n idea loll
    After all u cant waste such a beautiful talent nehπŸ˜‰

    We’ll deff misss u shaziaπŸ’”
    Hoping to hear frim u sooon ia
    Much love tc❀


  19. Omwwwwwww!!!! How could you do this to us!!! Don’t end it…Lol .also a zoheb fan,but happy at the same time for aara n nemo.You had me hooked from day one,, this is a story that should be put in to a book!! You are super talented!!plssssssssssss start another blog..pls pls!!


  20. As salaam wa alaikom,

    I am one of your silent readers, and have enjoyed and grown with this blog. Well written always and a beautiful ending.

    Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

    Will miss this blog……….:(


  21. I only ended up reading these last few posts now.. And wow! Just wow! It was beautifully written and so well thought out. I love it when a story ties up perfectly at the end πŸ˜ƒ
    Congrats! Now go get this published!!





  23. Thank you so much for taking out time from your work to post for us. πŸ€— Although we dont want lifelovedestiny to end, but everything thing has to come to an end. I really appreciate it we learnt a lot of lovely life lessons ❀️ But could you please make Aarah and Nemo have a small wedding or nikkah
    Thank you once again ✨

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  24. So like this past week i read this blog all over again … & i just can’t wait till after did for the new posts!! πŸ˜€ β™₯

    – honestly I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that people cry over stories and movies and stuff because I used to say well this is not something that happened In real life so why cry? But this blog really changed my perspective .. This blog made me cry ! Especially when Zoheb died! && The way you describe their emotions and feelings and everything is just amazing. I love that it wasn’t just a short story revolving around 2 people and how they fell In love and got married and lived ‘ happily every after ‘ the end! – this blog actually showed what happens after that ” happily after after ‘ all the hardships of life.. and well a big thing that we always seem to forget – Death and how it impacts those around us and yet you still ended on a happy noteβ™₯

    Now this is what call an AmAZING blog ! β™₯

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  25. Dear Shazia
    I never ever comment on blogs
    I’ve been a die hard reader since the beginning but a silent reader. I started reading this blog when it started and about 10 chapters before the end life got into the way and I stopped reading.
    When I started reading it I lived in this sheltered cocoon and I was a die hard Zoheb fan & my views were so different. In these years since the blog started to where I am today so much has happened, my cocoon was shattered, I went through too many losses of too many people so so close to my heart and I went through an extremely difficult situation in the matters of the heart and I was completely broken. Over the last few weeks I found myself missing the characters from LLD and I started it again from the very first chapter! it’s so funny how with time my views and opinions changed. I understood Aara better and felt her pain, I understood Nemo better and moments when I would be conflicted with whether i’m team Zoheb or team Nemo i’d scroll down and read Haaj’s comments and laugh because I was totally relating to her emotions! I found myself making a huge batch of dhaiwaras just to eat while I read! Last night I read the chapter where Zoheb passed away and I cried so much and so hard my hubby wanted to take me home thinking if I see my mum I’ll feel better and when I told him the reason why I was crying he looked at me in utter disbelief and said β€œoh” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    The reason why i’m posting a comment now is because I’ve never read something so relatable! The pain and reality of life and the situations we find ourselves in and the characters found themselves in really hit home for me.
    I want to say a big thank you for this blog! It made my good days even better and when my life changed it made crying so much easier.
    Khaled Hussaini has nothing on you when it comes to making me cry my heart out!
    I wish this blog could be published into a book because I want to put it on my shelf and give it to everyone to read.
    I wish you all the best!
    Thank you once again.

    -A die hard LLD Fan


    • Dear H

      It’s amazing how Allah puts things in front of u at just the perfect time. I cannot tell you how this comment or little letter of yours brightened my mood and heart even at this time of the morning .

      I have not even fully completed LLD with the epilogue still hanging in the air but thank you. ..Thank you so much for this, it really truly means a lot to me.

      To know that something that I have written has impacted on someone’s life is truly a great reward and my Allah knows that I honestly needed this boost or lift at this point of time in my life. As author and reader to be able to motivate, console or relate to one another is really novel and heartwarming. My readers comments are to me what LLD is to themπŸ’ž

      Your words are too kind , and I am deeply humbled ❀

      Please remember me in your duas

      Much Love,


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