Before The Poll…

Hah you thought this was a post right? Lol..sorry I’m having one of those days where I feel as though if I shake my head I may just hear a few loose bolts moving around inside..

Okay so, I would like to run a poll soon and I need your help. As you all know, this blog is almost over and I would just like to give you guys a chance to have a say in something pivotal.

Nemo and Aara are about to have their baby – but what baby is it I have no idea yet…

So what baby do you think it will be? Girl or Boy..and more importantly what should the munchkins name be?

So this is what we’re going to do…you comment girl or boy and any name of your choice. Once this is done, depending on the response, I will run a poll where you can vote for the most loved choice and name. Easy enough?

Facebook readers you guys can comment on the comments section of this post when it appears on Fb because I can’t leave you out okay:)

Right..back to the grind it is:) Have an awesome evening ahead!



114 thoughts on “Before The Poll…

  1. The others need daughters 😌 and Aara needs a little boy 💛✨ – And the baby can’t be named Zoheb, no man that’s really weird 😂😭


  2. Omghh this is so difficult but i would be happy with a boy or a girl❤️❤️❤️
    Boy: Saifullah,Asadullah,Miqdaad,Muqreen
    Omghhhhhhhh i am totally in love with this blog…ماشاءالله
    It is perfectly written n the characters i can fantasise about them all day
    Loads of love😘😘


  3. Boy.. Zaeem or Nameer and this is my first time commenting but I love this blog 💞I’ve been reading for the past year or so and I’m so gutted it’s ending 😩🤕🤒


  4. Dear Shaz,

    I say this with utmost humility.

    Hannah is nine right?

    Is nine really an age whereby a girl would feel jealousy over a little sister?

    Is it not one where girls the likes of Hannah usually dote over having a little sibling, boy or girl?

    Also I really don’t think a character the likes of Nemo would ever suddenly change his love for Hannah because of the possibility of him and Aarah having a baby of their own. A daughter to be more precise.

    Leave alone Nemo. Any parent.

    I think that’s perhaps a bit shallow and a fairly narrow minded approach to parenting…

    No shots being fired on other people’s views and what not. To each his own right?! So this is mine . .

    Hannah is Naeems identity. She may not have his blood but she is his life, his purpose, his compass, his anchor that kept him grounded. A man who tells his girl that Chuck Norris is Justin Bieber and feeds her water because her hands are dirty. A man who’s heart is propelled by this little girl.

    After zohebs demise the relationship between Naeem and Hannah was an example of the depth a parent/child bond can reach. It surpasses everything else
    Something so unique so rare so meaningful.

    So if one has to feel like this is how Naeem is or might be then perhaps they don’t understand him albeit a character within a blog – too well. Perhaps the entire meaning of life love and destiny isn’t truly being understood too well.

    In the greater scheme of things being an ardent Naeem fan his heart is frankly so large that I’m incapable of finding the exact pretty word to use to describe just how huge it is.

    Another daughter will not change the love he feels for Hannah. That love is irrevocable. It will just open his heart wider, and increase his gratitude for having been granted the joy of a daughter double fold.

    I think I’m done ranting now! Apologies if this has caused any offense.

    I’ve missed you Shaz.

    Zakira / Jalebi Jaan

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  5. Slmz
    Just realized
    Hana isn’t the only girl
    Immi n Mari had uthmaan, triplets- faathimah, humairah n yusuf, n 1 more who u didn’t tell us
    N d rest r boys


  6. I’m reading up posts and feeling nostalgic. I miss lld so much 😭 – And after all this time, its still my fav blog ❤️❤️❤️ I miss you Shaz 😘


  7. Wow! I am completely at a loss for words….

    I was recommended this blog recently by my two lovely elder sisters as they had decided to reread LLD… I was reluctant at first but I eventually started it and it was AMAZING! I can’t fully express how I feel, but it was just the best feeling being apart of these wonderful characters journey….. This blog brought me smiles, laughter and way too much tears❤I absolutely loved it, and it will forever be apart of me!

    Oh and to answer the poll:


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