Part 298- The Epilogue Part3

As narrated by Nemo:

After a very long time, I have no words. Perhaps because no amount of words would do justice to the feelings that surged through my veins right now. Which words would I use as I placed my hand on the nursery window and gazed at both my daughters in complete awe. Perfect. This was perfect.

Hana was all smiles as the nurse placed her new little sister into her arms, and the little one looked very content and comfortable. My girls. My daughters. A lump formed in my throat as I continued watching them and a Dua escaped my heart for them to always be happy, healthy and most importantly, to be together. A Dua of thanks and gratitude to my Creator for this amazing moment, for this amazing life, for this second chance, for everything. I will never ever be able to thank Him enough. Ever.

“The feeling is on another level when they’re just born” , Arshad said next to me

“I can’t explain it bro…It’s beyond surreal!! I mean look at the two of them” , I said in awe

“I wish I had a daughter”, Arshad sighed

Well I know how it felt to have a daughter and now I was blessed with two..So I could understand why he’d say that. And besides, his boys were plain down annoying.

“But it’s okay, Hana will get married to Adnaan and maybe the new one to AbuBakr one day and then I’ll have my daughters”, he had the audacity to say

“Hmph”, I sniggered, “maybe someone else bro…My daughter ain’t marrying your fat lightie”

Instead of getting annoyed Arshad laughed and I was the one who ended up being annoyed! Adnaan was really, as Aara had once called him, a Doublu Pabloo and my Hana was way too precious for him and besides she was only 9 years old there was atleast 30-40 years left before it would be time to get her married right? Right.

Besides…imagine having Zainab as a mother in law???

“So”, Immy said as he also stood next to us and stared into the nursery window,”have you thought of a name for this angel?”

I did and I had told them long ago but I doubt that any of them remembered.

“You told us a long time ago”, Arshoo said suddenly and he stroked his beard trying to pick his brain to find that name..

Please don’t remember. Please don’t remember…

“Yusra”, Riza said , “You always said that you’d name your daughter Yusra”

This man probably eats badaam in all ten of his daily meals because he forgets nothing!

“It was such a long time ago Reez”, I sighed

“Never mind you can still tell her”

I shook my head and smiled towards my daughters again, ” It is Aara’s right first because she carried the baby and went through all the trouble during these nine months”. And I meant that, it was her right first.

“That is true”, Riza said, ” but that’s the way it’s always going to be, ain’t no man giving birth EVER to have that first choice as you put it” , making all of us laugh

“I know but…”, I shrugged

“Gosh she has you wrapped around her little finger as always”, Immy laughed

That was one thing that I could never dispute. No matter how many turns our relationship took throughout our lives, she always had me wrapped around her little finger in some way or another, and just the thought of it made my heart skip a beat.

I looked through the nursery window again, and noticed that Maa and my mother were in there with Hana and…Yusra. She looked like she could be a Yusra . It was such a beautiful name. But I’d still allow Aara to choose..

And the four of us slipped into a comfortable silence yet again, as we smiled at the sight in the nursery. A decade ago, I’d never have imagined any of us being this way!

“Our long awaited precious doll has finally arrived”, Nuzayh said excitedly, as he made his way towards us, his face beaming with pride and his hands full of gifts

“I know I could have given them to you guys at home but I was so excited! My boys are so big we needed a new baby around, better not stop now Nemo just keep them coming”, he said in one breath and I mentally face-palmed myself!

And whenever my big brother would shock me like this , I sometimes wondered if I liked the bad Nuzayh better or the good Nuzayh better??

“Here this is for you “,he grinned, handing me a hand carved cherry-wood box

“I get a present too?”

“Of course…Cigars are mandatory”, and he proceeded to hand them out to all the guys

I wanted to laugh, scream, hug him and chase him away at the same time!!!

“How come Dad’s not here?”

Because my father was Aara’s bestie especially when it came to her weird cravings, so his absence meant that he was either not well or really very busy at work.

“He’s busy feeding the kids at the orphanage, he bought all of them new clothes and toys…All his way of saying thanks to Allah for our newest blessing”, Nuzayh smiled

My heart was really about to burst! Were we really this lucky, this blessed?

From all sides, goodness was just pouring in…. Zoheb’s parents were down as well, his father was talking to Aara while his mother was busy helping Sahal’s wife at home. They had come all the way from New Zealand just to be here with us, saying that they had missed all of this with Zoheb, they didn’t want to miss it with us and it meant the world to us. Aara didn’t know that they were coming and she was so emotional when she saw them. Their relationship has just grown from strength to strength over the years.

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel the bliss that I was surrounded with. It pulsed through my veins faster than adrenalin and soaked into my soul like seeds attaching themselves to the wet earth.

The rewards for patience truly is the sweetest fruit on earth!

16 thoughts on “Part 298- The Epilogue Part3

  1. Shaz,

    “My daughter ain’t marrying your fat lightie”

    Gosh I’ve missed Naeem!! 😭

    – ❤️ Zakira/Jalebi Jaan

    Ps. It’s been so long! Both names in case your memory is hazey 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jalebi Jaan…

      I could never ever forget you! I know I owed you a reply from your last comment and I’m terribly sorry. It’s been hectic and life got the better of me..

      One more post to this epilogue and It will be worth it:) InshaAllah

      lotsa love

      Gajar…haha see i did NOT forget :-p


      • Gajaaaaar!!

        Don’t ever forget me 😡 don’t be sorry! Such is life and destiny 😉

        I read the post after this, and you’ve just got back but waterworks already 🙈

        Hope you’re well 😘❤️

        Going to miss you woman.


      • You know people often refer to a moment as “coming full circle” and often it doesn’t always have to be at the end of a story .. it can pretty much happen anytime!

        So the moment between them in Sahals room . . It honestly was just full circle love.

        There was the past and the role it would always play on their present and there’s just all this hope lurking around waiting to draw them completely into their future.

        Do I sound arb, considering it’s just a story 😂🙈

        Anyways! Hence waterworks! Happy ones because it’s a happy post and sad ones because soon there won’t be any posts!! 😭

        Go for it!


  2. I’m feeling nostalgic 😭 This made my night! It reminded me of the good old days when I’d wait for my Saturday night dose of lld 😭❤️ – Congratz Nemo and Aara and Hana 😌✨ Every girl needs a sister so I’m excited for the little princess and hopefully Aara will have a son after few years 🌝😂. Lols Nemo is obviously a over protective dad , it’s cute though 😂💕. Riza is that precious friend who remembers everything about everyone ❤️ Shukran for the post ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Slms I absolutely loved this blog… I followed it and then I can’t even remember what happened then I lost track and when I started reading again zoheb was no more and I tried looking back but I just couldn’t find what happened to him .could someone please please tell me what happened…jazakallah looking forward to the epilogue and your new story ❤❤❤


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