Part 55- The Makeover

“O my word!, are you serious??” Laeeka asked,clearly very surprised by what I had just said.

Me: aha and when I called Arshad you could just make out that he was trying to hide his excitement!

Aara: loooong overdue and thanks to you they’re finally getting somewhere! *high five Maripops*

Laeeka: there’l be another wedding soon soon 🙂

Me: إن شاء الله I really hope so

Laeeka: babe can you believe it! Arshoo and Zai had their first “date” ( as Riza came from the back of my boutique with a suit in his hand)

Riza: long overdue! How on earth did that happen?

And Laeeka proceeded to tell him everything. When suddenly, Riza’s phone rang.

Riza: its Arshad

All of us: put it on speaker!

Riza: hellooo hero

Arshad: aah so Mari has filled you in

Riza: yep, we’re here at Sky why don’t you join us? Tell us all about it in person

Aara: yeah you turned out to be a surprise package bro!

Arshad: wait wait ummm is Zai also there…?

Laeeka: ooooo

Riza: ℓ☺ℓ! No! But we can call her as well..

Arshad: no no Reez please don’t, I need some help from all of you I’ll be there just now

Aara: what’s up with him

Nemo: what’s up with who ( emerging from the change room and looking smoking hot in a blue velvet sports coat, white shirt and white pants)

Laeeka: very nice Nemo!

Aara: please..I will not be seen in public with you dressed like that!

Nemo: *throwing his hands up in the air* what’s wrong with this now??

Aara: you look like half a smurf (and she burst out laughing)

Riza: Aara don’t be silly, he looks good

Laeeka: *lmao* half a smurf????

Aara: please Nemo go change

Nemo: I give up with you! Why don’t you come help me instead of sitting there and dissing me?

Aara: only because I have to (waking up)

After Nemo and Aara walked away

Laeeka: he’s so distracted I wonder what’s wrong

Riza: its probably a Nemo thing

Me: come on Reez don’t tell me you can’t see it! (And then I noticed Laeeka and Riza exchanging glances)

Laeeka: we have…

Riza: do you both think Zoheb likes Aara?

Me: well, it seems so..

Riza: I didn’t know Nemo feels this way about her…I feel as though I made a big mistake

Laeeka: you didn’t, stop blaming yourself. If they are meant to be together.. they will be its as simple as that

Aara: taraaa

And in walked Nemo in a slim fit black suit,black waistcoast,black and white pinstripe shirt and a deep purple tie

Me: Nemo!!! You look..WOW!

Laeeka: totally you’re looking very handsome and this wasn’t even a combination that was already put together…

Aara: *pinching Nemo* blue jacket and white pants huh

Riza: really bro you look good…this combination is awesome!

Nemo: (blushing) okay now let’s find you a dress (pulling Aara away)

Nemo: take whatever you like okay..if you like it don’t look at the tag just take it

Aara: I can’t do that sorry

Nemo: you see now

Aara: what’s wrong with you anyway? You’re so edgy and you’re like a short circuit today

Nemo: (looking down) ever since you told me what happened I haven’t been able to do anything properly. I’m so sorry Aara will you ever find it in your heart to forgive me please?

Aara: there’s nothing to forgive…redemption is what we both went through and its behind us. Stop thinking about it

Nemo: then let me buy you the dress of your choice

Aara: buying an expensive gift isn’t the “remedy” to anything and like I said, its behind us so no need to butter me up

Nemo: don’t be difficult please…I really want to do this

Aara: (looking at Nemo) okay fine but on one condition

Nemo: I’m listening…

Aara: I will choose a dress…but..I want you to pay for it from your own money..from your salary and I will budget whether you like it or not because its your hard earned money okay

Nemo: (suddenly I was just floating above the clouds) okay:) and since it is the day you owe me…do you think we could match?

Aara: matching is just cheesy man Nemo!

Nemo: so what? Please please please *puppy face*

Aara: NO! (Sifting through the dress racks)

Nemo: why?

