Part 290- Baby Boom

As narrated by Laeeka

I looked down at AbdurRahman, fast asleep, his tiny little fingers curled around mine. The gratitude that I felt for my Creator could not be measured for blessing me with three beautiful, perfect little soldiers.

A pang of guilt washed over me as I momentarily remembered how I had once wanted to leave Riza because of my condition. I had believed in the world and not my Allah. How could I have forgotten that life and death comes from Him alone? That if he wants a life to be born, it will, come what may. I repented silently and truthfully. A living, breathing miracle was right here in my arms…

My mother in law, as expected was on cloud nine! But what touched my heart was that she didn’t refer to Abdur Rahman as her first grandson. When she took him into her arms for the first time, with tears in her eyes, she proudly welcomed him as her third grandson. I knew then, that she had really truly accepted Yahya and Isa, long ago, as her grandchildren without any reservations at all.

I had given birth two weeks after Aara and Riza had a mini face-off in my kitchen. Aara withdrew herself from our company for a few days, and spent it on herself, and when we did see her, she was a bubbly bundle of energy!

“Atleast the noise is gone”, Riza chuckled, as he entered the room after seeing everyone out

“I’m sure that the hospital staff will be overjoyed after I get discharged tomorrow”, I laughed

The noise was our entire group who had come together to pay me a visit today! The children were obviously not allowed but Maariah, Immy, Zainab, Arshad, Nemo and Aara made more noise than a classroom full of preschoolers!
Lol..and a large part of the noise was celebratory! Maariah had been chosen to contend in Master Chef!

“Immy was so excited you’d think he’s the chef!”, Riza grinned

“Oh shush man he’s happy for his wife”

“We’re all happy for our wives”, Riza winked, as he settled down next to me



“I’m really sorry…”, I said slowly

Riza looked at me questioningly…

“All those years ago, I was ready to give up on us”, I said through my tears and while looking down at our newest addition

“Heyyyy”, Riza said ever so lovingly, “It’s okay..we’re okay”

He was wrong. We were not okay. We were more than okay. We were blessed! We had our own little world inside this huge world, and that was all that mattered…

As narrated by Immy

” I want a girl”

“We should want healthy normal children don’t you think”, Maariah said cheekily

“I want that too..but I want a girl”, I smiled

“Maybe it will be twins!”, Maariah said enthusiastically

My darling shared the same love that I had for a big family and our dream was coming true! Although all that we had right now was this positive pregnancy test but it was all that I needed to float above the clouds!

“Do you think we”ll be able to love another baby as much as we love Uthmaan?”

“Ofcourse we will”, I laughed, “I want lots of kids!”

Maariah rolled her eyes at me and I rolled mine back in return

“So Masterchef and a baby?”, she said, slightly worried

“You can do it pumpkin and I’m right behind you”, I said reassuringly

Maariah was passionate about her culinary skills and she was just as passionate about her family. I knew she’d be just fine.

“And to think that you thought that I was stalking you all those years ago” I teased, when she curled into my side

She giggled to herself and wrapped her arms around me.

“Well your behavior was such”, she chuckled

It’s weird but in a nice way, how everything plays out. That someone, somewhere really is made for you. Your better half, your soulmate, the one who you were destined to be with. It’s amazing how you’re alone and when that person comes into your life, you become a family. You walk past strangers and you wonder…is he/she the one that I am waiting for?? And then bam! When you least expect it, they’ve made their grand entrance into your life!

It truly is and amazingly, amazing feeling.

Not a day went by that I didn’t offer my thanks to Allah for giving me a wonderful wife and family, wonderful friends and a wonderful world.

It’s amazing how things happen like a chain reaction. How we all become joined like the pieces of a puzzle. How one thing leads to the other. From where to where and then back again…life was simply amazing.

As narrated by Arshad:

“Are you sure about this?Like have you thought it over properly?”

“I’m not going on a rocket to Mars Arshoo”, Aara said, slightly annoyed

“I know that but you know…just asking”

“Forget about me, how are you?, how are things with you and Zai?”

A huge smile crept up onto my face…

“Never been better”, I grinned,”I didn’t even feel this way when I got married!”

“My oh my”, Aara laughed,”well I am very very happy for you because if anyone deserves it, it’s you”

“Sweeeet”, I said dramatically

“I knooooowwww”, Aara played on and our little audience consisting of all the little people stared at us as though there was something stuck in our noses!

We were hanging up cute welcome home decor for the arrival of Riza and Laeeka’s baby, it was going to be a surprise and that’s why we hadn’t even told Riza about it!

“Perfect”, Aara said, as she smiled at the last crystal ball that she hung near the doorway,”for a perfect miracle baby”

“I know right”, Zainab smiled, entering the lounge with two large trays of baking,”she’s going to love it!”

“I love it already”, I winked, and Zainab blushed instantly

“Oh for Pete’s sake get a room already”, Nemo moaned from under the table

“Who’s Pete?”, Adnaan asked

“Ask your father”, Nemo said cheekily


Oh Adnaan and his questions!

I was in love with my wife all over again and it felt fantastic! Ever since she had come back, we’ve been awesome and I pray that it always stays this way.

Hopefully we’d have no more drama coming our way for a while, but even if it did…I think that we were pretty strong enough by now to be able to tackle it.

While Nemo and Aara blew balloons with the kids, Zainab gently pulled me into the kitchen. With her arms around my neck, she whispered happily into my ear…

“We’re having a baby” ……


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