Part 152 – Zainab’s wishes fulfilled

As narrated by Immy:

There is a lot of truth in the saying
“There is light at the end of the tunnel”…sometimes that tunnel might seem very long and very dark but never lose hope because what may seem like the end of the road for us, is only just the beginning of a new journey ahead.


Maariah told me what happened between Aara, Nemo and her that night. She cried while telling me but these were not tears of regret or pain…rather relief and happiness.

I’ve given up on wondering what these people are made of but looking at them I can honestly say that someone up there really does love them a lot.

We had gotten just a few hours of sleep before I was booted off my bed again! This time by Nemo and Riza!

Riza: (busting) Immy for as long as we are here I’m definitely waking you up everyday bro!

Nemo: (also laughing) and me too! This has got to be the funniest way that anyone has ever been awoken before!

Zoheb: (sitting cross legged on the bed and grinning) we should record it and put it on youtube

Me: (rubbing my eyes and staring at them blankly) are you guys done now?

Nemo: yeah yeah go get ready now and meet us downstairs…fun filled line up for today

Everyone busied themselves doing something or the other and soon enough everything we needed was packed neatly into both the 4×4’s. Or atleast we thought that was everything until…

Nemo: (clearing his throat and standing on the sofa) uhm guys and girls your attention please

And we complied…

Nemo: so today is Zainab’s day, since her dream destination is Ushaka Marine World and well it’s a mix of things that Aara and I have jointly planned…oh and not forgetting Selvan’s wedding tonight so without further ado…Aara (and Aara appeared with a big box in her hand) please hand out everyone’s goodies

Aara had an extra large grin on her face and the look that Nemo and her shared a few seconds ago spelt trouble. Not in a bad way but knowing them by now…they had something up their sleeves.

I knew it!!! I wanted to roll over and play dead as I watched Aara hand everyone little kiddies beach buckets and spades, straw hats, a windmill each and kiddies colourful sunglasses!!!


Riza: what A you’re buying my children gifts from now?

Aara: no genius we are giving you a chance to relive your childhood memories!

How I loved the sound of that!!

Me: I want the green bucket please!

Nemo: (smiling broadly) now that’s what I’m talking about!

The little green bucket…I closed my eyes for a second and vivid images of my parents flashed before my eyes. I smiled to myself. This was going to be one of the best days of my life!

As narrated by Nemo:

Everyone looked so cute!! They frowned initially but then became the good sports that they usually are and played along. Papa took pictures of us as we posed together.

Maa: (laughing to herself) these things should be for my grandchildren not for you dinosaurs!

Aara: (laughing also) mummy if we are dinosaurs then your grandchildren will be baby dinosaurs!

Maa really was the awesome host that she always was. Going out of her way to prepare for us and seeing to it that everything that everyone needed was at their disposal. She had even arranged a special breakfast in honour of Immy and Maariah and promised to call Maariah’s parents on behalf of Immy.

She also said that she needed to talk to me alone and that even though we were here, we weren’t giving her any time, and I promised her that I would very,very soon.


It was quite early and we had gone straight to Ushaka Marine World. Lol, everyone could reserve their buckets and spades for later! People stared at us with our colourful sunglasses and straw hats as we made our way down Village Walk. Zainab was surely in for a treat and her mouth literally hung open as we entered Kids World!

Zai: errr why are we at the kiddies section?

Me: you wanted Ushaka you get the full package!

Ziyaad: dude this is…(Looking around) this is embarrassing…we are going into Kids world without kids!

Me: (putting my arm around Arshad’s neck) we can always say we have an overgrown kid here!

Arshad: how funny…

Eventually we explained that our families were inside even though we didn’t really need to explain but…no comment.

I was so tempted to tackle one of those jungle gyms! We were too tall to even properly enter the Skulls Cave! But we snapped loads of pictures of our unsuccessful attempts. We forced Zainab to sit through the Animal Parade and took pictures of her hugging all of them :-p

animal parade

kids world

After a roller coaster few hours in the Wet n Wild, lots of fun and laughter at the Dolphin show and a walk through the aquarium we made our way to Ushaka beach.
wet n wild1

Everyone had acquired a tan along with our tiredness but none of us were too tired to jump into Durban’s waves!
Surfboards away!!!!

Mari taught us a few tricks as she was a really good surfer. It was so good to see her smiling from her heart again. Laeeka,Riza,Zoheb and Aara seemed to be having the time of their lives making a huge sand castle…hey you’re never too old to build a sandcastle;)



But the best had been saved for last. The perfect way to end this magical, memorable day.

As narrated by Aara:

Building a sandcastle after so many years brought back so many memories! And now we just created a new one ๐Ÿ™‚

I could sense that Zoheb was a little withdrawn today. He could never be angry or mean and even though he willingly participated in everything, there was still that distant look in his eyes. When we had come down the water slide together, he held onto me even after we had landed in the pool and whispered that he never wants to let go…and now while building the sandcastle he seemed lost again.

Immy: (joining us) the fondest memories that I have of my parents are of the beach…thanks so much to all of you for including me in this

Riza: (throwing a bucket of water on Immy’s head) you welcome…one more thanks and the bucket will be filled with sand!

Laeeka: (falling backwards laughing) no man Reez…how can you???

Riza: everything and everytime thank you thank you thank you…Immy man you’re one of us dude!

Immy: (smiling warmly) thank you

Riza grabbed the bucket filled with sand and looked at Immy…Immy realising his folly took to his feet and ran!!

It was time for the big surprise and everyone rinsed off and we made our way back into Ushaka.

This had taken a lot of convincing, because they don’t normally allow this to be done in big groups and well the only other option was to do this in the ocean (supervised) but hell no uh uh

Nemo: (once we were where we had to be) so guys…here’s the plan, everyone needs to change into a wetsuit for the next hour because we are….