Aara: because… stupid couples match! And they say the same things at the same time and when they have kids then the little boy will be dressed like daddy and the little girl will be dressed like mummy! It reminds me of mielies growing in a big field…its all the same and its… corny!

Nemo: #bust #ripped…come again?…people who match remind you of mielies??? What a comparison!

Aara: don’t ask * sticking her tongue out*

Nemo: so let’s be mielies then! For one day please:)

Aara: *sigh* will I ever win with you

Nemo: always and never *wink* (but its always win win for you sweetheart-in ℳᵧ head ofcourse)


We were still in our fancy clothes can you believe…Nemo had found a stunning deep purple gown, I was so comfy in it I just plonked myself on one of the armchairs in Laeeka’s lounge in her boutique for a while before I changed back into my jeans and tshirt. The perks of having a fashionista friend who owned her own boutique- we could shop without the crowds, at our leisure!

Arshad was really just over the moon! It was so weird seeing him so full of life and spunk and every word that came out of his mouth was amplified with like a massive voltage of energy.

Arshad: so now the problem is….

Riza: is…

Nemo: wait there’s already a problem??

Mari: (throwing a cushion at Nemo) Nemo man let him finish

Arshad: thanks Mari…the problem is…I need a makeover (and he covered his face with his hands)

Laeeka: (laughing) why do you need a make over?

Me: don’t need to change anything about the way you look…Zai she likes..ummm I mean LURVES you just the way you are

Arshad: I don’t mean like a drastic change like colour my hair or shave off my beard but ..agh come on guys help a little

Nemo: I hear you bro…and I have something in mind already!

Riza: O God please no

Nemo: have some faith Reez…now Arshad I have a hair cutting machine in my car,your luck, I bought it earlier on…and ladies please go and choose some clothes for him.
There’s nothing wrong with the clothes he’s wearing but just some imaging…Laeeks I’m guessing you know what I mean…*wink*

Laeeka: I’m on it bro


And an hour later….

Riza: I have to say this…Nemo you’ve outdone yourself!!

Arshad: can I look in the mirror now please?

Nemo: sure but tomorrow get rid of the glasses and get contact lenses please

Arshad: (standing infront of the mirror) o wow I’m going to be a big fan of myself now! (Turning sideways)

Me: ℓ☺ℓ its amazing what a haircut and a change of dressing style can do hey Arshooo

Arshad: right on Aara! Now new clothes for me my poor credit card…. I spent like 11k today only

Riza: on what?????

Arshad: zainab and my mums stuff

Mari: waaaait you paid for Zai’s trolley load of things???

Arshad: (shit I shouldn’t have said anything) errm yeah

Nemo: (busting) dude you’re buggered! Errr which reminds me..Laeeks what’s my damage tonight?

Laeeka: tell you now

Me: and don’t give him any discounts…


Me: ey we are all not like you Aara (walking over to Laeeka)

Laeeka: why two cards?

Me: shhhhh because my suit is from my monthly Moolla allowance and the dress for my princess is from my salary

Laeeka: (whispering) wanna tell me what’s happening inside that head and heart of yours?

Me: (whispering back) only if you promise not to tell anyone

Laeeka: (whispering) I promise Nemo you know I won’t say anything

Me: (whispering) because she is your best friend after all woman

Laeeka: (whispering and as she ruffled my hair) so are you !

Me: (whispering) I am hopelessly in love with her…

Laeeka: (side smile) well, we kinda knew that I just wanted to hear it from your mouth(huge grin)

Me: you!!! ( Was it really that obvious???)

Laeeka: shhh keep it down

Me: (whispering) help me please…what must I do?

Laeeka: awww you’re the sweetest you know that…the best advice I can give you is to tell her how you feel

Me: (whispering) but what if she doesn’t feel the same way about me? It will ruin our friendship( because that’s what I was scared of )

Laeeka: test the waters Nemo…don’t be afraid…think of something and I’ll think of something too

Me: you’re right! (Screaming) AARA I LOVE YOU!!

Aara: *rolling her eyes* what happened? Did your card get rejected?

And Laeeka and I started laughing

Laeeka: you’ve got a loooota work to do my friend *wink*

Aara's dress

Nemo's suit



17 thoughts on “Part 55- The Makeover

  1. Ooohhh matchy matchy!!! Soo cute!! Aww my Nemo! Tel Aara hw u feeeeellll my sweety pie!!!! N Arshad gtn a mkeover!lol I wish all guys tried lyk ds =))


  2. Go nemo! You have to tell her otherwise you gonna loose her! Let’s just hope she feels the same way:), then everyone can work on mari and zoheb! Ooooo and so cute nemo wants them to match!


  3. I still dnt see t chemistry between Nemo&Aara…still feel Zoheb is 4Aara…but i wud hate2c Nemo get hurt 😔 so excited4 Arshad-keep t glasses tho😉


  4. I’m miSssin zoheb. Aara n nemo are a total no no. Pleez bring zoheb back. Arshoo, I’m so happy u takin the initiative only for zai. All the best. Would like to hear more bout Mari.


  5. No offence thrs no chemistry no vibe nothing between aara and neemo!!

    But zoheib and aara is electrical *wink 🙂 :). Awesome awesome!!

    I don’t want neemo to get hurt, but if he truly loves aara he’ll let her go, and not fuss, I mean thyl always L♥√ع each other as buddies, and “neemo mama”
    Hªª=)) hªª=)) hªª=)) 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • a thought that’s been coming to my mind lately…im not biased to either nemo or zoheb, I cant be but the only thing I can think of is…aara doesn’t feel the same way about nemo perhaps that’s why there is no electrical vibes but can she also live her life without him seeing that they’ve been together for years?

      its a tough choice to make that is why I appreciate all your comments so keep it coming please:)

      one thing is for sure though that however it ends- no one will be left bitter …

      although the story is in my head…blogs are, I guess because written daily there’s always that element of surprise in it, surprise sometimes to the author too! and because it becomes somewhat a part of our lives it makes it more and more difficult because one grows to love the characters

      sorry im just pouring out here but I love interacting with all you lovely intellectual people who so help to bring out the best in my writing…many many mwahs 🙂


      • Dnt thnk she will b living her life without nemo if she ends up wid Zoheb…altho Riza&Laeeqa r 2gether they still keep t friendship ties wid t others…&if Nemo&Zoheb become buddies then we can have one big happy family wid Nemo mama😉just my torts😀😊☺️


      • She does have romantic feelings for him but she does have feelings for him a friend or brother.
        Its up to nemo to deal with what aara wants as an adult. And im aure he can . Coz he cant not have her in his life too.

        And whoever says best freinds make best hisbands. I dont think its true. Not for majority.there has to some element of mystery in the beg if a relationship. Too much familiarity …. esp about guys love life and every tiny detail about it… can breed comtempt in a marriage.


  6. Looool Arshad needed a new hairStyle #Ripped Well at least it isn’t a olden day haistyle *stick tongue*!!!

    Oo0o0o0oo0o0oh Eem Geeeeee !!! Nemo is hopelessy in love with Aara *eye lashes* & *blushy* !!! Uu goNna get her for sure Nem0 with my duas tahajud time *wink wink*!!
    #Awwwww Nemo wants to match her also *laughing* … They being Meilies #Ripped #Bust bt hey they gonna look cute aNd the #Sparks gonna fly nw in durnz *stick tongue* #HOPE & #FEAR … #NEm0&Aara Nemo u got a lot of work to do *cheering you* … U Can Do it 😛 !! Aara & Nemo gonna look gorgous for this engagement 😉 !! Riza dnt feel bad for bringing Zoheb coz of him Nemo realised he hopelessy in love with Aara *blushy* & *butterflies*!! Zoheb amd MarriPopz can have a future 😀 !! Jzk for Awesome post 😛 xoxo


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