Me: (jumping) me me me!

Nemo: (smiling at me) fine you tell them

Me: (very excitedly) we are going swimming with the dolphins!!

Zai: (her mouth wide open) how did you know???

Nemo: (winking at Zainab) your mother told us

Zainab was all smiles…this was one of her lifelong dreams and she was about to fulfil it! And we were going to be a part of this lifelong memory…I had goosebumps as we got into the massive swimming pool with the instructors and waited…

And these beautiful dolphins came darting through the now opened gates, sending an adrenalin rush through my entire body! I felt Zoheb’s arm around my waist reassuringly…even if he was distant for whatever reason, I knew that I always came first:)

This was simply…amazing and well more amazing because these were dolphins not sharks.


The hour went by too quickly and it was time for us to leave. I had absolutely no energy to go for Selvan’s wedding but Riza wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was adamant that he wanted to go and see this wedding and that no one was bailing out.

We had parked our vehicles really far out so Zoheb and Riza offered to make the long walk and fetch us from where we were.

I closed my eyes and dangled my legs…enjoying the crisp sea breeze across my face.

Nemo: (sitting next to me) was today?

Me: (my eyes still closed) it was perfect!

Nemo: I’d say we make a good team

Me: (playfully punching him) always

Arshad: (joining us) now you three better join the line…Aara you and Zoheb are next and you bro (holding Nemo) we’ll find someone mad enough to marry you!

Nemo: (holding his chest) you left me for Zainab now don’t rub salt in my wounds darling

Arshad: don’t worry (his arm around Nemo) you can be my second wife

Nemo: (batting his eyelashes) I’m so touched babeeeee

Arshad: Zoheb and Aara seem to be going nowhere she must have terrorised him into agreeing to marry after a few years so looks like you and I will beat them to it (winking)

I smiled…it wasn’t as though I didn’t want to get married and it wasn’t as though I didn’t want him to ask me…I trusted him, when the time is right…he would.

As narrated by Nemo:

Ziyaad was miffed but eventually understood…I couldn’t go through with Aara’s list of dislikes. Putting Zoheb down wasn’t going to change her mind, and at the end of the day he was my friend too.

But I wasn’t backing out either. Bottom line, they weren’t married. I loved her and I was going to tell her. I would take that chance, I owed it to myself, I owed it to my heart. And I would do it tomorrow…
if u

Authors Note:


I need help with something please…remember those t shirts that I mentioned during a Q&A in Season 2? Well, I’m trying to get them sorted before season 3 ends…Just a small problem. I’m looking for a nice “catch line’ for the Team Zoheb tshirt…please comment if you have any ideas

Much appreciated,



24 thoughts on “Part 152 – Zainab’s wishes fulfilled

  1. Enjoyed the lovely long post. Keep up the good work, I love arshad and zai they my favourite couple could you please right a post just on those too they so cute together โ™กโ™ฅ.


  2. WoW! ! ! Swimming with the dolphins ! Dat was so much fun ๐Ÿ˜€
    Awww mahn !Zohebs mood’s been spoilt after hearing da convo frm the bathrm. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    ฮ‘ะธโˆ‚ now Nemos goin 2 let Aara kno hw he feels abt her. Waitin 2 hear hw Aara reacts 2 dat.


  3. Awwww! So much fun they having! Me too want to go the uskaka! Agh shame ! Rums I think u rite must have been zoheb in the bathroom! Feeling bad for him. Glad Nemo is gonna take the chance and tell Aara how he feels! Cos ziyaad was rite when he will still lose aara if she marries Zoheb! All best Nemo! I guess he has to take that chance
    so he can also move forward! And for Immy he can’t stop saying thank you even after riza threatened to throw sand in him


  4. Well even if aara rejects nemo’s love (hoping not) he needs to move on! I Don’t think getting aara love is a competition for any one! So one can’t get defeated it just means that is not their destiny to be together and they destined to someone else! It just that in LIFE altough u may LOVE someone they mite not be in ur DESTINY! # fingers crossed for my nemo!


  5. Lovely
    Kids day out. #uShaka lol lol
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Was Zoheib in the bathroom??
    Is he the mysterious eavesdropper???


  6. @ s k….bhen,bhen just relax…and be happy coz its almost well is weeeekend! I know this aren’t any competition….as I said ‘just jokes’ and I really didn’t mean Aara’s love…but then again you do have a point bhen…


  7. No hard feelings Amina! This blog is so entertaining including the comments! Just love reading it all! We all blog bhens! Which ever team we on, just makes the blog more exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. There is a lot of truth in the saying”There is light at the end of the tunnel”…sometimes that tunnel might seem very long and very dark but never lose hope because what may seem like the end of the road for us, is only just the beginning of a new journey ahead. – This just gave me hope for Nemo๎”Ÿ!! Aww Maa is so sweet, they had a lekker breakfast in celebration ๐Ÿ˜‹๎’๎ง!! Now it’s time to make memories๎Œ’๎”Ÿ๎’!! Omw buckets and hats and kiddies sunglasses? I wouldn’t joining them๎”๎’ Woop woop so much fun even on the kiddies things๎’๎’ I go on kiddies stuff for fun๎ง๐Ÿ™Š๎’ and then Surfing too๎„‡๎”Ÿ๎’ but the best for last ofcz SWIMMING WITH DOLPHINS๎’๎„‡๎„†๎„†๎„† what a day๎ ๎€ข๎„†๎’!! Arshad and Nemos convo #Broken๎’๎’๎’ You can be my second wife๎’๎’๎’ Nemo is sweet, he’s not making zoheb bad but he’ll tell Aara he loves her๐Ÿ’• #FingersCrossed (Feeling Zoheb sorry tho’ ๎’)


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